easter defaulters


We are all there

Arrival of spirits before bodies

Hark! Glory to the dead

Umbrellaring our sins


Even in sadness is happiness

Although He died

Servants must drink

Thankfuls must sin

Empresses must dance

Revolting the favour


Core of celebrations are pushed in ovens

Over happy thoughts rushed to the fore

Ringing breasts call for many rounds

Eateries of folly, the body of salvation


Raising of hands for sniffing and buying

Entertaining undies as they skimpily clad

Armouring covery organs in teasy kills

Serve and be served, the bacchanalian orgy

Onward in centuries after precious blood washed all

None can remember that one took the fall


Fie on the jumpers

Ooh you adulterers

Run you defilers of decorum

Get some reasoning

Overlook the happiness

Tear your hearts from the tattered reign of sins

Totally submit to what you’re celebrating

Empires await in the narrow or broad

Never think worldly celebrators made this celebration

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015

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