Me I no know wetin man go give me

Wey I go be like im sick chick moder

Going to scatter to bring him choo to fill im bɛllɛ

When im hands dey lie in perfecsion

If I no heaa anyting for elder person im mouth koraa

Ino be hand dey go, hand dey cum


I go feel like goat wey no like im life

If im beatings no dey charge my legs

To run like  Ussein Bolt from im devil pitch

Ino bi same blood that cause Jesus to shout for helepu

Wey dey for my body?

My mama no bi mumu

Wey she no go feel her stomach tunder

If her eyes see man hand dey pound me like fufu

Chai! If I no know anytin for elder im teaching

No bi hand dey go, hand dey cum


My natural mortar no bi wood

Wey go scatter if im dry

Abeg, ino bi alumi

Wey go rusti, if I no shine

Wetin I want koraa, wey go make me your mumu

Com dey take your beating

Come dey take your shakara

Come dey take your shame

And come dey be your game for night?

Chai! Gyare, if I know see anytin koraa

I see say, as this my left hand dey go

The right hand dey cum


I go be like lonely bottle

I go shake like one tree wey dey for wind inside

If all I go get be so so beating

And so so cheating

So so insulting

And so so shaming

God no dey judge person wey dey walka by imself

Bone go turn dust no matter how much

Dog cry for im hardness

All tongues go taste sand im mouth

When die die catches person

And wheder pɔɔɔ pii or apii tɔɔ

Die die go catch all

So why i go cry for bad man?

Yes, as this hand dey go

That hand must cum

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) August 25, 2017

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