Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 29 (18+)

Taking a bull by the horns requires a brave person who stops not to think about the consequences, a risk taker who fears not death. I called Alejandro and put it straight to him: “I found some of the cocaine on the girls. Thank you for using me to advance your drug use. It might interest you to know that one of the girls is at the hospital with tests being conducted after abusing some. So prepare as I won’t go down alone” There was a moment of silence before he cleared his throat and attempted to speak without success. “I believe you think I am foolish for sending me on this errand without a heads up right?” Immediately, I heard a protest, “No, not foolish Miss Davids. I don’t really know what you are talking about considering this is a call anyone can tap into. I only sent you with girls to model shoes, if something bad happened, I am changing your flight so come back today and let’s see what went wrong. I was simply taken aback but not fooled. Of course foreign intelligence would definitely get to know what we spoke about. What was I thinking? I felt a bit stupid but not regretful after thinking it over.
We rescheduled our flight to the next day to head back to Mexico and used the whole day to tour around few places. Nthambi rested with a home nurse Alejandro arranged. It made me see the vast nature and intense influence of the organization I was in, or should I say the drug cartel being fronted by an escort agency? I knew I had to get out but how to became my problem. I had heard stories about people being killed for wanting out of cartels like that. Though almost all the girls were oblivious to what was happening and just thought the fashion week had been cancelled, I tried my hardest to enjoy to no avail.
Going through the security checks was a hurdle for me. I got frightened at the least beep only to find out it was as a result of a phone or an ear ring or something like that. Not until we touched at the Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez, did I breathe well. Alejandro did not come to see me that day and I didn’t know where to find him. It dawned on me that if I was caught in any of their shady deals, there was no way I could implicate them if I wanted. Consuelo made all my favourite dishes but my appetite was neither here nor there. I just laid in bed and called Issidro to take care of the girls as I was not feeling well. On the third day, Alejandro came with a straight face and I laid there with an equally straight face looking at him. I had not bothered to call him after the first call to tell him we had arrived safely.
“Miss Davids, this is the last time you will have a conversation like that on telephone. I was disappointed in you.” He waited for me to say something but I didn’t. I just looked at him making him fidget for a while before changing tactics. “Miss Davids, the cartel is a big business beyond you and I and there is nothing we can do about it. Do you think mere prostitution is what keeps you comfortable in this apartment? “
“Yes. I thought it was mere prostitution that kept me this comfortable. Don’t I know the amount my girls make per session and don’t I know you give them only ten percent of their earnings and pocket the remaining 90%?”
He just looked at me hard and pulled me from the bed into a standing position, my face in his face as he bowed to make it so and said amidst his drumming teeth “You will not frustrate me, you definitely will not frustrate me. You will do as I tell you to save yourself and me”. Before I could react to that he was passionately forcing a kiss on my lips, one I definitely could not reject. The force with which I yielded surprised even me. I realised I had starved myself for long. There was nothing gentle about his moves but surprisingly I loved every bit of it. He bit me anywhere he laid his mouth and every pain harvested goosebumbs on my skin. He loudly suckled my need-filled breasts and turned me aggressively over and over again, yet I enjoyed every bit of it. I was wet before he visited my temple to worship and it was pleasurable. Even he was shocked that I was enjoying myself more than him. He was a strong man and he did gain my respect although I had love bites all over my skin afterwards. “I am sorry, I mean I don’t even know what to say. You make me so afraid yet I want you so much”. I used the opportunity to tell him I wanted out of the cartel. I explained to him that I could not be in that mess. He did warn I couldn’t stay out forever but promised to let me be until I wished to and said it meant I couldn’t travel as much as other bosses as the drug business ensured more glamour and luxury than the escort business but I agreed all the same.
An emergency beep called us out in our compromising poses, two of us naked in the blanket staring Consuelo and Issidro in the face. We were needed at the Ministry of Defence. We hurried in without caring about the countenance of our subordinates, put on our clothes and headed there. One of the girls we sent there had died in the bed of the Minister through shock after he (the Minister) forced a snake into her vagina. He said he enjoyed bestial explorations in his sex escapades and so did nothing out of the ordinary. I couldn’t understand how a man felt happy seeing a snake penetrate into a woman. I stood there shivering for a while. I was furious as that was the first time I encountered that problem. I pounced on him and started hitting him, he could not shout for help, Alejandro watched for few seconds and held me, begging me to stop the nonsense…

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © March 25, 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics

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