The two week stay at “base” helped tremendously. I was taught the inns and outs of the place, the art of seduction (I got to know passion is neutral where gender is concerned), and how to guard against potential “harmers”. I was most importantly taught the different trades around. How I was never supposed to interfere in robbery cases, trickster jobs, how to vanish with every hint and also, how to pay policemen who got hold of me. I knew my debt was increasing. Mimi made it clear to me. I realized why she deserved the part payment she demanded. I am no coward and had discarded disloyal traits after running away from my family. Most of all, my intelligence was well known in Asuntreso, the reason my parents’ heart broke seeing me live the way I did. Mimi, my twenty five year old boss, arranged our outing. It was a pleasant Saturday night. The farther we went from our base, the better the city looked. In no time at all, I became part of the Amakom Flowers. I learnt we did not have to scout for men in just one place, there were many places to choose from. We were able to get into the club without a problem. We didn’t have to do much, our targets were all around. This time, Mimi allowed me to choose from the lot and I did. I had not discarded my idea of getting a husband instead of a client so I chose a light skinned respectable looking man. Don’t judge me. Which local girl loves not a light skinned man? He was wearing a long sleeve shirt folded to his arms and a well fitted trousers. I looked in between his thighs to be sure there was no cobra, like Mojo’s, waiting to pounce on me. And so it was that we left the place before Mimi, who had given me a new phone. It was a “yam” (Nokia 3310) but I was glad to have it. She asked that I call her if any situation arose. 


“Bee Davids” I said, my voice quivering at the very lie my tongue refused to corroborate. I always thought about the advantage of our names after Mimi introduced me to the false names. Foreign names were given the “ashawo” tags and annoyingly, the black men loved it as they loved the white women, mulattos and ironically, bleached women.

Ben turned out to be a perfect gentleman. He took me to his home, a modest two bedroom apartment. I was eager to practise what I had been taught but he took his time in making me feel at home. A drink here and there, food and we were ready. I showered again to make him know how clean I was (was becoming a ritual) and was pleased to see him lying on the bed, wrapped in a white towel, waiting. I surveyed his body to find his spots by lightly using my fingers to take a tour on his body. I caught the cave of his neck and with moist fingers, worked on it. He was pleased and aroused almost immediately. Then I tickled him to his perfect stick. I used my hand to massage it a bit, then used few drops of oil from the bottle Mimi had given to tactfully massage the ring between the crown of the stick and itself. At that point, he started screaming and came almost immediately. I was pleased with myself. He was more pleased. 

I gave him a ten minutes rest and took him in my mouth. Mildly, I stroked and sucked and licked then gently took in his sack. Seconds might not have met many minutes, when his soldier stood hard in an attentive position. He was besides himself with pleasure. I took him in once more, bathing him with my spittle and embracing him deep inside my throat to a point of gagging.  He just didn’t know what to do. I felt signs of his cumming and withdrew with my hands still at post. He screamed and squirted, went stiff and came loudly. He then begged that I let him be for a while. The while lasted the whole night. Deep down, I hoped he would ask me to stay, ask me to be his girlfriend, but he didn’t even bring up the topic. I dressed up ready to leave before he woke up. I have always been one who fear embarrassment so I did things according to proper procedures. He was as gentle as ever when he woke up and saw me and apologized for oversleeping. It was almost 5am. He gave me his card, took my number and gave me 200 cedis. I was beside myself with happiness. I had never seen such a huge sum before. He also gave me a lift to town, where I called Mimi to come for me. 

Mimi was happy about my feat. She took her hundred cedis and told me to save some money for future occurrences. She complained bitterly about her client. To her, he was simply a cantankerous man. After having his way, he refused to pay the twenty cedi charge and gave her only ten cedis for the whole night. To her, he was just wicked because he had pounded her into a porridge-like fufu all night. More than eight rounds. From a sit up to doggy, bond girl with legs apart suspended in a small corridor to a one leg up, folded leg up to side push ups. I was shocked and angry at the same time at her plight and pitied my boss but I knew it was part of the down sides of the job. Mimi asked me to keep Ben’s card well for he was a keeping client.

When we reached our base, we saw so many people crying. There had been a raid. Policemen raided the place and arrested some newbies, took so many things including money of people, weeds of sellers, cocaine of addicts and broke down some structures. Few prostitutes caught were gang raped, or rather gangbanged because it was always consensual. A fake blind trickster asked why poor people struggling to survive are subjected to ridicule and harrassment while the biggest robbers sat free in high offices flanked by their prostitutes in fridge-like environment, imprisoned in killer prized suits. He bemoaned why the fallen always got kicked. “Because they are closer to the strongest feet” I muttered to myself. Luckily, our structure stood without a dent. Mimi bought Milo with bread and eggs for us to eat. I had another long bath and went to sleep knowing after sleep lies another working day. Might be heaven, might be hell, but it certainly would be an adventure.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia ©2017

Photo Credit: Google pics

Chapter 4 will be posted on Saturday, 28th October, 2017.


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