Business unusual (or demonic business) to praying mantises became my usual business. Sex for a fee continuously made me bolder with every section giving me the needed experience. For some queer reason, I met the best patronisers after my first bad experience for a while. Mostly no cuddling, no kissing, just lubrication and penetration or no lubrication but wicked penetration which is not surprising in this business. Where the latter is concerned, painkillers and boiled water helped a lot. Then some other local magical balms which worked wonders.

Mimi took me to our general meeting. I was really shocked to know prostitution too had an organised body. We had District Presidents, Regional Presidents and National Presidents. There were other positions: Secretaries, Financial Secretaries, etc.. and monthly dues. Apparently, being part of this body gave some form of protection. You could easily be traced in case you get into some form of trouble. You could be helped if you get into legal problems because they were well connected somehow and you would take part of their sexual workshops to upgrade yourself. They even trained members on how to defend themselves in case they needed it through fitness instructors.

I thought it was a good idea but the executives seemed to live better than most members. Their cars said it all. What was frightening too was the number of us in just one region. We were more than an incumbent party in an important rally. Mimi, after seeing my confusion told me to relax. She said we were not members yet, we were still in the application process. It took a lot to get into the group. Even within the group, there were classes. The high class who were refined and booked by important people in society (according to her, they enjoyed all the best treats), those kept under agencies, those associated to agencies, then the rest, which we were still struggling to be a part of. I was sad. Why I should struggle to be in the lowest rank when I had made up my mind to do something like this drained my enthusiasm. So I decided to be a trader instead of a prostitute. 

Mimi was livid but I cared less. With the little money I had, I bought cassava and plantain for sale. The first day was a disappointment, the second day was worse. I had not even finished selling for my capital let alone make some profit. And the freshness of my foodstuffs had waned making it unattractive to buyers. I hawked from morning to evening, only stopping to eat, drink or attend to nature’s call. 

Depression set in but I realized it was not because of the money nor my business, it was because I craved sex, wild sex. I craved the touches of Mimi and the strokes of unknown men of the night. Anytime my cravings started, I felt the wetness of my pleasure pot. As I hawked with my wares deep into the third evening of my new business, I realized I had lost my way back. Instead of calling Mimi who did not want to talk to me for direction, I went on asking for the way to the Central Capital. A young well built man decided to take me there. Before I realized what was happening, I was surrounded by three strong men in a blocked ghetto where no soul was seen besides the men. I did not have even a second to scream, they grabbed me and scattered my things, and stripped me naked. They spoke in tongues I did not understand so I knew they were not Akans. Left as naked as the day I was born, I remembered Mimi telling me to psych my mind for sex if I found myself in a rape situation so I don’t get too hurt. So I spoke out.

“You want my body? Sex? Don’t worry brothers, I would give you more than you deserve.”

They were a bit shaken but soon grabbed me once more. By now I was as wet as the first layer of mud under flood. I grabbed the manhood I could reach as the one at my back bended me over and stroked me the way I wanted, rough. I sucked it to his pleasure and jumped on it when the one from my back lost its spirit. All the while the other massaged my breast and slapped my buttocks. I controlled the tempo and massaged my clitoral gear, raining slimes to aid my speed. It was a different kind of pleasure and I exhuded a different kind of power. I finished them all in three rounds each. In the third round, each struggled to light their strength but I persisted until their sticks melted into porridge-like banku. It was as though I had this insatiable desire for sex. I was sexed in the air, held by two, sexed on one leg with the other in the air, I was sexed sideways with two cocks being swallowed at once by my hungry waist mouth and I was fingered in the right ways by my own direction. The huge men got tired. They begged for mercy and asked that we be friends. They gave me their numbers and asked that I call anytime I needed any form of help. They were Guru, Massai and Ntwanu. After they rested for a while, they helped me clean up, got me a dress and took me to base.

I forgot my selling pan because the guys gave me all they had. Two thousand one hundred cedis, more than my goods’ worth. When Mimi saw them with me, she was shaken. Apparently, they had had an encounter. The men were part of a known cult of robbers, the worst kind in the whole of Kumasi. I told her they were friends and she melted a bit from her frozen posture. After they left, I asked Mimi for forgiveness and told her I would continue the business. She was very happy and decided to give me a heads. She realized I was not so interested in it and realized I had had sex but said nothing but the looks of my little woman, which was still dripping cum. I reckoned the guys had been sex starved so had lots of porridge in their sacks. I felt the pain of some bruises down there but before I could admit, Mimi applied some balm on it and I had one peaceful sleep, even among the night clubbing of mosquitoes. She just knew the right medications for all problems with our little ladies. I was determined to make it to the top of the prostitution hierarchy if I could not get a rich husband. I resolved to invest in books and read myself to refinement. All the while a sentence kept recurring in my mind “tomorrow is another day” while I dreamt of a classy me in many luxurious treats.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 2017

Photo Credit: Google pics

Chapter 6 will be posted on 1st November, 2017.


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