Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 26 (18+)

Connection of hearts is spiritual, binding and most of all intuitive. I looked at the woman staring down at me and couldn’t help thinking of Ntwanu. I rushed to hug her. She first hugged me, then pushed me off her. That was when I gained my awakening. I looked up to see Issidro standing there watching us. I didn’t say as much as a word but I was embarrassed.

“So miss likes women, no?”

I decided it was best not to reply to that message and went to sit on the bed. Consuelo, the house maid, left after bowing. Issidro came to sit beside me on the bed. 

“Miss Bee, I like you. I like you very very much. When I see you my corazon goes crazy. My woman, be my woman”

I couldn’t help but ask “Are you here to hit on me or strike a deal?”

He looked down and didn’t say anything. It was obvious his ego was bruised but I cared less. “Please leave. I need to rest. I have body pains, let’s talk later and come to an agreement.”

He could not believe his ears and opened his eyes as though he had seen a torturous ghost. I realized he had probably never been treated like that before. I held his hand, pulled him into a standing position, walked him slowly to the bedroom door and pushed him out. After, I locked the door in and threw myself on the bed. I thought of what to do. I didn’t know Mexico very well, I couldn’t make it through the airport because this escort organization seemed like a very powerful one. Chances are, they even had agents on road. I had to be smart and gain their confidence. How to do that? By joining in. My heart broke into millions of pieces after thinking about the people I was going to help ruin. But it is a world where survival of self takes precedence over that of strange others in strange circumstances. So I cried myself to sleep until Consuelo woke me up. 

“Madam, time to eat supper” 

I had not eaten for a long time so saw the dining table and was glad. Rice and stew with so many side dishes. I sat and started biting in and ate until I could eat no more. I started feeling bad, ticklish and needy. I realized I had been given an aphrodisiac. I yearned so much for sex that I didn’t know what to do. I asked Consuelo what she had done and she assured me she had done nothing. Strangely, I believed her. I decided to go get a shower, on reaching the bedroom, Issidro was lying naked on the bed, smiling slyly. I told myself, even if he was the last man on earth, I was not going to sleep with him ever. I picked some decent clothes, left him there, called two of my guards and asked them to take me to a good hotel. They obliged and got a good room for me. I asked them to come in for a drink and shut the door. I apologized for what I was about to do but stripped them naked. They were both dumbfounded but I could sense the need in their eyes. 

I ordered them to fuck me as much as they could. Poncho kissed me wildly as Nacho took off my clothes, he too was kissing me from behind. What I needed was not the kissing part, I needed something deep inside me, something strong, something hard so looked among the two and realized they were both as hard as stones. While he stood, I climbed him, holding his neck as I pushed him into me, it was such a pleasurable thrust. I asked that he pounded me hard. He tried but it was not enough. I was like a crazy and needy bitch. I exchanged Poncho for Nacho but it still couldn’t do. It went on for well over two hours. I didn’t know what to do to stop the feeling. Poncho went out and came after fifteen minutes with some form of medicine. He begged me to take it. After taking it, I still fucked them for over fifteen minutes before I calmed. My gentle security men took me to the bathroom and bathed me. Something about a man bathing me reminded me of Guru and Ntwanu. They were so sweet. After that, they tucked me in bed, watched me sleep for well over four hours and woke me up. 

Poncho decided to speak but Nacho restrained him. Still he spoke out. “Madam, be careful with Issidro. He put medicine in your food. He wants you so try and satisfy him or he can kill you.”

I told them to protect me as much as they could as I was not in anyway interested in sleeping with Issidro. Nacho then asked that I demand to see Isidro’s boss from him, that was the only thing that could save me, the protection from above. When we reached home, Issidro was waiting, obviously annoyed but couldn’t voice it out. Instead of listening to him, I spoke out. “I need to see your boss in order to come to an agreement with my hiring. Call him.” He objected and pulled a gun at me. I wasn’t in the least shocked. I just went to stand straight in front of the gun, pulled it to my forehead and asked him to fire. He started shivering, so I held the trigger with him and fired. He struggled and the bullet went from my face to the door, destroying some electronic devices in the hall. He started calling me crazy and continuously shouted that he had not seen such a horrible bitch in his life. I thanked him for it and asked him to call his boss. He did. 

Alejandro was slim, tall, handsome, around forty years old and with some cool set of teeth I had ever seen. His dimples were so beautiful he didn’t look like a pimp boss. He asked me to go straight to the point as he did not have the time to waste and I did.

“I will need to scout my whores, train them and work with them. Also, I will need to pay them what is due them so they don’t feel used. If you agree to those terms, then I will work for you. If not, then forget it.”

“You know if I forget it, you won’t leave this house alive right?”

I laughed like I had heard the best comedy ever, and went to stand right in front of him. Issidro spoke to him extensively in Spanish as my eyes held his. I asked him to shoot or do his worst to me as I was not going to compromise on even one of those conditions. He stood up, held my face and gave me a French kiss. Issidro’s face told me something unpleasant was about to happen, so I braced myself for it but did lean in for that kiss which obviously made Issidro uncomfortable and angry.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Feb. 5, 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics

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