A home is like a beehive
Built with care
Treated so fair
With a peace so rare
An easy sea with cherished breath for every dive

A home is like dolphins’ ocean
Strong in bond
All in fond
A safe haven tu le monde
A place where every commotion through emotions are carefully worked out in devotion

A home is a forgiving structure
A place where even blinds
…find all kinds of minds
…in combined help in troubling winds
A place where there is healing for every broken fracture

A home is a shell where bells of breaking hells
For they know they can fall dead
Before they reach its shed
A place worth more than all pearls

A home is an oven of pride
Where all are cooked
…prestige and a future booked
A place where all, on love, are hooked
An amazing future on a happy ride

A home is a temporary bye
In wait for a happy hi
A home is made up of real laughter in affectionate tie
It is a transparent pen
And a protected den

A home is a place of trust
Where justice is a must
A place where everyone feels part of the cast
And gathers tenderness which never rust
Cherishing every day they fold in their past

It is a place where your craze amazes ones you love
A place where your faults never halt the flow of your built love
A place where your every state in fate is a date for your mates
A safety cocoon with tension relief dates
A place where you’re shown in beautiful mirrors
…even in your horrors
The place where intimidation is zero
And every soul is a hero
That is what I call a home
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 30, 2019


Let’s import sanity from the past
To distill the madness going wild in our present
Because humanity is falling fast
Empathy, mostly absent
…in our daily must

Order has now climbed a long tree
Hiding from the guns of chaos
Respect paying its antonym exorbitant fee
What has turned hit songs? Conversations formerly aos

The world is now upside down
Consciences are clogged with shamelessness
As indoor games turn dips which chips of fun
…are dipped in to sooth lips
…destroying its zips to sip laughter
…from notoriety turned norms
Tips of sages are completely dodged and redirected to kolo bins

Over emulation of foreign stimulations
…has now brought us to this strangulation of culture
Where children ungratefully abandon their earth makers
With a “My life” storm shake
Forgetting some hands held their young till they gained their thoughts

This is the same problem that knocked out the birth interest
…of those battling extinction
Why will I procreate if I’ll live like an abandoned mouse
…in an-awaiting-for-death hostel
Far from my beloved at the tail end of my life?

Let’s import sanity from the past
To heal the ridiculousness of the present
Before we travel to the future
Leaving our generation with better structures
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 29, 2019


An unfairness dipped her heart in hatred
As vengeance taunted her pride
Voices pushed for drastic actions
Until she took the spear of bitterness

She flew on its handle
Like a witch whose magic wand has been stolen
And drowned all calls for calm
…in the stream of anger
Until she reached her target

She pierced deep
With her eyes closed
Twisting and pushing and hurting
Till she felt a death at the end of her spear
She felt an emptiness
Opened her eyes and saw it
…her soul hugging her foe
…in a murder she had executed

That’s why she walks like a shell
The bitter spear kills foes wrapped in our souls
She learnt that too late
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 28, 2019


Yɛnfrɛ yie o
Na yɛngyai sɛ y’adane yɛn ho abɔmɔfo bɔne
Ɛɛtoto yɛn ho yɛn ho piaw
Wɔ nsɛyiɛ adjan mu no

Nnɔbae bɔne abobɔ wɔ yɛn nfuo mu
…kɛtɛasehyɛ bayerɛ
…prɔyɛ mankani
…krɔno brɔdeɛ
…anibrɛ ɛmmo
…ntrɔ bankye
…pɛsɛmenkomenya ntɔrewa
…w’ati me w’aka me mako ne ne nkeka ho
Nso yen tima nframa ma wɔn nyinaa ahumee
Yɛnfrɛ yie!

Aduru mmre a ɛsɛsɛ adeyɔ hyɛ yɛn ntini mu ma
Mmre a ɛwɔ sɛ yɛtwa nnɔbae bɔne yi nyinaa gu aduru
Nanso yɛ yɛ adwuma den
Tɔ atuduro de hyɛ gyidie tuo mu
De pia mprako a wɔn hyɛ nguan ntaade
Ma wɔn kɔ sɛpɛ wɔn ho nyini wɔ prɔyɛ yi mu
Nso yɛkɔ so ara soma mprako a wɔn hyɛ nguan ntaade
…ebi de yɛ kɔkɔɔ
…ebi de yɛ fitaa
…ebi de yɛ tuntum
…ebi de yɛ ahabansuo ne neɛ ɛkekakeka ho
Yaa Obenewaa nkwadaa nnwom yi hia wɔ ɔko yi ano

Nana abrewa kɔtɔ prako
Prako no su sɛ ɔrenkɔ fie
Nana abrewa kɔtɔ kraman
…kraman ka prako
…prako hunu kwan kɔ fie
Nana abrewa kɔtɔ abaa
…abaa bɔ kraman
…kraman ka prako
…prako hunu kwan kɔ fie
Nana abrewa kɔtɔ ogya
…ogya hye abaa
…abaa bɔ kraman
…kraman ka prako
…prako hunu kwan kɔ fie
Nana abrewa kɔtɔ nsuo
…nsuo dum ogya
…ogya hye abaa
…abaa bɔ kraman
…kraman ka prako
…prako hunu kwan kɔ fie

Yɛnfrɛ yie!
Nsoma nkanyan nkɔbɔ nnyuma bɔne akyi! Mfa atuduro mpia buruburugya!

Boa maa mpanyinbɔne nhwehwɛ nnyuma pa akyirikwan
Efirisɛ mmre nni nsan akyiri nan
Nso ɔwɔ nhwɛakyiri ani
San kura mfoni afidie
Eetwa yɛn tesɛ sene
Owuo kyere yɛn tesɛ neɛ nkrɔma kyiri nkokɔ a
Ne tumi a wɔ ne nsɛmka mu nni awei
Efirisɛ ne mmrɛ nkoa na ɔbɛwɔ ano
…de bɛdi yɛn mɔdenbɔ ho adanseɛ
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 27, 2019


When some winds
…whip my wins
And some suns
…shatter my stock
When some rains
…wreck my rest
And some dust
…render me blind
I let my being
…shed the tears
As I, like the statue of patience

For though there be unmerciful winds
…there are kind airs
There are cruel suns
…still there are warm suns
There are fierce rains
…but there are rains of blessings
And as there are notorious dust
So exist fine loam

Yes –
The cruel ones can come in succession
But no –
Forever is not part of their hurting
If transiency is fair
Its fairness reigns in the agents of trouble
For they come like the light of fireflies
And diminish only to resurface
…until daylight swallow them whole
…into ridicule
…then oblivion
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 27, 2019


Each day,
Many hunters abound in frames of humans
…of spirits
…of souls
…of animals
Looking for who to feed on
Be no mopoke
For cries of unhappiness travel far
…fetching pests of doom to zoom and room
…in souls of criers

Troubles are like bubbles
They are dicey at conception
Fearful in flight
Great minds know how to fly them
To beautify their skies
…before their bursting
Fickle minds sit in the bubbly floatings
…to their crashing

Wise heads crack fewer words
Thrown out in clothes of advice
A mopoke is certainly no hero to be
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 26, 2019

NO SLEEP Tonight (18+)

Fireflies will fire and fall
Fairytales will ferry and fence
Flicks will flip and flap
Fear will fly to false farms
Fasten your firewalls
We’ll get no sleep tonight

Tingles will tangle in triumph
Time will toast into tatters
Touches will take all tree-airs tend to trust
…into titillating thrusts of the titans
Take your trumpet
We’ll get no sleep tonight

I’ll be the knightess meeting a knight
I will blind the night with the sounds of might
I will break the tears of lonely hearts
And gift them songs which will dig their choked earth
And open the tap of their thighs

I’ll be the thunders
…which will elide the roars of tsunamis
I will be the lioness feeding her insatiable lion
I will be the colour on the skies of passion
I will be the magic rider of a heated stick
So tighten your seat belt
We’ll get no sleep tonight

Don’t be a chicken
…your feathers will fly for your skin to die
Don’t be a toothless dog
…your barks will die for your soul to burn
Come as a lion
And swallow as a python
Be a sloth and you’ll be served to the vultures
So work your stamina
…we’ll get no sleep tonight

For it is the night for the queen
Whose torch lights once in several full moons
It is the night when traveled passions
…return with a timed promise of leaving
It is that night when lust lights to cage the night from lips to hips in flips and grips
So feed tiredness to the sluggish
Pump your heart with the air of youth
And come with charged surrender
For we’ll get no sleep tonight
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 25, 2019


We both felt the flames of attraction
And watched as our hearts held hands
…walked happily out and about
…kissed and drank fresh nsafufuo
…joked and laughed
And came back into their shameful enclaves
Watching us languish in yearning
…without doing a thing

You were not willing to take a step
And certainly, I couldn’t have been the willing party
For you know patriarchy locked its anarchy on my mind,
…no matter how far I’ve strayed from its village,
And hanged the keys in the bosom of shame
As an Ɔkaniba
…how could I have visited the caves of shame
…in my bid to have you?
Petty and childish definition might have fitted me then
Excuse my flaw, even wood leaves its ashes after a thorough burn

Years walked, looked and laughed
…at our ridiculousness
As our eyes made us out even in multitudes
Our ears heard our breaths even in chaos
Our noses made out our scents even in multi-fragrances
And woke goosebumps on our skin
Still, our emotions braked in our throats
Never making it past the fences of our lips
Still not moving
Cupid branded us stupid and chose a humid day
…to severe our ties
The debris must have fallen on you
As you watched me stand
…walk and fly

Wherever your boldness traveled to
…and returned from
I know not
But I have passed the station of our bonding
And prefer being a loner than holding your hand
I don’t know what washed you from my needs
But it did wash you clean

So leave it be
And pray our paths cross in another world
So we can rectify this mistake
For who knows
Our roles may switch
And I may end up the bewitched
This world is far spent
…our feelings too burnt to be salvaged
So let us fall
…into the abyss of what could have been
…to search for the well hidden hole of forgetfulness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 25, 2019


These artificial storms
Made, so eyes in fear of dust
…will close to the modeling wrongs
…shamelessly walking on the carpet of the present
…to the anals of history
These artificial storms
To battle fierce criticisms
…in the boxing ring of infamousness
These artificial storms
Made without a thought
As to the loss it’ll cause in development and the identities it’ll form for our persons
These artificial storms!
These annoying make believe storms!
These unfortunate me-de-awɔ-mo-ani storms!
Will be the machetes which will cut the throat
…of our nation
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 24, 2019


Some are like aphrodisiacs
Thoughts of them make cobras out of worms
…looking for water closets to shed their vomits
Some are like comic movies
Thoughts of them break smiles
…and sometimes mad laughter
Some are pride pens
Thoughts of them paint pictures of prestige
Calling important airs to float the soul
Some are flies
Thoughts of them write annoyance in the heart
Still, flutters woo their presence
For there are chills in their absence
And they turn hills with sweaty climbs
…when they’re present, still, they have the pills of pearls
Some are peaceful moons
They bring stars to shine their beauty
And bless minds to rest with quietude
Always posing the best resting places
I won’t ask where I fall
I want to be all in one

I want to be the bite
…and the balm
I want to be the structure
…of your laughter
I want to be your dame
…in your fame
I want to be the axe
…which digs your yams

I want to be your steer
…and your beer
I want to be your mirror
…and your horror
I want to be your stage
…and your cage
I want to be your trip
…and your whip
I want to be your club
…and your bed
I want to be your master
…and your servant
I want to be your bank
…and your ATM
I want to be all that you love
…all that you have
…all your discomfort
…and all you crave to explore
And you, my same

For a boring road in company
…is worse than the chaotic
Love should be all that drama entails
…and more
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 24, 2019


Like stainless skies
Every being is born without a blemish
We fall from birth into ignorance
…with abundance of opinions
Some trashy
…others great
Days help us sift the good
…through knowledge seeking
Until we reach near perfection
And are able to note that labels
…are for uncouth and lazy learners

We grow
…through our mistakes
We rise
…through our fall
We change
…through the taste of our bad practices
We are like roasted corn
…on a mesh on fire
Gradually turning edible for all mouths
Consider the mesh as our chances
And the fire as our will

Judgement of the sins we’ve discarded
…falls below the humane belt
For fallibility is a human trait
Only the unchanging deserves the chains of judgement
…in unpopular arrest
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 23, 2019


He owns diamonds in silver
And claims he deserves it because of his wastage of saliva
…on his make-believe podium
Now he selects juicy apples to crack on his mat in hues
…to mark to live above sin
…as his following Johns look and join
In an open revelation awaiting the original Revelations
Still, the church dwells on “touch not my anointed”
…to condone the foolishness in planting

Poverty is the spirit posing holy to bless his people
Hunger is the hope-whip
…forcing them into fasting and prayers
…with deluded hope of an opened heaven gate
Deception has gauged the eyes of the minds of all followers
Leading manipulation to play them like strings on a piano
Adorned with beads of loss
…the followers find struggling beautiful
They preach their state godly in light
And see the right as Satanic in darkness
All because the anointed can do no wrong

Whatever voodoos they use to enchant
Is working beyond measure
As even some educated get misled
…like stupid sheep
…shedding the clothes of hardwork
…to put on gowns of deceptive miracles
How can our feet see the right paths
…to turn into roads
…to reach the destination of development?

Preachers breaching codes to leach on the helpless!
Worms acting cobras to poison a whole section!
Your fires of hell are fast approaching
…through the dragon of enlightenment
Your reign must come to an end
For the whole to recover
…from the horrible holes you’ve dug with your pickaxes of greed
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia September 22, 2019


In the eyes of many an ignorant
We’re arranged like an orrange
Each in our hugging line within
Our African cover making a distinction impossible
Blackness is our definition
Tonal scenting is our stamp
When we are a coalition of big farms
With many cultural plantations

But we are cruely cut into
…for bites
In four equal parts
…or two
…or even a little part on the head
To suck our juices of harmony and chew our fibres of wealth

How a touch affects the whole is frightening
Yet farmers watch as seeds drop
Growing through need and scenting the rot
If only we can fence with the wires of self do
In trade and aid
And build us by ourselves
To cut off pests feasting on us!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 21, 2019


Kɔ ti ne krɔ
Na onipa fufrɔ mfa nkɔ deɛ
Wo yi obi se ase brɔ
Na obi gye ne sereɛ bɔ so a
Ɛsen sɛ nea gyata aka wo kra
…wɔ ɔko ano
Ɔbrɛguo ɛɛya wai
…me nua

Kɔ si dankɛseɛ
Na ɔfufurɔ mmɛtena mu
Kɔtɔ hyɛn
…na ɔdasani mmɛfa nkɔ
Titi wo mmɔwerɛ mu fa pia ɛtuɔ
…na amamafo mfa amamasɛm mmɛdi ne hwimhwim deɛ
…ɛɛya yie
…me nua

…ɛwiase tesɛ bayie-kwaebretuomu
Gyata a wɔn bɔwerɛ tesɛ sɔsɔ
…tenase ma wɔn ho hu suma ngwan mmɔborɔwa
…kɔ aha de wɔn nam nyinaa brɛ wɔn
…ma wɔn we yi wɔn se mu sɛɛ defeee
…a wɔn mma asomafo yi nnompe mpo
Brɛgu ɛɛya o
…me nua

Nfifire fifiri wɔ abrɛfoɔ adwuma den ntini mu
…ma akwadwofoɔ de nkrataa kakraabi hyɛ wɔn abotesɛm
Enti ahiafo mmim kɔ ohia aforɔ mu
…ɛna adefo de abotesɛm di mmɛnsɛm wɔ nkonwa kɛseɛ so
Me nua
…ɔbrɛguo ɛɛya o!

Mmogya mu sasa asesa
…ama wɔn anobrɔ atropi
Enti akakabensɛm agye wiase abɔso
…ɛnenam wɔ nyamberansɛm mpaboa mu
…de hu ɛɛbɔ abrɛfo ntrɛnee
Abrɛfo mfifire adane mogya eehwie fa ɔbrɛ drubɛn mu
…regugu adefo mfuo so
…ma eenyin fɛfɛ
Ah me nua
Ɔbrɛguo ɛɛya o

Nsesa hia nsrahwɛ wɔ ha
Ehia sɛ nsesa ba bɛbrɛ akakabenfo ase
Ehia sɛ ɛbɛ tu atuturafo tumi egu
Ehia sɛ ɛbɛbɔ prɔyɛ ahwiaseɛ
Efirisɛ Kwadjo nkɔdɔ
Na Kwasi mmɛdi deɛ
…ɛɛya paa
Onua breguo ankasa deɛ
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 20, 2019


It is a boil
One makes to plant on the soul
Every passing day stretching its hurts
Till it bursts and sores

It sucks the fun out of life
And rides bodies like horses
Into ditches where stitches fear their dents
And never leaves a way out
After its breakthrough
For it then creates a chain of the wronged

So a chased turn chased in a family baton run
It is that deadly

It is no child’s play
…and no small task
It is no great marks
…and no hero measure
It is nothing worthy of congratulations
And certainly not a society of classy rank

So learn to live with forgiveness
And help weed out bitter roots
…which can’t easily be uprooted
…and can live through generations
Discard it and free yourself
…and your unborns from hurts
For it can plant poverty in its bitter blindness
It can never be a good thing when it seeks to murder
It only becomes good when it is directed at self improvement
Yes, it is that strong and powerful, deadly even
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 19, 2019


…yelling your yearnings
…like thunders troubling and tormenting
…pleading with persons
…like a beggar brutalized by a brutal beast
…seeking sympathy
…dressing in duress
…feeling a fault
…courting my court
All you need is to let it speak for itself
…to mine –
Your heart

There is a language of sincerity
That truthful hearts exude
On tickets of actions
…and slates of body language
So let your heart speak
…let it speak to mine
To see if there is a pairing factor

You can’t kneel while your heart sleeps
When mine waits for a signal
You can’t wail while my heart sails
…on ships of doubts
So wake it –
…your heart
And let it speak
…and read its own performance
…in a feeling of failure
…or pass in my complex heart
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 19, 2019

MO NNUE – (For the family of the Takoradi girls)

There is nothing painful
Like hope dangling by the minute
…followed by uncertainties the next minute
…then fear of loss in another minute
Ah ɛnanom, agyanom ne anuanom
…mo nnue mmowai!

It was such a long scary road
…in the vehicle of despair
It was such a heart wrenching journey
…and you were served unfair
It was painful clouds on your skies which took so long to clear
…with their angry thunders
…and deceptive lightning
Which all came down on your roofs in desperate rains
…and turned swords of hurt
…to wound your hearts
Even we, as onlookers, are shedding bloody tears
Who can doubt your trauma?
Ah ɛnanom, agyanom ne anuanom
…mo nnue o!

Even after being served bodies
…after losing their breaths
Many a mourners have cursed their souls
…and God
I have been there
…I know
Even after battling fair sicknesses and losing
Many a mourners have shut themselves in rooms of pain
…I so know
…because I’ve felt it
Losing healthy lasses you’ve toiled to raise
…into teens and young adults
Not through sicknesses
…but bad weeds in the nation
…and having authorities fail you in your hard trust
Must be like bullets being fired on innocent bodies
Ah ɛnanom, agyanom ne anuanom
…mo nnue o!

Yes, your minds will travel through torture
Self blame –
…for not trading all you had to save their lives
Heart bleeds
…for not knowing the suffering served them
…before they turned dishes on death plates
…because your nation failed to save your own
…of losing the others that remain your rocks
Sadness –
…for being the powerless life keepers of your beloved
And scarred
Never ever to forget the loss that pain dug into huge wounds
But try a forgiveness of self
…try thinking of death as the destination we will all reach
…and dodge remembrance
…even if it means humming a tune
Ah ɛnanom, agyanom ne anuanom
…mo nnue o!

You’re not alone in your mourning
Yours is a shared mourning
…all citizens cursing with you
Yours is a national disgrace
…that all leaders dread has happened
You’ve been wronged
You’ve been so wronged
But be strong
Ah ɛnanom, agyanom ne anuanom
…mo nnue!
…mo nnue o!
Na mo nhyɛden!
So the angels will find rest
…through your strength
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 18, 2019


You’re roosters who have lost their crows
To the snorts of pigs
Who mislead your people
Into wriggling in dirt
You’re the roosters who peck on everything unimportant
Leaving dire issues rotting like unattended sores
You’re herbs which have turned useless leaves
Failing to heal your nation’s sicknesses
Yet demanding for undeserving ovation
What is the importance of toothpaste
If it can freshen no mouth after brushing?
You’ve failed on the sail as navigators to our right destinations

You have the strength to win the masses
And check the wealth politicians amass
To help in building comfortable classes
And cut short all the dubious religious ritual mass
So we can shame poverty with our hippy glasses
Yet you sit like scattered weeds
…used as grammar show-humans
…to validate media channels
…with few followers
As worthless thinkers steal your thunders
…and act Gods in suits that define your formality
And send you straight to the gutters of no attention

As some of you chase meat in skirts of your mentees
And some of you brag like rags needing to convince
…their land owners that they’re no trash
As some kill challengers with threats of failure and no promotion
And some turn hands of the corrupt to loot
As some turn indifferent fishes
Swimming to other nations to act lotuses
And all of you live like different plants on separated lands
The years run without stops
And our failure spreads like cancerous canker
…branding us hopeless

Can’t you all come together
And be a Pearl Asiamah
To battle nonsensical lords planting false yams
In the minds of the populace
Branding them useless to the cause of development?
Can’t you all lead a tutoring on mandates of the electorate?
Can’t you all leave your head swells
And join the war of poverty
And its ills of xenophobia
…brain drain
…monstrous epidemic
By fighting the soldiers of corruption?
Aren’t you failed navigators on our ailing seas?

A master should be the duster of clustered idiocy in unblessed minds
A master should be an activist for rights of the vulnerable
A doctor must help heal the ills of the society
A professor must be the prophet of the people
…leading them through the right path
…identifying threats that will harm
An Emeritus must be an advisor on the boards of rulers
As degree holders act apprentices in their work shoes
But you’re theoritical bosses in practical fright
Most of you wanting to join the looting
You’re inventors in name, deedless in deed
You have failed
You have oh so failed
Your books were nothing but fraud makers
Whose teachings are only own greed
…and nothing more
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 17, 2019


Anger can push you from success town
To the broken hut of a ridiculed clown
Anger can make you slip from the apex of respect
To the stinking feet of disrespect
Anger has caused many to fall from the mountain of gain
Into the ditch of disdain
Fence well your anger
…in a barn of control
…before it monstrously destroys your hard earned reputation

Anger is a demon
…which blinds in summon
Anger is like poison
…which knocks out the engine of reason
Anger is a bush fire
…which burns all that farmers acquire
…with hard work
Anger is like boiling water
…which has freshly lost its fire
Guguru-guguru-guguru until air calms it
…then it realizes it is part of the ordinary water family
There, nothing can erase the shame of loud pomposity
…when it was in its boiler
Nothing can reverse any burns it might have caused
Kill your anger before it kills
…your bright

So let ears help in closing
…when annoyances pass their mark
Let eyes help in diversion
…when sight sights a spark
Let legs help in walking
When fury hurry in building
To check the spread of the fire
…which wires to destroy revered personalities
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 16, 2019


Sometimes clouds of sadness can form in our minds
Sometimes thunders of fears will blast through it
As Will lights to die in an ill lightning
When you reach that point

If you don’t
The sadness will rain down your inner
…and flood your body
Drowning your soul and killing your spirit
Leaving no room for your body to survive
So please do the needful

There is nothing unsolvable
There is nothing beyond human
There is no problem shared unheard
And fallibility includes vulnerability
By all means REACH OUT
Do your best to LET OUT
Any depression suppressing your expression
And forcing an impression of a no way out

You are more than you think capable
So share a problem
…to offload
So you can be lighter to walk
…until you reach life’s final destination
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 15, 2019


You tripped on the stone of my warmth
…and landed in the lair of my love
Seeing nothing but darkness above
You say you can’t find your way out
I know it’s hard to find that way out
…but try

Your tears are flooding my abode
…man tears lack charm in a plea bargain
…where harm is armed with a damn
And hearts without light
…see none to pity

Bluntness is my bullet
…hoping to bail your interest with a death
Cruelty is my gift
…changing your memories into hatred
…then forgetfulness
Only weak hearts die
…in an unrequited love battle

Strength is carrying your pain
…making it no bane
…to your attention strain
Strength is your smiles
…in all your yearning miles
…hiding needs like piles
…situated at CCTVless parts
…of the body

Love is a chain of hunting
…as the sheep hunts grass
…and the wolf hunts sheep
…as the lion hunts wolf
…and human hunts lion
Only lucky ones get fair chances
…of hunting themselves in equal halves
…to later merge in a determined pledge

So find your way out
…please find your way out of my lair
You are no food I wish to taste
…neither is your blood water
…I need for a thirst quench
All I smell is the stench of your needs
…marring the success of my hunt
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 14, 2019


Ei akutia?
Akutia a ɛmmaa nnipa ntatia
…tiatia Kwaku Nketia anuonyam so
…wɔ Obo Nkwantia maa krom hɔ nkɔnkɔn-mpete susɔ no sɛɛ sɔ sɔ sɔ sɔ
…yɛɛ n’abrabɔ pasaa no?
Abena Amoafowaa Jemremedua, Agowa dɔ ba
…me mma no nka me kaba
…na abɛka me sliiti

Ɛyɛ ɔbɔdamfoɔ na etumi ne mframa bɔ kasatwɛdeɛ amansan ani so
Ɛyɛ ohufoɔ na ɛbɔ nsɛmyaw adegya
…wɔ mmerɛ a n’abodin ataadeɛ wɔ hɔ
Nsɛm a enni din nhia akataesia anaa abrantepa biara ntwiee
…wɔ kwan biara so
Sɛ wo ma akutia asowa a
…na ɛko tia tia wo faahodee so

Wobɛtumi ahyɛ nsɛmhunu m’ataade agu me pioto so
…ahyɛ no me kro-chia
…de m’asomdeɛ apii ne so
Wo pɛ a, bɔ mɔdin kyerɛ no m’akyia yie
…na kyerɛ no me nne
Sɛ me din aanfam ho a
…ɛneɛ na w’ato opete tuo
…wɔ brɛ a China ni biara ngyina hɔ
Me din bɔ ho mpo n’aɛdaa ne sɛn?

Ɛyɛ babasu-hu na ɛkyikyiri ammodin bɔ ahiyie ho
Ɛyɛ oniadeyɔ na ɛsɛye ne mmrɛ
…keka nsɛmtwie de gye gye ntɔkwa hunu
Enti wo dane wo ho kraman bɔdamfuo a
Mɛ dane me ho adukrom dua kɛseɛ
Ama w’apɔ wo wowowowo asɛi w’anum ntasuo kwa

Ɔkraman a onni seɛ
…na ɛpɔ kyɛre wɔ n’ataafo anim
Akutia ne nan o
…na m’ama n’awura m’adwen mu
…n’ankampɛsɛ abɛtiatia m’ahotɔ so –
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 13, 2019


Ogya de gya!
…me de awɔ no!
M’adi apagya!
…me de aka no!
M’atu mu dɛ
…me de akyerɛ no!
Wɔma bebree paepae ansa na wadro abɔ
Agya-nyaneno ne ɛna-twimu ma me bebrebe no
…nyinaa yɛ nsu brane
…a ɛtɔ dum ayaase abaa mu gya
So STOP it!

If your flex
With your ex
During sex
…flopped and ended in a vex of the perplexed
Leaving you with a complex
Look for the BEST habits in nature
To nurture your broken factor
And not a deadly lighter which will get you to an apex
And drain you senseless

Going for alomo
…to seek some promo
Superman bitters
…to show your powers
Buying Atiamo
…to boost the hormones
Tramol in boosters
…to temporarily rule as a rooster
Jamaican stone
…for a temporal bone
Are sure ways of killing your jack

Make do with your little fire
…instead of seeking to more acquire
Even gums bleed in a violent brushing
Those sacks may have no mouths to speak
And may have no powers to open their pods, as knives help cocoa pods, to show
…their hurts
So STOP it!

Many a man have huge and long sticks
But know not how to steer them
Power lies in knowing the self
…and how to hold your steer in driving
You owe no woman’s impressions
…in your bedmatical expressions

It is true horny is healthy
…but induced horny can lead to seduced Tuesday weeding
So live out your best
…in your loving quest
If your enough can’t stuff your half
Many passionate souls hide in your fancy
Dig out and wear your size
It is better than housing a dead part
…on a bitter and frustrating journey till death
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 13, 2019
Inspired by Dr. Akosua Abdallah


Shea buttered melanic bodies display
Scantily clad at the junction of stickdom
Some faces needfully smileless
Other faces hopefully smileful
Some waists twirling
Some hard buttocks twerking
As I sing

I ring the ding to dong like a gong
I am the tongue to bless with a song
I need your wriggle to shed your ego
So I can lotto a win in your bingo
So let muscles dance
Give giggling flat breasts a hopping chance
And I will sprinkle the cash
Your heart needs in a rush

Eyes open in wild need
Mouths open in needy feed
Six packs act sea waves
Moving into greed caves
As men turn dogs on fours
Surrendering in invitation for my tours
As I sing

Show me the holes you can burrow
Show me the strength I can borrow to shoot sorrow
In its daunting hollow
Let toes sow rows of excitement
To get to act as incitement
In my decision of your selection
For this is a competitive election
With me having the sole womandate

Hands climb poles to hold
Sending signals of egos sold
Some act shivering and cold
As others approach so bold to hold
Wriggling like kankabi
I still sing with a chuckle

I will give you soil to grow your trees
I will rain you slimes to aid your crimes
I will rear you bees to protect your hes
And sing in moans to your swinging rhymes
So dance in a sweaty harvest

Beasts wake in stretches
Even their sole eyes visible
Some beg in their wretches
I get up to taunt the terrible
My kente and dansikran regally decorating my shine into intimidation
As hands beg for relief for their third legs
A slap on each’s buttocks
A whip on standing snakes with lone eyes in needy dancing rhythm
That is a script well flipped
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 12, 2019


She built an iron fence with jealousy
In her loving fallacy
She grew her beast with ecstacy
To chase all potential rivals
Her fearsomeness always trended to scare
Filling the barrel of her husband’s hatred
Even so, that horse was only driven to tame in days’ faces
His pleasure whip got satisfied
…every other night
Until her stalking drove her into a motor accident
On one no-nonsense day
Landing her into the ditch of death

At her funeral
Many of her replacement represented in a “Rest of an Arrest” clothes
Eyes of her husband so starry and happy
Like the clearest sky with a full moon
The competition made him feel like a chief
Even when her corpse had not been tasted by inland tongue
And was still hot
On the plate of land

If she had taken her marriage certificate to death town
It would have been fair
But the marriage was broken even before her casket got closed
And her man happily celebrated
His third leg standing attentive
…all through her service

Isn’t it unfair that a graduant who worked that hard
Failed so miserably in loss?
Just that night, her husband’s bed was graced
At different places of her former home
In a month of three
She was replaced
…societal justification for the occasion:
…her children

So live like you want
Love you more than a hurting attachee
For we take our individual selves there
Yes there
In death as we were brought forth in birth

Marriage was no ticket to come here
Neither will it be a ticket to go there
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 11, 2019


Sɛ yɛ ka sɛ obi aben a
Obimanso no
…atitiriw fo hwehwɛ no
…sua firi ne hɔ
Nanso ɛha yi
Amanfo hyɛ ɔtan wɔ aniberɛ kukuo mu
…de si ahoɔyaw gya so
…de homhom fi dane papa
…bɔ mu sɛɛ huu huu huuu
De gu abenfo ho fi

Enti yɛ bɛ yɛ dɛn aduru nkɔsuɔ kwan so?
Yɛ firi he na y’akɔto nkɔsoɔ anansesɛm?
Yɛ bɛ gyina he apopa ohia mfifire?
Okuani biara nni hɔ otwitwa ne nnɔbae pa guo
…na ogyina nwura de di akuafohene

Asowaasowa a ɛwɔ nyansa ti pɔ no
…entie wɔ badwen-nsakrayɛ kwan so
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 23, 2019


Some shave
…and their skins behave
Some shave
…and their skins rave
Know your skin
…the razor to use
…and the hair to shed to curb rebellion
…after its dump
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 10, 2019


The elders did say
Those who host our hands in their mouths
Need no hit on their pates
In fact, I posit that
Care routes must be taken
To even tickle as a giggle can mean a bite
It is a mess that dresses in a curse even for the blessed

To hit a head, a hand must work
To hold anything, a hand must work
How can a head think of rebellion
When a hand is in the prison of a mouth?

So the strong ends up stooging
The weak ends as rags
The righteous ends up disabled
When the mouth which imprisons a hand
Is a beast who cheats at the least chance
Such a sad state for any soul in bait
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 9, 2019


If you lose sleep to keep a hope
…of my swinging slope
…from deviancy to your earth God cope
Then you need a potent dope
If not, you’ll forever mope
Because I will forever be a deviant

Show me the cross
And I’ll turn boss to use it as seat
For many to carry
My legs, free from the walking worry

Living in times past
Using another’s suffering to lock your passions
Throwing the keys into the dungeons of regret
Guarded by hungry lions of fear
Is no style I wish to wear
I live forever a deviant

If my body calls for tickling treasures
I will sit on shamelessness
And freely descend the stairs of passion
Exploring every cave every hair on my body saves
To arrest your blinks and harden your demons for your shrinks
I live forever a deviant

If my mouth calls for a drink to my livers shrink
I will sit on societal scares
And wheel myself into every drum
…hosting akpet
Call it whatever
If an asadweam will be my new name
I sure will embrace it
What will wreck me?
Dancing dressless with the naked air?
Drying deadly sweats and calling lost sleep to pores
…no matter which floor calls as bed?
Eyes watching to record for their fingers and mouths
To do hawking of me
And want shame as fee
Forget it
I live forever a deviant

Whatever badness is in your conventions
I am refurbishing
Because those who preach your cross
Mostly preach crap which scrap off the map leading to the tap of wisdom and
Are also those who drink the blood in dissatisfaction
Turning mosquitoes to further feast on the crowd
Those who preach “no adultery”
Are those who mostly use many owned holes hiding in their pulpits
…massaging and shiver biting
To orgasmically force their shouting of disbelief on their congregation
Blinded and bound by threats of some books
Creating holes on our pots to drain our lot
I will forever live a deviant!

So let me live my deviancy
Smoking my intestines out in realism
Blasting my enemies off
In a sanity I build
I am living my awesome deviance

For I will build my God to act ladder to climb to God
I will build my don’ts to work my dos in a comfort I feel
I have shed the skin of the dictated
And now live in the skin of the dictating
I see death’s womb right there
And you call for self arrest into some dubious religious cage?
Forget it
I am living forever a deviant
In my own deviation
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 8, 2019

1, 2, 3, 4 and A, B, C, D, E

I. Respect
2. Kindness
3. Progress
4. Love

A. Care
B. Tenderness
C. Trust
D. Consideration
E. Love

You give me 1 and I’ll give you 2
We can both work 3 to get to 4
That is my 1, 2, 3, 4 of fairness

You give me A in a 1 and I’ll give back 1 in an A
We’ll arrive at B through the doors of 2
And use 3 to get to 4
And through careful thoughts in C get to D
…then E
That is my 1, 2, 3, 4 and A, B, C, D, of my E

There are no familiar zones for short cuts
There is no millennial room for cheating
There are no traps to take bribes
And there’ll be no military for coups
The clear line is like one drawn by a perfect architect
And hosts the competition with a never resting sun
Only the first to get here
Gets to the bottom of my E
As all others gain their 4 in a fair fight
Fairly unfair, I know
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 7, 2019


Men are made great when their
…Upclimb shines bright under
…Grave circumstances
…Affecting the unfortunate positively, after
…Beating tragedy
…Emancipating all from a fall

You, like the promised, fell into this bracket
You were like great eyes sent to a Samaria
…to sanitize into sainthood
But you turned water
…which stayed in one pot too long
Stinking and blocking nostrils
Forcing mouths in hail to curse you out

You started perfectly:
Harmonizing colours to coexist
You proceeded in great planning
…taking what belonged to the land for those of the land
Your flaw was not equipping the latter
…to fit into the steps
…you created with your rightful evictions
And you should have known the angry clouds you sent up
Would turn monstrous rains to fall on you
And your people

You could have saved some of your heroic deeds
If you had descended the stairs of ruling
Into the room of advisors and or critics
I guess the food of power is like cocaine
Only the bravest among the brave weans
…from its addiction

All the unfair:
The Ndebele massacre in the Matabeleland Cleansing
The 2008 blood, among the many others,
…spilled to keep your grasp of power intact
The cruelty of closed ears
…to the cries of the masses
Right to the selfishness of blindness
…to the suffering of your people
Oh who can forget the back to zero choice of an alien currency
After you uprooted roots of alien plants from your soil?
All these villainized your heroic golden periods
Turning your sweetness sour
That you acted tick to stay in the hair of your people
For almost decades of four
Destroyed your image in the eyes of even your great sages

The fog of your overstay
That clogs your greatness in beastial gutters of minds
Forces many to curse you into unwakeable sleep
In place of blessing you to rise in ancestorhood

I am sure anger chases you, in insincere hearts, like a stranger
From your own maternal manger
Since some have fists of vengeance
And many hold sticks of annoyance
With others holding guns of bitterness
In your hound
I will join the rememberers of your greatness
And bid you farewell
Hoping you rest well
Knowing your positive revolution and its symbolisms to Africa’s cause
So you help build the fort of power
Should your soul host another body in a travel back
For we still need courageous souls
Amidst the terrorisms and xenophobia
And the familiar corruption you so contributed to
May your Fierce Soul Rest in Warriorhood
Even as your spirit weeds the path of hatred
…for your travel back
…into the mouth of the earth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 6, 2019


The fingers traveling through the Korley Gonno of the nose
The hand weeding through the hidden land of the waist
The finger sweeping out debris of the eyes
Those hands blocking guttered whirlwind of sneezes from the nose and mouth
Those same hands scooping sweats in rains to a skin dryness
Ah the hands getting wet from the parting and holding
…for your wayside weeweeing
Why do you extend that for a greeting
When you know many germs are home to our body shedding?

Be self aware
In this mingling midst
Be others conscious
In this polite seeking mode
Be considerate to others comfort
We are densely hypocritical
… I know
Because dirt is what we are
But dirt is what we fear
Still, dirt can drive us faster to tombs
Than we did get into wombs
So try a cleaner you
For a saner we
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 6, 2019


With every tick of the clock
The approach of your birthday
Dawns and overshadows me
Like a cloud taking over a warm sun
Your deep dimpled smiles and giggles
Acting background song
Tickling my sadness
Wetting my pillow

You wanted me to be a me
Who smiles to let you see
From a distant world
I hope I am building that pride in you
In wherever fate keeps as your resting place
The tears have turned occasional
Flowing on a day like today
When your birth crumps cut through my womb
With scissors of rememberance
To hurt
A day like today, your birthday
When the throat builds a fence to block everything liquid and solid
A day like today
When sanity takes a leave for insanity to rule
But I still live awesomely
Like the proud mother you knew

I keep thinking about the height you might have attained
I keep thinking of the weight you might have gained
I keep fantasizing on the speech you might have added
Your gestures and your delays
But the many a pain that might have strained your gains
Brake with nostalgic gratitude at your rest

I miss you so much
Though I feel lighter that you’ve conquered pain
I love you so much
But I am grateful
Thinking of the better place you are
Days stretch the ways of pain
And I hope to get there
To that place, where your thoughts dig smiles
Instead of tears

Keep resting well my love
Keep shining bright my sun
Keep watching over my knight
Keep keeping track of my deeds my teacher
As I work to brighten your smiles
And go miles to fetch your laughs
In felicitation
Till we meet on the stage of our world beyond earth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 5, 2019


I have been on for so long
…ki ki kikim
…gi di gigim
My oil has run out due to friction
My strength has zapped due to exhaustion
With critics piling their meanings
…on my doings
I am back at zero in productivity
So help shut me down
…like a computer
…only for a moment

Rest is a healing for the bruises of the heart
Rebooting is a thrilling for the needs of the mind
Clicking is a filling of the feelings of our soul
…worn by their spirits
So help shut me down
…like a computer
…only for a moment

For I am drowning in tiredness
I feel empty of will
I am spent in love
…looking at the over familiar face of life
I am weary with work
…my boldness arrested by the coldness of hate
So help shut me down
…like a computer
…only for a moment

Shut me down
…please shut me down
Only for a moment
So I can rewake in a remade
…of brightness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 4, 2019


The world, God’s gift,
Was originally a dwelling for all
Without demarcation
Without ownership
How humans heckled hostage
And carved supremacy to draw lines called borders
Made a funny video in my mind
Sanity made it understandable
Development made it beautiful
Until ownership turned vindictive
Murdering beings
In a nice x word, clothing a devilish doom
How did Ubuntu fail?

I thought Ubuntu spelt out compassion and virtues in humanity
I thought Ubuntu could turn mother
To hug all black lands in its bosom to blossom
I thought Ubuntu could one day turn African Anthem
To unite the black continent
Into a contender unbeatable
I thought Ubuntu could speak to hearts
Knowing no differences between colours so varied
And will never see a difference in shades of black
But here we are
In a horrifying horror
How did Ubuntu fail?

I can see the spirit of Madiba
Wailing the woes of guttered sacrifices
I see the shape of Africa
Writhing in painful deformity as uniformity loses form in shocking inhumanity
I can see the continent on the stage of insults
As fellow humans queer us brainless
I see sluggish souls selling South Africa
In the parcel of Africa
To the world as animals needing buyers
I see African Bosiakos battling death for a comeback
With fists of unfairness and disappointments
How did Ubuntu fail us?

It is a simple matter of living as others live
It is a common sense of one world for all living
It is a human knowledge of home being where the heart leads
It is a common love of neighbours
That waters growth in every positive way
In a day when humans are like porridge mixed with sugar
On all grounds
How can we get here?
How did Ubuntu fail?

This naked madness needs a stopping!
This naked hurting needs a sane clothing!
This modeling horror needs no stage
On this struggling continent
For we know the “I am because we are”
We know none leaves the other behind
We know all the faces of Ubuntu
All the fingers of Ubuntu
All the senses of Ubuntu
And all its dictates
Let’s not allow Ubuntu to fail
In this love zone with equal bones in a colour
For we lose it all
If one calls out hatred as the other responds
That contagion can cripple us
Into a never rising
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 3, 2019


You came in like a weevil
Wheeling my emotions in a swivel
Hiding your claws of a devil
Only to cage me in your evil

Now you, to my pain, dance
As eyes record me a dunce
When all I did was take a chance
…based on your deceptive elegance

You’re like the devil
…your cruelty his effectiveness enhanced
You’re pure evil
…your con cunning in nuances
You’re a billy wily
…hosting a body snake which takes cakes
…and fakes quakes
…to blame your takes on

But I will train my drain to refrain from your strain
…and drain your bane to heal from your cane
I will feign the sane to wriggle from your insane
And will gain a lane to erase your tattoed pain
Because a rain waits to wash my stain
And hard work will make it wane
…your evil Zain fading into a comfy AirtelTigo
…to transition into greatness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 3, 2019


I traveled to a tomorrow I wish for us
One far from our back-walking yesterday
Misconstrued as today
And I see the over-worked heart of my nation
Palpitating in prolonged perspiration of the prognosis of corruption
Sadness, raining on my prayers

I wish I could make patriotism into a pill
And force all to take
In order to –
…overcome the urge to give or take bribe
…overcome the need in harvesting praises for no work done
…cut off strings of whom-you-know
…banish all forms of modeling corruption
…and partake in mending the heart
…of this beautiful nation
By choosing the best to work
…in the face of intimidation

We have all the tools
We have all the people
We are like the blessed earth in sleeping hands
It takes no magic to stop this tragic existence

Tuning our minds to the channel of Can-do
…is all it takes
To change our tomorrow into the woman we see
…and chase
…in other nations
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 2, 2019


Days when fear marched many –
…like cattle
…into the fences of many Yahwehs
…are over

Days when hell’s description
…forced hearts into cuffs of religion
…just as innocent people are forcefully imprisoned
…are so so over

So tell me about hell
And I will show you a shell of thick skin
Which fears no fire and needs no requirement
…to pass to death’s domain
Tell me about revelations
…and I will refer you back to my forefathers
Who lived peacefully without a Christ
If you are able to bring them back
…with their burns and sufferings
…and their marks and regrets
Then I might sit at the crossroads of thought
…at your words

In this realm where one God is divided into millions in equal command
…all working with different beliefs
Why must each try a boasting of the best?

Love your God through your angels
And let others love their God through their gods
Only in the bosom of death
…will we get the answer to the right and the wrong paths
…to God Almighty
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 1, 2019