(This poem is dedicated to all women in all corners of the world who are being mistreated by men who think they are their properties. It also goes to women sold by their own families. I pray with you because I know it can never be easy living and being used like an object. Forced marriages should be banned, with your prayers and my voice, I hope we will live to see a world without domestic violence against women. If you fall within this category, know you’re not alone, you can always start by trying to speak up and letting the world know what heinous crime this is. Blessings always)


Being brought bought

After being caught like a fowl

Makes me no hen

Please have mercy this night

It’s been nights and nights of hard labour

Carrying your body load like a tipper truck

Even trucks need servicing

Do have mercy and give this truck some rest

Whoever buys a car to drive to destruction without profit!

I do not blame you

I blame the makers of this truck

Who sold it cheaply caring not where it was being sent to

Instead of four tires, I’m left with two

But it’s alright

Next time, I might have to come as goods

Instead of a truck

Or come in a state where trucks are equally valued

So I can live to breath

Not live smelling things which will send me to my Β early grave

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

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