Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ
Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ de saa de saa
…akɔ fam owuo bo sɛɛ bam!
Ama ne mmadwoa mpaebɔ aka agu
N’awareɛ anidasoɔ abutu
Ne Na ahobanbɔ apaska
…ama ne bayie kwaadu ɛɛdɛre buruburu te sɛ Ɔbonsamgyamu faango aka bɔne gya
Amanfoɔ eebisa deɛentia dua-wui gyina nkwamu
…ɛɛma dua-mono abu
Yei laaa!

Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ
Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ a oyiyii mmarima mu
…de ne tintin gramo bɔ mu doduoɔ noa ntrɛne
Ɛkɔfa barima bonuayɛ ni
…prapra ne sikafutoɔ mu nyinaa de no kɔɔ amanɔne
Ɛma no kɔ baayɛ bɛgyae no wɔ obonini ngyinasoɔ so
…ma no de ɔyaw ne n’anibre kɔ gyae ne ni so
…bɔ no bayie
Wɔ mere a na ne nyinsɛnyiguo mogya bebrebe
…eguso eesu wɔ ne mmabaawa berɛmu
Afei deɛ owuo kokomu na w’akɔbɔ ne ho adwaa?
Ɔyaw yei laaa!

Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ
Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ a ɔbɔ me mmɔbrowa asu
…de me si nkɔnkɔnsa kwansene mu
…noa me antobam
A na onnim m’ase mpo na w’akohunu m’aweiyɛ!
Ɛnɛ wo na w’ama abrane ɛɛsua wo mu duro
…atɔ mu nyarewa amema wɔn ho,
Ahunu adagya brane a n’anka ɛsɛ nsamrane
…a eenyinya kɔ mprɔyɛ mu
Amaneɛ yei laaa!

Ɛtwa sɛ asaase nom nsa
…Adwoa ei, ehia sika o!
Hwɛ sɛ abrane bɔtɔmu eesu sɛɛ fii fii fii
Mmusuo yei laaa!
Hwɛ sɛ Ɔpɛpɔn ɛde wo ho adwendwen ɛɛbɛpɔn!
Ɔhaw yei laaa!
Hwɛ sɛ wo ni honam merew ɛɛbɛ tu nisuo abura!
Awerɛhuoɔ yei laaa!
Hwɛ sɛ abusua ntɔkwa ɛɛbɛ si amansan ahwehwɛ
…wo nti
W’atime w’akame yei laaa!

Ɔbra biara twa owuo
…nanso wo wuo yi yɛ mpatuwuo Adwoa!
Agyae ano biara akasakasa
…ene yei laaa ntoasoɔ
Obo Kwahu asaase ɛɛbɛwoso
Obo fie ahyɛnso 97 ɛɛbɛ mim
…wo wuo yei laaa nti!
Ɛfirisɛ Nana Yaw Agyare Ɔsono bideɛ baako atɔ
…amonoamono mu
Esu ne yei laaa adane bena bɔ
…wɔ ateasefo anum
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 31, 2020


We work our already worked
Stocking mocks at our docks
…as Wuhan wails their inflamed woes
…into a world wide panic
So sad!

As we put expensive make ups
…on ambulances
And put them on runways to dazzle the gullible
…through their modeling
Corona drives at top speed
…to us?
To us!

“You buy but I parcel
…to make it my buy
To charm you into my angelics
Thanks to my reach on the highest stool
Am I not cool to know you fools
…and to make you tools
To think me bull of hardwork?”

Your thoughts have bounced deception
…on many walls to you
Save for your followers high on blind loyalty
…even infant minds know the tricks you’re using as bricks
…to build mountains out of our emptied molehill
So stop the trickery and put on gears of work
To help quench the flames
…which travel to us with commands of burns
…which can sweep our many skilled
…and leave spaces never to be filled

Poor odour leaching incense to imply cleanliness striking
Embarrassing embers on our ray-like stages!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 31, 2020


She said Kofigah rented her body for
…every evening in a month
…with touches and pounding and biting with kisses
Atuaki rented her mouth for a week
…for licking and pulling and chewing
…with special bonuses for sores
Before Tetteh came in with a room offer
…to pray inside her every time his demons wake

The poor man just stood there
…like one struck by thunder
But his eyes of love remained

She said she would sell her body to him
…for a thousand, in every other month
She said she would sell her image to follow him
…for five hundred, every month
Still her clothes and make up
…shoes and bags
Pomades and pedicures
…jewelries and others
Must be billed on his big pocket

He heaved a breath like a whirlwind of arrest
And just spoke a sentence
“I want all of you for this lifetime
…how much will that cost?”
The tears standing and shining in his eyes
…before falling with his blinks
…dug goosebumps for her skin
…and mine even in my darkest hide

She found shame in her scantily clad
…pulling at what little to try a most cover
She lowered her eyes
…feeling a sense of selling a worthless to a worthy
She felt disdain
…for a past whose rust shreds her left pride
But he lifted her head and said –
“I know all you are
That my heart still beats for you is proof enough
That you can do no wrong in my eyes”
She sobbed like a baby
…and replied
“It’ll cost you nothing
…but this love you feel
Because buying to own me
…will equal buying to own the money you used
…in my bought”
He was clearly amazed at her wisdom

He hugged her till she got lost in his embrace
No eye was dry in their watch
…even the eyes of heaven drizzled in its eavesdropping moment

If a lesson did knock on my head
…entered and sat among my thoughts
It was that –
…bodies get sold to the worthless for things material
But to the worthy, a priceless free
What a gem to find in a monstrous bargain!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 30, 2020


You sit and see the sins of a sucker
And work to block the locker
…of truth
How dare you chairs
…cover clears to share a dark
…to fall a mighty with a demented captain?

Who glues mouths with words that be
To shut the eyes of those who see
To use their strength for a cause whose fee
…is a future of frowns and hounds?
Who uses man to date a bait
…of a deadly snake to rake just mud
When mounds are calling for digs
As rains wait to bless a mould?

Shutters of
Nerves in
Tramps of
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Elect a
Nurse your truths

Show everything, not ah, to eat
Shocks even nod across told effects
So each night after tricking earns
Store efforts nursing a trust end

Shame should call you lame
For shining light on rot to sell
…to your people
Keeping a clown to shut down towns of sages
And showing the real faces of fools
…formally masked by reverence
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 29, 2020


All those who boast with toasts
…of having the most
Should know, earth is a temporary host
And all with breaths are future ghosts

All those who read into shreds
…of knowledge’s reds
Will go, when their flag bells ring

So live like a sun
…rising to set
Live like a rose
…blooming to rot
Live like the dark
…ruling to perish
Live like rain
…falling to cease
When immortality finds its way into attitudes
…disappointment comes gunning
…before death’s flashes lash to hush
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 28, 2020


How we get our muses
To fight unfair like hippopotamuses
Because of skin classes
…killing masses
And shattering peaceful glasses
…to cut through harmony is a horror
Why all these blood on our hands?

Thoughts have fought
Thoughts have poisoned
Thoughts have destroyed
And thoughts have killed

You watch thoughts killing humans like beasts
…in their own spaces
…out of fear of “what will”
Because of skin classes
We’ve watched opinions kill rising souls
…because of superior burdens of skin classes
We see daily innocence drowning in falsities
…to protect the guilty
All thanks to skin classes
What of ingenuity being shut down?
Humanity being trampled upon
Due to skin classes?

Cruelty is no school to have classes
Paranoia is not cool to be had by masses
Race profiling is for the fool throwing stones
…whiles sitting in glass houses
Why divide when each can be a tool of change?
Why burn in this unnecessary heat of hate?
Blood equals bones equals hearts equals minds
An outer cover causing such chaos
…shows the unnecessary burdens
…bought by man for man to be manned by man
A tasteless taste for palates blessed to reject distaste!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 27, 2020


You can carry your cross
Because you know the loss that once bossed
…and tossed it out like trash
…in stories told, diluted and sold
…millions through billions to zillions of times
Please do carry your cross

Carry your cross
And leave my burdened thoughts
…to do it halfway
Through sympathies bought for my outgrown childhood
As my adulthood fences it with the needed doubts
Doing you must equal doing me
…the world gave grounds to each and every soul’s hound’s steps to pound
So please carry your cross

Carry your cross
Even as you lose dignity through indignities
…highly paid for by greedy lots in the family of your belief
You do know though that plucking out weeds
…from your church backyard
Must preceed an outside weeding
It gets funny when grown weeds are visible on church grounds
And your machete aims for the throat of my beliefs
Please carry your cross in gracefulness

If we all bow to a how unknown
And we all show for a foe disowned
Oh if we all carry cruel crosses unbought
And ferry unfair weight we’ve got
Who would stand to tell tales of living lighter
…without the extra weight?
How will swimmers in sea wombs
…choose the shores of their comfort?
Just carry your cross

Life blends colours to offer choices
While mine is blue
And yours is white
…You need a care to ward off stains
So don’t turn your light on me
You can miss a bullet of dirt whiles concentrating on me
So just carry your cross
…and leave me be
I will boil your cold in my hell
You can decide to bless me with your refrigerated urine from your heaven
That’s, if your predictions are in creation’s diction
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 26, 2020


Rumours act immortal flies
…to follow through shallow mouths
The lustful-stupored hatch horrid plans
…to scratch their itches of owning
…the beautiful

Dramatic display daunts in many a haunt
Traps are set in multiplcity
…just to grab her attention
Favours act baits just as foods act deceptives
…on hooks
Just to own the skilled

So imagine the hurdles of the beautiful
…with skills
Musters turning monsters to cuff,
Shoulders acting shield to show their shapes,
Woulders working wonders to win her world,
All stringed up by lust to burst into destruction
…dreams of an innocent soul

This is the curse of beauty
And the nemesis of skills
Owners can act pleasers to turn maggots
…or stand their grounds to lose most of their coulda-boasts
…still holding on to their dignities
…till they turn ghosts
This world is not for the ugly
…and definitely not for the beautiful
Talk less of the skilled woman digging the wants of can’t-losers
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 25, 2020


Ɔmanbapa ne neɛ n’akoma gyina nkɔsodeɛ so
Ɛnyɛ neɛ n’ano da sumina so
…ɛɛbɔ gyimeɛ bena de fira ne man

Ɔmanbapa ne neɛ odi ne man ni
Ɛnyɛ neɛ ɔde fi adane asiesiedeɛ
…ɛɛtɔ nwansena de dwan ne man aso

Ɔmanbapa ne neɛ ɔde nokware sekan
…dwedwa kɛtɛaseshɛ ne prɔyɛ mu
Ɛbɔ suro ne fɛreɛ aniwuo

Ɔmanbapa na ɛka ɔmanpanyinfoɔ to gya
Ɛka wɔn gyina wɔn nansoa so
Ma wɔn yɛ adwuma din wɔ akoma firinkyiim mu
…ɛɛnyɛ neɛ ɔhyɛ asrɛ ataadeɛ
…ɛde akoa nsamrane adane ayeyi nnwom
…ɛɛde ɛgye nkaprɛ ne simpoa

Ɔmanbapa ne neɛ aban adwuma yɛ n’akoma adwuma
Na ɔnfa akwadwurɔ nsra nkɔtena hɔ
…ɔnfa muna nhyɛ wɔn anim nkɔ si hɔ
Ɔnfa mmoadoma ahantan ndane ɛkyɛ nhyɛ
Na ɔde mmɔdinbɔ piri mpuntuo
…wɔ n’adwuma ako no

Ɔmanbapa na onim sɛ sɛbi
…agyanan fata agyananbea
Ɛnyɛ nea, sɛbi, asaase ani yɛ n’akotoniɛ
Na ɔɔtɔ nyarewa ma ne man

Ɔmanbapa ne neɛ ɔboa pia abenfo
…hyehyɛ mpuntuo daresen ase
Ɛma aboafo nya nkuranhyɛ papa de gyina wɔn gya
Ma mpo adedamusaa nya nkanyan de dane mpuntuo aboaf

Enti yɛ wo kyɛfa
…na me nyɛ me kyɛfa
Ma yɛn si ɔman nduru mpuntuo mpɛnpɛnsoɔ
Ɛno na ebɛyɛ wo ɔmanbapa
…n’atɔ nkɔsoɔ ama yɛn ne yɛnkyirima
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Ɔpɛpɔn 24, 2020


Prejudice plasters plagues
…even on platinums
Plucking preciousness off perfection
Pushing possible proofs
…into poor pits

Prejudice is like raging fires
…in dry leaves
A little fury is all the air it needs
…to graze the land to destruction
It corrupts thoughts
…blinds souls
…turns friends into foes
And throws darkness on sunny days

Prejudice is a possession best poisoned with objectivity
…and open mindedness
Before it gains roots
…to drag down dignity with drama
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Jan. 24, 2020


I know the mountain I seem to be
In the eyes of those who yearn to see
The fence I keep
The heart I keep
But a bad slip can make you trip and flip
…to a fall
Off my attention

You can build manipulations
…into frustrating situations
Hoping they cave me in
To save your win
But that very sin
…will only build higher fences
…on my strong defenses

You can stock many a gift
In hope of my emotional shift
Digging diamonds and plucking stars
Fitting clothes and closing bars
A heart which has seen the pit of pauperhood
…lives priceless
Is there a currency to buy such besides
…a sincere heart?

If there are flowers which can shower
…to grow a loving tower
Trust that my fingers can acquire
After my many moods enquire
Fake lakes dry fast in eyes which have seen
…the bottom of seas
Unassuming is she who models innocence in your eyes
But she hosts a head hawking keys to lies
…told and to be told

So waste no time in chiming your dime
Cry no rivers to shiver in my rhyme
Call no lawyers to have some judges
…to hedge me to your budges
My heart has traveled more miles
…than my body
So grow sincerity
…on a care tree
…on a tender land
Without ropes hanging already made commitments
…with pain clothes and sin pegs
…for another’s unfairness
For I will never fall on an innocent heart
Sucking its oxygen to feed desires
…hawking in many a suitors for my pick
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January, 23 2020


Many untruths walk these streets
In pencil heels
Belling ears to deafness
Modeling beauty which sweats out jealousies from the gullible
Don’t you see?
Can’t you see?

They’ll announce the fall of their enemies
When their friends become their frenemies
They’ll show brand clothes in try ons
And parade foods in their mooching
They’ll make up news to magnetize followers
And get angering views from emotional shallowers
Don’t you see?
Can’t you see?

And then pictures of couples
…twinning in doubles
With make up hiding tears of the past minutes
Smiles, masking frowns of their lives
Celebratory hypocritical clothes for virtual eyes
And oh
…each nonsense has its many worshippers
Even murder!
Don’t you see?
Can’t you see?

It is in these streets many are killed
…on rumour pans
It is on these streets many farm enemies
…through opinion seeds
It is on these streets names develop thorns
…to pierce unseen hearts
It is on these streets nothings
…put on thick veils to hide their horrors
…through catapulting the few authentics with insulting stones
Don’t you see?
Can’t you see?

Dreams are mostly birthed without roots
…on these streets
Hope can be restored through few touches
…on these streets
Truth can model lies
Lies can model truth
Colours can borrow each other’s shade
…for different perspectives
…on these streets
Who is who is a question better unasked
…on these streets

The most fanned are mostly the stupidest
The most shot down are mostly the most worthy
And liars get the most buyers
On these streets
On these virtual streets
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 22, 2020


The forbidden rides juicy bids
Which drives mad the barred hard
To force open its many lids
And play freely in its barred yard

If you just can’t have it
Then the price tag doubles
Because you can’t just shake it
…off your knocking thought troubles

It is like a DNA flaw the creator engraved
…in the core of humanity
None can, from its effects, be saved
And none can, through its effects, get clarity

So good will so turn bad
So the bad, some good will have, with years
Bad will so turn good
So the good will have some bad with years
Forget the fall of the scary changers
The world tires not from producing loving rangers
…who turn strangers and are flagged dangers
…only to turn heroes
That weird twist
…adds to life!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 21, 2020


Even with the carbin crew
…and the other mates
Pilots fly their planes
…always in charge to the end
They get the final say in adding on heights
…general navigation
And landing
Just as they work
I am the lead in my life

I’ll listen to the air
But I know they pass
…never to return
I’ll listen to the suns
But I know they set
…and give room to the dark
I’ll listen to the birds
But I know they leave
…in search of better trees
When days end
… I know I’m the lead in my own life

I can’t parade my frowns through mock towns
I can’t hawk my fears through tear streets
I share my laughter even in my slaughter
I magnetize my smiles through all the painful miles
As my hands know the strength of my legs
And my legs know
…the strength of my heart
…and my heart knows the strength of my mind
I know I’m my own lead
…in this here life
And I must so live
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia @ January 20, 2019


As I sit under this shade
In a pit dug by this spade
Needing a chit to be a shade
Will my bit in this here be made?

Let’s say I quit thinking it charade
And I fit into fate’s forbade
Will a hit bite in a decade
And tit a tat for my fade?

…connect the Sire in a dire dial
Creators sure know their formulas
And can fix all that is jinxed
This pit sit in a quit fit
…deserves a knowing chit
…before a worldly exit hit, please!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Jan. 19, 2020


…traps wrap our craps
Making escape seem like raps
…from failing jabs on losing laps
So if you don’t snap out of your craps
…under public scrutiny
You’ll be tapped and slapped
…in your happy naps

So beware
When you
Dare to
All to
And are careless

Pardon best serves the struggling
…not the arrived
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 15, 2020


Protect me
Protect me from the scratches of naughty spears
…from the thirst of power vampires
…from the hunger of deranged economic maniacs
Protect me
Please protect me

Protect me
Protect me from hounds of development
…the arms of insurgents
…from falling into the qualms of elephants
You know I’m a blossoming grass
Protect me
Please protect me

You know the secateurs waiting to cut my bloom
…so I don’t get to rub shoulders with the blossomed
You know the anger and danger
…that my growth will cause many a mighty
You do know I’m a part of a whole torn apart by orchestrated chaos
So protect me
Please protect me

For I can’t lose the red of my head
I can’t lose the gold on my breasts
I can’t lose the green on my feet
And I certainly can’t lose the star
…which blackens to light hope for my womb
So protect me
Please protect me
…even if you’ll turn Mugunghwa to turn your youth
Into walking soldiers

Living on fragile fears is like living on a bomb
…which can detonate at any hour
So please protect me
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 13, 2020


A hen strays to the bush
A guinea fowl gives it a push
…to get out of its terrain

A sheep wanders to the forest
An antelope causes its arrest
…citing dares broken in bounds

A duck flies the sky
An eagle swoops so low to peck it dry
Claiming it stranger

An alligator visits a river
A crocodile makes it shiver
Calling it an intruder

But habitats are interdependent siblings
Some guinea fowls live like hens
Some antelopes visit some homes
Eagles sometimes feed on land
Just as crocodiles travel the land

Should earth up one day to eject all
Who can order its calm?
It is oddly amazing how earth serves a transit
…but the living carries ownership like a prized burden
Mortality is a fearful reality
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 11, 2019

AS passing spirits GO BONKERS

So many beards flame
Needing prayers to avoid a same
As Flor de Mayo spots two battling heads
And the Golden Wattle burns
As two lions holding spears
…and a common shield in Africa’s East
Fail to protect their unofficial Orchid
And a Rose throws threats
…at the Rose
…which pierced it without provocation
…on a Red Rose in the Middle East
The earth lies helpless
While passing spirits go bonkers!

A Red Rose lies helpless in Africa’s West
Its flowers being plucked off by terror
As Jasmine continues to battle their unending cancer
See Costus Spectabilis
…battle Harams without a “biko”
As the Pomegranate Blossom
…dances in chaos
Still, the earth watches without blinking
While passing spirits go bonkers!

The Scarlet Macaw is led by Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18
Cattleya Trianae stays a deviant dope high
King Protea lies dead
…vultures feasting on its carcass
Is it a wonder?
It is the remains of the King Sugar Bush
Still the earth shows no sound in its ears
While passing spirits go bonkers!

Hawk’s Talons lies critically ill of destruction
The Golden Eagle still struggles in battle
The Arabian Coffee Flower battles sores in deep deep scars
Still, the Su’pung Dam under Baekdu Mountain
…replaces its rice boarder
…with nuclear roars
A Leopard Head
…boarded by an Elephant Tusk and Spear still hungers for growth
Still the earth lies quiet
While passing spirits go bonkers!

Golden Trident on a Blue Shield
…wears clothes of crimes
As Camomile can’t calm its crown of crime
The Elephant and the Baobab Tree
…combines unrest, crime and kidnapping
The Star and the Crescent tiptoes in terror
The earth still magnanimously hosts
While passing spirits go bonkers!

It is a funny watch
Minds know not the seeds of chaos
Which will be planted in the future
But visitors go bonkers
While earth, the immortal land owner
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 9, 2020


When the ordinary bowl
…taunts the ceremonial bowl
…with its daily patronage
…forgetting the heat wearing it off
…and it’s lifespan
…being cut short
Life giggles
…time wriggles
…the earth shrivels in anticipatory addition

When the ceremonial bowl
…haunts the ordinary bowl
With its flawlessness
…forgetting its gathering of dust
…and it’s possibly being stolen through out-house exportation
…during an occasion
Beauty falls
…fear yells
As earth yays the crying nays of their end days

Everything hides a dent
…which knows its can’ts
But why we try to make can’ts
Beats imagination
If only one’s strength can complement
…another’s flaw and vice versa!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 10, 2019

THE SHADOW COMMANDER (For Qassem Soleimani)

I see a cloth
…flawlessly loved on the inside
…but hatefully coloured on the outside
…causing chaos to both in and out watchers
Tears for the former
…mild jubilation, fear and horrid anticipation for the latter
Clouds of blood form on their skies
Faravahar cries revenge!!!
The Bald Eagle throws punches of sanctions
…with its head whose struggling wings work to support
As its feet tries to drag it out of the ring

Your yearning for the crown of martyrdom
…has come to pass
Securing for your soul its food
…in your sacred bowl of belief
But you’ve given a herculean task
…to the eyes of love which watched you flame
…on Black Eagle land

As you finally travel home
Tension wears anticipation in existence
As heads know not where arms of hurts
…will appear
Noise from broomsticks will sound like guns
Chirping birds will be chased out with fright
Cries of the azan might turn wails of many an ambulance
Will your satisfied soul rest as the crest of vengeance
…adorn the chests of your comrades?

Ahvaz, Mashhad, Tehran
…and the many others chant in anger
As the womb of Kerman churns
You’ve fallen to a rise!
You’ve burnt to a shine!
Did you
…were you
…bedeviled into a shrine?
You’ve lived a death of birth in some hearts
…causing fear in many other hearts!
A victorious defeat!
Rest even through the chaos
And help with a formula from beyond
To protect your beloveds whose blood own no light
…to show the world their fall
And also to protect the world whose thoughts have no space
…to know the rukus of your journey to martyrdom
For it will be unfair to be served blood of the innocent
…in a vengeance cup
Rest well!
Rest easy!
Rest in eternal power greater than you owned!
Above all
…Rest in peace in a world without terror Haj!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 7, 2019


See shame parading on pious parks
Re has lied with gin
Aren’t those seeds meant to shade
…in conversion?
Why are they naked and swimming in sordid sins?

It is a sad sad state
When love
…interprets coital orgies
So that loving neighbors as selves
…becomes tickets for beds and sheets
…to sandwich pairs of legs
…denotes growing up
So do not commit adultery
…translates do not grow up
And saints say Amen to them

How nots are now permissions
…to steal
…to kill
And to do all ascribed in an upside motion
Mines the horrors out of my disgust
When did the mirrors of holy books
…begin an ovation of horrors
…for their followers?

You continue
Continue to put clothes of sainthood
…on falsities!
You continue
Continue to claim goats as cows
You continue
Continue to validate gross for good
You continue
Continue to worship fools as wise
When your trumpets sound
And your hells beckon
We’ll see how you’ll taste its fires
You who prepareth for heaven with hell’s regulations
The end you preach surely walks towards you
Even if your time deceives with temporary

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 12, 2019


There’s a dent in the White House
…hell bent on ruining prestige meant
…to glitter on world stages
Rage consumes sages
…in ridicule cages
…soiling adages
And writing shame on history pages

It barks like a dog
…at the croak of a frog
It roars like a lion
…even in a meditating Zion
It roasts bad past
…to feed today’s burst
It shoots at eagles
…to hold on to its shaky mantle
There is a dent in the White House
A dent hell bent on showcasing can’ts as shants
Holding guns to heads with mouths
As the world shivers
…fearing to be blown into pieces
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 14, January 2019


You ask
“Are you sick?”
When you are the sickness
And I’m the infected

You ask
“Is there something you need?”
When you are the something
The something I am needing

You ask
“Can I get you some food?”
And I sigh
Because you have the meal I need
…a heart I need to be fed

You ask
“Have you ever felt this way before?”
How could I have?
I knew not your fever
How could it make me shiver?

Now you say
“I’ll do everything to make it better”
When your heart’s fence wall is higher
…than Afa’s Djato and Ever’s Rest
Dwarfing my dreams into screams deemed noise
…to a fretting yearning

This linguistic code of language exasperates
Because its mouth has no voice hole
Its eyes have no images
Its heart speaks in an all covered cage
So I’m dying
…infected by its tortuous virus
…on its shaming ground
If only you’ll find a vision to see…
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 18, 2020


Wo de su n’ɛfrɛ obuo
Nso wo de obideɛ n’ayɛ ebuo
A emu
…wo tɔ di
…wo tɔ nom
…wo tɔ shɛ
…wo tɔ sra
…wo tɔ tutugu wo ho
Nna kra nna yi nyinaa
W’adane abrokyire aboduaba
…wo kyia esisi wɔn kro mu
Ɛbɛ yɛ dɛn na wo deɛ akɔ so?

Saa kasabɛbuo no a mpanyinfoɔ nyuno yɛ sɛ
“Yɛ obi deɛ yie na wo deɛ akɔso” no
…ase nkyerɛ sɛ
Dane wo deɛ ntumoa
…n’afa obideɛ sɛ ayɛnmoa
Hwan na oyi ne nsro to gu
…sesa asaawa hyehyɛ mu
…ɛpiri atɛasefo atepɛn?

Ɔdɔ a wo wɔ ma wo deɛ
…ne ataade pa a ɛfata de twi akoma
…ba w’akɔno ho
Enti ntena amanɔne nnuɔma so mmane obuo
Ɛbɛ dane ebuo abutu wo so
Na sɛ wo dane srehehe akokɔ a
Ɛhɔ na wo bɛ hunu atwiitwii a ɛbɛtwitwa wo nam
Aso a ɛti asɛm na ɛsi adwene a awuo
Ani a ehunu adeɛ na ɛhwiri atimboɔ kuro
Adwuma den na ehia
…nnyɛ ano kyɛkyɛwa
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 17, 2019


When light bleeds out of day
And the sky swallows the moon
And fireflies kill their light
And the world’s energy fails
What will lead eyes to see
…amidst the fear of minds
As frantic hands try a feel?

When the earth gulps seas
…and rivers
And clouds decide to hide
When saliva evaporate from tongue pores
After urine joins the earth’s burn
What will quench thirst
…cool bodies
…fill pores
And store energy in the heart’s regulatory core?

Let’s say the sky decides
…a marriage with the earth
And they decide on blending their skins
As hair on the latter
Which East will direct our West?
Which North will direct our South?

An escape begs for preparation
So why feed on vague distractions?
A better calls for our worse
So why bank on the worst attractions?
Anyansafo are the very minds
…who need no encyclopedias of words
To see the hanging truth
Few words show them
…show them all
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 17, 2019


I felt you
…at a sight
And knew that you
…can be light
…of mine

From your demeanor
…to the colour of your eyes
From your thoughts
…to the songs from your lips
I felt you
I still feel you
Hoping a one from our two

But your readiness is far
And your steadiness is fragile
Matching in every match
Loving in every town

But I sit here
Hoping you sit and think us fit
I sit here
Hoping you see my face in all embrace
I sit here
Hoping all touches
…will be a reminder of me
I sit here
Hoping every kiss will serve my miss
I sit here
Hoping you’ll see my yours
…and become my home
Are my hopes horses in haunting gallops?
Will they ever serve my reality?

It will hurt to wait to forget you
It will hurt
…to wait to ease you from my mind
It will hurt
…for thoughts to dawn on your unloving
But time serves to tend to wounds
…inflicted by love
So I sit here hoping
…that your failing my hopes
…will be taken care of by time
…which saw us meet
…saw the separation
…in its unyoked match
And holds the power to all healing
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 16, 2020


…sitting in your shed
Strings shaddy shocks all over
So you’ve got to relocate into your opponent
…to refurbish you to your comfy taste
…before self settlement
Best believe it!

A body can scatter a bullet
…and burn a bomb
Honey can make a bee
…and sting predators
A stone can break a sword
…and swallow its shine
A mound can swallow a mountain
…and become its master
You can get cow from a milk
…tree from cotton
…sky from rain
…and build bridges from storms
Best believe it

So you fired your boss
…and tossed that spirit into loss
You broke that heart
…and opened its wounds to flies
You killed some dreams
…to exhume some successes
You’re being chased by love
…as you fly high above
You’re that eagle who drags failure
…until it weeps on its knees
…begging you to turn better seed
And you surely buried death
…in a grand funeral
Best believe it!

Best believe it
Best believe that some struggles are best celebrated
Some mourning are best cheered
Some shame are best modeled honourary
And some scandals are best made sandals
…to walk the runways
Best believe it!
Best live it!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 4, 2020

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Abrokwah mmadwoa nni dwoa nti
Na ɔsonsɔn ne ho te sɛ aboa oguan
Na baabi a mmayowa di asa nnyɛ ne tenabea
Baabia ɔdɔ ntoklo deda nnyɛ ne kwan
Mpo na w’akɔ tena ɔdɔ dua ase
…n’ankampɛsɛ w’akɔte bi adi

Na ne sumyɛ mu mmakɔm nisuo
…bɛtumi ahyɛ Akwasua mma
Nso na onyin papa biara
Ɔyaresafoɔ no nhwehwɛmu no pansam n’abusuakuo daeso
Kosi sɛ y’ɛfrɛ no wɔ Kumnipa Afari Buajan ahenfie

Yɛ de too n’anim sɛ
Obi agu aba wɔ Agya Kwaa Atta abaayowa kitiwa no mu
…ama w’afa afuro
Na abɛtɔdwa sɛ
…saa pia no firi n’adjan mu

Na obibiara nnim ne ntam kɛseɛ no
Ne yarehwɛfo no wui ansa na ootu akɔtena Kɔkɔti
Ɔhwɛ abaayowa n’anim
… huu hu ne fɛreɛ
Enti ɔde too nananom anim sɛ
…wɔn ma no nnafua nson
…na ɔnfa moamoa ne ho mmɛhunu wɔn

N’agya ne no kɔɔ bɛn koro mu sɛ
…ɔnkɔ gye abɔfra no ntumu
Ampaniampaa ɔgye abɔfra no
…tua nkwasiabuo sika
Nso ɔpaa Nananom kyɛw sɛ
…ontumi nware Efia Atta
Ɛno nso ho ka bɛ da ne so
…ma no tua yɛ

Mfie du akyi
Abrokwah ne ne ba Akyɛdeɛ tu firi Kɔkɔti kɔtena Afrancho
Na Efia Atta aware Attakorah mfie nsia
…a wɔn nnya ba
Efirisɛ Attakorah ho nsuo kɔɔ abɛgyini
Enti Akyɛdeɛ ne n’agya tuo no, haa wɔn
…ma wɔn de mirika kɔɔ Kumnipa ahenfie bio

Wɔn de su ne ahonuo kɔ pa akyɛw sɛ
…Akyɛdeɛ yɛ Attakorah ba
Na ahohiahia nti na ɛma wɔn de ntwatosoɔ too Abrokwah so
Nana ne n’atenafoɔ de nyansa ka kyerɛ wɔn sɛ
Obi nnua nkrumah nkɔnu abɛ
Ɔbrɛguo ne animguaseɛ a wɔn de gu Abrokwah no nnyɛ kumaa
Na w’akɔfrɛ akae no
Wɔn nnyinaa di ho adanseɛ sɛ
Abrokwah dɔ ne ba no
Enti wɔ de bɛ yi gya wɔn kwan
Neɛ ontumi ne awowa nko no
…nkɔ ka wɔn wuoɔ wɔ mere a wɔn tetare ho
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 3, 2019


When you love the taste of pepper
And you choose to buy tomato
Thinking pepper is hot
Tomato is mild
Know a vomit awaits
…to publicly shame you
A cleanup will wait
…to hardly strain you
A stress will toe
…to emotionally drain you
And a scar will birth
…to befriend to your death
So marry your cherry
…to help carry on your merry

Marry the bad you love
For they can string you on your tingalingalings
And will bring you to your singalingathings
They can drown you in your fantasicalings
And will place you in your dream land
So marry the bad you date
To love the picture on your daily plates
Marry the boss of your mischief
To properly fit on the throne of your chieftain

You can’t choose cold
When you love warm beds
You can’t choose a cross
When you love riding bicycles
And if you choose a mild cow
When you love the taste of fierceness
Which claws will you taste
When you call for a bout in hotness?
Just marry the bad girls you date
Marry the bad boys you date
To keep glued to the love of your choice
So stick to your voice
…and walk on the path you love

Food can be bought
Money can be made
But wild pleasures can’t be found
…in good cooking pots
And those pleasures when sought out
…rain sins
If you fall under coercive kicks of societal power-
You’ll live under a regret dam
So stick to the choice of your heart
Forget the thorns
They’ll bleed to heal
Forget the tongues
They’ll wag to tire
Forget the eyes
They’ll look, blink and redirect themselves
Just choose the taste which tires not your loving tongue
For that is the real spice of love
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Jan. 3, 2020


…are global citizens
…known as cybercitizens
Without cultural boundaries

Though prejudices walk through fingers and voices
And friendships are made through interests and choices
Curiosity beats all label noises
Making it a nation without boundaries

Surely clashing interests end in bouts
Horrid hobbies get the shouts
But dreams have a supportive channel which outs
…the talented
Oh what a nation without boundaries!

So those who plant good seeds will grow
As others will know
And water and sunshine to show
And those who plant mischief
…will be killed by bombs of a thief
It is like a karma ball
…in a boundary boundaryless hall

…many faces hide to chide
…some faces hide in fear
…some faces follow in shadows
…words buried never die
…they become future angels
…or haunting ghosts
So rare care is needed in arguing
Tact is needed even in fact sharing
Fairness must be served on all plates
For global citizenship calls for dynamic acceptance
So all can fit in
…no matter how small the space of our minds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 2, 2019


(Wishing all followers a prosperous New Year!)
Channel your fears into dears of mere
And fall your tears into cheers oh queer
For you are the hands which steer your years
And are the gears which can clear from your rear
…with a breathing chit

You have new days with awesome rays
And some new aspirations with inspiring yays
You do have new suns to make your hay
And have new ways to work your say
Yes you –
…in a doubting pit!

So smile even as you taste some bile
And walk even if it’ll take many a mile
Your piles might change to worth your while
And your jeers might file your awesome dial
…in a sadness sit!

So yay to the nays in days gone astray
Ray on the bays which hid gay in your stay
For why in things that have gone awry
Does naught to change the shy in a sty
Build a confidence
…for your own benefit!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 1, 2020