Asaase Abibire!
Sit on a listening stool
And answer your queries
Maybe, just maybe, you might convince your host

Why do you boil egos of your masculines
Until they attain unbreakable statuses in negation?
Why do you create those
Who destroy their earth routes
And kill spirits who aim to make their names immortal?
Of what use is cowried ego which have sluggish hands?
Of what use is the wrong who raise others to love being wronged to your kingdom?
Let’s move to other realms

Now answer this too
And don’t keep mute like you always do
Why do you keep hearts of murderers
Who are sluggish and only love to fry, boil and pour blood of their own?
Why do you keep them?
Can’t you swallow them whole and leave this place peaceful?

Why do you allow new ails
Which have voluminous appetites into your territory?
Do you love the horror spectacles you present?
Do you know no shame?
Don’t you get tired receiving blames?
Do you find sympathy and fear for you as game?
And on top of that you keep greedy power hungry rein holders?

You are a disgraced queen
You are a beautiful mannequin
You are a fallen innocentia
You are torture even for pious eyes
You are a nightmare
Just because of a few out of your lot
Learn to shelter your ills
You aren’t the only one with thunderous abominables
Why do you put words in facts
In the mouth of your fans and foes?

You keep mute and sit!
Just think of a good way
A good way to solve your troubles
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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