Turn to the right

Turn to the left

Touch me here

Touch me there

Now kneel, no, not like that

Kneel with your back towards me

And don’t you dare move an inch no matter what happens


A man is a boy

A man is a boy who must be set right

In her court, a toy

Which can be made bright

By her touch, and can shiver with fright

At the rise of her voice


Like a leopard, she gains all the submissiveness due her

And pride in her ‘masterness’

Although it is for a few minutes

Because she knows that is the only time she has to be a master.

Known outside as the mistress of many,

Her sole purpose to quench the inferiority society has embedded in her

Is to rule no matter how

But she gets the ‘mistress’ name with a small ‘m’

So she vows to: …


Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014.



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