Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 18

Oh how true the statement “absence makes the heart grow fonder. Every day without Ntwanu felt nauseating. I felt like I was walking on needles. My intestines felt like stones in my stomach so didn’t crave for food. Getting out of bed took weeks and the intervention of my escort family. I cried until the tears turned pepper to burn my eyes. Life felt too burdensome. It was amazing how a common heartbreak could hold the centre of my heart and squeeze with the rhythm of every second. I don’t know how I got through it, but I did.
I just got up one day, remembered I came to Kumasi alone following a total stranger. I remembered all I went through without Ntwanu, Guru and Masai, I remembered my determination to succeed so I could go back home to my aggrieved parents and apologize, I remembered all I had suffered and achieved and suddenly a new zeal filled my heart. My bitterness turned into an even more passionate need to survive. 

I had made a huge amount of money from the escort business. I held a 50% share just as Mimi. We had sixteen girls working for us but our demand was on the rise and so we needed more. Mimi always wanted me to help with administration but I was not interested. Recruiting more girls meant a lot of nightclubbing to scout for me, but another for Mimi. According to her, we could contract someone to do it for us. I didn’t care much knowing she would do excellently well with or without me so asked her to do it her way. 

When I heard Mimi had been arrested, I rushed to the police station only to see her behind bars slapped with child trafficking and murder charges. I was dumbstruck. I called a minister friend of hers upon her instruction and within five hours, she was released.on bail. On reaching home, I threw my purse on the glass centre table and started shouting, crying and acting crazy, demanding she explained what happened exactly. In tears, she asked me to calm down, sit and listen.

She met Queen Bash during one of our general meetings. She was of a higher rank than her and owned an escort agency but she somehow lost it. As to how, Mimi said she didn’t know. She contacted her to help us recruit. A week after, she was arrested and was told why only after reaching the police station. 

Queen Bash had gone to several villages and promised poor parents of beautiful girls that she would make their wards famous and rich by bringing them to the city. She had ten beautiful girls between the ages of 10 and 14 and successfully brought them to Kumasi. She contracted three men to deflower them and they also cruelly did.  The ten year old started bleeding profusely in the process and they could not stop it, tried as they did. So she passed on. While disposing off the body, Queen Bash and Roma, the one who deflowered the girl, were caught. Queen Bash then called on Mimi to help but she didn’t want anything to do it so bailed out on her. Unluckily for her, the issue attracted national attention so she mentioned Mimi’s name as her accomplice. The story got me so emotionally wrecked. How could she be so callous as to recruit such young and tender girls into prostitution and how demonic was she to contract strong men to break them apart like that?
Now we were looking at child trafficking and murder charges. As I cried and blamed Mimi for not taking a wise decision, her Honourable barged into our house, furious. 

“How could you be this foolish? Child trafficking and murder charges? Don’t you know who I am?”

After everything was explained to him, he gave Mimi a name and a number and asked her not to contact him until she had finished sorting out her business.  Apparently, the person was the Inspector of Police and we needed to find our own way around him. I just couldn’t get my made up visuals of the poor girl bleeding to death after being cruelly deflowered from my mind. It is true I started early and was still a juvenile and a boss in my own game but I was never forced into anything. I cried and cried till my bloodshot eyes could take no more. Then we arranged to meet the Inspector to find a way to exonerate Mimi. 

“Hello, my name is Bee. Bee Davids, a fan of yours who urgently needs help. May I be booked for an appointment? Any place of your choice Inspector.”

The voice that came out of me even mesmerized me so it was not surprising he agreed to a meeting the next day at his office. I rushed to my closet to find a suitable attire. I spotted the right one, a red formal dress with an appealing look which was a little above my knee level, strapless with a small petty coat to go with it and a black penciled heels with a black purse to match. Although I felt trashy within, I knew I was going to look too hot to look as I felt, so took a long bath, occasionally remembering the trio I needed to forget and stepped into my bed. Eyes know no sorrow, the elders did carve this proverb in the highest wisdom. Sleep stole my thoughts and me into an abyss of a frightened dream about young girls being raped and tortured to death by bleeding.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 2017

Photo Credit: Google Pics

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