I cannot wish to be anything else


And no one can force me to

Mentality drives beings to their wish lands


Femininity is superiority

Elegance of beauty coupled with rooms and locks of

Mankind holds me, I have an intelligence which makes me phenomenal,

A power to make man kowtow to me mostly

Leaving his societal powers for sunlight

Even to a point of begging for what I deem pleasurable



A box of gift for mankind

Narcissists even attest to this fact

Down or up, in work or play, a child seeks me mostly for a hug


I go the extra mile to make the world smile

ven if I’m dying from within

Mine is mine and my mentality drives me positively past oppressors


Pride of womanhood

Rearing peace for the resentful

Open minded to lie low for fools to flow and show

Under no circumstance will I waver or fall

Dare me and the anger of God overshadows you so why will I waver?


One thing reigns supreme in procreation

Female womb after conception


It transcends all of natures pride so

Till I lay my hands on my chest as the last wave, I’ll cherish me

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



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