I remember that day

When my seed took ill

In the waist of night

Left with no mobility,

You woke and became my weakened legs

And saw me to the healing centre

I had no eyes, but I really saw


I remember when Korle-bu called

And I was left at the cross-road of need

You came, with your envelope

Cushioning me, to take the step

I haven’t forgotten the fruits and vegetables

Neither have I forgotten the tubers and maize

Which dressed my store

Whenever your journeys brought you home

I had a heart, which really did feel


I have known many Ewes

But you stand supreme

Employing classes teachers for your cool cool kids

I have known many men

But you looked like a saint

Never able to open my fatherly heart 

But you gained my respect

I had a head and I really did think


I can still see you in my mind’s eye

Complimenting my kid for his cool cool dimples

Throwing him up

And catching his fall

It’s too bad that you had to leave soon

Good good beings never last long

I weep thinking of Gloria

I weep thing of your carbon copy

Sleep well Mr. Zando!

May God keep you in a conditioned office without pain

So you can be focused on you little ones

Who breath love for you

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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