Ashawo Diaries (Tales of Adwoa Attaa) Chapter 11

Trouble comes not without a panic hint. But humans have flappy ears in those times, chastising their minds for being drama dolls. After beating myself for what I did as a vocation, I resolved to embrace it permanently after coming to the conclusion that sex is the best currency of the world. There are some who owe it as duty to others, some who gift it in expectation of things, some who sell it for higher returns, some who use it in bidding, some who search endlessly for it and some who just live for it. “There is nothing wrong if I live to sell it and live for it at the same time” I thought.

The order came in to Mimi’s agency: The Cortar, which at face value was a pub and run our business at night. I was made a partner because I invested a lot of money in there. Three girls were needed to entertain three men in Hotel Penusky, a four star hotel, for a sum of 5000 cedis each for the night. The agency was paid ten thousand dollars just for the booking. Somehow, I wanted the money but felt weird about the whole thing. I told Mimi and Shai but they asked me to replace the pessimism with optimistic vibes. They would be damned to let that kind of money go into the pocket of the new recruits, most of whom I was not familiar with. So we set off with all our accoutrements. 

We were to stand at a coded location and be picked to Penusky. I didn’t know why because we could have gone in my car. A blue black limousine in fair shape picked us up but that is all we remember of the ride. We woke up tied with red bands on poles in a dark room as naked as the day we were born and as tired as punchbags of “wannabe boxers”.  Shai was the first to speak in the complete darkness, then Mimi murmured that she was also there. I chuckled and they both told me it would be better if the “I told you so” was aborted in the stomach of my mouth. I kept quiet and started thinking. 

For more than three hours, we were in that awkward position waiting for whatever monster hiding to come and devour us. Mimi kept telling us to be calm and that she was going to handle it. How? I did not know. The light came on immediately with no presence prior, blinding us. In came three strong men with pieces of cloths around their waist, beads with funny looking inscriptions on their arms, fresh leaves in between their lips, holding metal bowls with knives and humming some form of incantations. Thoughts of Ken flooded through my mind and drove me crazy. I was relieved there was no sign of a dog but was negatively curious as to the type of trouble that awaited.

Shai cried out and we saw all three men shivering as they looked at her. Blood was dripping from her to the cemented floor. We all realized she had premature menstration due to fear. The men rushed out and in few milliseconds, a tall looking man came for her and took her away amidst protests from all of us. I was horrified thinking about all the possibilities of cruelty that could befall her. After what seemed like a year in an hour, the same men came in again, this time, with a new girl who was as terrified as we were. They cut her forehead, chanted, pierced her ribs, placed one of the bowls beneath her so her blood could drip into, danced around her like a ritual movie gone bad and giggled in bass intermittently. After their sixth rounds, they bowed, chanted, got up and started cutting the poor girl into pieces right before our eyes. 

I was horrified but Mimi was signalling me to be calm although I thought there was nothing she could do. I thought of how Ntwanu would never know where I went, how he would never find my body, how my parents would never know how I died and the anguish that rose from my chest could blast the whole of China. The men paused after cutting the hands, legs, thighs and left breast of the poor young lady. I felt sad for the pretty girl who had been reduced to a piece of cow meat tied in self mourning. They shared her breast and started chewing in the raw. I was beside myself with grief. The girl was such a pretty girl. Fair, tall with dreamy eyes and full lips. A girl who could pass for an actress, a model or even a great consultant. This time, I saw no escape. They had taken the phone I hid on my body, and everything after we had woken up. So I know Guru would realised there was something wrong but won’t know where to look for me. Definitely, the place was far from Penusky. I didn’t know what to think. Black magic? Spiritual baths with human blood, rituals which called for blood of beautiful women? Powerful men in more power quest? I had not given those things a serious thought. I remember Mimi telling me once about it being one of the things to look out for in our field. She stressed on self protection after telling me about a girl whose vagina was severed along with her tongue and breasts after a contract like ours. The only thing her agency used in identifying her was her bracelet which fortunately was a unique one made by her boyfriend and a tattoo on her back.

They went straight to Mimi after the other lady was peeled to her bones. This time, they untied Mimi, the head of the trio inserted his fingers into her vagina, licked it, nodded, then the others held her down, propped her up and opened her woman hole for the head to penetrate. Hardly had the cloth made way for his manhood when surprisingly, Mimi started chanting and they started acting funny. Her voice kept rising and rising and they kept spinning and spinning. Then, they started shouting. Within some seconds, three strong tall men came into the room, were instructed to untie her and take her out but Mimi would not stop and the guards could not go near her. They too were spinning around like mad men. Then she suddenly stopped, ordered the only person who looked like he could stand to untie me, he did. As soon as my feet touched the floor, she started chanting again. Like a careful leopard, she advanced towards me, massaged the legs of the stupefied and horrified me in her chanting. She paused for a while and asked them where they had kept Shai, one got up and led the way spinning throughout and shouting. I followed like a sheep. I don’t know if it was out of fear or surprise.

I just couldn’t find the correlation between the power Mimi was exhibiting and her nature. Shai had been tied to a tree in the forest. We realised we were sent to a thick forest. The guy handed back to us our possessions, Mimi made him order the driver to take us back and we pushed him into the back seat to make sure it was safe. It wasn’t. He fell asleep almost immediately. So we all forced ourselves into the front as the driver, shockingly drove us back.

Apparently, we were somewhere in the Western Region. They had taken us farther than we thought. It took us six hours to reach Kumasi via the driver. I could not stop nagging through my painful tears. Shai kept chanting verses from the Qur’an and Mimi kept ordering the driver who surprisingly had a sweet temperament. We got down at the Suame Roundabout around 8pm. My legs failed to heed to my orders to stand so I sat there. Mimi called a taxi and scooped me in with the help of Shai. I did not know then if the fear I felt was due to the men and their activities or how Mimi handled them. 

When we reached home, Guru and Ntwanu were in the hall, making calls after calls. Guru’s face was so swollen like a loser of a boxer. Ntwanu embraced me and cried out:

“I thought I had lost you! I… I… I… thought I had lost you! Why didn’t you listen to me? Why did you break your promise of never going back into prostitution? Why? Why?”

He hugged me tightly and cried, most of the agency girls who were around teared up seeing the big and cruel looking man hug me tightly as he wept. I felt so bad but so relieved. We realized we had been gone for three days. When they asked us where we had been, Mimi casually said, lost in some bushes because of some chaos. I just nodded as Shai, like an agama lizard followed suit. I rushed under a hot shower after Ntwanu released me from his grips. As for Guru’s face, I heard it was a punishment from my man to him for condoning in connivance with me to lie to him. Never seen him violent, Ntwanu. Imagining him in a pain inflicting fight tired my brain, I was just glad he was there to silently rock me through the night, without needy touching, without unnecessary reprimands, without accusatory charges, in total silence while I kept thinking about the number of ladies who had died in that horrible place. My stomach churned all through the night in terror. Society, I felt, was the cruelest and unfathomable existence of mankind.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 2017

Photo Credit: Google Pics

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