Kyei Maame, please stop bragging
Stop bragging about the great goat you keep tamed
I know what it does
And I even know what Osofo Maame’s goat does too
No matter the fur of goodness it preaches

As soon as it clears your bowl
It goes sniffing
Licking any bowl it sees
No matter how filthy
As for Osofo Maame’s goat
It spies before sniffing bowls in dark places
Shunning those in visibility
So stop bragging

If I need a goat
I can have a whole breed
And may have a few which may be sanely dedicated
I don’t need the sneaky ugly ones you brag of
So direct your bragging
Into a secretive hole
One you can seal with stone
When your goats are caught like thieves
Stealing from other bowls
I need not hear these
For I can’t stand your hiding eyeballs
When the scandal breaks
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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