Please no sympathy!

Show me no sympathy please!

Help me, just help me

Please help me free him from death

And I will be consoled then


Your sympathies suck!

How can you stand idle now?

Death holds him in arms

And you stand here like vultures

Vultures with no beaks!


How can it do this?

How can you stand still watching?

We’re many here

Isn’t togetherness key?

Why then do you act like sheep?


Every now and then

It comes like a thief to steal

From you, from you, you

And this moment we are still

When it pins one to a bed?


It is arrest time

Wipe those tears off your faces

Get your armours now

And let’s strike it finally

Its captive now, is my all

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

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