FIR 11307

Ataa Ayi is my role model
But I aim for higher
For no soul must get me
Until I retire

How dare you?
How can you aspire to be Ataa Ayi?

I am now a being with shadowed tongue
What is the difference between multiple zeroed fraudsters and thieves?
Don’t say they kill with weapons
Those who die drinking bad water
Those who die plying horrible roads
Those who die like fowls because of hunger
Those who die fighting each other because of bosses like you
Are more than all who die through Ataa-like guns
Boss, please don’t bow your head
Neither must you call me insolent
Ataa is my role model
Because he is better than all the robbers in suits
Better than religious leaders who travel to hot pant lands
Of choristers in the dark
Better than mouths who talk with coward hearts
And me knowing my passion of being a higher Ataa Ayi
Tells me I can be better
If I am able to clear all bosses
With capital monies relaxing
In Swiss accounts
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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