All are folding
Folding into touches of feelings
Eyes will see but won’t know
Ears will hear but can’t translate
Minds will sit, only calling on feelings
To search
To seek and tell
In the end

A crow may turn vulture in spirit
An eagle may look the part of a hen
A bark may be a mew
Only living thing which would stay true to self;
The chameleon

A wise head will ask for definitions
And not define
A wise tongue will shut its teeth gates
Until bills find their feet in law
And not kick only to turn future monster of rights
A wise nose should sniff no tell-tales
To keep fingers from rising
The end of everything makes and unmakes heroes
Feelings will definitely rule
In the end
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 23, 2018

Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 37 (18+)

“If your superior has complete control over you, they can take off your ring through your shoulder”. This is a proverb my father liked very much. Lying helpless on someone’s bed without the knowledge of any beloved, this proverb came to mind. Billy could kill me to stop any rumours from circulating. He could easily find my true identity by just a picture search through the internet, so what was the point in hiding anything from him? I waited until he got a grip on himself after his laughter and told him everything about me. From my real name and where I really came from, to life in Kumasi to the Mexican trip and turnout, to bolting. I only downplayed Ntwanu’s role with his gang because I knew it was a matter of national security even in the United States. I also didn’t want to cause him any trouble.
Billy sighed loudly and left me by myself. I looked around the room and realized the only way out would be through the ceiling but there was no trace of an opening. There were no windows in the new room I was and I was too weak to try an escape. I could barely think. He came a little over an hour with some articles from Mexico about me. He was practically in tears. I had seen people care for me but hadn’t seen the ache and sympathy perfectly painted in the mirrors of his eyes. He had softened so much, knelt and took my weak body into his arms. He sobbed softly for a while and whispered into my ears “I will protect you. I will protect you even if it takes my last breath.” It was my turn to be shocked. I was fed and treated well but there was no sign of letting me go until he opened his thinking pods for me to pick my peas in choices.
“Either you choose to live quietly without going out ever or agree to a facial plastic surgery. The thing is, Attaa, the latter would be better”. I loved the way he mentioned my name breaking his two syllabic sounds in between the double “t”. It felt good being called by my own name after five years but it was heart-breaking, what he was presenting to me to pick a choice from. He further explained that there were easy ways observant people could see through disguises. So the more radical the approach, the better my life would be. He also quoted the internet mantra: The internet never forgets.
I wept that day. Thinking the face my relatives knew must change for my safety and peace of mind made me more miserable. “Would my family take me back? Would they accept me if I begged them with proof of who I am? How do I live with a face God didn’t originally give? Is it not a sin to altar the creation of the most high?” These questions flooded my mind but it was obvious I was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. I so wanted to talk to Ntwanu but at that point, couldn’t get through to him no matter what I did. So I chose the surgery. Even that, I thought it through so much. Won’t the surgeon squeak? Will Billy and I last forever? If not won’t it be risky entrusting this important way of escape in his hands? The pain was nothing I couldn’t handle knowing what I had endured in the past so I made up my mind to let it go.
I was in a towel after my bath when Billy walked in. Surprisingly, he turned instinctively when he saw me and apologized. I was in awe and I couldn’t hide it so asked him. “You’re someone I need to respect from now on. An inspiration I need to treasure so I need to give you your privacy”. This answer mesmerized me. I walked straight to him, held him from behind so tightly that he had to beg to breathe. He turned, I stood on my toes and kissed him with passion, tears rolling from my closed eyes. He froze at first, not knowing what to do but I ordered him to please me, to touch me, to satisfy the burning need I had for him and he yielded. It was one of the most passionate love I had ever made, from the bottom of my heart. We cuddled and ordered in meals happily presented by his cook, then he told me about the date for my plastic surgery and the surgeon contracted to work on me. I started shivering from within with a new surge of fear whose source I didn’t know. Billy held me tight.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 2018

Photo Credit : Google Pics


A good farmer tills his land and digs out stumps before planting
He is sure to protect the planted
Until germination
After germination, he sees to irrigate
Makes sure the sunlight and air are all apt for the farm
He wards off weeds
And fertilizes to ensure smooth growth
Pesticides are provided to make sure the farm yields its best
To feed communities in nations in the planet
A good father is like a good farmer
And by all means needs to be celebrated
For their sweat and callouses
Care and tendering
Happy Fathers’ Day to all good fathers!!!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 17, 2018


Meet me there
At the blue kiosk right by the street of Nyansakrom
For sips of sympathies which sink unfairness in oceans of insanities

Meet me there
To fathom with the power of kabi kyerɛ w’ase
Why thoughts of society seem more complex than man
Man who is their sole author

Meet me there
There, at the blue kiosk wearing socks of dust
To dig beneath bottles of dead egos
For hidden fears
Which drive needs in vehicular materialism
Causing accidents of victimization through overtaking and wrong turns

In a nation of love

Meet me there
There, in that small blue kiosk pregnant with power
To change our walking styles to suit societal morsels
Fit for a night
To change perceptions from serious to comic
Won’t it break some of these chains of pleasing insanities?

If we meet there
Bring your calabash of failure for breaking punishment
After all following the crowd to sip on calabashes of dirt gives life
Come let us wash our uprightness
And wear new clothes of skepticism
Funny how thoughts can make one drunk
Before blue kiosk’s power
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 14, 2018

Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 36 (18+)

To chase a rat out of its hole, you sure need smoke. I reckoned, even without being told, that was what my former Mexican bosses were doing. I didn’t get it though because I didn’t know much about the cartel. I knew they used the prostitutes to do the delivery in most countries using their accessories with or without their knowledge. I knew too that they had many officials working with airlines who allow them passes without so much as a check. I got to know some of those officials kept the drugs in the planes even before those taking them board, that is, if they are in large quantities. I knew there were high government officials who lend their powers to the cartel too. From those who were just testers to those who package right up to overseers, I didn’t know any of them. I just knew the rumours which chose to bless my ears without much effort. So I didn’t know why they were so after me.
Ntwanu asked that I stayed in as it was risky even working in my mask. He wanted to go back to Mexico and see for himself why a two hundred thousand dollar ransom had been placed on my head for grabs by anyone with information. With poverty walking naked on people’s faces, I would betray my mother given this chance if I knew anything. I knew Ntwanu was careful but somehow, I felt naked, felt everyone knew me even when I walked to the supermarket close by to buy groceries. He was gone for weeks and I was getting tired of giving Billy excuses as to why I could not meet him. Ntwanu liked vanishing without a trace. No phone calls, no text messages talk less of post cards. I was getting bored and strangely started missing Billy so I gave in and met him at his cottage far east of Kentucky.
The room was lowly lit, with the right heat from the modern chimney housing one of the best set of sofas and the most comfortable I had tasted. It felt as though they were hugging you and though I was in my disguise, I felt the softness. From the white tiled bathroom to the brown tiled hall, kitchen and bedroom floors, none gave clues as to their existence in the high walled, natural compound outside. Something strange happened. Billy poured me some brandy, I had barely finished it when he asked me to strip naked. Although something felt odd, I placed my glass on the centre table and stripped. He started kissing and roughly touching me. Before I knew what was happening, he stripped off my disguise with ease, releasing the black and authentic me to stand naked in front of him. How he got to know, beat my imagination. I had taken him for a fool, thought him to be my slave, thought I could do with him as I pleased but he was smarter, way smarter than I thought. I was caught. He took his time unmasking my whole body, layer after layer.
Billy locked the door electronically. “You can’t escape no matter what you do. So sit down and tell me who sent you”. The tone of his voice scared me. I was so stricken with fear until I remembered he was one of the most powerful men the world knew so it was natural for him to think people were after him. I started laughing so loudly that it took him by surprise. “Whoever is out to get you doesn’t know of my existence.” With that, he called on one of his waiting aides to tie me up to one of the two dining chairs after putting on me a purple nightwear. That night, I sat all through, without a drink nor meal. The next morning when I woke up, I saw no signs of him. The aide, Jack, brought me water, which I declined and offered to feed me but I politely thanked him. I don’t know how I missed the days but I woke up on the bed being tended to by Billy himself. His anger had subsided. He asked who I was in a very calm tone. I still didn’t utter a word until he broke down, not in tears but desperation. “It is a lonely life you know? Any time I try to get close to someone, I meet an unexpected barrier. From spies to assassins, gold diggers to fraudsters. My psychiatrist told me to let my guard down, that was why I took that chance with you. But you seem to want something, something I don’t know”
I felt pity for him and for the first time since I met Ntwanu, my heartbeat skipped for someone else. Call it attraction borne out of sympathy but it was so strong. “I am not after you or anything you have. I am just hiding, hiding from my past”. He looked straight at me as I did him and without batting an eye, came to sit by me. He asked if I could share my past with him and I told him of my fear of it leaking. It was his turn to laugh. I couldn’t fathom the tone of his laughter. Whether it was mockery or reality hidden in sarcasm. So I just laid there, starring as he laughed like a maniac, thinking about what he would do with my fate which had sadly been placed in the middle of his left palm. It was a sad experience, falling in love with someone who has every right to suspect you, to hate you, to get you arrested or even kill you to avoid a scandal. I waited breathlessly.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics


Your talented fingers
Can make wholesome my figure
From arms to thighs
Neck to knees
Vein to vein
Help, help put me together

All the feelings of yesteryears
Bottled and dusty
All the failings of months past
Suffocating and harming
All the brighter routes
Missed in blindness
All the calling stars in the clouds
Unheard and unseen
Help, help put me together

Put me together
As potters make their wares
Piece me together
Like carpenters build their roofs
Fill me to fullness
As a rare painter paints to shock
Strings on guitars only need fingers to sound
This scattered me is an eyesore to itself
Making beauty unattractive in its mirrors
So help, do help, please help
Help put me together
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 2018


In this myth we live
No matter who conceived
All that we believe
Is the magic of breath

It lights the eyes
So let them look
It opens the ears
So let them listen
It opens your mouth
So let it say
All that it needs to say

It powers the heart
So let it beat
It fixes your stomach
So let it work
It strengthens your hands
So let them work
It powers your legs so let them move
To everywhere they need to be

It opens the mind
So let it think
It channels the nose
So let it smell
It awakens the skin
So let it feel
All that it needs to feel
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 12, 2018

Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 35 (18+)

Probing by a rival, surely is a bait for a fight or for future revenge. I turned, walked back and sat by him. “Did something happen while I was gone?” I asked as politely as I could. “What else could happen apart from the emptiness?” He had never been one to show jealousy, so I was alarmed. I sat quietly for a while and asked “Boo, can you let me into your feelings? I need to know how you feel because you’re the last person I want to hurt. You know we’ve been through so much already.” Hardly had these words ended than he breaking down in tears.

“I don’t know how I feel baby. I feel angry, insecure, and out of place. I just don’t know but I feel like I am in a very dangerous situation. That feeling I have when I feel cornered, the feeling which causes me to hurt and mostly kill, especially when my life is about to be taken from me.”
I realized there and then that something must be done or he could kill me out of the untamed love he had for me. I got up, pulled him into my embrace and squeezed him tight. “You know if I have ever loved anyone, it is definitely you. Your sacrifices, your protection, your love, your handsomeness, your patience, your everything is my dream man. Jealousy is a normal feeling honey but I don’t understand yours because you’ve always known this as my work and you’ve supported me. That’s not to underestimate your feelings but make me understand.”
I felt the muscles in his body relaxing and his hands coming around me, hugging me tight and suddenly, tears I didn’t expect. “This feeling that you don’t love me anymore, this feeling that you’d fall in love with someone else very soon and send me to hell, this feeling of losing you…” I did not let him finish it, the words suddenly awakened some tickles and made me horny. I pushed him a bit, he might have felt the goosebumps on my skin, so let go. I pushed him into the sofa and jumped on him. Kissing, soft biting, hugging, even he was surprised for a while, lying there like one struck by lightening. I saw then the truth in women being swayed by what we hear and feel. Then he decided to join in. From giving him blowjob to licking his ass, riding on top to doggying in style, rolling on the floor to moaning so loud, everything was perfect. So perfect we ended up sleep-hugging. A good thing the heater was on. I woke up three hours later on that bare floor, still hugging Ntwanu. He was watching me in the most satisfying way I had ever seen him do. He lifted me, sent me straight into the bath tub so we could bath together. I made to talk but he took over. “Don’t say anything baby. I felt it. You don’t need to assure me of anything, I loved every bit of it. Thank you.” He was smiling so wide and I was happy about it. Although I felt what we had had changed, I didn’t want him to feel insecure. He had done so much for me and I owed him my life. What was more, he was the only one who could kill me in a blink of an eye if he wanted to.
“Good” was all I managed to say. Thinking about bringing up the matter of living only for one man apart from him, of telling him that man would freak out even if he hears I do him too, made me see another dark clouds hanging on our loving sky. So I kept mute and enjoyed showering him as he also did me, humming happy love songs in the process. His favourites then were Daddy Lumba and Kojo Antwi. I smiled sheepishly in hopes of covering the fear in my heart.
After breakfast, which he made, I asked if he wanted me to stop work. “Would that make you happy?” I told him I didn’t know. He asked me to do whatever made me happy adding, “nothing you do will stop me from marrying you when the time comes.” It was as if I had been hit by lightening. It was the first time marriage was mentioned between us and I felt so pressured. I wasn’t quite 20years old and had never thought of settling this soon after becoming matured. I wanted to continue my education, get everything I needed and move on but didn’t want to discuss it with him, not until I was sure he won’t flip.
He had a call which was rare. He picked the TV remote and switched it on, searched for Mexican channels. My pictures were everywhere on all the Mexican television networks. I was pronounced most wanted by the Mexican Police Force for drug peddling and export, human trafficking and forced prostitution. I froze.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics


Fireflies glow to charm the night
Darkness always playing their best partner
From the intruding moon right down to its stars
Charmed eyes only see targets
Relegating others into nonexistence
I am the one you need to have
Not one you have to need

Hearts speak even in separation
Minds bond even in absentia
Syncing heartbeats need no lighters of resistance
Matching thoughts need no hoes of pessimism
A need to have is a must have
I am the one you need to have
Not one you have to need

Fetch a well for a thirsty soul
And a balm for an aching sore
Fetch food for a thundering stomach
And a seat for the weary feet
A need to have is a must have
I am the one you need to have
Not one you have to need

Laced fingers on a dancing moon
Sparked smiles scintillating in digging swoons
A merger in a larger one
Dissolving each into the other
Send your thoughts on these thinking journeys
To know I am the one you need to have
Not one you have to need
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 8, 2018

MONEY BALL (A Satirical Play by Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia)


Two strong looking men bump into each other running from opposite directions. The one from left, Nyane, wearing agbada without shorts and just one shoe on the left leg, falls and starts wailing as if he has been caught by some monsters, the one from right, Takyi who nearly fell, shouts at him in anger but stands when he sees his colluder.)
TAKYI: Ei Boss, sorry. I … I was …was (heavily panting) just coming to your house. Have you heard the news?
NYANE: I don’t know if it is news or slander, a trap or inducer. But is it true? I was in Sokoto when news reached me. (Holds his buttocks and frowns to show he has a running stomach) I have to go again before I bombshit myself on top of my woes. (Runs off backstage as Takyi stands with his ears to the wall.)
TAKYI: Boss, take am easy o, with the way you’re going, your intestines might leave your body before you get the full story.
NYANE: (Shouting from behind) Bush boy! Whaaaaat are you implying? (pushing loudly). Do you think I am the only one in trouble if thiiiiiis happens to be true?
TAKYI: No boss, I go five times already in just two minutes. My nyash dey pepper me like an angry woman’s pepper soup wey she dey use for trap.
NYANE: Wheeeeeere are the rest? (the last three words coming out in a rush as he pushes like a woman pushing at the maternity ward)
TAKYI: I believe say they no know o. I have some paddy bi in Pistol Fm, na im told me that trouble don’t gas.
NYANE: (Emerging from behind obviously done) If this is true then we’re all doomed. That wizard might have gotten us fair and square or is threatening us. (Kneels down) Oh ya Allah! Please let this be a warning and I will never stray again.
TAKYI: (Cutting him short) You mean say you no go collect bribe again?
NYANE: (Getting up and slapping him) Foolish boy! I no go collect appreciation again. How many times have I told you never talk about bribe. That sounds so offensive.
TAKYI: Sorry o boss. Na slip of tongue now. (Silence as they both stand shivering, each pacing up and down for 5 seconds) Boss, I know where they got me. Ibi that money they gave me make I help that boy get selection for the National Team and the lizard meat. That deal wey no work no. The way I happy myself when that thousand Ghana touched my hand! Chai! I don’t die!
NYANE: You are lucky. I don’t even want to think about what they captured and what they they they…( holds his stomach and rear and rushes backstage)
TAKYI: Boss again? You for take am easy o. If you continue like this na shit you go become, you no go get any to throw away. There must be something you can do now. You know say you know many people for this country now. You be big man. Make you call some of them to kill that man for us la!
NYANE: Donnnnn’t be foooooolish! Do you think it is easy to kill a human being let alone that ghost? (Emerges from backstage)
TAKYI: Then make you call the Don now. The mafia for this country, Agya Pio.
NYANE: (Thinks for a while) This is the best thing you’ve ever said since I’ve known you. Let me call him.
(Four men and a lady rush from door right, they break abruptly causing three of them to fall and the other caught by TAKYI, as the lady falls into the arms of Nyane. They are all sweating profusely)
I know why you’re all this way. Don’t worry. I am calling Agya Pio. (Phone to his left ear)
Hello Agya.
Yes please. All is not well o.
You heard? I trust you.
Boss, as for this one, please help me. This embarrassment will kill my political ambitions and render me a public disgrace.
Please, I will do anything you ask me to if you’re able to help me with this.
Yes please. Yes boss, yes, I get it. Thank you! God bless you Boss!!!”
We’re sorted.
(Some heave sighs of relief, some kneel with their hands in the air in thanksgiving but Annor stands with no reaction)
TAKYI: Annor, what is the matter, don’t you trust Agya Pio?
ANNOR: I think Agya might not be able to do anything. Have you forgotten a ghost has no flesh? If a ghost has no flesh, how do you catch him, let alone kill him? He also has an alibi. Anybody can claim to be him.
NYANE: (Flaring up) What is most scary is you! Look at how you’re standing there like a wicked ancestor spewing your pessimism around us. Bad luck chap! (Leaves in anger as they all watch his feet, few burst into laughter when he gets out of sight as some run after him leaving Annor on stage)
ANNOR: Me, I am just worried about the Grinding Football Association. Where will I earn my keep if it falls into a mess? ( Leaves stage like a zombie)

(All the members sit in front of a television watching Agya Pio with rapt attention)
AGYA: (With a very loud voice) It is not right! Dogs love bones, cats love meat and humans are fallible. How then can you use meat to bait a cat, bones to bait a dog and expect a normal human being to brave this horrendous temptation? I say it is not right. It is illegal! The whole system must be scrapped! The Myth must be brought to book for seducing people into corruption!!!
MENSAH: Agya! Aren’t you going too far? Seducing people into corruption? Even the word you used shows your hobby! In this country which is struggling to develop, don’t we need people like the myth to look, discover and uncover the rot that has bedevilled this nation? The cancer that is spreading to kill this nation? As lizards lie prostrate, who can see who suffers from belly ache? Until all the “ese proye” are pulled out, this mouth of a country must chew with caution…
AGYA: You see a Grinding man? It is only a mad man who refuses a good thing in his home!!! Hold it!!! Hold it!!! You need human beings!!! And if you see someone’s beard on fire, be sure to fetch water close to yours because even if you have no beard, you surely do have hair!!! It is only stupid people who say stupid things. Who seduces people and calls it rape? Don’t you know that can be slander?
MENSAH: No, I don’t understand. Agya, are you insinuating the watchman is corrupt because he induces people to be corrupt? In your dictionary what is integrity?
AGYA: You’re not my English teacher so don’t think of questioning me. My question is, who authenticates the work of the watchman as true and without blemish? Who watches the watchman? Remember the popular saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?
MENSAH: Well, you have your questions. I will tell you this, none notifies feet when the ground becomes too hot. No honourable man dances strangely in public if there are no ant bites in his clothes. I will tell you today that being defensive and insinuating absurdities won’t stop this documentary from showing.
AGYA: I have given that Myth an ultimatum, to cancel the show or face exposure. I will expose his face, expose his corrupt deeds, and then zero down to his immoral acts!!! He should call it off by tomorrow or face my wrath!!!
(All of them (except Annor) jump in happiness congratulating themselves.)
MENSAH: Agya Pio, you’re not as monstrous as you think you are. You don’t scare some of us!!! You can do your worst!!! Remember, when you cut the head of a snake, all that will be left will be a rope. And every animal makes noise when its death beckons.
AGYA: See someone who is dishing out proverbs. It is true what they say, if a hole generates on an anthill every animal can enter. Okay but don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!
(The drunken cleaner comes in reciting a poem while cleaning)
SONKO: A storm is coming
No, a tsunami is coming
It will break egos
Break persons
Break makers and break fakers
Stomachs are rolling
Teeth are gnashing
Eyes are teary
Because consciences are scattering
Heads will turn feet
Feet will …
NYANE: Why do we still have this foolish drunk here as a worker? TAKYI!!!
TAKYI: Boss, he does his work diligently!
GLORIA: Maybe he is even the Myth (All turn to look from her to him) I mean, someone told me he looks very ordinary and unkempt, sometimes he acts like a drunk and (All including Nyane run out, struggling to be the first to get out as Annor looks queerly at Sonko.
ANNOR: Quiet a fine poem you had there. Why don’t you compile them and stop drinking so everyone can take you seriously?
SONKO: There is prestige in minding one’s own business. I am what I am by choice.
ANNOR: Go on, with both the poem and the cleaning. I know you’re not him.
SONKO: I’ve lost interest in the first but will continue the second. You’re not the target audience.
(Sonko mops and exits as Annor exits like the robot he is)

TAKYI rushes into the house of Nyane, making the latter collapse into his sofa, the book he is reading flying onto the floor. His wife and children with Takyi sprinkle water on him, it doesn’t work, so they lift him into a barrel of water. He jerks into consciousness)
NYANE: Please forgive me. It was the work of the devil!!! I didn’t know it was a set up! I have learnt my lesson and will never repeat it again. I beg you forgive me. (Sobbing loudly)
Mrs. Nyane: Darling, stop this, you are not under arrest. Neither are you in front of the Parliamentary Select Committee. You are in your house.
CHILDREN: (All in chorus, two boys and a girl) Yes daddy, you’re home.
(Nyane looks around, sees it is true, jerks back into reality and attacks Takyi. Holding the collar of his shirt)
NYANE: You fool! You murderer!!! Why do you scare the living daylight out of me?
TAKYI: I wanted to tell you what is going on. It is a mess sir. (Struggling to breathe) if you can leave my shirt… (Leaves his shirt) The whole country is talking about us. In fact on the internet, they have a new name for you. Errrm errm
NYANE: Forget about the name, what are they saying?
TAKYI: They are calling us corrupt. They are saying you are a disappointment. In fact, the President of this nation has come out to call for your arrest. (Nyane’s legs begin to shake, his two wives hold and lead him to the sofa.) And the whole country is saying Agya Pio is arrogant, ignorant and rude and thinks he can buy his way through everything but he can’t. They will arrest you boss. It seems no matter what, that documentary will be shown. Anytime the advert starts, I get a fresh stomach ache sir. (crying) What shall we do sir?
(The whole house is in wailing, Nyane sheds silent tears as lights fade)

(Many people rush to sit in a well lit conference hall. The people are more than the chairs but some stand. The documentary starts with few national disasters as audience show varied emotions. Then it begins to show Nyane, bragging)
NYANE: (On screen) You don’t know the calibre of person I am. I am that I am in this country. Haven’t you Googled me before? Google vomits my information just as ATMs vomit monies of the rich. You have come to the right route. You have seen the bright light. The president is in my front pocket! The vice president is in my back pocket, all the parliamentarians are in my purse. There is nothing I can’t get for you even if you need slaves from this football outlet. Even human parts are not beyond boundaries.
(All the audience scream out in disgust as he is given money, he stashes it and scribbles something fast on paper and leaves. Gloria is seen romancing Takyi for a referee role. Whereas some cringe, one man sitting in front tries so hard to push his awakened snake down his trousers without success as few who notice look at him strangely. Annor declines the money and the whole audience clap for him. Some take the bribes in big polythene bags while others instruct their subordinates to take on their behalf. People leave the hall in tears and anger)
Lights Fade

(Nyane is seen running from photographers into his mansion. Angry mob gather in front of Nyane’s house chanting for him to resign and for the law to take its course. An Imam sits in the hall advising him.)
IMAM: You need to take heart. Grinders will forget this in a matter of three weeks. This might be the work of Allah to direct you to a better path. You need to face the law and show remorse. Everyday is a lesson whether good or bad. Trust me, many people might be doing worst things than you but they jubilate in your misery. Today, a snake has suffered a bite, tomorrow, lions would be chased out of their caves with their rots. That is when rabbits would lose their reverence and vultures would thank their stars. What you see is not all that is, the future will show you the light mockery of your case and you shall laugh at the misery that threatens your life today. This country is a country of many comic satires. It is only fun when others are the actors. But I am glad it is a merry go round. Maybe one day, the rot will cease and we shall all live in the will of Allah!!! Allaaahu Akbar!!!
Lights fade
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 7, 2018
Photo Credit: Google Pics


Hidden eyes in open space
Ghostful body in hardened bones
Crafts to mirror
Hunts like a warrior
In this forest where lions chew it all
Including their protectings
He is Anas!

When his plants are in ready harvest
Constipated bowels are pushed by pills of fear into running
Thick skins give way to shivering sweats
Respected minds fall in delusions
Strong bones become weak with worry
As known faces rush to hide behind think caps and unfitting masks
He is Anas!

He weaves the best satires for rotten selves
Strikes the best earthquakes for strong but shameful lands
Writes the best comic scripts with goats as major leads
And is the hurricane of fear to the greedy powerfuls
Yes he is Anas!

He is all eyes everywhere even in bedrooms
He is all ears everywhere even in code rooms
He is all legs everywhere from dungeons to palaces
He is the unknown oxygen of purification
Chased by his chasing
Who always embrace his presented selves
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 6, 2018

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Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 34 (18+)

Those who have much to lose, tiptoe in foot wears of society’s deviation, lest they are fried in their acts in its gluttonous mouth. It was a long ride to the destination. I was blindfolded when I was picked and had to sit with it all through the ride. Ntwanu knew I had a job so I felt partly safe although we were not talking much after I started work. I had gotten in touch with Mimi who was very glad to hear from me and wanted us to catch up on old times but had to be careful because I was a wanted woman in Mexico. The silence was scary. I was about to let the driver know I needed to use the bathroom when the car stopped. I was helped out by the very gentle driver who made sure I made my way to my destination safely.
A voice asked me to take off my blindfold and go to the bathroom to change into the army attire. It was more like a bikini. I looked stunning and the heels that matched it looked classy and made me bold. When I re-entered the room, I saw a man who looked important by the way he dressed, looking at me like some sort of prized carving. He came closer, inspected every part of my body including my little me, and turned to take off his golden cufflinks. He was in a white long-sleeved shirt which looked really expensive and what looked like a trouser suit with a texture I found difficult to tell in colour. He wore a cap which almost covered his face. “Make yourself comfortable young lady”. His voice commanded and demanded respect all at once. He had the heavy accent of the American; fast speaking and flawless. I still could sense his need to hide his face. I sat on the very large and comfortable bed, stretching and letting down my guard a bit.
“What do I call you?”
“Lover Viv” I said in confidence.
“I need two things from you, discretion and surprise. What do you say?”
I just didn’t know how to reply this but I managed a “both would be my pleasure” answer. Then he turned, bent down to look into my face making me see his as well, although not entirely. I knew I knew him, one of the most powerful men in the House of Lords. I did know him because he was mostly the voice many respected, if he said a bill won’t be passed into a law and vice versa, so be it. He was not married, looked like a 56 year old but was young for his age. I was trained through my experiences never to show surprise, so my mood and countenance did not change, making him bold enough to take off his cap.
I got up from the bed, chose what seemed like a bat among the many sex tools in the sofa, and ordered him to sit down. He was both amused and surprised but definitely thrilled. He obeyed. Take off your clothes like you’ve met your master. I yelled, deliberately intensifying my accent so as not to be caught from inside my body. I watched as he pretended to shiver, took off his clothes one after the other until he stood naked in front of me. I had learnt some tricks in acting in military style and rocked it. “You’ve been a bad bad boy Billy. I asked you to take off your clothes like you’ve met your master but you acted like my boss. Turn for your punishment. He knelt down beside the bed, his naked bottom right in my face. I hit him once, not with force, and he flinched a little but I could sense his pleasure, continued to hit him harder until he ejaculated.
I asked him to get up, stand on one leg for a while as I gave him a blow job. The instructions were not to make the mistake of making the other leg touch the floor and cuming before I told him to. His hands in the air, he murmured “Your wish, my command”. I knelt, first licked his balls, he started shivering, then took the whole balls in my mouth and watched him pleased and desperate to obey me. It was really relieving. When I took his hood which stood erect in the man world, he started swaying from side to side. From deep throat sucking to playing with his stem, then his tip, he was mesmerized, coming into my mouth even before I was done.
Because he failed at one of the instructions, I stopped, picked one of the vibrators, lubricated it and shoved it in his rear. He laid on the bed, shivering in pleasure but sobbing like a baby, pleading with me in the process, as I sat there looking at him. A master turned servant in the bedroom far far away. “Women are tools in themselves” I thought. For three minutes, I watched as he held the vibrator which worked on his ass and felt good about myself. I felt in charge and told myself I was one of the strongest people in the world. Why? Because one of the strongest people in this world kowtowed to me. I took over the vibrator, roughly shoved it in and out as he whimpered, removed it abruptly and started smacking his buttocks. It looked like roasted beef by the time I was through with it.
His shouting could be heard miles away if the room was not sound proof. I ordered him to do thirty press ups without a break and he obeyed. I could see he was very tired after the eleventh one so asked him to stop. I went into the bathroom, fetched some heated water, picked a towel and asked him to lie on the bed. I tended to his buttocks, then cuddled with him beside me and started a passionate lovemaking process. I kissed him, caressed him, but by the time I was ready to be worked on, sleep had knocked him out. So I held him in my embrace and slept. I woke up after 6am.
He was watching me, in reverence. I sensed something more, like he wanting me to be closer from then on. I kissed his forehead and told him I had to go.
“I will give you 50, 000 dollars every month if you stay as mine and mine only.” I was shocked but did not show it, I got up from the bed. “I would get you a luxurious place to stay, with everything thing you can possibly need, Lover Viv, please think about it”. I still did not know what to say but after a while, I turned then asked “Can I see other people?” a big fat “NO” was the answer. I told him I’d think about it, went to the bathroom, freshened up, took a cheque four times the promised amount and was seen out. The driver was given specific instructions that shocked him. He opened the door for me without suggesting a blindfold and drove me home in silence. I did meet Ntwanu sitting in the hall, looking into space. I greeted and made to go to the bedroom when I heard “How was it?”
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 2018
Photo Credit: Google Pics

Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 33 (18+)

Change has its upsides and as well downsides. The sex with Ntwanu was just okay to my disappointment. I felt a déjà vu that was unusual and daunting and strained to have it come to an end. He was no fool, so he felt it but was too sad to ask. I was also too ashamed to bring it up. It wasn’t my intention to make him feel bad, I had not the slightest thought to communicate displeasure through our pleasure. After all, I initiated it. That evening, we both walked on our toes, afraid the slightest sound might cause chaos in the house. I was particularly uncomfortable because everything in that house belonged to him, including common water to quench my thirst.
As I slept like a stiff wood right beside him, I felt him hold me tight in his embrace after what seemed like forever. I pretended to be asleep but my veins may have given me out. “I don’t want to lose you. I can’t lose you now Bee. You know what our relationship means to me.” I felt some warm liquid on my back, and realized he had been crying. My saviour, lover, friend like no other, but I had managed to break him. I turned slowly, with no knowledge of my own tears, and started wiping his with both hands. “I am sorry. I don’t know what is wrong or happening to me. I definitely love you, it’s just that something feels different and I don’t know what”
His silence was a very sharp cane. His tears were my worse nightmares but he told me he understood after a while. “I have never seen a strong girl like you before. I know you have been through a lot and will surely want this connection even if it means just being your guardian angel although it would break my heart”. Those words cut into me like a sharp machete and broke the skies of my eyes. I cried until my pillow drowned.
The next day, he took me to a party. My kind of party where connections to utilize my expertise abounded. It was easy to be signed up for a booking which promised to pay 15,000 US dollars for an hour video. All I had to do was present my body, be ready to follow the script of sex styles and pretend to enjoy the raw sex even if I didn’t. I was assured though that the man involved would be tested for sexually transmitted diseases and told to see them for my blood sample before leaving. I was very happy because I was going to make my own money and not depend on Ntwanu who had come to be known as Manor. The party was classy with so many refined people. I felt good about the profession.
Ntwanu was happy for me but sad I had chosen that path again. To him, he wanted to see if I had gotten over it, put me through school if I wanted and set me up. But that was not in my plans. I wanted to, of course, further my education but had no plans to rely on someone to do so. At first, I thought of returning to Ghana to see how Mimi and our business were doing but upon getting the contract, I decided to stay, get some money before leaving the states.
The set was bright pink. I was to act a spoilt brat of a very wealthy man who loved big black dicks and was to engage in a one man fantasy. The sofa was white and pink, the bed had light pink bedsheets with about four pillows and six little side pillows. The chandelier was huge with what seemed like tear shaped diamonds which had a special glow in its lit stated. I was mentored to initiate it to make it impossible for the guy to resist and I did.
I called for water and he brought it, I poured it intentionally on the frontal of his trousers, then held it in my bid to pacify him. He tried to pull away but I forced my left hand into his supporter, bringing his little man out and forcing it straight into my mouth. It was scripted to be his weak side so he became weak with need and succumbed to the pleasure. Then he tore off my pink lingerie, turned me in doggy style and stroked for more than five minutes, laid me by my side with one leg up and pumped me for more than six minutes, lifted me to the sofa, put my ass on its armrest and pumped me for more than three minutes. I had not known the guy would be as big as he was, did not know he could stroke for as long as he did and in such painful styles. But I was not to show pain, all I had to do was show pleasure by smiling, moaning and begging for more. At first hand, I felt the pangs of hypocrisy right in my skull. I asked myself how actresses and actors live with thoughts of pretence in exchange of money but I guessed they are mostly not as fucked as I was. What irked me was the fact that I was supposed to swallow his cum and pretend it tasted like my favourite ice cream. I tried my best and lived as they wanted all through the hour, had my cash sent in the name of Vivian Vevoda and left with my bruised beneath.
I did all these things in my disguise, went home, sat on hot water and ordered some mending products online for my little me. That hour of pain and shame did not equate the wealth accrued. So I thanked my stars. That same evening, I had a call that a powerful man wanted me to entertain him for 5000 dollars just for a night the following day. I was to be blindfolded and dressed in an army wear which would be provided for me at the entrance. I tried to guess which powerful person it would be until sleep, which knows no excitement nor pain, stole my consciousness on the excuse of rest.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics