Death for freedom

Freedom from evil

Freedom from pain

Freedom from fear

Freedom from principalities and powers

Freedom for sainthood in happiness

Now that freedom’s head is in the armpit of chaos,

Enslaved by brutality

Being beaten by atrocities

Spit on by materialism

Stamped on by selfishness

Being slapped by earthly ticklings

And insulted by bonds of Satan

Did Jesus go wrong

By shedding his precious blood like a sheep

On the cross of Calvary?

Mary’s womb churns

Pinching her and cursing her pain

In the soil of her eternal rest

Because time’s travels are rendering her seed useless

Oh she too travelled nine moons!

It is an Easter to feaster

An Easter of beasters

An Easter of leasters

Trashing the gesture of the Holies

Which aimed at an earthly heaven

So so sad!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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