Season’s Romance



A rosy morning sunrise prances…

(In a delicate sunbeam ballet)

Upon snowy February branches…

A frosty-day-sparkle-melt-away!

Spring warmth on winter dances;

Quick encounter a seasonal play!

Yearly rendezvous brief romances…

Warmth of life leads cold astray!

Icy dissolve nurture life’s chances,

Green rises to overthrow all gray!

Glitter-to-glint magnifies enhances,

Hope- for-spring-time-dream-day!

Slow-waltz Winter’s Spring princess…

Youthful rosy blush heats icy-day!

Old man Winter lost! Love entrances…

Summer entices Spring’s love away!

Summer falls to Autumn enchantress!

Bad-boy Winter flirt Autumn is prey…

Scandalous affairs seasonal romances!

Begin every year in a sunlit ice ballet;

Icy rose morning sunlight take chances…

Season’s romance spectacular display!




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I know you swallow it all

Green or brown in lastly fall

Weak or strong when they’re slashed by the “amuntum” call

A call of croaks from the throat of “Yaamoa Owuo”


Is conscience lacking you

Or you lack the pit to carry its pot?

Who eats the little bitter mangoes

When ripe ones open their arms in embrace?

Are you a psychotic beast

Taking vessels with strength and leaving the fragile?

Or you are like a carnivorous vampire 

With no scruples when any bone show some meat?


I am on a quest

To god of yours request

So I can sit on you and prevent you to rest

Until I see to your arrest

Making sure you have no sick breasts to suckle

For taking what was un-hatched

I say fie!

I curse your ladder

And await with white apparel

For the day you fall into the mouth of your god

Death! Thou shall painfully and slowly die!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Wrote this for my young student who died and is being buried today. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace)


If eyes marry ears
Many stones of disappointments
Will be thrown at fears
The sun tells of its birth
With its mildness as all bodies carry,

Even the albinos’,
Scares almost all bodies into corners
When it stands on its podium of peakhood
And loses its light
To make way for weak eyes
To see it before it sinks
If only our eyes marry our ears

If only our eyes marry our ears
We will hear the wails of the air
And feel its fingers on our pores
And its performance at its job
No matter its complaints
If only eyes marry ears
And ears marry hearts
As hearts marry brains
The body polygamy
Would have bred Individual harmony
No matter how cruel death drags
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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Health Screening for People with Neuro Disorders in Four Regions of Ghana slated for March 7, 2016


The Autism help foundation has among its objectives the need to create awareness of people living with neuro disorders not only in Accra but in every corner of the country. That is why it is organising a health screening for these special people with the the aim of getting their numerical data. The screening comes off on March 7, 2016. The screening,  backed by the Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts will be held in Greater Accra (at the Art Centre), Ashanti (Art Centre and Baffowaa Spot),  Northern (Art Centre) and Upper West Regions (Wa School for the Deaf). It will be the first of the series of screening which aims at total nationwide coverage for numerical data.
For sponsorship please contact the President Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia or the National Secretary Sylvanus Bedzrah on Facebook or call +233-502-097-571.
Be bold enough to care for people with neuro disabilities in cash or kind.


King Gyaas commanded his soldiers to fire at Watcher. The soldiers obeyed with passion, scattering Watcher like dried leaf grinded into dust. Ntat shivered and barely managed to cage her cry of disgust and disappointment. We must live in harmony indeed! She thought. We are all together as one indeed! Her thoughts made her weep within but she crawled out of the porcupine killer and made her way out of The Palace before Gyaas could calm down. Steam was coming out of his nostrils and mouth as he puffed like one who just fought and conquered multitudes of enemies. His eyes shone in victory and still had lasers of intentions to extinct his enemies. His family looked on without batting an eye. The porcupines who felt bad for scattering Watcher wore uncertain countenances which were cleared after the spears of warning which were clearly sent from the pupils of King Gyaas which was obviously fully dilated.

Ntat did not know what to make of the information and what was seen. She dug a hole and hid in it for some time before making it to her family. When she told her mother about what had happened, her mother told her father and together, they went to the head of ant to lodge a complaint. The head of ant furiously went to see King Gyaas. No one knew what was discussed but before everyone knew what was happening, the head of ants, Archer, owned one hundred anthills filled with foods that could feed thousands of ants for over ten years in river areas. Ntat and her family disappeared from the Jungle kingdom but an interesting thing happened; Archer’s wife, Armaah, and their children also disappeared. Armaah’s description was on the lips of all the animals. Archer searched frantically for his family without success. So rich he had become materialistically, but very poor in relations, so he begun to drink.

Meanwhile all the animals were yet to see the improvement they were promised. Some complained but did not have the bravery to say it to the face of the king. There was a rumour walking the length and breadth of Jungle Kingdom that Watcher was murdered by the king for saying something he was not supposed to say causing his family to flee from Jungle Kingdom. Animals who fell within the game zones of carnivores got missing day after day. The Palace took reports but did nothing about them.

Famine and drought became more serious than they had ever experienced. Some animals were bold enough to march to The Palace to send their grievances but were beaten to a pulp. Later that day, Lion Gyaas scheduled a meeting for the next three days. All animals in the jungle were supposed to make it or face sanctions. The animals did not know what to make of this.

“Is he now ordering us when he promised to be our equals?” Goat Owar asked

The head of domestic cats; Silio, just blinked in confusion but before anyone could say jack dog exclaimed:

“Ei! So you are here bleating foul things about our king? This one, barking alone won’t help, it must be followed by a formal report”

So saying, dog left for The Palace but no one will grant him entry. So Dog Servio went back to his house, took a bath and went back there, saying he wanted to be the humble servant of the king. His family and himself.

King Gyaas was happy, at least he had animals who willingly offered their services. The king granted Servio an audience and was angrily pleased with him.

Silio and Owar were arrested and sent to King Gyaas at midnight. It was then that Bat Bright understood what Watcher said. He had seen them hunt for animals in the night but had never seen them take two different animals of the day from their fence and boarding at night. What was he to make of this? He knew so well that Watcher was murdered because he voiced out what he saw. Was he ready to be arrested and torn apart like Watcher?

The families of Silio and Owar followed them to the Palace but were left in front of the gate. The king who sat on the skin of an elephant had dogs kneeling by his side. Immediately he saw Silio and Owar, he walked menacingly on all fours and slapped them in turns with his paws. Their skins cried with blood as their bodies shook.

“So you Goa  had the impudence to speak ill of me? And you cat, nature made us alike no matter your small frame. We are in the same circles but you decided to eat grass and mix it with any meat you get. That does not make us different. Because dog here says you said nothing, I will contain it. But he did also say he saw your face, and you agreed with what that idiotic goat said. I know no matter what I say, you will not open your mouth to mew. The fact that you are not looking at me with disdain and are shivering is enough. Goat will be used to appease me. And you must leave Jungle Kigdom before sunset, with your immediate family, or face my wrath”

Dog barked in concurrence the whole time, even to the disdain of the porcupine soldiers. Silio said in his head “So this is how stooges look?” and watched dog as much as he could before leaving the palace.

He heard goat scream loudly as he got to the main door and heard the exciting cravings of the little lions as their parents broke into the bones of Owar.

When he stepped out, he told the two families what had transpired, apologized to the family of Owar and asked his immediate family to prepare to set off. Owar’s family bleated so much that the porcupines came out and shot at them. Sileo stood on a rock and looked down one last time as the carcasses of Owar’s family were being dragged into the palace and jumped to lead his family out of Jungle Kingdom.

The next day, all animals in the Jungle Kingdom converged in front of the palace. Porcupines could be seen everywhere. Even hyenas and most of the high classed carnivores were seated on a mounted bamboo platform as King Gyaas took his time to dress. Nightingales and other sweet voiced animals sang melodious tunes in praise of King Gyaas as the birds with stronger feathers fanned the people seated at the high table. Foods could be seen there while the skinny physiques of all animals, including elephants graced the animal crowd. The sun also sat on its highest spot, throwing heat into the animal kingdom. Suddenly, all animals were asked to stand up and welcome their king. Something everyone did even before questioning in their heads. Guy giraffe was shocked that after all the time he took to dress, King Gyaas looked as mean as an angry mad cow but he was careful to keep this to himself as the cows sat next to him.

King Gyaas sat on the most beautiful part of the high table flanked by his peers. The high table was decorated with flowers with scents so pleasant. Most of the animals were confused. What are flowers to a lion? But all they could do was murmur. Then he sat on his hind legs and addressed the standing crowd:

“To begin, I will tell you I will not tolerate it if any of you speak ill of me. To the cats, I say, Cat Silio and his family have been banished from Jungle Kingdom for betraying the king of your land. Goat Owar and his family lost their lives for committing treason. Well, Owl Watcher too. That I am your king does not give you the right to malign me. You all know that it is difficult to come by water nowadays because of the weather. I did all that I could to boost the water levels but it just dawned on me that I am no God. So the palace is in a water crisis. For your king to think and think well, he needs food and water. Due to the grass I have been taking, my furs are growing thin. There is nothing I can do right now but to go back to carnivorism. Herbivorism, no matter how appropriate, is not for my kind. I think words are best said but deeds grant us the opportunity to experience what is workable and what is not. Honesty is better than dishonesty. So please understand me and help me live instead of dying. I do not want you to grumble so to be fair, all animals within my game zone will present one of their kinds to The Palace every one working week. I will try my hardest to dwell on this as I think through ways to get us the fertile land we need.”

The animals grumbled loudly but were shut up following the scary scares of the arrows of the fearsome porcupines.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


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When a lioness puffs loudly in chase

Its game triumph

For they know

Their fleeing tactics drain their murderers

So even when caught

They face death with a smile


When the goat bleats loudly in running

All know there is danger

That is, if nanny is not in sight

Chances are, its deeds do chase

Or its graves calls out

Either way, none pleasant


When a dog takes the opposite picture of a cat and barks loudly

It smells danger like a repugnant scent

And wishes it away

But fears the coward tag

So calls for audience before it pounces

Eyes, its bravery enhances


I wish to step into no shoes

Of a hungry lioness nor a bleating goat

Of a cowardly dog nor a nerdy cat

Just hold my hand when slime’s slip shines

Hold my head up when the sun does burn

Until my last sun sets, Maker of me!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2016


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When mama arrested me

She did not say why

All she did was form

And force me to conform

With each spit

I thought she cleaned

With every mood swing

I thought she cleared

With every heartbeat, I felt some love

No rules for living

Resided in the jail,

Jail of urine

You should have promised much foul

You should have tipped the slime of life

You should have told of the cuffing of breath

My mama told me

Nothing of sort

No tip of hate

All there was was love

No tip of hardening

No tip of tears

What I dislike

Is the clause to not sue

Because of the arrest

Warranted by pleasure

And judged by breath

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


We met as a set
Fitting halves that chanced to jet
Fluttering hearts that attracted many a bet
And in between, no room to let
Bad winds and whispers did feel their fret
Which they threw like a ball freed fresh from the net
Sad that I am now his flibbertigibbet

If anyone had given a future photograph
Of our road map of present
By plotting an effective graph
I would have had his angelic side in a bad box to resent
Such a rhyme turned an unrhyming sound
From a cool set to a flibbertigibbet?
Such hug-able space to a hellish distance
Should I talk in an aside
Or a soliloquy?

The seat of the crown
Now wears a pierced water-filled bucket
Dripping in mud shoes
On the face he kissed
To wash the feet of disappointment which parades this heart
A flibbertigibbet,  he says

Oh airy air!
Do keep me company
But keep my pain
In a door and windowless stone
One which has no mouth to echo
For this pain is so insane
Heart which roars like an angry lion
Needing that healing and the doors of Zion
I guess I have a space in a future bio
To rain cool words
On a burning heart
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Cocks always smell something foul

In the cloth of a hen

When success crowns her head

As she sits in their midst

And their combs feel numb at the ego hit


Loudly crowing cocks then turn

At the slightest chance

Using their wings to sweep the ground

Beckoning her to turn her back

To play with them or hatch their chicks


And if the hen decides to jump

And their chase fails to trap

Then they cook a meal of crap

For all ears which hunger for scraps

Then all cocks mark her maps

And get many rude words to give her raps

Which strap her way without a gap

Until her strength begins to break

Or she learns from an eagle to fly 

To break their records

And leave them dry

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


 On Monday 22nd February, 2016, the case involving the seven citizens and the Ministry of Transport and the Attorney General was called for the first time in court. Court proceedings took place at the Human Rights Court 2, Accra. The Respondents (that is the Minister of Transport and the Attorney General) had failed to file an affidavit in opposition to the substantive application for enforcement of human rights within the stipulated time provided by the rules of court. Thus the Applicant filed for the matter to be set down for hearing today.
In court, the judge informed counsel for the Applicants that the Respondents had just filed an affidavit in opposition dated 19th February, 2016. Further that in the affidavit in opposition, the Respondents had raised a preliminary legal objection as to the procedure for the commencement of the action. Consequently the learned judge directed that both counsel address the court on the preliminary legal objection by filing legal arguments. The case was adjourned to 9th March, 2016 for continuation.

For those at sea, on 22 December, 2015, a group of civic minded citizens in collaboration with the legal team of the CitizenGhana Movement sued the Minister of Transport and the Attorney General on the GHC3.6million Smartys Bus Branding Scandal. The suit, numbered HR/0037/2015 was commenced at the Human Rights Court essentially for an enforcement of the fundamental right to information under Article 21(1)(f) of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

An official search conducted at the registry of the honourable court revealed that although the processes were served on both the Ministry of Transport and the Attorney General on 23 December 2015, as at 28th January, 2016, neither of them had filed any reaction to the application by these citizens.

Photo Credit

Information by Francis Kennedy Ocloo


When tough times are mandated to reign

As horrors get the stage to feign

And saviours hung in unreachable skies

As doubt tells unimaginable lies


Look like an owl because

Life is a knife

Whenever unpleasantness rife

So strive to thrive

Live in spirits well alive

Like the cry-laughing child

Who knows no wild

Your parents sit on mythical thrones

And are blocking all your murderous stones

With eyes like the hawk

Around the clock

No matter the statures and their form-like gawk

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Image: Google pics)

Any Other Monday Premiers at SilverBird Cinemas, West Hills Mall and Accra Mall on March 4 from 6- 9am

Any Other Monday is a family drama produced by Abc Pictures and directed by Pascal Amanfo. It will be premièred in Accra at the SilverBird Cinemas, West Hills Mall and Accra Mall all in Accra on March 4, 2016 from 6am to 9am.
The movie, directed by Pascal Amanfo and featuring Yvonne Nelson, Kafui Danku, Doris Sackitey, Jose Tolbert, Kunle Rhemy, Selly Galley, Victoria Micheals, Emman Donkor, is a satire which makes us see that we all wear masks. A wise man once said “We all live a LIE
at some point or the other”. You want to know how true that is? Make sure you make time for the premier on March 4, 2016.  Who others think we are may be different from who we really are. Fact or Fiction? Truth or Dare? Our secrets, no matter how long we hide them, will eventually surface like oil hidden deep into water and stare us in the face. When that time comes, it will be on a day like ANY OTHER MONDAY.

(Photo Credit: Kafui Danku)



In this fiery winds

Where hurtful dust blinds

I need your sling to cling

In this death ring


No matter how strong

The arms of the winds

I know I You belong

So I wait as Your angel finds


Bounded, I crave you as a slave

Haunted, I hide like a lion in Your cave

Fighting, I think like Your Dave

To fight my Goliath with the thoughts You gave


I won’t surrender

No matter the pressure

The winds can me in the blind render

But Your protection I will treasure


You are my God

Who lives and never gets bored

Of the shortfalls I hoard despite Your love, Lord

Forever I will cherish Your sword

And will hold so firm Your leading rod

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


For all that I am lent
For all the time I have spent
To stand or bend I have learnt
Because this world is nothing but a rent
With my cents come my dent
I am sent
And will leave this tent
And after I turn, none will know where I went
So now I can with hardwork scent
To pay until exhaustion of my rent
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


(Today is World Read Aloud Day, and as part of my contribution, I present this poem.)


When we read aloud

All that is in shroud

Clears from the confusion cloud

And  literacy becomes loud

Making the mouth proud

In the midst of a crowd

Making all shame heads bowed

So I have vowed

To always read aloud

No matter the anger of the thundercloud

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


As I search around for the money tree
Whose leaves I need to live life free
I come across her long huge beak
Which did a very huge name seek
“I want nothing but one on peak
Just a pizza from Tacorobama”
And I go like “what from where or what?”

Ei Awuraba yi
You measure your height with the sky
When you can hardly touch
The neck of your door
What from where
Or where from what?
I can only say
Banku calls from Buhari


Oh just two Ghana can fetch you “bhim” Buhari
Huge big ball
With a watery call
Forget carcasses when hunger calls
And by all means
See a priest to heal alien meals
With huhudious names
From unmentionable places

Know thy mother’s pocket before whining like a fly
Oh Love Nyaaba!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Before long, carnivores called for a meeting. A meeting chaired by Hyenas.  The head of Hyenas, Hues, spoke

“I know that I am from one of the least powerful group here but I called this meeting to draw our attention to the implication of Lion’s message. It will kill us if we move from carnivores to herbivores. We only know a few herbs which cure our ailments. We don’t know them as food. If we give Gyaas the nod, we are doomed. We are finished, we are done for. A mass funeral with our carcasses on display will be our portion”

All present said “May God forbid”

“Then either we talk to that Gyaas or find a way to make sure he losses. You know the latter is difficult to achieve as he has won all the herbivores over. Even among the omnivores he has a huge backing. Killing Gyaas and making sure all his family are extinct is not an easy task”

Python chipped in “The things you say Hues! Let’s just speak to Lion. I know he may have a solution. After all, he is part of our zone. Good to know you are thinking but that law could actually save you from Lions and your masters at your superior end of the food chain but I guess your greedy thirst will not make you yield to the freedom the law promises you. Let’s go and meet Lion Gyaas then”

All the carnivores marched to the den of Lion Gyaas and presented their case. Gyaas surprised them by laughing so hard upon seeing the serious faces they wore and listening to their grievances.

“My dear family. You know you are my family. Will I sit by and watch you die together with me? This is a game of thrones. We need to be the royal family. When we climb that stool, we will know how to go about our deeds. This time, all we need is their nodding. The more nods we get, the better our chances of hunting for more. Instead of going to hunt, they will bring their game selves to us.  Don’t you get tired of playing hide and seek with your dishes before hunting them down? Just play along. This is a game in our favour. We need wisdom to succeed. He whom royalty fits must have a good head. We are in one class so understand. In the meantime, make sure no one sees you hunting another animal. Do that in secrecy to help me gain power. Power for me is power for us. Remember, even one hawk does not fear catching a chick in the midst of many fowls because of the power of strength. Strength coupled with all nods is absolute power. Who can fight against that?”

The carnivores heaved sighs of relief and shook hands with Lion and his wife; Striker, who had grown bigger in just a few hours, reeking of blood. The young ones came out with blood all over their mouths. The family head of Vultures, Opeteristas, stood on the far end of the tree close to the den and cheered them on silently.

Meanwhile, herbivores and some omnivores sang and danced to their hearts’ praises, loving the idea of freedom. While the other omnivores looked on, asking whether or not they would be able to quench their thirst for blood or curb their cravings for meet.

Crocodiles went into their seas and campaigned massively for Lion after Swans had campaigned. Even the water animals jubilated upon hearing the good news from the mouths of the propagandists who so differed in their choices of food and lifestyle. That every animal on land spoke for Lion won all nods even before the Nodding Day.

On the Nodding Day, every animal who could make it represented. The Nodding Day took place on the shores of the biggest sea which was barely a sea so all animals were able to represent. The land around that area was full, the sky around that area was full, and the sea was filled to the brim. Many sea animals travelled for days through the dirtiest of mud to be able to make it to cast give their nods. Even weak birds flew from North, South, East to the Western Palace Land to give their nods. Animals in the deserts walked miles on end to give their nods. In the end, Lion had the nods of all animals except Owl Watcher. But no one recognized his nod as anything important. At last, Lion Gyaas was king of the Jungle Kingdom. The first thing that happened was all animals bowing before him as he stood with his face into the sky as if telling God “I did it”.

Watcher asked those around him why they bow when they are all supposed to ascend the stool but they called him a disgruntled wizard of a bird who only loved catastrophe.

After the nodding, while all the animals moved to their original zones, King Gyaas made all grown porcupines his protectors, moving all the lion family to the most comfortable part of the jungle. He named the place, The Palace. Most of the animals were surprised and some started complaining. Hawk who was given the position of propagandist told a few animals that that was King Gyaas’ own way of studying the most suitable land and making in order to make the rest of the kingdom same for all. Within the day, almost all the animals had heard of this thought and praised the name of King Gyaas as the wisest king to rule Jungle Kingdom. Those who lived close to The Palace zones visited and were given water as the birds with the most beautiful voices serenaded them into complete reverence. They left with the song on their lips

“Gyaas is the King of Kings

The king who pain flings

The king who catapults fear in slings

The king who peace bell rings

Oh Gyaas is the King of Kings”

Meanwhile, Watcher made it his business to tell all those who cared to know that their king was the most cunning animal in the Jungle. He told Bat Bright

“You just study the carnivores in the night instead of hunting for food. And you will see what I am talking about. I will not open my mouth to tell why I am strongly against Gyaas and I won’t stop saying he is the worst thing that happened to Jungle Kingdom but I am confident you will find out soon enough.”

Three days after the nodding, three porcupines arrested Watcher in his sleep in broad daylight. The animals did not know what to make of the arrest. For no one had been arrested before in Jungle Kingdom. All animals were asked to sleep and not to wander around. Ant Ntat risked his life and stuck on one of the porcupines’ fur to know what all that was about. The protectors threw Watcher on the ground. Day burned his eyes as he struggled to see what was going on.

“So you go about talking ill of me huh?”

Watcher recognized the voice immediately. Gyaas’.

“You can fool all the animals in this jungle but you can’t fool me Gyaas”

Gyaas became angry. “What? Gyaas? You dare defy me by calling me Gyaas? This is pure treason. Tell me why you disrespect me so or pay with your life”

Ant Ntat regretted being stuck on a fur shivering like weak cotton in the winds. Gyaas’ voice had turned deep. He shook like he suffered from epilepsy and all his body decorations fell like on an order. He stood as himself, mane and all. Echoes of anger reverberating from him as his sweat poured from his mane. Something Ntat had never seen before.

“I know whatever I do will lead to my death. I see through you. I know your little secret. I got to know even before the Nodding Day. If those fools had listened to me, they would never have given you their nods. Angel in the day, hunter of souls at night”

Gyaas roared like he had never done before. The kingdom shook although none knew what had caused the King such anger. He roared and roared as the porcupines sought grounding so as not to fall.


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I have gone beyond the fear of ginger and pepper

Its taunt of burning my rear

Through the vengeful fingers of my elders

And forming tears

With which brothers and friends used as fun

O I have blended with its road of hurt

I have also gone beyond the fear of canes
Many strokes for a bad deed
More strokes for sluggishness
Marking and scarring to remind for years
Its haunts for run
Have been eased by years
It can do it all but cause me no fears

I have also jumped the tall windows of insults
Having them walk, jump, run
Out of mouths of beloveds to blow me
Like a boxer on cocaine
This body has developed its resistance
So needs no assistance

It was a hurtful blessing
Growing as a breeding Ghanaian seed
In the archaic time
When children shadowed the old
So I have gone passed the okro slime of pain
And stand fearless
Know your opponent
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


My thoughts set for you a giant screen

Since your cloak stole an engine piece of me

As you passed my route and looked not my way


Oh how naughty and mean

Your cloak seemed, for having hands to tear

And no mouth to prompt its owner


You back did pull its charming tongue

Your feet did taunt in storming out

Your rear did dance like a feasting fairy


Please pass this way

And give me a say

Although I crave for your exciting yay

I could bear to break with your haunting nay

So give me a night or a beauteous day

To fix the ins of this hurt clay

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: Google pics


Oh thou phantom without breath

Do I seek your needed concoction 

To have you formed in my boiling pot?


I know you need a mouth to ask

“Why the hesitation?”

Yes, I was so made into this

Yes, and was so brought to this realm

But do I wish this on another?


I could make many few of you

Stirred by one or few ladles with magic juices

To stir, mould and roost you to be here

But can I stand to see you toil as I

In this eat-me-if-you-can realm?


Responsibility is the heaviest cross to carry

Sweet phantom you

If love could make you whole in stay

I know I can give you much to last

But I ask

Do challenges chase your unformed form

In your unformed world

Making you shed unformed sweat?

Are there tears and laughter in pre-oblivion?

Are there pain and sanity in your broken form?

Are you discriminated against in your divided form?

Knowing and not knowing

Which is best?


Dear piece of me

Can’t I just love you without your breathing form?

I could give you a face in mind

A voice in mind

Two beautiful eyes in mind

And make you flawless in this present mode

Then you will suffer no sickness as your elder lives now

Have no tears to call for a scarce handkerchief

And no defect to suffer

And I get to exit the rear doors of the earth smiling

Knowing you are with me

You are for me

You are so safe and will need none

Oh phantom you!!!


Don’t beg to travel here!!!

Here which is nowhere

Here which is not fair

Here which I can hardly bear

Here which nothing is clear

Here where everything fights not square

To save us the torture

And the squeezing pain

Will you heed dear child?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image by: Stacie Anthony on


The accident involving a Metro Mass bus which claimed 62 lives has set many on furious road. In a chat with amoafowaa after the Joy FM NewsNight, Nana wrote:
“In examining emergency preparedness and response in the aftermath of the Kintampo accident.

See, unless we start speaking with bluntness about the state of affairs in our nation, we won’t improve.

For some of us who travel across Africa and not just across West Africa, it is clear how far we are being left behind as a nation by others who a few years ago couldn’t hold a torch to us. Our politicians continue to blow grammar in praising their abilities to throw crumbs our way, when they are in power, and join us to lament the mess they have created for us as a nation, when they are out of power. The only people who remain with the mess at all times are you and I, the ordinary people.

There is zilch emergency response in Sikaman. The best health policy is the grace of God and if you don’t have grace and money, you will die faster than the rate at which sim card prices fell.

Our leaders continue to praise themselves. The slide downwards continues. The people look on, afraid to talk. Content to be in political camps.

Long live the farce.

Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.”
Many are the rumours flying about. Many claim that most drivers of Metro Mass buses, which is state owned are mostly drunk, rude and drive recklessly. Others claim they are not even serviced as they should from time to time. Nana calls on all Ghanaians to speak bluntly so issues can be resolved. He further stated that his focus is on the bad emegency response which Kintampo only served as costly example.
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


I met a hen

Who asked God when

He will drag hawk to the den

Of a famished lion

And I went like huh?


I also met a cock

Who hated occasional clock

And asked God when

He will extinct all men

And I went like huh?


I met a sheep

Who needed to its young keep

And asked God when

He will destroy all its hunters

And I went like huh?


I was told by a fish in the sea

That it wants to hold the key

To the doors of the sea

And extinct all harmers

And I went like huh?


Now humans do say

They want to an assassin pay

So as to like a goat slay

The dreary death and make it pay

For all the living it hunts

And I go like huh?


Creation is a staircase of survival

The upper looks and chases the lower to live

If a haunting hunter hunts a hungry hunter

Just because it falls in the line of its game

Forgetting he hunts more harmless hunters

 I will always go like huh?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



You saintly quacking parrot

Sit on your legs

On the biggest tree of the land

And look at all like a slug on a couch

Watching a tragedy on a giant screen

And quack like tongues of a quack pastor

Who even knows not what he says

Remember there is a sea which feeds your tree

So when the foul air calls for a tsunami

All things will suffer and so will your tree


You see the dirty linens wash their owners

With soaps of deceit and darkness of clearance

You know the canoes being ridden by seas

Upon the instruction of abled hands

You know the bullets

Gunning all

Hues of

Anointed owners,

Never the


So sit on your legs and quack like a duck


Won’t we all feel the heat of the sea?

Won’t we all feel the anger of the waves?

Won’t we all see the spears of the tsunamis?

Quack and quack and quack and quack

But know your saliva will crave the waters

Even before the seas swallow us whole

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image by Google pics



Programmes on television networks are supposed to be fun, educating, entertaining and lively and I am glad to say that Celebrity Fanzone GH hosted by Jessica Opare Saforo and two positively opinionated ladies; Chantelle Asante and Akosua Hanson, is one such programme. I was so glad watching it last weekend because it is difficult to come by such a lovely and decent programme on air these days. Celebrity Fanzone focuses on a panel of three female co-hosts, tasked with discussing a variety of current, lifestyle and entertainment issues with one other guest host. The programme airs on Viasat 1 at 9:00pm every Saturday and repeated again on Wednesday at midday. Last week, they touched on three important current events. They touched on the death of Hon. J. B. Danquah, the National Media Commission’s press statement against the tasteless feud between Valentina and Hon. Kennedy Agyapong  and the tragic killing of two brothers; Francis Gbeneh, 33 and Timothy Gbeney, 28 by the police.

I loved the fresh perspective on the Valentine-Agyapong feud where the honourable minister was made aware of his “dishonourable” conduct and Valentina (Afia Schwarzenegger) was described as she really is; the sharp tongued journalist that almost all media networks seek.I also applauded Akosua when she brought in the fact that most men try to step on women using their sexuality during misunderstandings. As I always say, all men are born of women so must respect women as such and Hon. Agyapong’s threat of exposing nude pictures of her was totally uncalled for. I think there was no need for Hon. Agyapong to even respond to Valentina’s taunts. The woman is an acclaimed comical figure and no one would have given it a second thought if he had brushed it off. On this note, I ask that Hon. Agyapong gets a PRO to speak for him in all cases. He should not take up the task of defending himself when pushed to the wall.

I loved the fact that Jessica questioned why Valentina was not sanctioned after an error like that and the question as to whether it is okay for the National Media Commission (NMC) to JUST speak against the act. I could hear the unasked question “Can’t the NMC do more?” I call on The Chairman for the NMC, Mr. Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng to do more to bring decorum into the media spectrum.

I must also commend the love mood to evoked for the Pre-Valentine Celebration. Seeing Chantelle Hyper for love was very refreshing. Seeing Jessica excited was also very refreshing. The way they carry themselves on stage, their flawless eloquency, their beautiful dressing really make the programme one to watch. In all, Celebrity Fanzone Gh is a programme which gets my vote when it comes to all the positivity that television must bring. Follow them on Facebook on Celebrity Fanzone Gh.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia

Pictures from Celebrity Fanzone Timeline on Facebook.


Times have turned upside down
Although their legs race changeth not
How their shovels
Turning minds of beings like reckless farmers tilling land
Has bought dizziness for my visual chords

What do you say of this abomination?
Where gyms take strength meant for lands?
These are hard times
Hard times when plants and trees give their all
But hands fail to replace them
Knowing well they are the breath and bread
Which honour our lives’ continuance
These are hard times

Hard times when religions hold guns and bombs and machetes
Hard times when minds have been eaten by the urge of belongingness
Hard times when temporal beings claim jurisdictions met at birth
Laying their lives for those who love earthly rule
Giving rights to papers to rule beings like puppets
As the very few are tasked to feed zillions
These are hard times

Hard times which demand
The awakening of dead minds
Buried in the caked mud of senselessness
Hard times which demand us to be murderers
Murderers murdering in cold blood
Quest for more in the midst of sluggishness
Murderers hunting and pulling down
The urges to dance and dine
Without giving lands our future to hold and nurture
Crowns sat not on heads of hungry kings
When battles lurked and begged to be conquered
As mouths are found on most beings
And holes are made into defective beings to feed and grow
So must thoughts see the essence of growing land
To grow their greedy selves
How is it fair that we shame some untimely deaths
By modern knowledge and still expect few hands
To feed those we snatched from teeth of death?
These are hard times
Hard times so wake and erect change in reflectivity
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Craving crumbs, caning climbs

Serving sterns and stopping soars

Heaping hells, hopping hisses

A lesson leans to be learnt and loved


Chirping churns, crossing curses

Silly slims and swerving stills

Hearing halts, helpers hate

A lively leap loathes a dying move

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

HANDSOME YOU (Parallelogram de Crystalline)


By your alluring care

Beautiful flowers crush intensely



Viewing light from hell’s hall

Devils crave to break free and capture



Upon the sky their hearts

Thunders curse with force that touch no earth



Flying from tree to tree

Doves dote on your graceful handsomeness

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



The spine of a leaf
Will bend to betray dew drops
If the drops become too heavy
As to cause it to break
The hardness of a tortoise back
Does not mean it can carry a tractor
As the dog hops to catch flies
Which digs its wound to cause it pain
So will hands clap to kill mosquitoes
If it fails to leave their blood

I know the anthill has many inhabitants

But still makes room for its builders
Laugh like a jingle bell
Belch like a satisfied lion
Hop like a baboon which smells a pleasant pain
Run like an antelope
Dig like a rat
Step like an elephant
Only if I get to keep me all
For your living rights
Must pause to think
Where my breath hunts its oxygen
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


“Kwadjo, nobody loves me. Why don’t they love me? This is my 17th relationship. And they all leave me before even asking me to the altar.” Shiela squeaked amidst the flowing tears.

“Am I that ugly? Am I that stupid? Do I love foolishly? Are there things I do that make me unlikeable? Kwadjo please tell me! Say something”

Kwadjo looked at his friend of fifteen years. Having loved her for over sixteen years, he had watched her go through all the relationships. It all start with her swearing the man is the “most awesome man on the planet”. Then she will talk about their romantic moves to woo her, show him their gifts and giggle while receiving their calls, all in his presence. Then it will get to the time when  she struggles to get hold of them without success and the depressing breakups and his dirty job as the wiper of her tears. She will cry in his arms and treat him as though he is nothing but a jobless feminine friend.

“What do you want me to say Akosua Korantemma” Shiela stopped crying and looked at him.

“This is the first time you have called me by my maiden name. What is happening? Am I boring you with my tears and whining?”

Kwadjo nodded. “You really are grinding my heart into sand.”

It was Shiela’s turn to act surprised. “What did I do? It must have been bad. I have never seen you act this way”

Kwadjo sat down and was amazed at the concern on her face. “Are you that concerned for me? Then look into my ears, feel my heartbeat and form your conclusion”

Shiela did and felt weird. It seems Kwadjo wants her as a woman but it is something she could not see herself doing. She regarded her as a big brother. She felt bad immediately. She had never seen him with any woman before. Her mother had always called him “Adwoa the Dog” for following her and supporting her without anything in return. And he had seen all her relationships. How can a man endure so much? She felt ashamed of herself and felt like a horrible friend who never saw his tears but always made him clean his. Seventeen boyfriends and he had been there all through. Not that he is good for nothing, not that he lacked money, not that he is stupid. She knows so many girls and ladies who are dying to be with him but can she be one of them? If she goes out with him, there is a probability that their relationship will also be ruined and she will lose his friendship and regret forever. And now that she thinks about it, if she does not go out with him, their relationship can never be the same again. Then again she could use this to her advantage. Going out with her best friend will make her know what she does wrong to ruin her relationships.

“Say something Shee Baby. You are making me nervous. This is the first time I have seen you speechless. And it is shaking my grounds of nervousness” Kwadjo pleaded.

“Promise me one thing Kwadjo” He readily agreed. “That no matter what happens between us, you will never cease to be my friend” Kwadjo promised whole heartedly but Shiela made him sign a bond of agreement. He signed that amidst laughter.

“Your first mistake is to make me sign this bond. It is telling me that you have a vision of a failing end. But I will show you that love is selfless. And knowing you as I do, I know I am ably aided” Kwadjo said. Shiela felt caught. Could it be that he knew he was using him? She shrugged and forgot about it.

So started a relationship that Kwadjo treasured but Shiela dreaded but after their first kiss, it was obvious it could be one of the fairytale stories. It was all smooth until Kwadjo was transferred to the neighbouring town; Kome to take over their company there. Back in Krapa, he had lunch with Shiela who was his colleague. He went to work with her and came back home with her. Having a car, he dropped her at her house before heading home. That had been their ritual for almost seven years.

Shiela cried secretly when news of his transfer broke. The co-workers looked on. Some sorry for both of them, others relieved because of their annoying love taunts. Kome was a boring place after work but the work schedule was too much being the regional capital. There was hardly time to breathe at the bank. Being the manager, there were always meetings and supervising and also solving one drama after another. He had never been as busy as he is in recent times. He spoke to Shiela first thing in the morning, called her at lunch and called her when he goes home. But Shiela kept calling him even in meetings. He tried explaining what was happening but she was too angry to listen. Before Kwadjo knew what was happening, Shiela had turned into an abusive lady, always suspecting him of cheating and or neglecting. So he arranged for her leave and brought her to Kome to spend time studying his schedules. Each morning he left with her for work. He created a room for her in his office and made sure she saw everything he did. From skipping meals to attending meetings, Shiela felt sorry for him.

“I am sorry Kwadjo for all the insults and troubles. I did not know. Maybe it was because of my failed relationships” She said in a shameful tone one evening after work.

Kwadjo took her into his arms and stroked her hair. “A man is a man and seeks to be a man to his better half always Shiela. Once you insult a man, his ego becomes bruised and most men run off after that. Some men cannot stand needy women. A woman who calls her man all the time is deemed needy because most men refuse to think of the possibility that they are lonely. There are opposing fears here. The man might decide to terminate the relationship or the woman might stop complaining and calling when she gets the attention she seeks somewhere. Relationships are huge examinations which require practical answers in historic happenings”

Shiela felt ashamed of herself. She instantly recognised that she had been the cause of most of her breakups. She loved calling to complain, calling to accuse, calling to insult. She held on to Kwadjo tightly without saying a word.

“The worst of troubles in relationships is when the woman calls out for a breakup. The man becomes afraid at first but the seed of jilting is planted firmly and so he begins to look for a replacement instead of trying to solve the issue at hand. Immature men do this. Promise me you will always think of things before saying them to me. I love you Shiela and my love is above all our problems.”

Shiela knelt down with tears streaming down her face.

“I cannot promise you this. I just have to apologise first. No man has ever taken me through his mind, into his heart to show me what goes on there. You are the first. I am so sorry for all I put you through, my harsh words. I don’t deserve you Kwadjo.”

Kwadjo took her into his arms again. “Don’t say that. We live and learn. There is no kneeling apology between people who love each other. Just the usual “sorry love, I now see my mistake” will do. I love you and loving you means taking all your faults and trying to make the bad better. When I wrong you, tell me lovingly in secret. That is what love is about”

With that, they made up. Shiela became content with her three calls. Time hardly flew by when news reached Kwadjo that one of their colleagues was dating his Shiela. He took his leave and went to see things for himself. He went everywhere with her. He was in Krapa for three days without Shiela knowing. He felt jealous because Shiela did not tell him about Dan, her colleague. He followed them into a bar and saw them drinking. Something he used to do with her a lot. He realised that he had been the cause of some of her breakups. He approached them and looked at their faces. Shiela was pleased and jumped to embrace him while Dan sat with traces of jealousy on his face. Kwadjo knew then what was happening. He was beginning to love his Shiela. He saw himself in him and pleaded after one drink to take her home but Shiela said

“Why plead? He and I were just having a drink. If my boyfriend is here, my friend can understand. Let’s go Kwadjo dear.”

That statement absolved all his doubts but he took her to his apartment and gave her his little present. Then decided to talk it out with her.

“Dan? You never mentioned him.”

Shiela laughed. “I never discuss my male friends with my boyfriends. It is just not right. I feel some way about it”

Kwadjo laughed. “Telling your boyfriend about your male friend puts him at ease. Trying to make them friends actually works better. I could have the misconception that you are lovers. And that can make any man withdraw. I must say sorry. I actually came here to see things for myself after I was told by over three people that you were going out with Dan. Jealousy is a bad feeling Shee Baby. Promise to tell me things and to at least put some limit between Dan and yourself.”

Shiela was amazed at the man who sat before her. Why on earth did she go out with all those jerks? Well, maybe she acted like a bitch to turn them into jerks. “Sorry honey. I never thought about that and I promise to watch out and put some distance between us.”

Kwadjo asked her to open her parcel and it was a car key. He had taught her how to drive and had forced her to get a driver’s license. Shiela was thrilled. “It is a car! A car for crying out loud Kwadjo”

She hugged him “I am so lucky to have you. I carry the bond we signed everywhere. Here, I am tearing it up. I know we can overcome all our problems no matter how intense. You have shown me with every hurdle we’ve bridged so far. You are the best part of me. God bless you.”

Many are the problems they faced in their relationship but none was able to shake their foundation. Kwadjo had ears to listen, Shiela had a mind to think rationally and they both had the maturity to admit their faults and make up in every bad situation they encountered. Love is friendship of respect and a mind of maturity to dissect all that the heart processes. So Shiela and Kwadjo tied the knot and lived as happy as any human couple could live.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016







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 Images from Perez Dziwornu’s timeline on Facebook


As Cupids little beings and arrows abound

Tigers and tigresses show claws of protection

Fencing their zones with stinking urinals of suffocation

Their significant others, their heat baking


I know sheep will stand to be cheated

Seeing as all they know is baa and foolishly roam

Like zombies needing direction all times

So roam they will in corners where they lord’s love interest oppose


I know hyenas abound on this day

Fearing hard work but needing so much

So destroying to gain from the insane

Cutting deep scratches to suck out life


What about the mosquitoes 

With their dangerous little bodies

Sharing zika, malaria and others?

Well, some greedy ones will deserve them, no?


There are also the poor cats

With no hands of cuddling

Some will in desperation step out to be crashed by cars of gold digging

While others start rivers of tears to join the seas of bitterness


Vultures with nothing wait for crumbs

Some stealing to release

Others watching and hiding to release

Never thinking of building to face next year


To what end are all these?

Those with huge ladles fetching soups

From their cool pots

Giving jealousy a chariot of horses to ride


To what end are all these?

Each for a body

Each on a journey

Each with a heart in this loving chaos

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016




Before the first cry of dew
Stepped on the ever thirsty leaf
Minds which thought of the Omnipotent were few
Because they behave like the deaf

He who crocheted you like a cloth
Hoards true love for you as your God
He who made you up from scratch
Loves you no matter how much you are worth

The love of a human
Cannot be equated to God’s
It sure is a blessing to get a walking stick
That stands like a tower
And helps you soar

But right in every little heart
Is the equal love
Of our dear God
Who knows no beauty
And knows no fame
Who knows no married
And knows no shame
Who gave all stages to live and faze
The inevitability of death
Is just a clue
And living in air to be hatched, started our dew
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


This dead bulb

Left in this heart that stood derelict

Lighted like the full moon in a cloudless sky

Upon your appearance


It’s a pity eyes can’t be privy

To the bright rays it emits

When your voice kisses my ears

As your hands touch my layers


Flowing rivers are not my comparables

When we talk of freedom of flow

As your smile is my frameless plane

Which flies me wherever happiness resonates


It surely was a long wait

It surely was a bad state

It was surely a cruel fate

When you and I failed an early date


Sighs of the heart are now smiles

Sorrows of the soul have turned laughter

Weakness of the spirit are strength in flight

A day is a year, a year, a day in your forever ever after

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2016

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Many crave for diamonds

Many crave for gold

Many crave for cars

Few hope for flowers

Oh, there are the materialistics

Who want all including the lipsticks

But I hope for far more:

Hearts and thoughts


Like a conservative liver,

I wish to live in the cave of your mind

Where none can dig me up

Where only you can feel my heart

Yoked by the veins of your heart

Pumping breath when I puff


Give me you

For I’ve given you me

Give me us in forever stories

Give me love

Give me care

Give me all but none of your sorries

After all we hit to turn

We turn to find

We find to win

We in we, none to fault

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Image: Google pics)


From today, February 13, 2016, I start a weekly series titled Jubilation of Onomatopoeiaisms. on amoafowaa,com This story will be continued every Saturday until it ends. Please do follow the thrills. You don’t want to miss this

Once upon the time, King Eagle was the king of the Jungle Kingdom. The animals became thirsty as drought brought its royal stool to their lands and became comfortable striking the skins of their land which rebelled by ceasing to grow seeds and plants it was given to keep the cycle of life active. Then it dawned on the entire kingdom that eagle seldom stays in the jungle. Even his family lived in a very tall tree far away. He comes to the jungle to give orders and to take any animal it deemed fit for his family. Then leaves without a care as to whether there is water or the animals are safe. He never adjudicates matters and cares not for the vulnerable in the kingdom. So the animals met in his absence to talk about impeaching him for a more competent one. Then, a penguin had travelled all the way from Madagascar to Jungle Kingdom and educated them on democracy. Penguin however told them a ruler must be very intelligent, eloquent, friendly with a sense of duty in order to rule their kingdom into success.

Goat raised his hind legs to be nominated but none acknowledged him. Many are those who castigated him saying “look at that naughty and stubborn soul on all fours seeking to be our ruler” after chuckling noisily.  Peacock raised her feathers and drew the attention of all to nominate her. Some animals laughed while others angrily blurted out “How dare she? Does she think we are playing a feminine game here? To think she is one of the proudest animals in the jungle. What can she do for us? Does she think we will be satisfied just by looking at her feathers?” Then an elephant; Osonde, raised his hand, all the animals looked at him like a haunting vampire. Some shouted in their heads “Do we wish to be stepped upon?” But none was brave enough to say it out  loud. Seeing the looks on the faces of the animals, he quietly but sadly lowered his hand. Many animals expressed their desire to step in the shoes of Eagle but were not supported. There were meetings upon meetings to ascertain the head that best fits the crown.

Three animals nominated Dove Dearie but the carnivores were not in support of the decision. They said they would be victimised if the pure Dove became the king of the Jungle Kingdom. Then two people selected Tiger Osebom which nearly caused commotion at the meeting. Herbivores complained bitterly that they would never feel protected having such king.

All the while, Lion Gyaas looked on and hatched a plan to be the winning candidate. While the meeting was ongoing, he stole bits and pieces from many animals. Different feathers from different birds, different skins of many animals, even pigs, struggled to cut many shells from many animals including one tortoise. Lion Gyaas decorated himself with all his stolen goods and looked like bits and pieces of all animals put together. On their last meeting for nomination, he stood in front of them, his skin totally lost beneath his apparel, and spoke thus:

“The Jungle Kingdom deserves better! I say the jungle kingdom deserves better!” 

The kingdom became as quiet as a treeless cemetery. All ears standing at attention to listen to the fresh voice filled with hope.

“We need to see each other as ourselves. Dogs are no different from the Nightingales although the former walk on all fours and the latter fly. Horses are no different from Lions although they differ in personalities; the former loving servitude, the latter loving freedom in wildness. The lizard is no different from the snake. In effect, we are all equal. We need to think alike, love each other in order to improve this kingdom. For all we know, the blood of different animals who were not allowed to finish their lifespan could be the cause of our woes”

All the animals clapped as some whistled. Some chirped noisily in agreement, some barked deeply from their throats, some hooted like royal drums, some hissed. It was a jubilation of onomatopoeiaisms.

Lion Gyaas continued:

“I stand before you as your brother, your father, your cousins, your family, your husband, your comrade, your friend, your defender, your protector and your ever submissive servant. I promise there will be no discrimination if you give me your nod to climb our royal stool. It is good that every soul here has a neck. A nod of a head for me is peace and growth. Penguin said “it gets lonely at the top” is a famous saying where he came from. I assure you that cannot work here as there is none to sit on the ground. Every one of us will be at the top”

More applause from the kingdom. If smiles and laughter could tear mouths, all mouths in the kingdom would have been shredded like weak rags as lion continued to woo.

“Just give me the nod dear Pigs, give me your nod dear Porcupines, give me your nod dear Sheep, give me your nod dear Dogs, give me your nod dear Fowls, give me your nod dear Ants, give me your nod, dear Swans and do tell sweet Fishes in the seas to help with their nods. I cannot mention all your names but I have them all written on my heart. I will not only take care of those on land and in the air, but work to boost the water levels of seas and rivers and make them comfortable. A nod for me will be an eternal freedom and protection. A nod from me will be a beauteous harmony in living, a nod from me will be an astounding lasting of breathes, a nod for me is your will which will culminate into your reward of living like the royals you are. “None Eats None” is my motto. Farming and adjusting our palates to plants and weeds is what I aim for. You all know how difficult it is for someone like me to live like that but I will live through it because of the love I have for you. Look at me, don’t you see all of you in this little me?”

More applause from the animals who were overwhelmed by the words they so desired and were receiving from Lion Gyaas. Just when Lion Gyaas was about to crown his words to dismiss the meeting until the Nodding Day, Eagle came in all his glory and strength to ask what was happening. Hardly had he touched the ground than thousands of animals pounced on him to kill him in cold blood. Every animal, except sheep, stepped on his carcass. As some spit on him, others defecated on him, some booted him until a dragon burned him with his lighted fire and burned him to ashes. More jubilation and applause followed.

“On this note, I have nothing to say. You see how our coming together has given us our first victory? We are now free from Eagle. As far as we are concerned, his family is nowhere near and can’t even trace their roots. So let’s consult our tree pillows, stone pillows, land pillows, water pillows, leaves pillows and take a wise decision on the Nodding Day slated for next week. Until then, may the gods of our ancestors bless us, the ghosts of all who died unfairly shape our thoughts. Thank you all.” Lion Gyaas concluded.

The animals dispersed. Little animals walking with shoulders raised, eyeing their predators with eyes filled with the message “We are all almost equal, Lion is our dream come true, our protector, our God, erase all thoughts of cravings of us, we won’t be your foods no more, pick not on us”. Some of the carnivores started thinking about the intensity of the implication that they must turn herbivores. The disdain and daring in the eyes of their “dishes” made their stomachs grumble. Yes, the shouting had made them hungry but the words of Lion Gyaas made it impossible to hunt in broad daylight in front of all eyes.



A chariot of gold

Pushed by purest horses

Move in bold

Recovering all losses

Magic holds cold

Ordering love in many poses

Laughter in many fold

Resonates in all forces

Ready hands to hold

Open with no clauses

Pain is sold

As hearts dance with needed resources

Red for intensity of the mould

White for beautiful choices

Dreaming with opened eyes

Form such lies

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


pure love

Sounds of love blur ears of singleness

Which seek its arrest by hatred

While secretly hoping for its miracle

But love is for those with traits of the sheep

Traits of the dove

Traits of swans

Traits of the sun

Traits of the moon

And traits of cool breezes

Not those consumed with the fierceness of lions and lionesses

Caged by the greed of hyenas

Soaked by the noise of scared dogs

And wired by pride and egos of peacocks

Too bad eyes of loneliness see nothing

Their ears hearing nothing but bitterness

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Image: Google pics)



Roll over like mat unfolding

And let time be your roller

As you grow and wilt

You aid your hunters to feed

On flesh and blood meant for locomotion


We breathe but you step

Recording beautiful shames

Horrible tames

Gradual lames

And few exciting fames

So step with a crown on your secondic head


At least you have the promise of birth

No matter how far your date

Unlike those who may never be

Killed by your hunters before their time

So roll with the rhythms of time

And wilt by your very hand

You rolling days!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


On the day when love sits on the throne

I wish to lie comfortably in two handly mattresses

Looking into the cornea seas of trust

Knowing the tongue of fire awaits to lick my cold


On the day when love sits on the throne

I’d love to shed the pain that loneliness moans

And hand in hand, climb the stairs of strength

In chuckles of happiness brave and strong


On the day that love sits on the throne

I wish for nothing but strong words

Words like un-erasable tattoos

Which will bond us until death’s separation


On the day when love sits on the throne

I wish to surrender clean as you

Shave the pride and wax the hurts

And sit by your side in completion

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Some see the little peacock

With flowery feathers of different shades

Artfully opened like a colourful fan

Showing hens that they are merely plain


Some see the plain comedian

Immature and never serious

Living large like one immuned to problems 

Hopping like a little bird with a golden crown


Some see a burdened horse

With so many goods and no hooves

Strapped to a carriage overloaded with beings

In hunger with burdened responsibilities

Of taking goods and beings to their destinations


Some see the biblical ant

Working in wisdom like one blessed by God

With a head to kill for

Hands to vie for

Voice to pray for

Without a dent in image


Some see a perfect mother

One who is like a good hen

Protecting, feeding and teaching her young to live

Looking around in great direction

Interested in great details of her family


Some just see the cold hearted tigress

All claws with no heart

Killing Cupidic beings with speed

And feeding on their egos

Listening to none but her brutality


Sad how I identify

With a little of all

Cruel how the notion crown fits

This conscience in bits

Different shades of me

This is the different shades of me

Its reflection cool and crude

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: Google pics