ANIMALS (Corona Series, Episode 19)

The convention of all animals in the biggest jungle of the world is taking place now. Before then, there was a ban on animal to animal hunting. All animals, including carnivores, were instructed to feed on grass. Except carcasses, which must be proven with hard evidence. So freedom has been the order of each day. It is easy to see a mouse, energetically greeting an angry cat who sneers you wait until this is over to come here with your delicious self by the road side. Antelopes now play with cubs as their lionesses and lions look on without fear. Even fowls invite hawks for walks with the intention of finding a way to permanently stop the “you’re my food” lifestyle where the you happens to be the family of fowls.
The king of the Jungle, Canine of the World’s Lair, King Lionel Lobster, sits on top of the mountain, overlooking the river of fishes, trees of birds and the land of dynamic animals. He roars for attention and begins his speech.
We’re here today to celebrate a once in a lifetime domination. In South Africa, where I am based, for over a month now, we use all the roads in Kruger Park to heat our skins through our furs and to stretch, without fear of any thorns or bites from ants. Our dear ant friends claim they do that for protection, and we respect their sizes.
The whole jungle shakes with thunderous laughter before he continues.
This freedom is worth celebrating because even I, in my many years, have only heard of it as a legendary story from my late grandparents. May their souls rest in Caninecestry. It is a fact that humans are scared of something that is chasing them within themselves. And it is funny. I’ll pause my statement here to listen to how what is happening in your various jurisdictions. Then we can continue from there. Let the chief of Dogs from Africa, Dogidon tell us what is happening since European Dogs say they’re now humans
Dogidon, the Chief of Dogs speaks. “Wowu wowu wowu! I greet you all. This is a true celebration, because it shows the vulnerability of humans. Africa is not suffering as much as other continents now in terms of the virus which is killing them, but I tell you, they’ll soon face their deaths from other sources of needs. As you know, before colonialism, they had their own systems of learning, which did not include long book studies and examination malpractices. They just observed, tried their hands on, mastered and started practicing. Now their engineers go to school to read books and not to manufacture or regulate machines, their herbalists, sorry now doctors, go to school to do rote learning only to always consult books to follow in the steps of others, whether they’re right or wrong. Their teachers just read to their students, mostly without so much as a practice in practical subjects while their politicians celebrate with corruption. With a continent whose thoughts are based on what others have thought, a continent which has stopped planting its own food and import from around the world, a continent which refuses to be proactive and nurture its manufacturers, a continent which praises book chewing which gives no results, how will they survive if other continents shut them out? Now even some of them are crying for water in Gabon, very soon it might be rice, then it’ll turn to medicine etc. Funny thing is that their cities are congested but their villages lie almost empty. They blame that on lack of employment. So this is basically what is happening on the African Continent.
All the animals clap for him. The Head of Frogs is asked to speak about the Asian situation. “You know Asia is a big continent. I am based in China, Wuhan to be precise. You know China is a place where people don’t breathe, unless they want to be arrested by the government, so we don’t know much. Cases of abuse trickle in hush hush voices, abuse of Chinese citizens, foreigners, especially Africans of late. The Africans did make a huge deal out of it but what they don’t know is that the Chinese are very closed minded people, I can’t use the word wicked. So they treat Africans same way they’ll treat Chinese with the virus. I think Africans only know the human to human pampering so cry harder when they face harsher situations. But we the frogs are living well. I saw Chinese people with the virus molested just as they molest us. There’s been a dramatic decline in the death of frogs in China and the world at large, but I guess bats are the best gainers as the whole world now shy away from them. So it is a great relief as we’re not being murdered as much as we were previously.
The jungle claps before the Chief of Chicken speaks. “The Americas are dying but what is most scary is the kind of people this virus has made us see in that place. Unlike the cunning, smart and intelligent people of yesteryears, most of them are now dumb, take reckless decisions, can barely hold intellectual discourses and are very gullible. Is it a wonder, you know the president they follow blindly. Even today, as they die in multitudes, some are out there, demonstrating to swim, some are breaking into legislative rooms just so they can be allowed to do as they please amidst the pandemic. And of course, these are the White citizens. As for the black people, they fear to even wear masks as they can easily be killed but whites hold guns to protest. It is not surprising though, we look at a head before we look at the tail. The funny thing is, the American people are suffering but their Chief of Staff claims they will support poor nations in Africa. More like heal yourselves before looking to heal others. As for Europe, you know they’re scampering for breath from the virus. I don’t need to elaborate. This notwithstanding, there’s been a little decline in chicken killing. But there’s no promise that my people will be safe even in these times. It seems they love chewing our carcasses and can’t help themselves. I’m happy for bats and frogs though and I’m glad we get to roam in freedom.
The King speaks to break them. “I know some animals are getting their total liberation but some others are still in the red zone of being murdered. Still, this is a great victory for us. From goats and sheep who can roam cities and enjoy their safety to all the others who can roam their skies and rivers, sorry to some fishes, we know you’re still a staple, let’s keep hope alive and enjoy our bonding time. So go and make merry in your clusters. And let’s meet here in the evening for deliberations on our way forward. Let’s think through how we can scare humans to stay in their caves forever. On the lighter side, remember me in your delicious leaf hunting at lunch, I’m after all not just your king but your president.
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May 2020. Photo Credit: Google Pics

By amoafowaa

Just a simple Ghanaian trying to find the best in our society. I may be fun, I may be interesting, I may be funny, I may even be foolish or intelligent, but it is all based on the mood in which you find yourself. I believe our minds make us who we are. Know that, pain, no matter its 'unbearability', is transient. Unburden or delight yourself for a while in my writings please. And all corrections, advice and opinions are welcome. Know that you are the king, queen or royal on this blog. :)

2 replies on “ANIMALS (Corona Series, Episode 19)”

You know, being following your short stories recently and have read almost all your corona dairies and I dont just admire your “au courant” nature. (French word for well informed) but how you’ ve been able to use that tool
to enlighten, entertain and inspired people like me, Bravo Cici. Don’t get tired yet, we are still learning.


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