This class mask
Is it not a daunting task?

This heat of a task

Does it have a dawn and a dusk?

Even chameleons tire of stealing reflections

So why model your deflections?


I see a whore in clothes of virgins

An unscrupulous you modelling pious clothes

Why is a pedophile rocking a priestly cassock?

As a servant fits into a kingly crown

I see a demon in angelic gown

While hell parades as heaven

Why doesn’t pretense come with a tag?


Fuss of a cuss!

Artificial makeups in a fit!

Heels of lying hills!

Clothes of phantoms!

Boxers of stealing pythons!

Anuses usurping mouths on faces!

The world of a classless classes

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia ©September 25, 2017

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