April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day and for 2016, Autism Help Foundation is celebrating in style. It will start with us partnering the Autism Ambassadors of Ghana and other schools and associations in Accra on Saturday April 2, 2016
Then the Autism Help Foundation will move Yendi with Kampakuya Naa Abdulai Yakubu Andani to raise awareness of autism on the same April 2, 2016.
We move in Wa the same day raising awareness with the Wa School for the Deaf.


This place of yearning

Owns a churning

As rain seeps through the pores of the earth

And the earth cries in cracks for the thirst of it

So does the yearning begs attention


Withering prime!

Anxious crime!

The bells loudly chime!

Deeds deal not with dimes!

Hold me in your arms

Those strong arms

Pull me through my schedules

Though I am still in the cradle

Crying wolf where sheep play


I and I and I and I

Surround me in all I seek

When she, he, you and we

Is what aids and plaits and shades in trade

Mark my steps

Hold me firm

Make me a seer

When blindness eves

On this trip adorned with slips

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016




There must be a God for each!

I believe there must be a God for each!

Urging on their priced creations

Breeding fierce competition

Creating chances

Being defeated

Winning and cheering

While they oposing losers cry

There must surely be a God for each

Creator of a model being to keep

Programmer of every soul to raise

And like the power packed mysterious being we think to know

Each possessing a mastery spirit which follows

A few abandoning their creations 

When they get out of hand

But being  their shadows praying for good chances

There must be a God for each

It cannot be that one God for all

Who creates many beings





All with the same love?

And will say think not of my existence

When He programmed them to think?

There must be a God for each

Not a smaller god for each

And I seek to find mine

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


As time travels to my older soul

I feel, in my mind’s palms, the hot coal

Dreams are like lighted coals

In an airy oven

Situated in lairs of lion-like vixens

Lairs whose entrance is made of the soils of thorns


Legs have to pierce in tears

Eyes need to see their own blood

Veins have to feel the pain of movement

Hands have to feel some muscle pulls

They have to feel the heat of the coals

They have to hold onto the live coals

Trusting their neighbours to work an escape

An escape out through the thorns

Or a caging for burning


Ye fathers of my fathers’ fathers!

Ye mothers of my mothers’ mothers!!

Ye uncles of my uncles’ uncles!!!

Ye aunts of my aunts’ aunties!!!!

Make way for the rude heat to calm

Hold tight my will to hold

Numb the pain of the thorns


Oh ye witches of family’s witches’ witches

Ye wizards of family’s wizards’ wizards

Ye demons of family’s demonic demons

Get me to a safe land

For once

Without licking my blood to thirst for more

Without chewing my skin to hung for more

Without breaking my bones to crave for all

I am your blood after all

Yours to protect and not to cook

Let your pots cry for once

As the bird flies to light your worlds

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Miles with its wiles

Have drawn a picture of longing

Drawing mind closer to you

Like a magnetic wave

Pulled in by a metal wrapped in its interest


Glued in thoughts

Separated in body

I shake like a leaf in epileptic wind waves

Eyes wide open and I fall

Eyes tightly closed and I break


Lust is busted

Its holiness corrupted

Its needs intensified

Its songs enchanting in devilisim

Yearnings call for your shadowed hands

In this miles which has achieved its wildlistic pained needs

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Underwater Slave Sculpture

In our ancestors’ future

Culture was the path of security

Of safety

Of enlightenment

Of peace

Of protection


In our ancestors’ future

We were clothed by culture’s silk

Adorned by Odomankoma’s mental gold

Given extra eyes by the seer of the sky

To see distractors

To teach and mould aliens to follow

And not to turn followers


Like the eagles in flight

They saw no flies flying on their futures’ backs

Like the clean cows

They saw no ticks, living on their futures’ skins

Like spirit horses

They saw no seats on the backs of their futures

Now laughters of tears

Happiness drowned by sorrows

Play our mpintin

Play our dondo

They play the drums of the land

Even when their skins have made way for their weeping fingers


Flies now ride the eagles

As culture turns ground

Ground pounded into dust and mud

Ticks now own storey buildings

On backs of the sons of the cleanest cows

Sons of the proud coffined fathers

Who left with smiles but now frown behind rotten woods

As seats shamelessly parade on the saintly horses

Broken by alien hands of manipulation


In the spirit

The dance of adowa is breaking the web

The dance of kpanlogo is breaking the legs of the spider

The dance of abgadza is pushing for the clean corners

And Bambaya fans their course

Clearing the gifted eyes to see all visions

So we dance on

Trying to lift culture from the mud

Lifting it from the dust

Onto the rightful throne of the gods

To find our way back from the enslaved spirits

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: Google pics



In your shade

I fear no fade

When the devil, your presence, forbids

As he, my happiness, lids

I will be pushed by no defeat

And will get, in your court, a seat

For I know your enduring treat

No matter the sad drum beat

Your are my knot

My beautiful time slot

You are my cot

Clearer of all my dark dots

You are pride

In all my tides

You are my feet

So I feel no heat

So I am your home

Your servant and your child

Do with me as you please

My dear protector; Lord

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: Google pics



Before Poku arrived in front of King Gyaas, Catcher told all the first cat family members present

“I think we must find a way of not antagonizing them further to flee. Let’s find a way of making them understand that things will change and get them to settle in comfortably. Then we can appoint the heads of all the species which are important in the kingdom to some positions. This way, they will let their guards down as we, through their heads get what we want.”

Crude was shocked at the thought of Catcher. All the others looked on like they’ve been struck by a positive lightening which has caused them to see clearly.

“You are not called Catcher for anything. You really are the best thinker this kingdom has seen”

King Gyaas commended.

“Now Poku, find a way of announcing to the whole kingdom that we are in for a fresh start. The gods of our land have embraced a new god which forces them to force us to live in harmony as herbivores. Make them understand that they are their own bosses and will not have any interference from us anymore. All they will get is our directions and goodwill.”

Poku fled with some of his men and added Dog Servio to do the work of the kingdom crier.

“Wow o wo! Wow o wo! Let all kingdom heads put their ears to the ground and hear the heartbeat of the king! He is the only king who truly thinks about his subjects. King Gyaas has seen a new god through our many gods! They call for harmony among all Kingdomers! They have warned that we live like equals or the skies will bring the knife of thunder to slash all murderers! King Gyaas loves all and calls for all Kingdomers to feel comfortable enough to settle in. The first cat family will make sure all are safe! Wo wo o wo! Stop hiding and come home! Home is where your colour blends! No foreign leaf can agree with your intestines like our own! Come home oh wo! All heads of differing animals will ascend thrones to fight for their own in a free parliament o wo!!!”

The animals who were hiding in trees, underground, in deep waters began to murmur among themselves.

“Is this true? Is this not a trap? Let’s be careful o! I think they cannot lie on the gods of the land! Who could this new god be? Maybe second chance is all the first cat family needs”

The hiding animals came out of their hiding and settled in.

The first parliament took place five days after calm returned to the kingdom. All heads of various animals represented. They realised they could not do anything because everyone was eager to talk. King Gyaas had decided not to take part of the parliament but will follow everything they say. Cruiser suggested they vote for a head of the parliament who will chair all occasions so as to bring some kind or order. All the animals agreed but did not nod for Cruiser. They nodded for the head of cows, Quintin.

Cruiser realised he was just not likeable. He had thought they did not give him the nod at first because of his size but Quintin was also big enough. He let it go with as he knew the sense of loss wanes with time. They decided to call themselves Kingdom Reps

“Hello all kingdom reps!”

All of them covered their ears. It was the head of Guinea fowls.

“I know I have a pitchy voice, but in the name of equality and Kingdom Rephood, please don’t make it too obvious. It is amazing how we cry for equality but look down on others who are unique than us. Anyway, I am glad to be part of this parliament. The first thing I need us to discuss is the way to keep the trees safe for boarding…”

Just then, Fowl Crystal cut in

“The trees? What about the land? The land is also a place for some of us to board.”

Shut up both of you! Rat Reuben said

“Underground is the most important place to talk about. Animals who live there suffer a lot when the sun sits on its throne and when the rains angrily flood, we suffer more. Aren’t we supposed to talk about how to make the underground better?”

Corrector the Parrot chipped in

“I don’t know about the sky, land and underground but are we not supposed to use formal language? Reuben, this is a noble house. How can you say “aren’t here?”

Almost all the reps nodded. Then Corrector continued.

“I think we should put all the betterment on hold until we get we set rules to govern this noble house”

Almost all the animals forgot about the previous discussions as they debated and debated about the rules fit to govern the house.

“No pitchy voice to be used to an echo level” Warthog West hid to say

“No croaky voice to be used above to an echo level” Guinea Fowl fired”

“No heavy legs must be moved more than four times in the house” Dee the Lizard said

“No unnecessary nodding should be seen in the house” Cruiser fired at Dee

All the time, Servio sat there breathing with his tongue out as though his life depends on it. His ears standing like very obedient soldiers on duty.

“Mooooooo” Quintin silenced

“The sun has travelled beyond its peak. We need to go back to our people. The parliament will now adjourn to the next five days.”

That evening, Necky the Giraffe head had a royal visitor. King Gyaas sat in front of his house.

“Dear Necky, they say when the heavens visit the earth, then there sure is the need. I am very ashamed to sit before you like this. I have a very peculiar problem. My little son is dying of blood thirst. I am not affected by the herbs we are taking but that little royal soul is dying because his system cannot digest the grass. Please, you know how difficult it is for our kind to procreate. Save my young one”

“How?” Necky queried

“Gift me one of your kind. Its mother does not need to know. All you need to do is to get it for me and I will make sure you get access to water for two weeks…









Strange range

Change arranges not emotions

It scatters to litter in bitter happiness

Or happy bitterness

Like a painter who is colour blind

Then carves familiarity like a new wife

And makes all humans new husbands


strange range

Wigs were once wicked spirits’ possessions

Which needed days of emptied stomachs

To deliver in heavenly exorcisms

Now like Godly decorations

They turn pigs and monkeys into beings

Defecating on nature into oddity


Strange range

Lipsticks were once blood of demons

Skimpy clothes, apparels from the seas

Fake nails, claws of devilish lionesses

Nail polish, skins of Satan

Patronisers of these, mermaids of sea goddesses

Now fashion is their crown

As they step on naturals like their foot mats

Strange range indeed!

 Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Like seeds
We need rain
Sunlight and air
To bond with soil
In order to grow

Like young plants
We need your clearance
Your guidance for endurance
Your protection from legs and winds
To grow in thickness to fruition

Like fruiting plants
We need your protection
From birds and pests
To keep our seeds
To feed and plant

Give us your waters
If the rains fail to fall
Give us your light
When the sun hides in the clouds
Fan our roots and leaves 
If the air dines with sleep
We are the chariots of replacements
The heads for the thrones
The minds for the wheeling of life to weed all chaos
We are the fingers for the pens
The smooth tongues
To grace all ears
We are the seers with blessed hands
Blessed hands for tilling
We are the visions
We are the bosoms
Which will beat to scare
And embrace in welcome
We are the flights
We are the legs, which will take Ghana there
Into the future
Where your futures’ futures lie to be awaken
By our magic breaths
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Vessels of love!

Beautiful houses of homes!

Owners of completeness!

Fertile lands of the earth!

Faces of welcomes!


Clearer of loses!

Visions of clearer choices!

Hearts like springs of goodness!

Plants with nutritious breasts of vitality!

Skies with lighted suns and moons!

With stars which work to train fireflies

To replace them to lead in their absence

Making darkness’ rule worthless

If there are sets of teeth

To melt chaos

You have them!

When wills wilt

Your touches wake

Magicians of happiness

No bird flies without wings

Your are wings and hearts


Continue healing here into heights

Goddesses in pretty and brainy shapes


Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Image: Google pics)


(As part of the International Women’s Day, I composed this poem to congratulate all women. No matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what you are going through, no matter your status, Happy International Women’s Day! Be the queens you are and rock your worlds. You are special and nobody can take that from you. Enjoy this piece.)

Google pics
Google pics

Show me a river with no legs

And I will show you how it seeps to flow

Even into a hard rock

Even into thorns

Even into walls.

Although some get captured

Some get splattered

Some get evaporated

They all end back into the land

Their destination of birth!


A woman is a river

A river in which all gods dwell

A river which gives life to the earth

A river quenching all thirst 

No matter how wronged 

So strong is her resolve

That she can be caged









But in her

Is the seed of all men


Stand to be hailed ye rivers of life!

Sit to be worshipped ye rockers of the earth!

Laugh to infect ye souls of grace!

Even in sorrowful laughter

Your love resonate all corners of the earth

When all else fail

Over temptation, even in strife

Mean times can sit on stools

Emancipation shelved like rags

Nothing hides your light

For you are the light of the world

The beauties of the soil

The bravest hearts of the land

The mothering souls like angelic warriors

You are who you are

And planters can never plant without lands

Flow into all your seas

And dance this day in all your glories

Knowing you rule this earth

And will forever rule

For you are the land

And the crown of the heavens

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Daylight saving sunrise 2012 008

At the mercy of the sentient being

Whose breath was like mono gas

With an elephantine emotion

Which jumped like a servant at his command

I croaked like a choked frog

In his hidden gutters

Gutters which obeyed their master

In soundproofing, aiding and abetting the crime of pain


Daylight now flood the candle light

Who boasted in darkness 

And was worshipped by all eyes

Now day sits stroking my every whim

As the candle light is left at the mercy of the winds

Darkness has fled from its feet

Eyes no longer see its existence

It burns legs which trod without notice

Forgetting they too, can kill it


Time travels in turning favours

Wrapping its gifts in luck

Throwing them to the highest needer

He had his when I fell at his feet

Had his dance to dust me

When I crawled in his grounds

Now I dance not

But his eyelids are being whipped by even the airs

All is fair when time’s travels is completed

I smile, he smiled, you will smile

When touched by the visitor of luck

Life is such a wheel

Turning to hit down

At the same time to help some clutch up

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: Google pics


They say life begins at forty

A year to pension, what have you gained?

Marriage to many lands in bonds of servitude?

Knees kissing gravels to lower thy face?

A broom to sweep your dirt under your tattered mat?

A choir to sing your horrids as flourishes?

A heart to collect unwanted scraps

And use tongues to attract claps?

Children who betray and open your doors to stray cats?

Mother Ghana speak on your birthday!

Let us know about your wishes for development like all sane mothers

Let us know your yearnings for us to grow us and you

This is a day to grant you all

Help you rise from all your falls

And if you call

We will heed and please

So do take this chance to get release

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016




imageWith one mind

All sought to find

Freedom which in bondage hid to blind

But none triumphed but one in a kind

Kwame Nkrumah! Stopper of the colonial grind!


We have travelled a long way

Graduated to adulthood so can have our say

Way past our childish play

Not so easy a stay

But we have many a day


We are “aman mma”

We are Ghana “mma”

We are “agudie mma”

Of the royal kind

Ghana is the black star

With the most lighting light

We see so clear

Although some seem to blind

We stand through it all


We uphold the blood

Which fought and flooded

We cherish the breaths

Which ceased for the land to breathe

We know the mothers who wept in sufferance

Their fertile lands being grazed to barrenness

Knowing the intimidation that walked the minds

Of the powerful fathers who were with ignorance tamed


Seeing so much

Not all happiness as such

Mother Ghana needs a party

For staying alive and shielding our lives

We will sing and dance to Agbadza

Sing and dance to Kpanlogo

Sing and dance to Adowa

Sing and dance to it all

Dances created in her fertile belly of ingenuity


I hope the rhythms clear our minds

Do us bind

And clear our blinds

I pray the rhythms wear us clothes of patriotism

And clear all lies

Which promises to see her die

And keep our feet on their soles

So our knees work instead of kneel

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng


Porcupine Poku was the chief of the porcupine soldiers. He was a gallant animal with lots of spears to throw. Skilled in armoury, the entire animal kingdom feared him. Coupled with the fact that he commanded great respect among his own people and could move all the porcupines, no animal dared look him twice in the face let alone try to disrespect him. Cruiser elephant saw that no matter what happened, he had to say something in order to let the ruling king know that the land did not belong to him. He raised his trunk, occasionally stealing glances at Porcupine Poku to the dismay of all the animals. King Gyaas first looked surprised, then looked around and nodded for him to talk.

“King Gyaas, we know you are the king. A king who promised to make us all equal. I believed you when you said you would resort to chewing grass because even a huge animal like me lives on grass. Now you sit on a higher ground, watching our pates and saying we should present one of our kinds to you. Is that not a breach of promise?”

All the animals were touched but afraid for the life of Cruiser. For minutes on end, King Gyaas looked at Cruiser with no readable countenance. Then he suddenly burst out laughing.

“Cruiser, I know what I said but living the talk and talking the living are two different things. The sky is a vast unreachable land. One that no one can reach. Even Eagle was not able to reach the sky to fetch the rains. Now ask this, how is a wingless lion striving to make his land better supposed to reach those lands to fetch the rains which are hiding far beyond the fire sun? If I am to get the strength to think, to get the strength to climb trees, to get the strength to consult the gods of the sun, I need strength. You know the God who created us failed in granting us equality. I love the taste of blood no matter how small you see me to be, you love the taste of leaves although you are big and pigs love the taste of dirt although they have very fair skin. Who are we to blame for these taste buds? Who is to blame for the differences in animals? If the one who created it failed to bring fairness of lives, why do you try to let me lose favour with the ones I am working hard to save? Look at their faces, don’t they look thin to you? If sacrificing one of their kinds to me will eventually help me gain the strength to think and solve the problems of the land, why do you speak as though I am a monster trying to destroy them?

I have the strength to catch any animal and do with it as I please. Why did I call this meeting? It is out of respect, out of love, out of brotherliness, out of duty!!! So my brethren, listen not to the rants of Cruiser, one who covets the fact that I have your mandate and let us do what is right.”

Most of the animals, especially those in the cat family, clapped for King Gyaas. Others were confused as to what is going on. Cruiser did not know what to say. He was surprised to see faces metamorphose from support to hatred. King Gyaas stood there watching with satisfaction on his face. Cruiser left the parade followed by his wife and child.

“Thank you very much Gyaasmaniacs! I know we will go places with time. We will beat this famine and drought that refuses to leave our land! We will shame hunger and shame thirst! We will kill tears and gain riches! Just struggle for a little while, let’s drink in the air to wait for the sweat of the sky. I promise I will put your donations to great use. I will gain more skin to cover up, more fur to adorn this neck, and when the body is fit, I will face the sun squarely. May the gods watch over us! May God Bless us all!!”

King Gyaas left amidst the cheers and merry making.

Formida was a very quiet ant who lived on the respect of all those he lived with. His greatest virtue was his silence. He watched what had happened in Jungle Kingdom and could not believe his eyes and ears. What had happened to the reasoning of the animals? Are they giving in to the ridiculous request by the blood thirsty king? Formida could barely breathe.

“Well, they will wake up when the time comes for them to select their loved ones for the teeth of their king. What do I care? As long as I stay out of the reach of his legs, I am safe. No family member of mine is affected because we do not fall within their taste bud games”

Formida said in his head and headed off.

A week later, King Gyaas sat on his hind legs, and stood on his fore legs surrounded by his family. Many lions were there to show their support but their faces spoke volumes of their expectations. It got to midday and no animal had brought his token. Not even the stinking pigs. So he sent his porcupine warriors to go to their houses and bring their family heads to the palace. When the porcupines went, all the houses were intact but no animal soul could be smelt nearby. The only animals they could see were the birds who flew so far up upon seeing them. So the porcupines went to report this to their king. King Gyaas roared, roared and roared like a beast who has felt the fires of hell as his children and the children of his family members roared with him in hunger.

Where could they have gone? They couldn’t have gone far, Jupi, Gyaas’ wife asked. Catcher, Gyaas’ sister roared louder than Gyaas to stop him in his track.

“I told you to let us hunt secretly for the game. You refused. It was perfect when they thought we were eating grass. They were careless and so many animals could be caught at a go. And no matter how many of them went missing, they never felt like hiding from us. Now look! You decided to make a pact with our game, pact with our food! Who does not fear death? In this world, who will stand to see the death of his dear one or himself? You don’t listen to any advice! You think you are the almighty just because you got their nods to be king? Now we will all suffer. Struggling to gain the love of your food is simply ridiculous! We are carnivores, born carnivores and will die as carnivores. It is not a sin to hunt, God himself made us so but you want to behave like a hypocrite. Only those beyond the boarders do that! Pleading to their game before eating them. Why should I do that? Eating is eating no matter how the food was gotten and telling someone you will eat the person is more cruel than not telling him or her. We will all starve!”

Gyaas looked at her and looked down. He had lost the zeal to argue. He fell on all fours and hid his face.

Crude, his younger brother, roared and glared at his sister.

“King Gyaas get up! No matter what Catcher says, you are the king of Jungle Kingdom. We live to learn from our experiences. What has happened has happened. Now we just need to find a solution and move forward. The fact that their properties are all in their houses shows they are around but in hiding. What we need to do is to find a way of getting them out of their hiding places. Besides, is it easy to cross our boarders? You need someone from the out-lands in order to move from here or you will be crushed even before you reach their boundary. That desert from our boundary to theirs is a place many dare to live but risk dying before their times. I always felt bad because they could come here any time they wanted but made such a fuss when we wanted to go there. Not any more. Their restrictions are our keys to find ways of getting through to those idiots. So get out of the clothes of sadness and let’s find a way to hunt them down. Let’s hunt!”

King Gyaas saw the wisdom in what Crude said, stood up and called out:



(Image taken from


Kwame Osei climbs trees
Whenever he me sees
He says he’ll pay my fees
Then whine like bugged bees
But whenever papa sees, he flees

Kojo Dzakpasu agbadza dances
Whenever he me sees in his chances
He, his muscles enhances
As he my face glances
Warning all to watch their stances
Behaving like a dog which prances

Bra Ayittey says he me loves
For I am like a Dove of doves
He promises to wear all gloves
And swears to kill by all living Joves
If any ant steps around his Dove of doves

Mba Alhassan says he is tall
And will always catch my fall
All I need is to heed his whistle call
When the night teases evening to be dull

They watch my face
Whenever and pace
Each watches my chest
Like a hunting pest
When I turn my back
Their mouths, they smack
When my legs are bare
Their sticks stand square
What queer spirit they have
To make them show such starve
In another’s farm
One who can forever seek their harm!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


You were beautiful

Your coconuts’ early openings just wonderful

Your need to lead 

Overbearing but powerful

Why do you now look pitiful?


Most of your children now roam

Roam the forest of doom

Leaving the street of morals

Because a cane on a skin

Draws your judges’ hammer,

Your youngs now fly with flawed wings


Most of your animals lick your mouths

Oh haven’t you now turned their gods?

Worshipping them in rights

When they are here to help us grow or serve

Funny how you make dogs eat cows

When left in the ring they stand no chance


What is this about granting freedom

For all beings to smoke out their lungs

With weeds harsh in highness?

And you complain of chaos 

In your heavenly hell?


And what is this about becoming body gods

Giving mortars to replace standing pestles?

Don’t you fear to answer?

When your God calls

And show your deeds on walls?

Holy demons who covet the uncoveting

Eyes of heavens watch


Ha! The breaker of the donkey’s back comes in

Rears turn pleasure stirs

For human sticks which spew lives

Toys aid and abet queer bearers

And you sit to write in mock support 


What are you now turned?

Certainly not human but demons of selves

America your car is crashing

Hold on to Africa or fall alone

All these impositions to be like you

All your charm which attract our young

Know they are bad sicknesses we seek to cure

And when we finally do

Your sure will crash alone

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: Google pics


Daylight saving sunrise 2012 008

It has appeared

Whether loved or feared

Whether hooted or cheered

Until the curtain of darkness appear

None can actually clear


It will choose its mood

Whether bad or good

Whether confusing or understood

Whether there is famine or food

Whether estated or hooded

Whether hanging or rooted


You can choose to remember her

Or decide to discard her

You can choose to make it fair

Or can choose to its controversy stair

Its name is a New Day

Until it dooms, it’s come to stay

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Ordinary fly

I am too plain for you to strain

So you sigh

And look at me with disdain

You love the lie

And all those who like paintings live in colour

Thinking not of any disorder


Chase the “real” butterflies

Know their nectar taste and oh! Pray not for rain

Fall for one who your things vies

I pray you find a numb pill for pain

When the whips make your heart cries

Say not you go insane

Uglies in beauties

Later turn to eyes, pain duties

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image from Google Pics

SADA’S 20th Ghana International Trade Fair in Tamale

The Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) arranged with the Ghana Trade Fair Authority to host the 20th edition of the fair in Tamale at the Tamale Sports Stadium. The fair is on the theme “Two Decades of International Trade Fairs in Ghana: Exploring Business Opportunities in the SADA Zone of Ghana”, seek to harness the vast investment potentials in the Savannah Ecological Zone. The fair started from February 25, 2016 and will end on March 7, 2016. Amoafowaa passed by on March 29, 2016 and with the help of Wofa Kojo Kwarteng captured sheds which caught her attention and asked those available about their businesses.

IMG_0807 This is Vision Farms started by Mr. Alhassan Bafara Ibrahim. They own over 20,000 birds and train communities for poverty reduction through rearing. So they register, train those interested in basic handling of the birds. They then supply them with 10 birds. As they grow, they take 30% of the proceeds. They can be contacted on +233205356509.






IMG_0816 This is the Baaru and Sons Xylophone Learning Centre which is located in Laura led by Samuel Saaku Baaru. They teach how to play and manufacture xylophones. They also sell and export mostly to Argentina. You can call them on +233208917027.



The B-diet Tom Brown started on large scale in November but prior to that, it was just just produced for home consumption and sharing to the needy. The interest of people inspired the large scale production. The CEO, Mr. Charles Atia said he had thought of a way of earning income, creating job opportunities for the youth and helping in the reduction of high incidence of malnutrition in the north. As part of the third objective, he tried to make it affordable so that people with low income can afford it as they have the high risk of having malnourished children. To be able to reach these people, they go round to meet the people to talk to them and encourage them to buy some for their household as a substitute for porridge which is mainly carbohydrate. B-Diet Tom Brown has Fonio, soya beans, ground nuts and yellow maize which are nutritious cereals and legumes. Currently, there are young people who come for the product to sell for income and are saving to be able to pay their school fees. Their contact +233201658401.IMG_0825

This is the Jamilullah Farms is owned by the pretty Ruka Yaro. She owns close to a thousand birds. Her farms is in Tamale. Her contact is +233244128734.




Many smock sheds abound at the fair.IMG_0689

Little Beginnings is a Trust Foundation whose president is Ms. Priscilla Akoto Bamfo. She started by visiting orphanages, that is, the Osu Children’s Home in Accra, Nhyonni Children’s Home in Tamale to play with them and teach them the fun ways of learning. Nowit is opened as a reading centre for children from Kindergarten to class six on Saturdays from 8am to 12pm . Their main objective is to inculcate values in children using books and stories as a tool with the hope that they will practice in growth.

International Trade fair

Local jewellery on displayIMG_0741Bafafa Foods represents


Agape Moringa Products produces herbal soaps, hair and skin pomades. Their main ingredient is the Moringa Leaves.

Might fm, 90.5 Mhz also has a shed at the fair. According to the Accounts Manager, it is to showcase their ability as a renowned broadcasting house. It is also an assemblage of potential media partners and also it is the opportunity to meet and profile themselves to see the possibility of coming together to work. Their contact is +233208222060








IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0761

All these products are made in Ghana. The clothes, sandals, beads. Craft is something that Ghanaians are blessed with.

Trade Fair Ghana 2016


Vek Jah Enterprise’s products include pure honey from Damongo, and Pure Groundnut Paste and Jomi (she explained that Jomi is derived from fire- “ejo” and oil- “emi” in effect, Jomi means oil from fire). They can be found in Northern Ghana, Tamale. Their contact is +233208293782IMG_0768

Blessed Elinam Enterprise makes clothes, bags, tie and dye, Madam Elinam says she does all these by herself and is looking for investors to produce on large scale. Her contact is +233244592018.IMG_0771


Students of Tamale Polytechnic represents showcasing various crafts which are such delight to watch. This particular one is a water fountain made by a student called Shiraz Abdul Razak. What is in the earthenware is a pump which pumps the water up and down. He is looking to produce on large scale when he gets an investor. He can be contacted on +233240399926.




These were made by two female students; Ahmed Zainab and Asantewaa Appiah Irene who graduated on 2015 from the Tamale Polytechnic.


IMG_0777 This is an electrical solar amplifier made by Alhassan Abdul Jalilu who needs investors to perfect it. I must say it was very clear and its loudness is in tune with international standards. He can be contacted on +233245735715








This is a bamboo bicycle made by a student of Tamale Polytechnic

IMG_0790 The photographer for the day Wofa Kofi Kwarteng took a ride to test it, and it worked perfectly.
IMG_0793 Auxano makes pomade from shea butter.

Some noticeable art
IMG_0796 IMG_0797

Amoafowaa on the xylophoneIMG_0798


Cool locally made soya milk. Was very tasty.


This is Awontiirim Calabash and Wood Art. According to the sales woman, it is a family business which was started by their grandfather but perfected by their uncle. Now everyone in the family does it. Their contact is +233242068626.

There were many sheds which amoafowaa could not cover because of time.

Photo Credit: Wofa Kojo Kwarteng.


It was a worried night

One which caged all things bright


It was a worried night in a cave

One which refused to behave

And craved to be saved


It was a worried night

One which croaked and roared in slow flight

Like the ghost of a materialistic demon

Forced to exit its comfortable body


It was a very worried night

One which did peace bite

And extincted serenity like a skilled fumigator

Thinking nothing of the good turned pest

When it is incapable of rest


It was a very worried night

One which gave much fright

Weeping with no tears but flooding the floor of sleep

Bringing its legs wherever it is steep

Whipping its heart with a self destructive whip

No matter how it resisted, it passed like the winds

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Photo Credit: