They stay on trees
Oh vultures
Stay on trees in danger
And care not about their drowning and danger
Yes, vultures are vultures
Thay care not about cultures
And care not about nurtures
So kid vultures learn to litter and break cultures
Hurtful, cultures which could safeguard their lives

Oh vultures!
You are not worthy of compensation
You are a threat to your own lives
Hopping here and there
Eating carcasses
Being untamed
Now you have grown wings
Holding placards and causing commotion
Like naughty dogs hungry and barking
But you are vultures
Vultures who can fly to other trees
Flying so far to eat
Flying back to rest
Caring not about rains nor storms nor suns
Your complaints only heard in your unfavorable weathers
Vulnerability suits you not
Vultures,  please have some dignity and follow some cultures
For other sane animals to live free
For you are poor because you are lazy
Not because you are disadvantaged
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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