With threads of money

Snaking and tying minds

Who is free on this life tree?



Even breath is painful

Getting eateries are awful

What about wearings? Stressful



Eyes don’t make it easier

Seeing is loving, loving is wanting

Unnecessary wantings become craving needs



What about belonging?

Even those with abusive companions

Always seek superiority over singles like Jesus, ouch!



And it gets to them

So crying in freedom they run into crying in slavery

What can humans see as freedom?



Those who have, have no sleep

Those have -nots always weep

Who can be free?



Children cry to be old

Adults cry to be young

Who can be free to enjoy the breeze of life?



I know real living is seen as beautiful and  lived

When one leg steps into

An imaginary coffin, pitiful clowns!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015

9 thoughts on “PRISONIC FREEDOM

  1. Amen Sister. Corruption and bribery run rampant. Threads of gold spin a dangerous web snaring all weak ones who fail to resist the temptation of “easy money” allowing the guilty to go free. Greed is the god of fools.


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