eggHa ha, hehehehe, hmmm

“Akosua is a ‘kosua’
A ‘kosua’ which needs a holder
A holder with veins feared by the earth
But she fears palms”


Oh elders like shelvers!
Elders with clippers!
Elders with machete tongues!
‘Odomankoma Ahunu Abobirim’ is a generous God
So generous as to make Akosua legs, hands, a head and brain
Why will she act like an egg wasting those?

I say this to you;
Eggs do break
Sometimes with a little shake
Some do bake
Some are fried
And they are eaten, forgotten, and another sought

She is a queen
Needed to be respected by a king
Not a thing to be eaten
Nor a thing to nurse to birth
Only to be reared and killed

So don’t shelve her
Take away her cages
And concentrate on the tickings of your clocks

Maybe empowerment will make her;
Your legs, when they wobble
Your hands, when they struggle
Your eyes, when they blur
Putting stomach sustainables where they need to be

So Akosua is a queen
Akosua is strong
Akosua is not a thing
From the anus or with an anus of a delicacy!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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