No grass-cutter will ever use

Its own hands to light a fire

In a grass hole which houses its muse

Or its own loving empire

So why abuse your living space?


We are all sailing to leave to here gift

Like leaves on a running river

To those who we sift

Into this world with a shiver

So why corrupt this divine space?


Be the river that cleans the dirt

And not one that erodes the sand

Be the broom that sweeps the filth

And not one that sweeps gold dust

For we are in a transit, at a blessed place where our scents live on

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 5, 2017

10 thoughts on “​FOR LOVE AND COUNTRY

      1. Yes I am well. Had a great Thanksgiving Holiday with my Iranian girlfriend and her husband plus family members. Then spent three days with my brother Stephen. I’m working Christmas day but hope to get extra time off before Christmas. At least Christmas and New Year’s Day are extra money.
        As for the Idiot in Chief that land was set aside and given protections by President Barack Obama. As a natural habitat for animals, trees, plants and people. Also the grounds are holy and sacred lands to many Native Americans from various tribes. It’s desecration to use the land for profit.

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