As I wait patiently for you

Counting the marks on this pleasureless ceiling

While lonely canes whip in these dark nights

Anytime sleep goes on its rebellious demonstrations

Are you thinking of me?


As I walk these days

Carrying thoughts of you in dilemmahood

As to your existence or nonexistence

Chased by flies of frustrations

Punished by bed bugs of needy thoughts

Are you thinking of me?


Anytime dawn cries in my mock deception

And early cocks cut through my little sleep

With machetes of crowing

Painting my eyes with sores of restlessness

Waking a parliament of thoughts in the court of my mind

Are you thinking of me?


It will be a shame for your banana

To pleasure hungry and vulnerable mouths

In a shameless succession

As I wait in anticipation for our meeting

So I ask even in this apostrophecal madness

Are you thinking of me?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 26, 2017

Photo Credit: Google pics

12 thoughts on “AS I WAIT

  1. Hi Sweetheart, so hard to be young and it’s hard to be old too. At least, I know God thinks of me and you too even though, there are times I can’t feel it and I’m so consumed with missing another human being it doesn’t seem to matter. Beautifully written poem on a subject so common to us all.


      1. Up and down. I don’t do very well with stress and I’ve had lots and lots of stress. I’m okay but can’t find time to write or the right mindset. When I stop, I sleep. I still plan to come back. I miss you too and I hope you are well?


      2. Grace keeps me Pam. Ups and downs are our own ways of advancing into wisdom. I know you will get through this and the experience would help you write awesome pieces. Prayers with you.

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