Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 14

​When a metal is left in mid air, it falls wherever the holder left it. My frustrations became unbearable that I had to abandon the fabric business. There were bribes at every office for registration of business, too many things to read, too many people to please from the fabric queen to packers. It was pretty clear I was not going to survive it. So I took on an appointment with a married man. He wanted to meet at Hotel Kun’s, a three star hotel. I was okay with it because it was good and quick money after my ordeal. 

Upon getting to the room, he asked that I tied him to a chair in the room and whip him. I did as I needed someone to whip badly to release tension, using his own belt. After that, he asked that I urinated on him. I did as told, stuffed my pantie into his mouth, and pinched him to his satisfaction. He then asked that I touched myself to make him see me come still in his tied position. I took off all my clothes in a slow manner, touched my breasts and struggled to lick them, touched my clitoris and moaned pleasureably. His moaning and yearning was evident and he tried to reach me from his tied position, obviously turned on by his pain. Then he asked that I threw water on him and fucked him in his tied position. I went to fetch water from the bathroom and heard a ruckus in the room. I rushed back only to see him pointing at me and crying:

She is the witch who kidnapped me and did this to me. She whipped me mercilessly and…  and I don’t know what she wants to do to me. Please help me wifey! I think she wants to cut off my manhood! She wants to kill me! She wants to harm me! Help me please! Don’t let that wicked woman hurt me.”

I was shocked to the bone. I stood there receiving slaps while the man sat sobbing. Wifey and her three cronies tied me up, asked me to tell them who sent me and called the police. The police took his time to come and I prayed very hard to stay alive.

“Witch! Murderer! So you want to kill my husband? Who sent you? Better tell me now or I won’t spare you. You young girls who try so hard to get money and end up working for ritualists! My God will not spare you!”

I looked at the woman and felt pity for her. She was as huge as an elephant with eyes almost lost to facial fats. Her nose was like a scattered three story apartments with a broken bridge, her mouth was as huge as two basins and she had on a very horrible makeup, her jaw moving like a grazing Caterpillar. Violet eyebrow pencil, silver lipstick, clothes too tight to fit, she looked like a miserable person. Her appearance was like a sex starved woman neglected both physically and emotionally. I felt so sorry that she knew nothing about her husband, the fact that he craved for BDSM and being dominated in bed. The fact that he knew how to play with her emotions and the very fact that I was caught in their bad web. Why some women allow men to frustrate them beats my imagination.

The police finally arrived after most of the hotel staff stood to watch me like an interesting movie. Most parts of my weave-on was gone, pulled off by wifey and friends. They untied and sent me straight to the counter back. The interrogation was not successful because I was too immersed in my thoughts to answer any question no matter how hard I was hit or shouted at. I called Mimi in the morning and she came running. She made a few calls and I was released at about 10am. On my way out, I saw my client and he started begging me to forgive him.

“My wife is an ugly witch. She would have… would have taken everything from me if she knew what was about to happen. Please forgive me. I am so ashamed…”

Ashamed or not, my business does not lie there. You will have to pay for everything that happened. From the abuse to the emotional stress. Fifteen times the amount you promised” Mimi retorted. 

Man wanted to argue but obviously feared a scandal so took out his check and signed us a check.

You’re lucky you came. I would’ve made sure to send your order to your wife, you coward!

Mimi spat, annoyed at his very sight. I, on the other hand kept thinking about how difficult it is in the business. So many problems and too many surprises. It was so easy to be caught in another’s trap and it was too easy to hurt. Having connections was the best solution but I at least got the compensation due me. 

When we got home, I read my notes in preparation for the Basic Education Certificate Examinations that was to come on the week after. Ms. Barwuah had been teaching me so well and I on the other hand wanted so badly to please her. I had a long shower and slept hoping tomorrow will pose a better model among past days.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 4, 2017.

Photo Credit: Google Pics

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