Necky looked at King Gyaas, puzzled. He could not understand how he thought and could not say no to his request.

It is particularly because I am a father that giving you my young proves to be difficult. How on earth do I gift you my child just to save yours? There is a proverb that says; “What is good for the goose is good for the gander”. How can I with my own hands, send my child to be killed in cold blood? Not that I am being difficult, but just with your own words, please do have pity on my young too. I beg you with the humility of our new gods.

King Gyaas remembered the words of Catcher not to intimidate and further aggravate their game. He smiled as though he understood and left sadly.

King Gyaas went to tell Catcher about his ordeal and lamented how difficult her plans are proving to be.

You cannot stand in the midst of deadly ants and shake them off. What the eyes do not see, irks not. There are several ways to kill a game and you know it. An animal with strength needs no fear of wits. Think about it. No one will hold the hands of his own to gift to death. Know the routes and playgrounds of our games. Know the feeding zones and make them your hunting zone. Most importantly, know your footsteps and make them unhearable. There is nothing that we cannot get if we hunt in silence. Go into the room and see what I have for you.

Gyaas went into the room and brought a dead giraffe out.

How did you get this giraffe? Catcher? You are my sister but I am beginning to be afraid of you. Were you a man, you would have usurped my throne. Why the gods did not give me your brains, I wonder. This is not a small giraffe. A very big one. Thank you.

King Gyaas called all his young, including children of his immediate family, and fed them but before they could finish eating, Striker came in through the rear of the Palace with a huge dead antelope. Apparently, she was taught well by Catcher. His happiness knew no bounds.

The next day, head of Antelopes went to the Palace to lay a formal complaint that one of his pregnant daughters went to graze and never returned. No trace of her blood was seen anywhere. They have combed through where she grazes but there is no trace of her. Just then, Necky arrived and laid a complaint that one of his brothers went to graze and cannot be seen. Catcher came and sympathized with them. Just as Gyaas was about to speak, Catcher spoke up.

We sympathise with your plight. But since when have they not been seen?

Since yesterday.

They all replied.

Then please note that, some of our children are naughty. We all know how they love to explore. I am not saying there is no cause for worry but you all know that Jungle Kingdom is now safe. Give it time. We need at least four days in order to mount a search for them. Because then, we will know they are really missing. So do take heart and believe nothing has happened to them and trust that they will come back quite well.

With this, they all left the palace without a word.

King Gyaas looked at his sister and wondered if he was just the ceremonial king. With fear he decided Catcher should be his right hand with decision making powers.

The second parliament took place as scheduled. All the animals looked different. Those whose furs were less had much more than expected, those with less feathers had too much for flight, those with spotted skins had smooth skins, those with no whiskers had started developing them. Even Servio had to clap in his head that all the animals looked good. Something was actually going great for them. He planned to find out and report to King Gyaas as soon as possible.

Speaker Quintin started with his usual Moos and silence fell over the house as though on cue.

This is the second parliament. I now say we can start our proceedings. So what do we start with? You wanted to set rules to govern this house?

Cruiser raised his hand to start the talk.

I think we should stop playing and set our rules. There is so much going on in Jungle Kingdom and our families trust us to be their saviours.

You mean to be their voices? Corrector the Parrot chipped in.

Yes, to be their voices. If we come here to talk about unnecessary things then we are doing ourselves a great disservice.

Just then, Flier Fly flew past his ears. Cruiser used his trunk to hit him but he was too fast. Some of the animals saw this and protested.

This is grave breach of Jungle Kingdom laws. How can you use your very heavy trunk to hit a tiny anima just because you can?

Bee the Bad protested.

I saw Beauty Butterfly passing through the same route and you let it through. Is it because Flier is not as beautiful Beauty?

Cockroach Squeaker added.

Why do you little fliers always make a big deal out of nothing? If it were to be a hen who hit Flier with his wing, you would have kept quiet. Why do you always cry foul where a clean goal lie?

Bennet the rabbit said

I knew you would say that. Why do animals on all fours think themselves superior to us with wings? When the land shakes in earthquake that is when you will see that we are superior to you so now think of us as inferior now.

Before Flier could finish saying this, all those with wings flew into the air as those on fours mounted a chase. They flew down to hit and went up again. Even Cruiser could not get to them because they went too high. Not even the Moos of Quintin could stop the chaos.

Servio took to his heels after getting a wing blow from Nightingale Swag. He headed straight to the Palace and reported the matter. King Gyaas sent many porcupine soldiers to go and maintain peace and be sure to shoot anyone who will prove difficult. Also, a commission of enquiry was put together to mount an enquiry into the matter and bring the results. Those found to be guilty, according to Gyaas, will be made to pay.



A step
And another to rep
A clap
And a thigh to slap
A shake
It doesn’t matter how fake
Drive the dance
Ignore tongues of the dunce
And give happiness a chance

So step to rep
Clap to slap
Shake to take
And jumpily jump
To give the heart some flutters
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


When dawn speaks
The world halts in a heartbeat
As its gentle cries act like a soothing balm
Pre-smearing for any harm
Its clearing clouds;  like a needed path
Shabily made to lead my cutlass
Its breezes speak in alien but massaging language
Calling for calm preparations
To face the world
Brave fears
Gentle aggressions
Bitter acceptance
Openly deaf ears suffer
Getting mixed signals
From perceived voices
Completely deaf ears bump into all ugliness in hurts
Only the serene thinks to listen and is somehow cleared
When dawn speaks
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


I have loved
Loved like a mother hen
Loving a wild cock
In the midst of many young and vibrant hens

I have loved
Loved like a meek sheep
Loving a very potent he goat
With so many options
And no eyes for love detection

I have loved
Loved like an obedient donkey
Serving an ungrateful master
Who loves only the sound his whip
On its body

I have loved
Loved like a fertile dog
Serving the seller of its precious babies
For coins and papers

I have loved
Loved like a mango tree
Dedicated to one addicted only to its fruits
Only visited in seasons

I have loved
Loved like Jonah in the belly of a whale
Which rested soundly
In the belly of the sea

I have loved
Loved into carcasshood
Waiting for love vultures
To take all that remains of my heart

I have loved
Loved all in luck’s opposition
Now looking forward to none
No character in love
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


There was a time
When time rhymed with heartbeats
Danced to desires
Clapped for exuberance
Chatted with life
And bonded with hearts
Making muscles jump in happiness

There was a time
When hearts loved their times
Spoke with pride about their times
Ruled their time
And thought they rocked like gods
Hearts; I mean

Funny how time stands on its toes
As those hearts stand with the help of walking sticks
Cursing the youth that died without
And still live within
Time is a deceiver
Time is immortal
Time is invisible
Time praises to strike
And strikes to ‘ugligate’
Time oh time!!!
Anti-kaleidoscopic existence
Ever with the last laugh
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


In the chamber of every heart
Is a stove burning with need
Wanting to cook a perfect life
Needing to act like the perfect commander
No matter its stature
Background and nature
None can doubt its yearning dreams
But this flame needs a match to strike
A match of determination
To strike on will
For internal burning to light for all eyes
Light your determination
Light it on will
To fly you like a plane
For all to see
And if there is a fee
Thank your forces
In case there is none
Bond with your horses
To gallop to a fee
Through life’s processes
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Swallow my light
You artificial dark tunnel
And train me in the dark
Forcing me to see
With my hands
Forcing my ears to be sharp

Swallow my freedom
And force me to taste prison
Then I will experience distaste
To know the blessings of freedom
Cherishing even its little crumbs

Swallow my pride
And force me to taste downfall
As bitter medicines uproot horror ills
So will it push me up
Making me too light to be submerged

Feeling is knowledge
And I need these graduations
So I will write all tests
I will rewrite
Until I pass
And move forward
As long as God leads
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


I am no being in a fridge
Hallelujah to creation!!!
I hide not in clothes
Flaunting my figure
I live with the sun
Massaged by its rays
I dance with the air
Caressed by its tunes
I partner light footwears
In travel, not carrying their weight
And bond with the earth
Like its trees and plants
I am a free bird
A smiling flower
A black gold
With zonal burdens of a feather
Clothed with love
Smeared with affection
The bitter prisoners can bully their sorrows away
And strip monkeys of their names
To gift to me
To enhance my jumps
In their daydreamed-nightmares
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Who is best here?
One who smells the loo
And sees through the eyes of her boo
Feeling the outside through hearing
Or one shut to the outside
With no eyes and mouths on the ground?
Knowing and not feeling
Seeing in chaining
Shut in acceptance
Oh I need none
None at all
No chains of hands
No chains of legs
No bars of shelter
No cage on mind
As the air flows freely
So do I crave to hold its skirt
Jumping when it does
Flying when it does
Standing when it does
To give me access to breathe
Murder my imprisonment
And my ills
So I can be in freedom
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Stagnant waters
Sitting still on their buttocks
Like gods worshipped by idiots
Will invite them
Yes; them
All that is small
Not firm
Orchestrating elasticity on stagnation
Poisonous to a fault
Heeding no cries
Elevating themselves on precious red liquids
Leaping from skin to skin
Expressing themselves noisily
Spreading fevers which battle immunocities

Clear the bushes
Clear the gutters
Spray the rooms
Net the beds
And stop quiet-flying-vampires
And their noisy husbands
From evading your territories
Spreading their malaria
Which they carry like hawkers
And share to take lives
He who has eyes will see
He who has ears will hear
Those without,  perish in unfortunacy
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Wake ‘them’ dead
To wake their brutalised dead
Rupturing slave membranes like witch doctors freeing their captives
Ushering them back into their original places
Mapping them to their umbilical cords
Pillaring them in their own
As God rightly did
Making them litter their world with their generations
Do that or like a lizard
Open not your mouth!
Never think of being a dark shepherd;
All knowing, when you know not their spots
Leaders should know their destinations
Detailing take-off and arrival
Wear your thinking cap
And hold your workable tools
Not your frustrated dreams
When you know not their causes
Hands worked
Drizzling sweats were buried
Blood rained
To make you who you are now
All ones from the herd you want out
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Ob Abenser’s Ghanaian Fashion Showcase at the Accra International Conference Centre on 24th April 2016

What do you think Andrew Carnegie would have said if you had asked him in the 1800s if there was a steel industry? Somehow I can’t imagine him saying that it was non-existent. I can almost hear him say ‘it’s growing and it’s going to transform many industries throughout America and the world.’

One of the commonest questions about the fashion industry in Ghana is ( you guessed right): 
Is there a fashion industry in Ghana? 
I guess people ask because they can see many many areas that need to be improved in the industry. Like our primary school teachers, they mark our scripts and write in red ‘can do better’ sometimes even drawing an akokɔti 🙂

So why and how did such an industry attract a man as brilliant as Ob Abenser? I guess like Andrew Carnegie, he sees how this industry can impact the country and continent.

Ob, who describes himself as a documentary filmmaker and blogger holds a B.A. Sociology from the University of Ghana, Legon.

In an interview he says he had gotten tired of the complaints about the negative narrative on Africa by the western media. ‘If you won’t do anything about it, shut up’.

So he did 2 things. He established a full house media production outfit, Excelsis which has gone on to work with clients like Vodafone, KACE- AITI, Google Ghana, The African Regent Hotel, etc. This would enable him tell the African story the African way.

Then he founded Auntie Oboshie ( then FashionistaGH). He had noticed that there was a vacuum. The most popular stories (apart from the ones on disease and wars) on Africa were on politics and sports and he had noticed there was some brilliance being displayed on the Ghanaian fashion scene. He wanted it highlighted and documented.

Ob and his team have organised several shopping festivals, lecture series and business soirées, all with a focus on Ghanaian fashion. In 2013, he was named an Innovation Hero by Google and the Ministry of Trade and Industry for his outstanding contribution in using the internet in innovative ways to improve society.  
In 2014 he was named Social Media Contributor of the Year at the Fashion Icon Awards. 
But Ob’s greatest award is undoubtedly the respect he has won throughout the Ghanaian fashion industry. Almost every fashion house in Ghana has an Ob story to tell.

This Sunday, 24th April, 2016, AuntieOboshie presents a showcase of Ghanaian fashion from the 60s till now. The event will be held at the Accra International Conference Centre from 1- 9 pm. It’s free to enter.

Come. Come for 2 reasons.
1. To support Ob and his solid team
2. Come and see for yourself what Ob saw in 2011 –  the strides being made in Ghanaian fashion. 
#WEARGhana and several other leading fashion brands are bringing their A game and it promises to be an exciting event.

We salute you today Ob and we celebrate your contribution towards making Ghanaian fashion globally relevant. Ayekoooo!!!!

#AuntieOboshiePresents #HearUsRoar #CelebratingGhanaianGreatness
Story and phito credit: Awuraa Abena Agyeman of Wear Ghana.


The once fertile mother
Who grew to feed all
And had more in store
Now sits like a skeleton
Her plumpy figure reduced to naught
As her once overflowing breastmilk
Hide in scacity
Pushing her blood out for feeding
Turning the children who are culprits of her woes vampires

Who made her so?
Could it be me?
Could it be you?
Could it be all but all I’s?

I blame the cutters of trees and shades
I blame indiscriminate burning for rats
I blame the anuses of smoking inventions
I blame the birth of filth and cans
I blame dumping
Manufacturing coughings
I blame pollution in all shades
I blame you
I blame me

We love the heavens
And neglect the earth
Yet spoil the heavens
And maim the earth
The earth which fed
To grow to your birth
The earth who feeds and grow us to our deaths
The earth who is our eternal homes
Shame on you
Shame on us
Shame on all who help not our earth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Dear man
She is not a woe unto man
That will make you a woe chaser
Neither is she a witch of man
For that will make you a witch craver
She is not a worker of man
That would make you her employer
She is not a watcher of man
That will make her your bodyguard
She is not a weakness of man
That will make you seeker of the weak
She is not a winner of man
That will make you a loser
She is simply a wonder version of man
Making you the origin
Although God gave her the origin key
You certainly need a grip
For your sanity
You need a grip
For your lot
Make her no tags
For you will always wear her
Boldly around your neck
Like a very visible bow-tie
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


As you plan a kill
To your ego fill
You plan a humiliation
Craving felicitation
If God grants
Realities to your rants
You will be like a terrorist
Bombing your enemy

He should end like a goat
His pestle cut
He should end up on a roaster
His hairs crying foul
He should end up butchered
His inns cleared
If God should so grant
Your rants
You will be like no other
But a deadly terrorist

She should meet a ritualist
On a dark road
Who will cut her into boxes
As she screams her last
To satisfy your ego
For suffering from her fall
You are no better
Than a terrorist
If God grants your rants
Aren’t we all terrorists?  Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


One day
I will climb that tree
From its top to its root
Making it flop
For it to give its fruit
And jump down
From its root to the ground
And pay no heed
To taking its seed
Many are the times
This tree does tease
With its bright flowers
And succulent fruits
Its blinks are hurting
Its unnoticings so piercing
But I know its ladder will be let loose
And I will climb
From its top to bottom
And hop down easily
Pushing its malleable branches
To stand erect
Not caring about its effects
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


When night’s shadows beckon
Loneliness holds a wire whip
With an inward magical scar power
To keep the mind company

Moon’s light turn taunt television
To show the beautiful moments of others’ passions
Shelving the worst dirts of coupling
Making ease turn tears

Stars’ twinkles show the fantastic flutters
The heart misses
The cool breeze pinches out needy goosebumps
Which stir the pot of pleasure
Putting whips of passions at play

Oh why does the travel seem long?
Night sure drags its feet
Its buttocks enjoying the taunter seat
Making sleeps’ heart burn
Oh how I yearn
To skip this learn
And flow with happy dreamers
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


How are beings of the land
To see the tears of beings in the sea?
How does the sun see the light of a torch at its peak?
How can the fish feel an aching wing?
Can a whirlwind listen to the voice of the gentle breeze
When it sees its dancing mate?

Daughter of the sea
Is seen in glory like a star
Adorned by the water which shelters her
Claps are what she gets
When she washes her face
Silence is what she gets
When she shouts like a hurt angel
Sending waves of tears ashore
Fury is what is perceived
When her anger and pain are sent via a tsunami
Who can see her tears in the sea?

Fetch her tears from the sea
Let us see her woes
Cover not her pain like dust
So we do her no wrong
Colour her tears like blood
So we see before the sea washes
We are no brutes to ignore
Just beings with no eyes
To see her tears in the sea
Oh sea goddess!!!
So when she is seen in the sea
Being mated by rain
No tear is recorded
For we know no rain
And know no tears
All are consumed by the insatiable mouth of the sea
So do us tutor
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Dear Moon
Ply your night
Like the nocturnal traveller you are
For your crown of brightness
To be seen by earthers
From the throne of your sky

Do not jump into day
Like a greedy human star
Trying to usurp the glory of a budding
For sun holds day’s glory
And will make you just a brightless toy
Showing your naked figure
To be disgraced in your own space
And beneath by eyes who saw you
Adorned in clothes of angelic light at night

Don’t be deceived by beckoning clouds
They will clear and leave for sun to be
No matter how long it takes
And oh!
If even sun can be covered by their wavy frames
Do you think you will so be spared?

As bats wake to work at night
So is your gentle light
To lead in the dark
As owls see better in the dark
So are you to be seen in darkness
Just know your space
Time never takes sides
And is never one to be outwitted

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Pidgin language rules this land
As ‘danduruwa’ rocks their world
The rough voices of fans
Working like ‘nikanika’
Can be heard from all corners
In kiosks and single rooms
As their curses of blowing heat
Chase their footsteps
While illegal wires cry their heated fates
Some night workers
Whose market flopped have mouths like pigs
Temperaments like annoyed right hand men of Satan
And walk like zombies Begruding their scanty clothes
Which they blame for the failures
While others do all in style
To suck money out of perverts
Hard liquors stay put in rooms of many
Others keep dancing in the little bars
Aided by smokes of all shades
From lungs through noses of ‘highs’
Here everyone is hard
Some who weild guns are jubilating
Their loots panting far from their owners
Others lie on hard lands
Stoned to death
Or locked away
Still struggling ones lie in their heat
Thinking of how to sell their dog chains
Or their ‘waawu’ clothes
Fufu pounders dreaming of being chased
By heavy pestles
Some children in training sleep in their nightmares
As dreamers are being hunted for their laziness
A book is an ill omen
Because it requires much
To generate any
Who has that much?
Torn mats complain of their postponed funerals
Rubbish lavendas cruel scents
Hoping to be burned
Or sent to their final restings
Flies sleep not in this realm
Bothering even the tea seller
Who knows all the secrets of his land
But shuts his mouth to stay safe
Mosquitoes fight outside beings
And battle the insiders
Still, many waists enjoy their nights
Waking those non-existent to join them
Some mashing up their blood
When their ghostly faces show
Here a bed is a luxury
A trotro driver; a rich man
A taxi is heaven
Its driver; a god
Wearing a suit is alien
And an insult on injuries of egos
Any rule stands
So long as it battles no business
It is hard to live
So much that even cocks fear to trespass
Let alone crow to wake
Ei! Don’t their fear for their lives?
Here life is a hard knuckle
Knocking all heads
Striking all living
With no discrimination
The typical Zongo life
Dreamers may struggle to flee
But how many will succeed?
And how many will be alienated
Either voluntarily or under duress?
It is a scary world
Where many suffer loneliness
As space taunts
While congestion is the lot of many more
Who just need to breathe
A very fair world
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Cupidic clothes
Wrap me up
I don’t mind the stupid
Make this heart clap
I need to feel bubbly like a fulfilled girl
Happy like a champion
Busy in thoughts like a fancy day dreamer
Peaceful like an unstired river
Flowy like sea waves
Giggly like a plugged Barbie
And drive on wheels of heaven
Shaming cloud-niners

Cupidic clothes
Wear me full
I don’t mind being timid
Or even your tool or a fool
Once you enthrone me on your stool
I will dance to all your tunes
I just hope for a happy major
Some cows cower before ants
Consider me the cow
And you the ant
Some lionesses jump on the orders of flies
Consider me a lioness
And you the fly
I know vultures fight their mirrored selves
But I promise to smartness off tune
Just wrap me in

I will hear no wagging tongue
I promise
I will see no burning eye
I promise
I will see no pointing fingers
I promise
And will fall for as long as you schedule
Wrap me in
Please wrap me in
And save good hearts from my trippings
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Heads abound
In this room like a very fertile tree
With many fruits to show
Young heads show their flowery leaves
Some dark brown
Some black
Some heads are like paths to bush farms
Very cleared middles
Forest on both sides
Others; like farms with uneven bush burning
Ha ha ha ha! Agyeiiiiiiii!
Some heads are like naked calabashes
All they need is shea to turn mirrors
Some heads are like blessed knights
All grown with leaves as white as snow
Some heads are adorned with caps
Only God knows what they hide
Whether baldness  of pates
Or fashion to play
Some few heads are veiled or “dukud”
Hoarding feminine sides
Or their dirty and unkempt sides
He he he he!
Some are alienated with wigs twisted
Wigs weaved
Wigs usurping virgin heads which live on their natural habitats
Funny how few heads wear spectacles
Have they suddenly developed eyes?
So many different heads
Same agenda
Like many football teams playing one issue on a small park
Congesting and annoying
Heads oh heads!!!
What abundance in the midst of ignorance!!!
Earth has many cooking meals
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Like the gates of life
The heaven are fully opened
Its crown solidly on its head
Its smile nicely in place
Its arms widely opened
It takes just love in spirit
To get one through

Like the paths of streams
The ears of heaven lie
Waiting to be reached no matter the obstacles
All they require is determination
And hardwork
No matter how long it takes to soak and break
Its patience knows no bounds

Like an unmeasurable hole of golf
The bossom of heaven awaits your hands
All it requires are observance and obedience
Nothing much

But the pathfinders hit the mountains
When the structures of the right path
Are clearly visible
To even blind followers either
Possesed by fear of castigation
Or blinded by the deception of human gods

It is a foul
When hands play football into goal posts
It is a foul
When rightful heirs are usurped
For their thrones
It is a foul
When riches consume poverty meals
It is a heaven opened for all
But eyes are now sitting buttocks
Ears now sleeping stomachs
As mouths metamorphose into kneeling stooges
Overturning the sun on its day
Leaving heaven west
As hell’s way is paved for all
Who are adorned in materialistic lovitude
Leaving few doubting
And fewer fighting
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Gone are the bright Saturdays
Where pots danced on happy heads
As giggles followed gay girls
Like their shadows to streams
And hot gossips coloured their tongues like “alewa”
Now the streams mostly come to them
Following their instructions to flow
Oh Clever gods!!!

Gone are the anxious hunters
Those who yearned for their first “tiabrofre”
To get the antelopes to make shy girls theirs
Now few hunt to feed
As most games come home by themselves
To be used as feeds
Even the soil tastes not
What it does give
Oh gods of Cruel traps!!!

Gone are the parks
Which deserved the bare feet of “ampe”
And loved the showmanship of strength
To woo and cower
Gone are its mischiefs of dark
Where dark shadows hid to sing their hearts out
As some dug holes to mark their own
And some birthed under naked skies
Oh fading Pure Loving gods!!!

Gone are pure “Maame ne Paapa”
When motherly instincts were installed
As boy fathers learned to protect their kinds
By watching the realities on ground
Never seeing what goes on behind covers
To dare to role-play
Oh ye dying Good Parenting gods

Gone are the gallant suns
Who splashed rivers
To flex their muscles,
The matured moons
Who shone so bright with the help of their stars
Gone are the giggly stars
Who docked behind clouds and loved their skies
Now everything is commanded
By thoughts and papers
As coveteousness flirts
With minds of needers
Mourn the loss!!!
Like a powerful chief who has fallen
Mourn the loss!!!
For your happy properties have tasted death
Mourn the loss!!!
Your future generations will read and never feel
Mourn the loss!!!
You are part of its murderers
As I am
Mourn the loss!!!
It may never be recovered
Mourn the loss!!!
It really did bring love and harmony
To a once happy earth
So I mourn
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Oh stone angel!
Born in the palm of heaven
With coolness and serenity
As servants and companions
Beautiful abodes
As her eyes’ bonafied properties
Healthy trees dancing on mountain tops
Her protectors and breath givers
Like a free bird
She was born to fly in dancing
Watching the rivers snake happily down her feet
As Akwaasua whistles in travels as Okuafuomu giggles
Bouncing on the much air given by her sphere
And slept soundly
As stones kept watch as her guards
Needs flew her here
Here, where hell’s fires burn in harmattan
Where aliens with rights taunt
“Are you from here?”
Where she struggles to save her kind
From demi gods turned demons
Where a little defect is tantamount to death
Where a little squabble can turn into war
Where her worthiness is a bother
Her flaws; her worthiness
Where shea butter abounds
But the land’s cracks can be seen from south
As shea is transported to the smooth south
Leaving the land barren
Here, where few birds curse
As choirs of angelic birds sing beautifully in her heavens
Humans are really birds
Birds fortunate and or unfortunate
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


It is a game of healing
And gives great feeling
An emptying so fulfilling
Frees strength jailing

Knock your mind
To knock your lips
To show your teeth
In a smiling pose
Touch your stomach
And raise a sound
Ha ha ha
Isn’t it a great feeling?

Laugh it out
Rain out the pain
Laugh outloud
Smile out the disdain
Lips so curled in pleasant frame
Capture eyes and share some love
So ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha
It is a day to laugh it out
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


When furious winds wake

Some trees are uprooted

Others break in two

Others break into several pieces

Others lose their branches

Others lose their fruits

Others lose their leaves

But the toughest ones are unaffected
And all affected have faith of resurrection
When blessed rains visit
Their only prayers; not to be visited by fire
Or be seen by wood pickers

Pure hurdles breed puzzles
And cause fear and shivers to nuzzle
As bees make honey
So will emotions waver at the dawn of hurdles
There are heads whose crowns will fall
Tongues which will lose their languages
Ears which will lose their hearing
Mouths which will close forever
Eyes which will lose their sight
Hands and feet which will become numb
Backs which will break
Necks which will snap
Hearts which will bleed
Breaths which will fly to the unknown
But there are bodies which will walk through
With no scratches

After the hurdle
How one bounces back
Is the will of will to win
The faith of faith in fate
The love of love to live
A reason of reason to roll
Without any of these
Life bounces like a ball
Into a deep hole of oblivion
Never to be seen ever again
These are the puzzles of struggles
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



I saw the blinding light

Which shielded the dark

I saw not the hidden fight

Which was on its mark

Until the light retired to sleep

And the dark did the fight keep

Hoping to victory reap


So I fought without a weapon

Knowing the light took away my eyes

And if I, my strength, relied upon

Was just trying to bed on lies

No time to cry

I did all try

And If I died

I would have known I tried

But the more I tried

I saw it fried

It dawned, no one told

That it was bold

And will hold

Until my life runs cold

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

 Image: Google pics



The butterfly envies

The flight of birds in higher realms

And thinks it will do anything

Anything to be higher


What the butterfly does not know

Is that there are birds and there are birds

There are birds ugly and wild

There are birds beautiful and vulnerable

There are birds normal but filthy

There are birds and there are birds

Birds without colour

Birds with colour

Most with no chance to fly low

Where audience can applaud their beauty


God is a worried existence

Fishes wanting to be birds

Birds wanting to be fishes

Lions wanting to be humans

Humans wanting to be lions

Spirits wanting to be fleshy

Some fleshes wanting to be spirits

Ingrates of breaths!!!

God’s disappointments!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Picture Credit: Google pics


I need to swim
Swim in the streams of your eyes
I need to bathe
Bathe in the rivers of your mouth
I need to massage
Massage the inner chambers of your ears
Like a thumb massaging strings of a guitar

I need to fit
Fit into the cave of your neck
I need to press
Press comfortably on the mounds of your chest
I need to smell
Smell the flavours of your gardens
I need to hold
Hold you like my world of wealth
Being eyed by robbers of day and night

I need to stand
Stand on toes to reach your fruit
I need to stretch
Stretch like an elastic to reach your skies
I need to feel
Feel the breaths of the pores on your skin
I need to tickle
Tickle and tease out your very shy goosebumps
And swing on your sling
To drink in your wings
And be blessed by your wines

Your stars are calling my bluff
Your moon, chuckling like a god
Your clouds hide
Waiting to wet my lands
As your thunders rage and rant
But the eyelids of your lightening
Scare me not
I need to fetch
Fetch my wishes
Even from the mouth of a famished lion
I will dare
Dare to feed my need
For my wholesome wholeness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Photo Credit: Bing.com



Mid day consumes morning

Knowing not evening awaits

As evening consumes mid-day

Always trying to blend with night

Even night forgets there is dawn

Which clears the path for the morning

Cruel morning which carries mid-day’s bitterness

Consumes dawn into its tears

A chase and a chase

A swallow and a swallow

Even shadows lengthen to shorten

Only to shorten to lengthen

Unbreakable cycle of falls and rises

Our world

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

childreN of the mountaiN; One of Ghana’s Most Powerful Movies of all Times World Premieres in New York on 17th of April 2016, and on July 1, 2016 in Ghana


When I was told about publicising a Ghanaian movie on amoafowaa.com, I showed no interest but my friend Perez Dziwornu insisted I did because of a special surprise, then this caught my attention.

New York, NY USA: The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival (TFF), presented by AT&T, today announced the first 55 films to feature in this year’s festival. Among the films selected was the film “childreN of the mountaiN” produced in Ghana by I60 Productions.

The film is the first feature from writer, director and producer Priscilla Anany who took her short film “Hospitals (Korji)” to Cannes Film Festival in 2013. “childreN of the mountaiN” is about a woman who has a child with cerebral palsy and a cleft lip who believes she can get healing for her child. She wonders from disappointment to disappointment trying to leverage her meagre earnings as a yam trader in the market. The film is set in Accra, Ghana and also a remote village of the Volta region of the country by Lake Volta. The film is in Twi and Ewe and stars a fresh Ghanaian/Nigerian actor called Rukiyat Masud who has done films like “Chelsea”, “Black Beauty” and “Sorrow of Madness”. It has some industry heavyweights like Akofa Edjeani, Adjetey Anang, Grace Omaboe (Maame Dokunu), Dzifa Glikpoe, William Addo (Akpatseh) and Bex (Agbeko Mortty).

Films are submitted in their thousands to the major festivals. Sundance this year had 12,793 films submitted of which they chose only 122 features and 72 shorts. Tribeca received 6,626 films so for Ghanaian film to be selected is a big accomplishment.

Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff founded the Tribeca Film Festival in 2002 with the mission of contributing to the revitalization of lower Manhattan in the wake of the September 11 disaster. Thirteen years later, the Festival has grown at a remarkable pace, and brings together members of the international film community and movie-lovers of the US to the greatest and most diverse city to celebrate the power of film.

Writer∕Director Priscilla Anany said of the news “It took some time to make the film and it got to a point where the struggle to complete the film overshadowed the reason why I had started out to make the film in the first place.  Being accepted into the Tribeca film festival awoke my drive and motivation and reminded me of why this story is important to share with the world any why it’s important to me.”

Still not convinced, he told me the movie was in two Ghanaian languages; Akan and Ewe with subtitles in English. That got me interested. For these two beautiful languages of Ghana to be promoted worldwide for others to see and familiarise with them was something that struck a chord. Then I watched the trailer and I was totally charmed. The story line of a dedicated mother with a child who had cerebral palsy and a Cleft palate facing challenges from within (in self doubt, pain and disappointments), facing challenges from the society who thinks it abnormal for a woman to have a child with disability, some associating it to all kinds of evil ( and we know that this is the reality on the ground where Ghana, I know, is concerned), For the Writer∕Director; Priscilla Anany,  to think of this evil in society and make it into a movie whose dialogues catch attention and appeal to the senses of all is something that is not only commendable but extraordinary. So I thought, finally, some women will be empowered, finally, some parents will be stripped off their clothes of shame and clothed in understanding and love as they should, finally society will rethink its unfairness towards people living with disabilities and their families, finally some evil in the society is being shown the exit as enlightenment appears to claim its throne in the heads of those who lack understanding where people living with disabilities are concerned. Humans deemed snakes will reclaim their human status, humans tagged evil will have the evil severed from them. I thought on and on and on and they were all delightful thoughts.

What is equally catchy is the fact that this film represents the first full length feature film produced in Ghana and by a Ghanaian to be officially selected by such a major internationally recognised film festival. To applaud like I am doing now, you need to be there for the world premiere in New York on the 17th of April 2016 at Regal Battery Park Stadium 11 (RGL) 102 North End Ave, New York, NY 10281 6:30pm

childreN of the mountaiN” will be first premiered on the 1st of July 2016 (Republic Day) at the Silverbird Cinemas, Accra Mall.

After my interview with Agbeko Mortty known as Bex, I understood that the movie was made for all the right reasons. Even the title having a special feature of end capitals to depict that anyone can have a disability. Luck may be a deciding factor in all that regulates the world. Although I would have loved for the Editing to be done in Ghana by Ghanaians, I will say it is absolutely a good start.

Good movies we watch, good books we read, give us the right knowledge, give us the right wisdom to discern facts and put ignorance in shame. A satire by all standards that raises questions and strikes the chords of conscience of every individual no matter how uninterested. For those in the USA, please watch the premiere and see from a different geographical era the cultures that differ, the love that anyone can relate with, the pain that anyone can feel and the humanity we share. I highly recommend this movie for anyone, everyone who wishes to be enlightened and wants to be in touch with his or her humanity.

For more information on the film one can engage with the producers on social media; www.facebook.com/childrenofthemountainfilm . Twitter @cotmfilm and Instagram @cotmfilm

Look out for the hash tags #ThisAfricanFilm #cotmfilm #indiefilm and #tribeca2016

Picture Credit: Q-Vision Limited.



Maker of me!


Wirer of thought of me!

Like a novice I did wire

Together a thought that aims to pain fire

Like a coward I stand shivering

Anticipating things that will cause me quivering

Like a rat I feel smoke

In a whole hole that is my own

Hold me firm Messiah

Grant me bravery in desire

Let me success acquire

For your deeds I do require

I do you admire

Even if fate has me retire

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: Google pics


Muddy minds may mar

Clever courts can clear

Devil dreams do drive

But the sun won’t change its lane

Not for your cause or mine


Bright birds breed best

Cool characters can cheer

Darers dare dreading details detained

But note, the air won’t change its path

Not for your cause or mine


Novices notice not knowledge needed

Carers care cruising crews candidly

Dread dirt, deepening drains

But do note, darkness will wear earth like cloth

When its time dawns

Nothing will change its state

Not for you

Not for me

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Picture Credit: Google pics


Sing me no song of a tiger

None of a lion

None of a hyena

For like a lost dove

I can stand no scary roars


Sing me no song of a dog

None of a bull

None of a cow

None of a goat

Like the queen of quietude

I can stand not its hoarseness


Sing me no song of a frog

For I love to see the face of the singer

None of a bird

I like to be at par with the sound

None of the rivers

I hate to see the end of the waves

None of the air

I hate to feel its moods


Sing me you

Sing me me

Sing me us

Until our hurdles pass

A song

Not so long

To clean my wrong

And make me long

For you so strong

And keep my crown making me young

In your thoughts where I belong

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: www.pinterest.com


I loathe your footmat
And fear your realm
I dread your unconsciousness
And pray away your time
As I walk like a robot back and forth my dreams,
The one your brother formed at his prime,
His visions are like hell
His thoughts; the heat that the Bible speaks of
Where and how you form your real cartoons
Which model my real beings
Marvels and scares
Who or what gives you power of magic
Frustrates and haunts
Why you form laser eyes in darkness
To scare the innocent
Annoys into craze
And your power of knocking me cold into your torture
Moulds around me mounds of desperation

You have your rights!
You certainly have your brights!
Please spare me your fights
I fear that height
Knock me cold into your life-line
So I see nor hear none in your cinema
Such frights at your sites
Set my sights on tight pain
And horrors which transfer to all your twin siblings
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Hide and seek

Is what they play

The sun and moon seem very meek

With a hide each slay

With appearance they speak, freak, leak and peek

Every second is their stirring day


We trust and curse as we seek

They jump and hide as they play

Hide and seek

We dock, we clay

Neglecting their rests and loving gay

As we toil and freak

In this earth with hay

If we can only stop in brain kick

We would see their hide and seek

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image Credit: Google pics



They plucked stars
From their skies
Like unripe mangoes from their trees
And sent them to their dark earth
To polish them in light
One star after another
Brought greed for more
As pluckers turned merchants
After turning some stars hunters of good stars
Their own flesh and blood!

Parading bright stars on dirty markets
Like fake goods with great essence
It afforded them time to sit in collection of wealth
As alcohol dug rails in their throats
Through to their stomachs
Dodging cruelty which they should have washed down
The aisle of their rears

They dug pain gutters in feminine stars for their pleasure
Beautiful stars who they deemed monkeys
Breaking their hearts in their drunken lust
Using them like soaps to wash themselves
Caring not about their fading status

Breaking no sweats, they tortured
Using just heads, they rode on backs of stars
Claiming to be moons when they were just magnified pigs
After the stars polished their earths and made them bright
And their generations met and loved their ‘perceived’ rights
They seek to be rid of the stars who made their rights

Stars shine bright
Black stars shine in development making their lights hidden assets
What will these pigs do after throwing off generations
Whose back paths have been deserted into desserts?
Who shows them their back paths blocked by cruelty and greed?

They think they will be free after the stars leave
They don’t know their sluggishness are inherited
And their works will remain in their heads
With no executionists
If they are left without traces of the stars their cruel ancestors grazed
From the sky which awaits its revenge
Sanity now will beget anguish
And anguish will turn inherited masters slaves
Slaves of pesewas needing the whips
Whips their ancestors missed
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016
Picture credit: Google pics


Headed by the indefatigable and hardworking Randy Sedem Agbodo and supported by Charity Batuure; the Autism Help Foundation got the full backing of the Wa School for the Deaf’s section of neuro disorders and the walk came off in the morning at exactly 9am.
Some members of the community joined to lend their support to the children as they celebrate World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2016.















The Wa walk was also a huge success. Thanks to all stakeholders concerned.


April 2 of every year is World Autism Awareness Day and to commemorate this day, Autism Help Foundation organised walks in two regions, Northern and Upper West and partnered the Autism Ambassadors of Ghana to walk in Accra. The Yendi walk, with the pupils of Yumba Special School and Portia Dery’s African Youth Writers Organisation members, started around 11:00am as the rains made travelling from Tamale to Yendi a hurdle. Thankfully, the Yendi Police Commander made sure our escorts were ready by the time we reached there.

Protected by five strong escorts, we started off at the palace of Kampakuya Naa Yakubu Abdulai, the Regent of Yendi who gave his blessings days before the walk. We spoke to many people, enlightened many whose idea of people with neuro disorders ranged from evil to spirits to witches in rivalry. We were thankful most of them confessed they had learnt to keep them alive.

Enjoy some of the pictures.






Great thanks goes to Autism Society of Ghana who supported this project, Nana Awere Damoah, Alexer, Mash Cudjoe, Portia Dery, Ruka Yaro, teachers of the Yumba Special School, and all the volunteers. And to the AHF team and its chairship, I say Ayekooo!!!