A skirt

I smartly wear my work desire

And look forward to success acquire

But they all say that is not what they require

They look down my skirt with eyes of fire

And guess what they require


I have two soft things they want as pillows

I have some talkers they want as toffees

I have a body they want as toy

No competence of mine can clear their heads

Neither will talking stop their obsession


If female is fail

Why will they be the gateways of life?

If female is toyhood, then my joyhood

Remain in the chaotic hood

Snap out of it, you beasts!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

3 thoughts on “HARRASED

  1. Being a woman in male dominated world is very difficult because you must work 100 times as hard and 100 betters just to get noticed as competent in your profession. In this era, we should not be still fighting for equality in all areas. Sadly, it is much worse, even deadly for women in several areas of the globe. Look at the state the world is in being led by men for every millennium without end. If males are the better leaders then why does war, famine, genocide, disease, environmental destruction threaten human existence? I am not blaming all men for this behavior because there are very good and decent men trying to make a difference and there are equally vile, corrupt women contributing to the mess; however, your poetry reveals a battle that has been going on since the beginning. Peace to you Cecelia.

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    1. Exactly my sentiment. If some women do not make themselves available, this trait will still not persist. In Africa, it is worse. Here, every where you turn, men seem to see only what your waist has to offer. Disgusting to the teeth. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I completely share your thought.

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