Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 27 (18+)

A foreseen target calls for  prior preparation. When Alejandro’s hands left my face, I immediately grabbed them both, turned them behind him, forcing him to turn, kicked the back of his kneecaps, forcing him to kneel, and asked him what he was thinking. Funny, he did nothing to challenge me. Issidro pulled a gun at me but I am sure he knew I didn’t care about that. It was obvious he was trying to distant himself from my actions towards his boss. Alejandro who directly faced him, spoke with him for about a minute in a very calm tone. He obviously had a hold of his emotions. Issidro lowered his gun afterwards.
“Miss, let go of me.”

“Not until you say please.”


I let go of him but pushed him forward into a fall. One who has tasted the venom of a cobra,  has no fear for worms. My eyes squarely met his as he got up. He said something in Spanish and Issidro reluctantly got out, closing the door behind him.

“Miss Davids, this is the last time you will behave like this towards me in front of anyone or else…”

“Or else what? You will kill me? As if I fear the kind of death threat you pose.”

“No, I won’t kill you. I will kill three of your people anytime you disrespect me.

It was my turn to laugh but the laughter died in my throat when I heard his next words. 

“We have a deal. You will scout your people and pay them from your earnings, which would be more than you need. But three will die anytime you try this with me again. Understood?”

Fear crept through my pores from my soul. I can stand anything but someone suffering in my stead, how could I live with someone dying because of me? Alejandro had found me out and targeted the spots which really can hurt, no, kill me from within. My quietude and instant change from defiance to fear made him smile. He kissed my right cheek, straightened his grey trousers and white shirt and left. I sat on the bed, thought through what had happened and knew I had been caught. I sure needed to behave and find a way out.

Three tickets were handed over to me the next day. I was supposed to go to Gabon to scout with a team of about twenty soldiers to protect me. I was not stupid, I knew they were to make sure I did not run away. I told them not to make me see them as it would be annoying to. Libreville was a fair city but my interest was not in the place, it was in the people and how to get the right workers to start my journey in an escort agency I knew nothing about. Luckily, Poncho and Nacho were with me. Nacho spoke impeccable French making him a great asset and protector. I told him I needed to rest and plan, so we went to Hotel Boulevard where our rooms were already booked. We slept for six hours, woke up to supper in our respective rooms and prepared for the night. I surfed the net to find good nightclubs and found Le Hype, No Stress, VIP Room, Le Marrakech, L’absolute Discothèque, Bomb Afro and Yoka Sports Bar. We had only two months to scout and return to base and I did not intend to overstay my welcome. 

Upon discussion, we agreed with the help of our source there, Manki, that we would start with the first three. Manki told me he had some girls for me but I realized he had deceived them into believing they were going to America to have their dream jobs. Of course, I declined. With Nacho as my ears, I pretended to drink with them when what I had in my Gin bottle was water, firmly held by Nacho. The bottle in my hand held liquor alright. That I served them. Through that, I got to know of the best pimp to see at Le Hype. He was reluctant at first in introducing me to his girls, but caved in when I showed him the five thousand dollars he’d earn if he did. In three hours, all the girls were lined up. I only went to that meeting with Nacho. 

“We are an escort agency based in Mexico. The biggest there is. If you want to join us, we will be glad and pay for your trip there. We will pay you well for your services and you will be free to leave, that is, after you finish paying for your expenses for the journey. It is a fair deal and I have my contract here. So those who want to join should write their names so we can start the procedure. “

Nacho translated this word for word. I asked that they informed their other friends in the business and left for the hotel. It was a stressful night although we only visited Le Hype. 

I woke to a call from Alejandro at 3am. He warned me not to mess things up and made it clear freedom comes with responsibilities one needs to honour or face their consequences. I assured him I understood but he did something that made me feel he feared I would fail. “Manki knows the place well, he is our best scout in Gabon. Please let him help you.” I told him I’d consider, that ended the conversation. I begun to doubt myself. “Would my plan work? Can I get two hundred girls to voluntarily opt to work under my escort? My nerves drove me into a long hot shower. After the bath, I went back to the room only to find many missed calls at 4:56 am. I called back and it was Taro, the Pimp of Le Hype. He told me he had gotten five hundred and sixteen girls for me. They ranged between seventeen to twenty three. I was besides myself with happiness. I told him I would pay him after my selection and he was more than glad. I called Manki and asked him to book a place for an audition, a secluded place. The girls were to come with sandals, a pair of high heels, a swim suit, a formal wear and a lingerie. Those who couldn’t afford were to call Manki and register for shopping which would go into their account before the audition day. 

Manki was besides himself with respect for me. He shopped for almost four hundred girls after making them sign that if they failed, they would refund. Of course, I made sure he chose the best to qualify for the shopping. I was bent on finishing the auditions in at most two days, so set up Poncho to see to the formal dresses, Nacho, the swim suit while Manki and I saw to the lingerie, heels and mock sex.

What was difficult was the mock sex where some men were hired to fuck or be fucked to ascertain the best. At about the thirtieth fuck, I suggested we went without that bit of the audition. It was annoying listening to the sounds some of the girls made when they were fingered, arousing to see them enjoy their quickies in exaggerated forms and time consuming to clean around for other rounds to take place as I insisted on good hygiene. This time, Manki was supportive, so we paid the gigolos and dismissed them. We completed within two days and ended up selecting all four hundred and thirteen girls who auditioned. It turned out the sickly, too fat and old ones were eliminated by Manki’s team even before we took our seats. The problem was, I was given a two hundred girl mark so I called Alejandro who just told me to do what was best. Wiring money to me, to him, would attract attention, so he told me he’d send someone to bring me what I needed so the person would pick up later. I realized the business was bigger than I anticipated. 

Working on passports was easy. Manki knew many people and paid our way through. Within three weeks, we were done with our paperwork, ready to fly. Just when we were about to book the flights, someone gave us a tip that Tayo was trying to sabotage us. He had hired assassins to wipe us clean after robbing us. Manki suggested we changed hotels but I would have none of it. I asked them to prepare in wait for them that night and went to my room to plan for my safety with Poncho and Nacho.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics

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