Sing until the bells of heaven ring

Sing and let them ring in many springs

Sing and let heaven all Satan’s flings

Sing, for in happiness, the right thing to do is sing


Laugh until the sorrow of the earth drowns

Laugh and let pain die of drought

Laugh, for the heavens to be proud

Laugh and make sure it is aloud


Who can imprison light so penetrable?

A light given in a gift none can pay?

I dare say our yays can never be enough

To compensate for this eternal gift

Like rain in drought,

I hear a man came and brought

Peace and hope

To clear the head of this world of dope


Let angels sing with flapping wings

Let stones clap and sing with the winds

Let sand merge with shoes and shout

As birds dance to the swift breeze in flight

And let mankind, in togetherness sing

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

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