I am shedding my clothes of sadness
Here I am
Standing stark naked
Awaiting your layers of seconds to fix scars of yesteryears
Your minutes to fix heartbreaks of your predecessors
Your hours to act as underwears of success
Your days to fix all premature greys
Your months to put on me clothes of dignity
To help change the narrative

I am telling no stories of doom
I am wearing no countenance of gloom
I refuse calls of devastation
So create me anew!
Even if the blessed be few
I need to be among
This soul needs no more deaths
Even Ghostly bodies need some bones of hope
To thrive on
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 31, 2018


The fingers of days have connived with that of months
Joined in by hours and minutes, seconds and nano-seconds
Crowned by years to selectively
Choose the best part of this heart
To dig foundations of pain
Building storeys of unforgettable loss through grave deprivation
But I tell you today
You will search from my hair to carpets of my soles
You will never find even the shadow of my pride!

Yes, you can harvest tears from me!
Yes, you can milk fears from my guts!
Yes, you can break my joints to make me kneel
But I say and say again
You will never find even the shadow of my pride!

The celebratory thing to me
And annoying thing to you
Is the fact that it hides not!
It parades and catwalks
Shoos and orders
Stands regally saucily
But you can find not its shadow
Talk less of touch the helm of its determined apparel!

So go on and bring it on!
I won’t ask for mercy and won’t ask for stoppage!
I won’t wear a pity
And won’t scent tiredness!
I know you have no ears
But I still have my breath
So fire your uncountable bullets of hurty challenges
Through the gun of life
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 29, 2018


The Eve was a scarecrow of leaves
Pushing hurtful carols through monstrous throats of uncertainties
Blood on white background, garnishing taunting bodies
Whose teeth in laughter are marks of cannibalism
Battling hurts on unfair stages
Oh Tearstained Holy Night!
A birth garnished by sadness!
Foods of fear sit on plates of impending years
Burning wines acting acid in unvisited throats!
Who knew there were murderous punches in fists of Boxing Days?
I feel them so hard
Breaking in teeth of faith
Punching cuts on the face of hope
Hitting below belts of annoyance
Oh this Christmasless Christmas!
Poor lenses on these sore eyes!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 26, 2018


Gates of life are on shes
Hammers for carving those gates are on hes
Another fact!
But birth births death
And hides in sicknesses
Old age
Always conniving with time
To blow forgetfulness
On its mischievous handiwork
How cunning!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 26, 2018


When life’s fog, blocks future light
And a hopeless log, locks all might
Special days become accursed

Celebratory mourning
Confusing laughter
Hurtful toasting
I’m here, rubbish being thrown
Into a heap of a year by a cruel dying other
What is there to see?

Surely, white dresses repel this heart wearing black
Oh opposite traits of the world!
Happiness living beside sadness
Unfairness is the hand of an unfortunate clock
Swinging at will to send a chill
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 25, 2018


You’ve been on my mind everyday
But today, I feel you sitting on the regal stool in here
Aduse-Pokua, how is your “Hanoa”?

I remember it like yesterday
You saying only a jump was left for you to reach Hanoa
I remember them like yesterday
Our chats and laughter, fallouts and tears
I see them like my reflection in my mirror
Your love in care and success at my welfare
Even amidst the many carers
My lonesomeness cries for you

Is there a secret in the month of December?
You bidding your bye on the eve of Christ’s birth?
Your thread through my womb and namesake
Leaving so sadly
Ten in this twelve of this eighteen?
Pushing sadness to the fore of my thoughts
What could possibly be the secret?

I feel ghostly
I am lost
I miss you as I have none before
I wear this misery as I should Christmas dresses
And I know not how to take them off

Have you met him?
He whom I thought would replace you in this vacant space?
Have you met him yet?
If not, do look for him and connect
This feeling of not belonging is pushing me in,
In to there, there where every cell of my conscience scream in fear
And my guts scream cowardice
Do touch me with a magic wand
And turn this mood into wood instead of a tree
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 24, 2018


A great friend is like a clean river
In days of drought
A good friend is like the most delicious meal
In days of hunger
A good friend is like rain
When you, like the earth, scatter in dust,
They fall to piece you together

A good friend is like thunder
Giving shortest light in darkest times amidst roaring
To hold your sanity and dust for clarity
A good friend is like a measuring tape
Straightening in your crookedness
Telling the height of your impact
Width of your capabilities
Breadth of your failures
Wrapping your emotions in care and love

A good friend is the shoes of childhood
The diary of teenage
The pillow of adulthood
And the crown of old age
That is who you are
That is who you’ve been
That is how you bless me
That is who you’ll always be
My beautiful Small Rat and affable Ofui!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 21, 2018


You won
You won the draft you forced us to play
Putting your novice mother under your orders
“Tell me what is in your heart”
I am sorry
“For going hungry to buy my drugs?”
I am sorry
“For roaming so much to look for my cure?”
I am
“You’re sorry for going to war to keep me alive?”
“I knew Mama! I knew that even when you thought of death
You thought of you together with me”

I am sorry
“For bathing insults because of me?”
I am sorry
“For turning shame into clothes of pride all because of me?”
I am so sorry
“For wallowing in debts all because of me?”
Kay I am sorry
“For wishing me an empire instead of penury?”
You don’t
“You don’t know the angel you are
You don’t know the angel you’ve been
You don’t know the work you’ve done
But I know it all
And I won this draft so listen”

“Right now you’re back to 27
Amoafowaa, when you didn’t know me
You’re the poetess, so crack this out
From here on, pick a palm tree instead of a rose
If it fails in palm oil, kernel oil will be there
If it gives you nuts, its leaves will help you carry
If it makes a mess, the spine of its leaves will help you sweep
If it falls today, it can give you wine
And add its protein to see you through…”
“No but, just listen
A pot is great but needs a ladle in cooking
Legs are pairs like hands for many reasons
The pair must match
And I will watch
If any must be happy
It’s my dear Cecilia”
So I wake to find myself on this bed at Nobuamu
Not sweating, but yearning, crying but grateful

Could it be my imagination?
Oh a dream like living!
Vivid! So vivid!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 16, 2018


I was wrong
I was wrong to try to tear this mud house
Into a palace of comfort
For a future I knew nothing of

I was wrong
I was wrong to move you to the best place I thought possible
Knowing not I was pushing you into a dangerous dungeon

I was wrong
I was wrong to have left you
In chase of an uncertain future
And I am on my knees like a broken goat
I was wrong
I was wrong

Regret plaster regret painting regret
I was wrong
So so wrong
To have created a hole in our secured anthill
Allowing scavengers a meal through carnivorous beasts
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 15, 2018


Sleep, I need to dump insomnia
So please visit my chamber
You’re that husband who deserted me years ago
And made me a guard of unfortunacy

Sleep, I weep for your keep
Please possess this tired body
I am sure an angel wishes it
And pain of eyes scream it

Sorrow follows your abandonment
Thoughts pile bales upon bales on thoughts
History is a tasteless cold dish on the table of my mind
So come and embrace me a little

I am kneeling on the grounds of frustration
Begging with a heart needing alteration
Pleading with a mind needing your sweeping
With a bit of your touch
I know perspectives will be clearer
Please, please, just visit
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 14, 2018


“I love Kay
Kay loves me
We are one big family
We’re one great family
With a great big heart and a kiss from me to you…”
I won’t beg you to love me now

I am singing this song to keep your wake
I am keeping this wake on your sound sleep
Baby boy, walk on in confidence
There is nothing at this point I can do to you keep
Not even insolence
So I sit to watch you go
A bad sad night for me
A triumphant return for you
Love of my life
These tears are but a river to ferry you there
There, where no more pain exist
There, where no medication will be needed
There, where no massage will be imperative
There, where no herbalist will be needed
There, where no fake pastor will be needed
There, where no spiritualist will be needed
Thank you for blessing me here
Here, where all you saw was pain
Here, where all you felt was pain
Here, where bitter pills piled on bitter concoctions and horrid fetish
Here, where your mama’s sadness made you tear up more than once
You need not be told you were loved
You felt my heartbeat and you saw my smiles
You heard my songs and heard my poems
You danced with me and felt the heat of my back
Even when I couldn’t lift you physically
I tried my best
Sleep soundly, my love
A Monday born who left on a Monday
Only for your mama
A Tuesday born to hear on a Tuesday
This Wednesday night is for you
My wake, your biggest take
My guarding, your towering royalty
Rest for rest to tire your breath
You so deserve it
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 11, 2018


My eyelids are sounding nightmare bells
So I am afraid to go to the school of sleep
Do you see the sea of tears built by the pain of your gone?
Do you feel the statue of agony built in my mad soul?
Do you hear the crazy footsteps of my ache?
Do you know the path you have taken
Is no path I want you to before I ply?
Can’t you hear mama’s voice calling your return?
Don’t be an ash in the wind
I who made you, have lighted no match
Don’t play on the strings of my heart
You know your long nails of loneliness are cutting deep into me
Don’t, Daddy don’t!
Please don’t, oh don’t!!!
I can’t breathe, I just can’t breathe
Come, please…
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 11, 2018


It seems my eyes are set on your fantasy stage
I see your face on every page
I can’t detach from all the rage
Words don’t help, not even of those of a sage
I am in an anger cage

You’re on my bed
Watching my eyes which are so red
You are in that shed
Your voice so very clearly heard
You are in my head, oh so in my exploding head
You are on this page, this very writing page

Son of mine, you know you’re fine
I did tell you you looked so fine
Son of mine, I will not whine
So come back my love and be forever mine
Kay Kay you know I can’t dine
Not with you gone, I just can’t dine
Son of mine! Son of mine!! Son of mine!!!

I hear you even from my blocked ears
I see you even in my fears
I feel you so much in my tears
What do I do to this bear?

Son of mine come, give mama just a hug
Son of mine, mama feels just like a rag
Kay Baby, everything seem like a bug
What is stabbing this heart so many times?
Daddy Kay, some deadly noise is chiming
Daddy Kay your mother’s words have stopped rhyming
Daddy Kay your mum is a mess on an alien floor
Turn a bit, you know you can’t pretend not to care

Daddy Kay, I am so scared
Agya Opoku, I don’t know what to do
Opoku Ahwinie, please turn a bit, I can’t lie still
Are you in my blood or in my veins?
You know my heart is beating so fast
You know my hurts can forever last
You know my fears can slash my tomorrow
Why leave me with all these sorrows?

I am breaking apart
Come and again start my heart
Daddy Kay!!
Agya Opoku!!!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 11, 2018


Odomankomah Nyankopong Totorobonsu is the ultimate judge of our lives
We have no stools in lives of others
To sit like judges and condemn souls
The mock ones in life are just for protection; justice and fairness
We are not qualified to throw stones
In mistakes of others
Because fallibility is a natural cloth on every skin
We are all pigs trying to bathe clean in muddy waters of holiness
After every dirt wallowing
We are all rags
Trying to wash ourselves into tatters of cleanliness
After every stain of sin
We are chronic sinners
Who need understanding in place of accusations
We are all travellers
On crooked paths which we mostly never see
So help better a path in love or quietly pass
We can only eat each other up, in a survival fight
All others are falling in failing to our standing or ending
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 11, 2018


People write stories
They write stories in my story
They write stories in your stories
They give pages in their stories to your stories
So we each have stories upon stories within our stories
And we have stories in stories of others stories
An interconnectivity of stories

We own the ink to any story our body pens write
Know there are no erasers to these stories
No cancellation in these stories
Just build ups
So let’s paint better words than sorry
Build better testimonies many will need as a good modelling lorry
Not something we’ll read later and worry
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 10, 2018


There are so many meanings hidden
Hidden in songs ridden
Ridden on vocal cords from the bottom of burning intestines
Intestines locked away by flesh of stomachs

Rising like sunrise and stabling like burns
A heart fluttered to die and resurrected to live like a ghost
Scar of pain gathering guts to form sounds
Sounds in contribution of the chorus

Starting like a lullaby and stabling like a dirge
A heart bubbled to shatter
The blow of loss murdering a glow
A glow whose flow lies like a haunting cross
A burden which forces sounds in contribution to the choral

Starting like hope and stabling like dope
A head nurtures a vegetative dream
Which in newborn, screamed success
But beat itself into sickness and now lies immobile
The pain of failure corroding valour of its host
Helping to form sounds in contribution to the choral

Starting like trust and stabling like complaint
Babies have appeared in wishes
Running around as busy but proud hands serve dishes
A wedding marked a beginning
A beginning whose every footstep has unveiled a reality
A reality that desert wombs walk among the fertile
And wishes have no physical wings
So frustration gathers sound in contribution to the choral

Some sounds start like thanksgiving and end like pleas
Some are thanksgiving ending in even more appeals
Some are praises ending in direction asking
Some are just sounds for hypocritical belongingness
Still some are sounds with no essence
Deceit to attract, receipt of winning against holiness
Whatever meaning they hold
Buildings with God’s gods and goddesses
Oh sorry!
Temples with God’s presiding angels bear them all
They may be listening and or knowing
Oh pardon
They are listening and surely know their underlinings
This odd soul feels strange hearing these rituals
Oh no, these songs
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 9, 2018


Vagabond Alluring, Gamer In Nothing, Ashtray!
Who served you onto the African woman in this modern world?
Who made you a begging bowl on the street of love?
Who made you a trap to catch skillful players on this park of coupling?
Do you have a connection to brain cells?

I am tired
Seeing your handwriting on public boards
Wearing pathetic sympathy suffocating hearts to take your side
I am nauseous
Watching you hoarding eggs to jump the hole of singleness
Like an overfed bull being pushed by a dead ant
I am ashamed
Looking on as you take off your covering
Showing your naturally decorous self
Under disgusting spotlights
Just to catch attention of nincompoops
I am saddened
That a holy ground is now a gutter
With spittle of insults mixing fecal matter of dread
Pathetic urine kissing crocodile tears in horror of eyes!

The global connection is not your coital stage
Where you perform your horrid acting
Sure, your part of the whole hide from real business
So discipline you!
By all means, satisfy you without playing victim!
A great footballer cries not after scoring points
By all means play fair
A great lottostaker shows well her prices as they come in
By all means perfect your act
Studying to gain knowledge on your commercialness or otherwise
Will take off your spectacles of ridicule
None has the time to see the many baskets of hurts you weave
On this World Wide Web!

Stop letting eyes feel like gauging themselves out
When the world has better to offer!
Stop making mouths roam
In search of needles and threads to seal themselves
When tongues have much to say!
Stop making ears look for plucks to block their canals
When many a nice tunes await a listening!
Play adult only when the balls in your breasts can stomach responsibilities!
Vajayjay Illumi-Nothing!
We’re tired of your poor acting!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 7, 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics


From the suited to the naked
Stools to foot mats
From the loving to the hurting
The active to the sluggish
No mouth can sit idly for days
Without showing the absence of your handiwork
Because if we are vehicles
You’re our oil
If we are skies
You’re our silver linens
If we are seas
You’re our waters
Forever Arresting Risks Marking Emaciation and Ripping Souls

I can boldly say you’re our words
You fill satisfaction and help our brains to write alphabets
With our hearts
Before blessing ears and eyes
I will rightly say you’re gods and goddesses of our time
Many may not notice, but without you, nothing runs
Your products are the centre of our existence
A day is never enough for your celebration
Fishers of the best parts of humanity, ayekoo!

From kooko mankane to aburo
Amaango to kube
Ntoosi to atosodeɛ
Every thing you kill to wake bless us
And even help glorify your killed
Miracle workers!
Killers of thunders of stomachs!
Throat romancers!
Killers of hungering halitosis!
Does every tongue that look down on you while chewing,
Swallowing or drinking know the curses they dig on themselves?
Your every dirt should be our shrine!
Your every drop of sweat, our holy drops in watering!
We hail you!
We thank you!
We love you for being the basis of our locomotion!
The basis of our living!
And pray for your hands to forever stay strong through generations
To bless us in continuity
Akuafo Anyame, yɛ da mo ase o!!!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 7, 2018


I know
That this land on which you stand
Shakes you into no understanding
As to how these clouds got onto your sky
I know your space and how you pace
Even when you stand in just one place

I know
Right now, nostalgic feelings
Fetch memories, happy memories
On screens of uncertainties
Begging the questions
Were they real or unreal?
I know your space and how you pace
Even when you stand in just one place

I know
The future seems like a monster
Forcing to chase you into a history
That faded upon your sudden jolt
I know your space and how hard you pace
Even when you stand in just one place

I know
You’ve seen your soul in an arrow
An arrow from your angel of protection
Nothing beats death in pain like the blood
Oozing from your heart
Unseen by eyes
Flooding your spirit
And tearing your body apart
I know your space and how you pace
Even when you stand in just one place

What should I do now?
What can I do now?
What will I do now?
What must I do now?
Rhetorics with no answers play your mind like a haunting xylophone
I know your space and how you pace
Even when you stand in just a place

I know
You see happy teeth even with your eyes closed
I know
You see the pointing fingers even in your sleep
I know
You feel the pain of many arms
Encircling your whole world and carrying it away
I know your space and how you pace
Even when you stand in just a place

Trust that you will flourish
If you see beyond the clouds
And feel the soaking of your rains
Trust you
You have a strength in store
Waiting to float onto your body
For all to see
Trust you’re the boss of your ship
The goddess of your whip
You’re the Jesus of your storms
All you need is a decision to muster courage
And all will stop, even evil spirits that chased, to follow your lead
A heartbreak is like a strange manna in hunger
Your greatness starts from feeding from it
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 6, 2018 for a beautiful lady after my heart.


What is Amoakoa to do?
There is a tuber of cassava growing in her mound
A tuber which hid itself
Like a thief hiding under a vehicle
In the depth of her mound
Failing to stand in the way of flow
To be pictured into a capture
Swerving Amoakoa and beating her to winning

Now everybody is watching
Everybody is curious
House faces are furious
And Kwaku’s beautiful wits have been soaked by bile
Oh those huge eyeballs of society rolling like rollercoasters!

Society is raining curses in ridicule
Yet have many outlined errands for the growing cassava
Its huge carnivorous cane chases Amoakoa
One who never planted her cassava alone
But is on the spotlight of hatred

Amoakoa can’t breathe but must breathe for two
Amoakoa can’t eat but must eat for two
Amoakoa can’t sleep but must rest for two
Instruments are threatening murder in crooked healing hands
Home threatens forceful ejections
Kwaku threatens abandonment like thunder and lightning
What is Amoakoa to do?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 28, 2018