Sucking sights
Sulking steps
Whirling walks
Sickening stomach
Headaches holding hammer
…hitting my head
Why do you do this to yourself?

Didn’t you tell me?
Didn’t you tell me
…forgetfulness resided in its potion?
Didn’t you assure me?
Didn’t you assure me the hurdles
…will fold their mats
…and leave my body?
So why are headaches adding to my hurdleaches?

Wɔfa Badu, be brave and break out of the bottle
Shame aims its spear
…when your consciousness reappears
And you become a peacock
…who acted pig in unconsciousness
Your dirty clothes serving as hard evidence
…getting your guilt gun loaded
…to shoot your ego
…followed by your self esteem

Just break free
Break free from the bottle
Which kneads you into a shame so lame
…and bakes you in its stomach
…to tropi you into a nothing

The claws of your nsa lord is more fearful
…than the paws of a lion
Stop being its game o Wɔfa Badu!
Because your schooling
… I know
…will give a failing certificate
…at your graduation in life
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 7, 2019

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