Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 13

Every leaf is priceless to its tree until it falls. It is sad how some live to brown until breakage, how some fall in their greens, taste unbearable feet, or fire, or brooms or are blown to wherever fate’s pen writes in their existence. I happen to be in that unfortunate category but with a twist of causing my own misfortune. It is true that every spittle once lived in a living body but the ground is only respected by the dead and not the living who sees a path for his feet at every glance. I was Adwoa Attaa Anobeng,  transformed to be known as Bee Davids, one who saw herself as a queen in the realm of prostitution but as a spittle outside selling the proverbial smiles. Who could blame me? Which mouth could chastise without feeling responsible for my plight? Will human attitude stop being pythons to devour goodness in the dark and straws to pose as fans in daylight? Who can, even as of now, claim to have lived happily without a touch of sex? I will tell you this today, even priests and nuns think of coitus almost all the time. Whereas some get to cheat on God physically, all cheat on him thought wise but that is not my business, hypocrisy is a business on its own. A business whose currency are emotions and blackmail. Now to the story of the day.

Coming home as a fabric seller who used herself as payment of duty to her goods was not fun at all. I needed a stall but found out I needed to climb using a staircase of sex in order to get a booking. With what I had been through, I was not interested in taking that route, so I started asking around. It was 12:30 am when we heard gunshots. Luckily, Ntwanu was in my bed. He got out, came back with the police at the baited end of a gun point. Shai came out but Mimi was out. As to what was happening, we were told we were under investigation because there have been reports of our shady “goings and comings”. Apparently, our neighbours had reported that we were only seen at night and never during the day. We were asked what we did and I sent them straight to the fabrics which sat in the guest room. After they inspected to their satisfaction, scattered in many groups, Ntwanu leading one, Shai leading another and myself leading the leader, who looked stern and disciplined, they left without taking even water from the house.

Ntwanu and I were glad to have gotten rid of them until we remembered Shai was no where to be found. We followed through to the boys quarters and realized she was raped by the group of policemen whom she led. Only God knows what they were on, the poor girl was bleeding and she had bruises all over her body. I was angry to a point of sadness. To think that policemen were supposed to be the protection of citizens. To think they were supposed to be that umbrella of peace, to think they were supposed to be our trusted force, I just didn’t know what to think. We carried her to the main house and tended to her. 

Ntwanu started behaving funny after we had taken care of Shai. All of a sudden he wanted to leave in the middle of the night. I just didn’t understand him. Tried as I did, he left but I followed him, with the help of one of our security men, whom he employed to guard us. Dressed in black and sneakers, I followed the instructions of Tai through ceilings and crooked paths until we got to the military headquarters. After we got there, we realized we had lost him amidst a little confusion. We heard some noise behind us, turned instinctively and by the time we realized, Ntwanu was gone. Tai told me he suspected Ntwanu realized we were following him but I was confused. Tai was certain he didn’t know until we got to the military headquarters and was certain that was where he intended to go. As to why, I thought about it for a long time with no ready answers. 

The next day, Tai did not turn up for work, another person replaced him and introduced himself as the new addition. When I asked Ntwanu about it, he just kissed me and made insanely passionate love to me. I forgot about my fears in my thoughts about what he was, what he had gone there to do, what he was hiding from me, what made him look that powerful on the night we followed him and how I could get the truth from the tight lipped man who professed to love me with all his heart. But he left after cuddling and I was left with the endless charter of Mimi and her many rounds of sex with an old man whose penis power was tighter than most men she had ever met. I thought she was exaggerating but did not tell her so, all that was on my mind was Ntwanu and how to demystify his new robed mystery, especially after hearing five policemen were castrated the night before.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 2017.

Photo Credit: Google Pics

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