When ashes travel down south

And charcoals get missing

All we can hear are stored words of the mouth

As breaths go missing

Like grasses stepped on by elephants

Time steps on us with its weight

And we fade like fake paints 

On the wall of the earth

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia



Life is like a string rope

And we are like a group of masked ant circus

On its slim grounds

No matter how many hands hold

When the dew-drop of death selects

The hold becomes meaningless

As it cages in a lone space


Tears are no life revivers in the fallen

Hurts are no exhumers of spirits

Let alone mould them bodies

Words are no miracle performers

No good deeds give second chances

Pleas are pathetic whimpers


We live and wait

Knowing death as no sickness

But looking for cure

A lone space

A fearful slot for each

Always ready to teach

Awaiters to live life to ripe

And stop hoping to live to ripe

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Eternal goodbyes are like pinches in the abdomen

Now I see there are lots to worry about

As Grandma Bombay lies still in the arms of the faceless

And the tears for her flows like the Kintampo Waterfalls

Many bring their wallets, empty

Hoping to refill 

Even water in sachet cost more than an average salary

Even an electrician wants more than the matron

Citing faults

As eaters fuss over not getting any

When their mouths are like food stores

As the matrons cook,

Grandma’s spirit, I think, went and brought many ghosts

To come and hide behind her relatives

To ask for foods, drinks and whatever can travel into the stomach

And if one ghost is dissatisfied, chaos breeds

Only a broken pot of food puts them to rest

What is our fault?

Sending a loving person on a journey to rest

And providing all that is needed for her good rest?

True, one man’s spoilt farm, is another man’s good scrap find

The Lord must judge this

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




Here and now

Cut the throat of all ailing

And let’s see to their deaths

And take off all their feathers

Cut them into pieces

And throw them to the dogs

After burning all that was taken

So as to ensure we never see their pestering selves

In the future meant for us


Here and now

Wash off all slimies which taint your hands

With the soap of bravery

Using the towel of trust

And ending with a mastery of hand extension

To hold, and pull me close

Into the future meant for us


Here and now

Just here and now

Pull those covers off your introductory mind

And let them look and be attuned to this face

So they can introduce better

To all those who matter

In the future meant for us

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



He who knows the story

Knows how to celebrate for his glory

Once, a prophet Ibrahim

Was ordered by Allah

To sacrifice his son

Who was known as Ismaeel

For He; Allah’s pleasure

Ismaeel was Prophet Ibrahim’s treasure

Whom none could measure

But he heeded the call of Allah

And Allah too ended his trials and testing

Of his beloved prophet

Muslims travel on pilgrimage like Prophet Ibrahim

Observing a ten day continuous ritual

Following Islamic calender of Rajab

The end, marked with sacrifices


This is the very same story

In the Christians Holy Bible

Where Abraham had to sacrifice Isaac

And God provided a ram

Freeing his beloved son

A sign that all are connected


So brothers make merry

And sisters, make merry

As you gain confidence

For something was nearly taken

From a womb like yours

Something was almost broken

In a heart like yours

Free of suppression

Pray and dance for Allah’s blessings

Whether your legs have seen the pilgrim’s land or not

You are part of this righteous celebration

That is marked for Allah’s praise and adoration

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

With help from Sofo Yumzaa



Created in a cave unknown to sun
Dances and hops like an antelope
Expecting to find its God
Fearing not its God’s heartbreaks
Gathering speed while being chased
Hurdling its moulders
Inviting panic in their home direction
Just in time it finds the sun
Kola nut’s royalty prevents it not from browning teeth
Lo and behold, sun spreads it on tongues
Moving from tongues like tofees so sweet
Never stopping, still hoping to find its God’s ears
Oppresing its moulders
Poor God walks without knowing about its creation
Queries start from confusion of faces
Reasons gather like swept rubbish
Sinking in
Taunting and haunting
Umbrella-ing the culprits
Vacating when light in eyes turn fire
Waking angers
Xylophoning for a show on hatred’s stage
Zero tolerance is a fuel for complete bombing
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



It is that time

That time that monkeys can turn fairies

Aided by the sharp hands of knives

Body masons mix their mortars

Cutting parts of those built by God 

And transferring it in pasting, onto other parts

Sometimes injecting bodies like corpses

Hoping to build mounds around areas apt for dancing

Draining parts to evenness for curvy effects

Hoping for doll-like shapes


Oh! Then body paints!

Oh! Body sands, sands to smother

Spirits of scented flowers caught in waters

And pushed into bottles are freed onto man-retouched bodies 

Reactivating its lives by calling noses to attentive positions

Whatever  knowledge is

Whoever produces the hormones of knowledge

However it pours into the minds of beings

That person is a good destroyer

Abena, I am stunned still watching the global comprehension and acceptance

While trying to juggle the sense it poses

As previous monkeys parade everywhere, with greedy fulfilments

Plastered all over their faces

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




Ghanaian Judges are Corrupt: So You Turn Judge?


Since the scandal of judges in Ghana broke out, I have been quiet, following the public outcry of unfairness, following the mocks of many people around the world and reading most of the things people write. I have watched the ridiculous moves of some lawyers to help free their colleagues from the scandal. Well, who can blame them? Isn’t there a proverb that “When you see your neighbour’s beard catch fire, make sure water is close to yours?” Well maybe they have added conniving benevolence in order to eliminate the threat of being next in the cameras to avoid being sold in the criminal light.

Yes, judges were caught on tape receiving bribes, and tampering with judgments, setting free the guilty and shaming or jailing those who have been wronged, big deal? In some way it is a big deal. For the “Justice” part to be shown in this very flawed realm in a country whose motto reads “Freedom and Justice”, many tongues will begin to wag on the authenticity of our claim that we revere and practice justice, and freedom automatically falls, because we know freedom goes hand in hand with justice. Suddenly we see the many stains on the previously presented white cloth of justice presented to be untainted. It is problematic. It means we no more have a valid motto because the few who passed the test will still not make it right.

It is a big deal when lawyers rise because judges are involved while they hailed this same Anas for uncovering children being molested in children’s homes, for uncovering corrupt customs officials among others. I will give them a route; none prepares food and goes hungry, so because they interpret the laws, they must find ways of interpreting their ways out. A doctor who gets wounded will try to clean his or her wounds and maybe inject himself to heal. Yes, Anas tempted the judges, both parties are wrong, but here he had a cause to give the bribe; to see if Ghanaians are being treated fairly. I believe good morals are inherent and no matter how temptations rain, if you are good, you are good, nothing can dissuade you. That explains why some of the judges came out clean.

That said, I turn my attention to we the un-certificated judges of the judges turned criminals. Who has the right to judge these fallen judges? If you drink water, and throw its sachet anywhere, you are not worthy to judge anyone. If you are a policeman who takes bribes, you are not worthy to judge anyone. If you are a teacher who do not honour his or her lessons, you are not fit to judge anyone. If you are a driver who do not obey traffic rules and regulations, drinks, you are not eligible to judge anyone. If you go to work any time you feel like because government lacks the necessary supervision for public and civil workers, you are not worthy to judge anyone. If you are a journalist who receive bribe for propaganda, you have no rights at all to judge anyone, if you take tolls and pocket some, trust me; you are in no position to judge anyone.  If you are one who ease himself by the shores of any water body, you have no rights to judge. If you look on indifferently as others err, you have no rights to judge. The list goes on.

Whatever wrong you do, no matter how small it is, no matter how properly concealed it is, trust me, judge yourself before judging others. Instead of crying foul, work in contributing your quota to national development. Yes, it is bad, it is really unfair, it is really scary for judges to act this way, but some are still on their feet working without bending any laws, what are you doing to help your nation instead of blabbering? Let all consciences turn Anas, wearing scary masks and pricking at every wrong thing we do. Only the discipline to heed to this call for change will help us raise our flag high.

God bless us all!

God bless mother Ghana!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




When Time’s legs were short
And most technological gadgets were in the scrotums of male minds
Except for a little cold to fear
Occasional clouds were pampered to fall

As legs melted
And hearts, like the softest of tuo zaafi yearned
As holier hearts melted like shea butter in plea
Clouds yielded
And visited as rain

And bodies triumphed
Fixing bowls and buckets at the little penises of roofing sheets

Sometimes improvising to give them huge urine pads for comfort
Hoping their urinals will quench thirst for a while

We stepped in their palms
And they jumped for joy
In joy, threw them into the sky 
And they gleefully bounced back
Soaked, we gave ourselves to the visitors
To be bathed
To be massaged
To be blessed
As heat was eliminated from the time rain reigned
Branding us new and prepared
To be in the belly of bed sheets
Shivering but complete

Now we think of our gadgets
And shun the rain
Curse clouds in succession
Calling them murderers
Look for shelter when they yearn for our bodies
If only the drains of the rains
Aren’t blocked with poor cans of beings
If only we knew how well to tend to our visitors
Like our ancestors did
We wouldn’t be as thirsty in heart as we are now
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Maybe you were too forward in your approaches

Maybe you were born with ideas too “future-ristic”

Maybe you were too over zealous in your quest for the best

Maybe you hoped for far too much

But your works remain a legacy


You were rains on the raging fires of colonialism

You were a power mind none thought a black being could posses

You were a developer who thought of your “now” and “future”

You were an indefatigable eagle with wings of protection

You were a fixer with an ever-present  personality

You were a man with the perfect plan in mind for Africa

As you sought togetherness and strength for the weak infant shoots


Maybe power stained your humble thoughts

Maybe winning corroded your human thoughts

Maybe complacency made you lower your protective thoughts

Maybe you were like a great tree which disregarded its stem

But you made your marks and they were deep to last

In the minds and hearts of all, no matter the diversity


We drink water and have thoughts of you

We use electricity with thoughts of you

We go to school and we have thoughts of you

We ply some roads and we have thoughts of you

We think of trains and we have thoughts of you

The great spokesperson

The great gentleman

The great palm tree whose remains even benefit his nation




Making thoughtfuls

Eat the fruits of pain

Oh, you are buried with thoughts unharnessed






Antagonistic and


But you are so gone


If you were like a seed in a fruit

You would have been pampered in holy wombs

Be watered and fed to grow better

And be treated best at your birth

While being nursed for more greatness

But too bad

We pinch ourselves for the shattered pot

Which can never be mended


You lived well

You lived wondrous

You lived in near perfection

Making all feel your blessed impacts

Sleep well although the well you created mostly suffers thirst

Sleep soundly although the wealth you left is now like bread being pested on by termites

Help us in spirit know the buttocks to push on the golden chair you created

And give those buttocks eyes to select hands with the golden touches

Which can help mould the nation you created

We need to keep moving

To maintain the legacy you left for generations unborn

For it is an honourable legacy worth keeping

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




It’s all coming back
Raining like stones being intentionally thrown
From the heavens by our maker
When he burned my arms
As those in green passed
Those in brown relaxed
And those in white hid

His tears caught no attention
His hurts struck no sympathy chord but mine
My tears flowed like fountains
Going up and down the hills of my eyes
As the one who made me stood harmed
With me as her glued television
It’s all coming back to me

It is a place to be cared for
When sicknesses’ nets do arrest
A place to be tended to
When accidents break bodies and tears skins
A place to be
When death chases
But it is this same place
My fruit burned
In the womb of this mother healer
Maybe it saw me alien
A southerner in a West Hospital
Situated in the bosom of the north
Queer, sitting to help babysit
To volunteer to care for others arrested by ill health
What an unpleasant thought rain

But an eye can never be for an eye for me
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



When the cage of colonialism caught Africa

And the whips of inferiorism caught black minds

Some wrestled with their fists

Others bickered like rivals of foolishness

Some hid like lions with their tails in between their legs

Oh some worshipped hoping to break free

You stood like mountains with minds they sold

And developed muscles to battle oppression

You knew there will be aggression

You knew there will be suppression

You knew there will be times to smell the stench of prisons

But you braved all fearful reasons

Like gallants of the land of Africa

And held the clothes of colonialism

Tearing parts from Gold Coast 

Ebenezer Ako Adjei

Edward Akuffo Addo

Joseph Boakye Danquah

William Ofori Atta

Emmanuel Obetsebi Lamptey

Kwame Nkrumah

Yes, we saw the nakedness of colonial minds through you

Yes, you rose and tore some chains that bounded minds

Giving hope to soldiers of Ghana used and discarded like rags

We are breathing the breath of freedom

Because of your wisdom to free with tact

We are here today because of your inclusion of a mind so apt

Nkrumah Kwame

Kwame Nkrumah

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

In your struggle to break free from the cage

Which had become so small for our ancestral eagles

We fly today even through all abhorrence

We can cry today 

For you gave us our voices

We rest today as you gave our honour

We fend, although partly in lend, for our minds and mouths

Thanks to your gallantry

Your fearlessness

Your courage

Your patriotism

Your love

Your thoughtfulness

So a day like this goes for all of you

We feed your spirits with gratefulness

We thank your restfuls with our hold on the reins of  freedom

We bless your souls with our hearts so relieved

And bless our maker for sending you

To save our land which was turned loo

And help plough and harvest

Generations to tend and fend

May your spirits rest and continiously pray

For our total liberation

Until we stand unmatched on our feet in development

Long live the founders!

Long live the big six!!

Long live Ghana!!!

Long live Africa!!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



When the winds of evil blow at night

And snakes of deception throw them light

As thunders of death hide in death’s flight

Like kola nut pickers with great great might

Protect us, and make living our right


When the devil turn crocodile and needs to pick

Fowls in the night and make humans’ clocks tick

As vultures do wait to have leftovers to lick

Please do open your wings so quick

And scare them with your mighty stick


We are like papers in the wind

Like mud with mobility that the earth does grind

We are toys left to fend for souls so blind

And so our “ahs” and our “eis” do you always find

Just help us Lord, you are our mind

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Like glass houses

Which encourages stone throwers

They ask young flowers

To use their nectar

To attract insects

Who have dedicated trees

They feed and rest

Forgetting they have pests who hawk

When they are busy advising

Calling on flowers to share their nectar

If all fem heads could think alike

Shunning all taken

And fly together like a flock

All that is pain will take a hike

As peace and respect will be our right

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Ugly shadows cast

On the fairest of angel

Deceiving watchers prayful

As he trains beautiful beings

To swerve them  like idiots


Cool winds blow over

To the praying mantis’ 

Who look out for hot

Fanning their eyes to sleep well

Using their curses for them


Brightened shadows show

Attracted worshippers kneel

Loving the glitters

Shunning proper ways ahead

Ah! They dwell on twisted facts

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


google pics
google pics

I know that flower now in veil
I know that flower in all white
She kept her nectar all wrapped up
In her beautiful enticing well
Even when insects knocked and shook
She kept her fragile self together
Until she caught the normal wilt
And started fretting, talking, praying
All other flowers taunted and haunted
Eyes in all shades looked disgustingly
And she took to the bottle
And acted carelessly
But she kept her head high and prayed and cried
Now she shines beside her butterfly
Who looks so good and shows her colour
Patience overcometh
Although the wait does strain
God does answereth
And He answereth in golden glitters
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



The smiling sun can dry 

And it can also heat to harm


Angry rains can grow some plants

And it can destroy many and drown beings


None can live without air

But its seniors destroy and kill many living


Even the moon does lead in darkness

But serves as eyes for murderers of the night


Like north and south

Everything has conflicting opposing characters

Everything gives its twos in one

Choice is key

Like one with a Solomon mind

Choose right and reap its growth

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



 Like snow tainted with mud

She sits in indulgence

Allowing religion to cuff her like a soldier gone bad

Letting society push her into second place

As her conscience whips

With canes of guilt

Time has licked some of her wounds

So in denial, she accepts

Thinking her cool self will calm her opponent

But I see her knowledge

I see her pain

I see her regrets

So boxed in her heart

I see her shame

And hurt for her claim

That she closes her ears in order to move on

We know the right

We know the wrong

Like a goat her prisoner goes on and on and on

Justifying his rights to her

None of it spells love

Where did this angel go wrong?

What broke her will so strong?

What makes her think she there belongs?

Oh! Lighting and thunder of enlightenment

Strike Strike her

Stubborn obedience to coercion

And let the gentle her break free

From earthly bondage

For she deserves much more than she knows

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Nothing can hide

Our joy in ride

Oh nothing can hide

Our smiles so wide

Not even clothes

Can aid our foes

Let us dance naked

Dance to the sweet melodies of fireflies

let us dance naked

With our photographers as the moon and stars

Even mosquitoes will only add

To our melodies in harmony

As shrubs sway their heads

Like a great choral in choreography

We are the only heads with crowns of gold and diamonds

The only eyes, all seek to impress in earnest

The only feet, all yearn to kneel and wash

The audience is set

Sleeping like dolls at our cues fearing sues

So let’s dance like the gods do possess

So the skies will also express

Their delight at the sight of our loving flights

We are no kites so light in flight

To be held and bidden to follow hands of children

We are truly in our time with mandate from He who moulded our hearts

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Like an ‘akuaba’ feeling static in beauty

Hoping from stage to stage feeling supreme

Testing all the best there is in skin creme

She used her nectar to taunt and haunt

Now Rakia sits in thoughts when ageing scent becomes palpable

She now sees what she was

Plantain which greened and is now riping

Ringing bells of rotting

Knowing not if she will be pounded and fried for “akraklo” 

By the heated earth

Or be used as feed by birds still on the tree of life

She yearns to undo all hurts and frets

And wished she had chosen one right than all the wrongs in sweets

Now on the stone of forty and one

Regret tickles her mind

As fear mask her face

Why God refused to give her the needed knock

To jolt her into wisdom

She knows not

Now her mind looks

Wanting to take all that is near

In her quest to let her womb cook for the world

Refusing to search for the right in all

It dawns on her that youth is deception

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Her face is pale

Her breast has turned stale

No great air for her weak children to inhale

All her knights have decided not to bail

Her strong children, like brainless goats, fail

As all her fishes are turned into “koobi and momoni” 

Cooked and fried, others will eat, love, breathe and exhale


A hit on others for their freedom, they hail

Wannabe livers have turned to their tails

As rebels are thrown in horror wardens’ jail

Oh why justice, like Jesus, is nailed

As lies and rubbish is parcelled and mailed

 “Omanba mapa” I rise so quailed


If only greed will turn into rubber and sail

Into a hell where it can burn and fail

As mouths with needs are shut from many a tale

Then even the blind can be provided a braille

To read and know all right from wrong

And like humans boxed out of a veil

Success will out and lead her state

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I have three wonderful things to tell you about!This Saturday 19th September at 9pm at Accra’s +233 Jazz Bar & Grill, Noella is in concert with her official band, The Djimba World Band. The show will start at 9pm sharp and they have designed a pulsating two hour set list for you to feel the heat and rock your bodies! Don’t miss this chance to see Wiyaala & The Djimba World Band in full flow. If you’ve not seen her live, here is a little taster!

For anyone in Germany on the 3 October, she will also be performing a concert at The Kampnagel Concert Hall in Hamburg which is the climax of the two week “We Don’t Contemporary” Arts Festival celebrating the diverse African arts scene.


She has 3 nominations at the All Africa Music Awards (Afrima) due to be held in Lagos 13th to 15th November. This is a very prestigious African awards event which attracted 2558 entries from all over Africa this year. She is very honoured to have been selected. Her nominations include best Female West Africa, best African Rock Song and African Album of the Year for “Wiyaala”.

The video for her song “Africa” directed by Stanley Adjetey was also nominated in the Best Video category. This award goes to the director.

Last year she won two awards; Most Promising Artiste in Africa and The Revelation of The African Continent. And that was thanks to the enthusiastic voting from her fans.

If you want her to win again, here’s the thing…

“To win awards like this in the face of Nigerian competition with their massive population advantage is not easy. That means I am calling on all of you who support Ghanaian music to take time out to support our musicians. Now! And I mean right now!

We did it last year and we can do it again. So, please just take a few moments of your time, CLICK THE LINKS below which take you directly through to each voting page and vote Wiyaala! Please do it NOW!”

Heard from her very self. Click now.

Best Female in West Africa for my song “Africa”


Best African Rock for my song “Angel”


Best Video for “Africa” (award is given to Director)


“Album of the Year is decided by a panel of judges. Other artistes from Ghana who have been nominated include, Sarkodie, Edem, Stonebwoy, Dark Suburb & Efya. I am sure they would also appreciate your support.

Thank you and have a great day! And come on Saturday! You will not regret!

With love and peace! Wiyaala”


Know the Beautiful, Intelligent, Brave Hikmat Baba Dua: The True African Feminist

She is a feminist, founder of an NGO which is making waves in Ghana by pushing young girls into leadership roles, she is brave, elegant, outspoken, intelligent and bright. Our guest post is none other than Hikmat Baba Dua.

Hikmat Baba Dua on amoafowaa.com
Hikmat Baba Dua on amoafowaa.com

AMOAFOWAA: You are welcome to Amoafowaa.com

HIKMAT: Thanks. It’s an honour to be featured and I must say you are doing an awesome job, keep it up and tight.

AMOAFOWAA: Thank you very much. Please tell us about Hikmat Baba Dua

HIKMAT: I am a young feminist in my mid 20s born in Tamale but trace my roots to Kumbungu and Yendi in the Northern Region of Ghana. I had my high school education at the Ghana Senior High School (Ghanasco) and proceeded to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where I studied a combined major in Sociology and Social Work and also took Political Science as a minor course. I do have a lot on my plate because I do not want to spend a day being irrelevant. Aside running my own organization, I also work with LitWorld International and Global G.L.O.W as a Local Coordinator in Tamale for the HerStory Initiative (a partnership initiative with my organization), a Global Youth Ambassador at A World at School and serves on a couple of boards. But most importantly, I act locally and circulate globally earning me awesome opportunities such as being recognized as one of Africa’s most promising women leaders by the Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa, representing Ghana as a domain expert in women’s empowerment at the Global Start-up Youth, selected among the 2015 cohorts of Vital Voices Leadership Program, named among 200 young leaders by Women’s Deliver and being honoured as a Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders by President Obama.

AMOAFOWAA: What do you do as a profession at the moment?

HIKMAT: I am a non-profit Executive. I run and manage a non-profit.

AMOAFOWAA: Who did you grow up reading, as in your favourite author?

HIKMAT: I still remember how I struggled through the pages of Chinua Achebe’s “Things fall apart” in Primary 5. It was one of the literature books my sister was studying at Tamale Secondary School (now Tamale Senior High School). But I repeatedly read this book and later became acquainted with the story Achebe portrays. I wanted more of Achebe and my search landed me another awesome read “No longer at ease”. So before the ‘thee’s’ and ‘thy’s’ of Shakespearean Literature which I later came to comprehend and  love as well, Achebe’s thoughts helped mould my appreciation of literature from cradle.

AMOAFOWAA: A good writer he is. What is your passion in life Hikmat?

HIKMAT: The one thing that puts me on my toes; brings me joy and happiness; and keeps my mind buzzing with ideas and thoughts every day of my life is service to my community. The most valuable resource on the face of earth is the human resource. That’s why I believe with genuine service to our communities we could write a different story; a story of progress, social justice, equality, and self-sufficiency. Rendering my genuine service to my community spirited in belief that this will contribute to re-shaping and re-defining this space I call home is the wheel that drives my life.

AMOAFOWAA: So you are engaged in many advocacy programmes for women empowerment. How do you think Ghana is faring in women empowerment in the 21st century?

HIKMAT:  Ghana has made some progress in this century such as ratifying the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa as well as the Beijing Platform for Action. However, domesticating and implementing these instruments remain a great challenge. The gender, children and social protection Ministry formerly the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs has contributed immensely to this progress since its inception especially in the area of affirmative action policies in crucial areas such as education and health. But there is more to be done especially in the areas of capacity building towards political empowerment and resourcing women adequately to economically empower them.

AMOAFOWAA: I have been hearing something about some young female leaders. I hear you are involved somehow. Tell us more about the League of Young Female Leaders.

HIKMAT:  I am the Founder and Executive Director of League of Young Female Leaders (THE LEAGUE). THE LEAGUE is a non-profit organization focused on advancing the status of girls and women through mentorship and advocacy coupled with a charity module. Our mentoring program is delivered in established League Clubs in some selected high schools. Mentors are recruited from High Institutions of Learning as well as professionals working in diverse fields. The mentoring curriculum used fills both the education gap in providing mentorship for girls as well as the role model vacuum facing our society with the aim of nurturing the next generation of women leaders. With our partner organization LITWORLD INTERNATIONAL, we run litclubs as safe learning and mentorship environments for girls between the ages of 10 and 15. THE LEAGUE utilizes both social media and traditional media to advocate against child marriage (and other forms of violence against girls and women) and encourages girls’ education. THE LEAGUE’s charity work is centered on giving and nurturing the less privileged in society especially orphans.

AMOAFOWAA: You are a Muslim. Correct?

HIKMAT:  Totally and completely!

AMOAFOWAA: Maybe I am paranoid but I need to ask this: Is it easy to be a woman and a leader in Islam? I ask this because I personally see so many Muslim girls subdued in preparation for marriage here in Ghana.

Hikmat Baba Dua
Hikmat Baba Dua on amoafowaa.com

HIKMAT:  Frankly speaking, it is supposed to be but it is not. Imagine a claim such as women cannot be wise in a mixed gender context and thus cannot be leaders. Very ridiculous! But not every practising Muslim subscribes to the notion that women cannot lead in contexts where men exist. Evidence points to Muslim Countries such as Pakistan under the leadership of Benazir Bhutto, Bangladesh under Khaleda Zia and Sheihk Hasina and in Senegal under Mama Madior Baye. These women served as Prime Ministers of their countries; and you can be sure their leadership did not emasculate men. So what’s the point? A Muslim woman nearly became a running mate to a flagbearer in the round up to the 2008 elections but this highly endorsed woman was turned down by the Muslim community in a place where she considers home. Generally, Muslim girls are opinionated through socialization which is also influenced by our culture to believe that they cannot be the essential gender because they are just the other gender. In the end, their only source of hope, happiness, and all in all success are defined by their attachment to a man called a husband. So even before she turns 18, she is thinking marriage as her success yard stick and her family cheers her on and the society accords her respect for completing half her deen (Religion). Well, I am yet to come across a verse in the Qur’an that says single women will not and cannot inherit paradise.

AMOAFOWAA: Wow! You are such a realist in my books Hikmat.  Now let’s zoom down to the struggle for empowerment. As a woman myself, sometimes I think we are overdoing it, are we not overpowering the girls to women and neglecting the boys to men, so to speak?

HIKMAT: Well, you cannot be tired if you have not reached your destination.  If Kwame Nkrumah had not acted promptly seeking ‘independence now’ as against ‘independence within the shortest possible time’, Ghana would probably not be the first sub Saharan country to gain independence. Even in the 21st century we are still preaching against racial discrimination, yet no one is saying we are over doing it. A black man is shot today in a Western Country, and there is a world cry. Because that is injustice and that is not right. How about the injustice women face? Women’s rights are genuine human rights too.

Girls are forced into marriage, and that is overdoing it! Teenage pregnancies, that is overdoing it! Unequal pay for the same work done, that is over doing! Maternal Mortality, that is over doing it! Women as the world’s poorest of the poor, that is overdoing it! Women occupying lower status job positions, that is overdoing it!

Have we asked ourselves how much of the world’s wealth is in the hands of women?

Have we asked ourselves how many girls are missing out on education worldwide?

Have we asked ourselves how many women are Presidents, Law makers, Board Members, Corporate Heads among others?

Have we asked ourselves how many women are infected with HIV/AIDS and other STIs?

When we begin to appreciate some of these issues, we will tell ourselves we are not even doing enough for girls and women. Women are better off today because of the struggles of other women who stood up for womanhood centuries back. The last thing I want to bequeath to my daughter is an unequal society.


AMOAFOWAA: That brings me to my next question, what does a girl or woman need to feel or be empowered?

HIKMAT: There is no watertight approach to empowering a girl or a woman. But essentially, a girl will feel empowered if she discovers herself, finds her voice to tell her story, define her future and be a success story. It all starts from within but the society must be ready to give her equal rights and equal opportunities to ultimately feel empowered both from within and without.

AMOAFOWAA: Girls getting pregnant in senior high schools in Ghana, I have been a witness to many of such happenings. Do you see this as part of your struggle to empowering  girls?

HIKMAT:  We have an incomplete education curriculum with the absence of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) leaving young people especially girls to a free range system on issues related to sexuality. As they explore the possibilities of this free range system, they become submerged in its deficiencies ending up as victims. I do not remember having a pregnant colleague when I was writing my Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE); not even when I was writing my West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (WASSCE). Today, we live in an era of technology; mobile phones, social media etc. yet no one regulates how these tools are used by young people. Young people are more exposed today than ever before yet in the pages of our education curriculum; CSE remains a taboo to our inks. Until we eliminate the idea of sacrilege from the face of CSE and teach our young people what is right and what is not; a bigger battle awaits us. It’s high time we scrap off the sexuality ignorance in our young minds.

AMOAFOWAA: How do you teach a girl to be empowered and respectful at the same time?

HIKMAT:  Regardless of one’s achievements, character defines who you really are. Girls need mentors and positive role models who will help shape their lives empowering them and nurturing them to become virtuous women. They need not just be told, they have to see it manifested in the person they look up to.

AMOAFOWAA: What are you doing about forced marriages in Ghana? Mostly rumoured to happen in the North.

HIKMAT: Not one organization can solve the issue of child/force marriage and that’s why partnerships and collaborations are necessary to adopt a more holistic and integrated approach. We are currently in touch with other organizations both locally and internationally to adopt best practices in our fight against child marriage especially in the three (3) northern regions where prevalent rates are very high. There is the need for a coalition of NGO’s and individuals working to end child/force marriage, and I believe through that, we can alter the situation.

AMOAFOWAA: Sex sells so musicians and most movies make it a point to sell in order to be rich. Is this impeding your progress in empowering girls in any way?

HIKMAT: Obviously! Girls are influenced by so many negative factors and that’s why I believe we need to do more. We need to start speaking up; we have allowed men dominated industries like the entertainment industry to spell out the rules and they treat women as instruments they can manipulate for their consumption.

AMOAFOWAA: What has been your worst encounter in the struggle to empower so far?

HIKMAT: To be rejected by a girl who needed a sense of direction. She is married now with 2 children and she needs help to educate these children because her husband, she says, does not look after them. I could have helped her previously but now I doubt I can because there are other girls who are ready to make use of what I am offering them and I would rather invest in them. Even though I feel bad about this, I have limited resources to help. Trust me, not every girl or woman is ready to be empowered.

Hikamt Baba Dua on amoafowa.com
Hikamt Baba Dua on amoafowa.com

AMOAFOWAA: True. Enough of the empowerment issue. Hikmat what is your favourite meal?

HIKMAT: I love my local dishes and my all-time favourites are Tuo Zaafi (T.Z) with Ayoyo soup and Banku with Hot pepper and Tilapia.

AMOAFOWAA: Yummy. Any hobbies?

HIKMAT: I love reading and dancing to my favourite tunes while I am all alone.

AMOAFOWAA: Who can gain your respect?

HIKMAT: People who are true to themselves and live upright lives.

AMOAFOWAA: Hikmat, do you have political ambitions?

HIKMAT: Interesting! I believe I will serve in Ghana’s political space but at the appropriate time when my nation calls on me to serve and when Allah endorses that call. When I get to the Rubicon, I shall cross.

AMOAFOWAA: I can’t wait to see you there. Who is your favourite female politician in Ghana currently?

HIKMAT: I have great respect for our female politicians. It takes an X factor to be up and out there. I would not specifically point to one person. Let me just say, they are all my favourites.

AMOAFOWAA: If you are to sum Ghanaian politics in three sentences, what will it be?

HIKMAT: We have really produced more politicians than servant leaders for our political arena. I used to think people go into politics to serve but Ghana’s politics has taught me otherwise, it is a gold mine for people to enrich themselves. Every development effort has a political undertone and we progressively dance two steps forward and one step backward else we should have been like the Malaysia’s and the Singapore’s.

AMOAFOWAA: If you are to exchange the economy of Ghana with any other country, which country will it be and why?

HIKMAT: I love the rise of the Chinese economy especially from a more closed economy to a vibrant export driven economy. When a country begins to appreciate what it has and builds on it with a focus of being the best, nothing stops it. China has a combined strength in both manufacturing and services. Imagine Ghana developing our agricultural sector and being best at it. We would not only claim sufficiency, we will as well become an agriculture exporting hub.

AMOAFOWAA: Are you an NDC or NPP sympathiser?

HIKMAT: I am an issue based and politically expedient personality voter. But I simple cannot sympathize with a comic relief party. Ghana deserves a breed of serious politicians, let’s give it that respect. I hope that answers your question.

AMOAFOWAA: Hahahahhaha. It does, it so does.  If you are to choose between “dumsor” and “no water” which will you choose and why?

HIKMAT: I will opt for “dumsor”. I cannot imagine my life with the hustle for water but I can live some days without electricity.

AMOAFOWAA: If I say marriage is a thin line between slavery for one side and partnership on the other, what will you say?

HIKMAT: Absolutely! There is cooperation like we do in partnerships but there is also inequality and sometimes one must just obey and we can all guess who that would be. In the end, someone has to be the owner of another unless they view each other as equals.

AMOAFOWAA: Who is your favourite singer in Ghana?

HIKMAT: The all in all talented and energetic WIYAALA. She is simply my Tina Turner.

AMOAFOWAA: Yes, she is great! How many Ghanaian languages do you speak?

HIKMAT: I speak two (2) native languages; Dagbani and Twi.

AMOAFOWAA: How many Northern dances can you perform?

HIKMAT: Hahahaaaaa…this is the point I definitely take a bow. But I can do some steps for some dances.

AMOAFOWAA: Any celebrity crushes?

HIKMAT: Yes oooooo but he is so long gone, MALCOM X.

AMOAFOWAA: Wow! He should have lived to see the hot, intelligent and world changing you. Too bad. Anyway, if you are to choose between queenship and presidency, which will you choose and why?

HIKMAT: I love the grace that comes along with queenship but I believe anyone can ascend to that height if you are in a royal line but with Presidency, you have to work hard for it and as a go-getter, I always place myself in a position of working hard to earn something. Thus, I will definitely go for Presidency.

AMOAFOWAA: What is your favourite television show in Ghana and why?

HIKMAT: “The StandPoint” because it highlights on critical issues previously shut by tradition, religion and culture. Thus, it gives both men and women that voice to speak out on previously tagged taboo subjects.

AMOAFOWAA: Are you single, attached or married?

HIKMAT: I am very much attached!!!

AMOAFOWAA: Who is the ideal man of Hikmat?

HIKMAT: A man, who loves, respects and reveres me. I am not seeking a perfect man so I am not after 10 on 10 but I will not settle on anything less either. And I must emphasize that, I do not entertain cheaters in my world; I will show you the exit.

AMOAFOWAA: You so share my thoughts. Now I want to go farming with you. The environment gives us a lot. We depend on it. But now you see beauty pageants, fashion shows, hailing of singers and stardom as few people struggle to farm. What is your impression on this?

HIKMAT: Popular entertainment is cool but not essential in a developing context. We complain of unemployment especially among young people because we have succeeded as a country in painting a picture not befitting our status. We portray a flashy lifestyle especially on T.V with more than necessary pageants and fashion shows, intoxicated music videos and lifestyles and we rarely focus on real development indicators such as agriculture. Observe how young people troop from northern Ghana in the name of seeking greener pastures down south while we are blessed with such abundant land we can utilize for farming. One of my Professors hinted that comparatively, what he earns from farming outweighs what he earns as a Professor. This land we are leaving untapped, this land we are running away from, this land we have become strangers to, needs us; we need to caress our land with our own hands. 

AMOAFOWAA: So on point.  Between your parents and lover, who will you die for? Who will you kill for? Who will you cry for and why?

HIKMAT: I could die for either a parent or my partner; if I am the one to save a life and I am in a situation of hardly living the next moment, I will gladly give my life to either of them needing it.

I do not think I will kill for anyone; I am not that brave. Seriously speaking, if I cannot create a life, why should I kill one?

I hardly cry but I believe I will cry for my Mama; only God knows the reason why I will cry for her and that’s our little secret.

AMOAFOWAA: Cool As a therapy in advice, who will you hug, slap, hold hands with, leave to be among these people and why:

  1. One crying over a cheating lover
  2. One crying over the death of a parent
  3. One who is crying because of a terminal illness?
  4. One who is crying because he or she was caught stealing?


I will slap the one crying over a cheating lover; what’s the point in crying over spilt milk, move on.

I will hold, hug the one crying over the death of a parent; everyone in that situation needs empathy.

I will hold hands with the one crying because of a terminal illness; there should always be that one person who cares and that’s a great sign of care.

I will leave the one crying because he or she was caught stealing; I have no business there. He/she is not guilty until proven otherwise. I will let the law deicide that.

AMOAFOWAA: Hikmat, you truly are a great thinker. Your advice to girls struggling to make it in life:

HIKMAT: Girls, no matter how things can get low, you have to keep moving. Let not being a girl deter you from achieving your dreams; let it be your motivation to rise. Create positive relationships, grow your network and let that little light of yours shine. It will amaze you to see the number of people sharing in the brightness of your light. Be strong and appreciate every individual in a positive sense. And always remember; you have more than a cooking gene.

Hikamt Baba Dua on amoafowaa.com
Hikamt Baba Dua on amoafowaa.com

AMOAFOWAA: Your advice to boys struggling to make it in life:

HIKMAT: As you are struggling, let it be genuine, positive, and fulfilling in the end. Patriarchy has not only offended girls; it has enslaved your egos as well; break free from it. Yearn to be successful but let that success be defined by dint of hard work and not through dubious means. And when you finally chose a partner, treat her as an equal, not a subordinate.

AMOAFOWAA: Now your final words to followers on amoafowaa.com

HIKMAT: I wake up every day asking myself one question; what is life’s value? Imagine you return to your maker today, what testimony would you have at hand? We are each blessed with an innate unique gift, find yours, utilize it and fill in that gap to make our world a better place.  Life is too short to live not fulfilling what God sent you to do on earth. Return to him with hands empty of what he gave you but with hands full of what you gave to others because he sent you to fill a space in this world in order to make it complete so that He too can leave a space for you in His abode to make it complete.

AMOAFOWAA: Thank you for your time.

HIKMAT: A pleasure it was.



There is none I have seen

So free in a veil

None I have heard

So clear from a veil

None I have felt

So strong from a veil

But Hikmat

Hikmat Baba Dua

Intelligence she flows

Illiteracy she blows

Unfairness she lows

As her light many tow

It is Hikmat

Hikmat Baba Dua

I call for blessing

Like a touch to lead in delight


To dress her like good clothes

More strength

To aid her in her quest

For hearts like hers

Are rare

Rare in the bosom of mother Ghana

Whose females are wrapped in doomed taboos

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


Their eyes can’t see
Without developing legs
To rush to their tongues
To make so much noise
To open the gates of their mouths
To bless or curse other ears
Munafiki, shame on you!

Like drums destroyed
News trickle through their ears
And flow loudest through their mouths
Like they hoard megaphones in their throats
Shouting north, south, east and west
Wearing crowns of fake journalism
Munafiki, shame on you!

They snoop like dogs
When news seem locked
They are like wall geckos
Communicating with all seeing walls
And premiering news on unknown grounds
Why at all were they created with tongues?
Munafikis! Shame!! Shame on you!!!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Like fishes choked by water
Like birds choked by air
Like trees choked by the earth
Noses choke by air of life
How noses fight air
Thinking to win,  beats imagination
Who fights the earth on which he stands?
No matter how carnivorous earth seems
Who can fight and live on it?
We are cows being reared by earth
During its occasions it kills to please
And when its visitors trend
It slaughters to fend
So it slaughters at its will and wishes
We curse, rebel, fight
But our chains are in the hands of the earth
Which sends us grazing in its belly
And keeps its eyes on us wherever we go
Until we ripe for its pots
Or its needs call for us
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Many sit with their news on their laps
Some sit with their youngsters by their sides
Like a human with cow horns
All eyes turn to me and mine
As he jumps like an antelope
Neighs like a horse
Shakes like a buffalo
And runs like a Bolt on weeds
I am the only being on stage
With a product meant to entertain
And or annoy
This head is tired
Too tired even though the journey is just beginning
Whatever this means
Whoever brought the cause
Strengthen these bones
To better carry this burden
Even the strongest building collapses in weariness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


The tower knew not its strength
But stood and held the weight of many
Amidst the storms
The rains and the high sun
It stood strong
It took all the bullets
And felt the painful airs
Eating into its lungs
But still stood strong
Until a little child knelt at its feet
Shed tears
And showed what was known to be the strongest tower
Its ruins blocking many
Killing many
While hurting many
Then it dawned on it
That it is stronger
Than it knows
Low self confidence
Is its only flaw in strength
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


He sows spirits into body clothes
And leaves the seams bare
Every step undo a thread
Until the bodies’ clothes fall
As the spirits develop wings
And fly in myth
To the unknown
Of course a huge bump scatters all threads
And so does huge cuts and hits
As other factors melt or burn the threads
He is a super tailor; God
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Beauty lives in eyes which stand
Never in closed eyes
Amedzofe is a beautiful lady
Her curves show supreme
As her hairs are woven
In beautifully strong trees
Sweeping the very grounds she walks
A snake must be feared but can be beautiful
Snake of a road lies in her bosom
As stones arrange in her filled breast
To show her strength
None must tell you of her fertile womb
Her bounteous greens
Speak volumes
And oh her aura!
In cooldom it can kill
And in hotdom I’m sure swimming in buckets advisable
Standing by her feet
I raise my eyes to her mouth
And behold,  her words are brief
“I am life”
True, even the woman in me says so
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Dazed by the loudness
Loudness like the deafening rain
Current  songs battle the old
Black girls with fake blushing cheeks
And short shorts show
As boys to men show dressed in mosquito nets
Drinks abound
From “apio” to energizer
Chewers  of mouths parade
Dancers with no moves parade
Humans  like ants follow
One after one after one
Hunger is being hooted in style
By Voltarians who show blessedness
Underage teenagers hold drinks fit for drunken kings
And yes
The elders were right
Women love men with stupid heads
Some sit
Others stand
Others watch
As others mingle
This is Ho
The land strong now
To throw yams at hunger
And all rights turn wrong
As all wrongs turn right
On the ticket of Kofi Gbedemah
I stand with eyes like a eagle’s
Watching what is before me
Like a village crook
Watching television for the first time


Sounds for customers rise and rise
Instrumented by adverts of medicines
Which supposedly cure all ailments
Mixed with microphones of preachers
Who preach about endtimes, the gift of giving
Compulsory tights and offering
As some sing in voices of frogs and nightingales

Humans, like ants, line haphazardly
Many drenched in sweats heading in different directions
With murderous and flowery scents
Holding eachother to form a middleway
While countenances make obvious some intents
Others, like leopards in wool, hide theirs very well
As scratchy fingers work their ways into bags and pockets

Many bump into others
As curses fly with insults
And near blows are put out like weak fires
While strong fists punch faces of peacemakers
And gossip judges look on
Some cheering, others indifferent

Cars follow in diverse shapes
Rickety trotros, rickety taxis
Beautiful and really used vehicles
As slightly used taxis with owner drivers shout for care
While watching out for customers with expensive wallets and purses

Humans dare cars for crossing
As traffic lights mostly turn decorative tools
Even the pores of the middle pavements in the roads
Have no breathing space
As food, bowls, provisions, used wears lay naked in auction
Many struggle for seats in trotro
In the middle of the road
As road instructors charge fees of cover

Posters of local movies, job advertisement and medicines
Hug fences abd surfaces with the aid of shadowed glues
Stores hoard different wares as hawkers try to take their frontal space
Table top phone dealers are not left out
As sack tops gun for perfect “bend down boutiques”

Market show by road sides
Beautifully coloured vegetables
Yams among others lie on top of eachother
Meat battle for view with flies
As buyers scan through with their memorized slips

It is Kejetia
Humans mixed with ghosts
Like thick porridge  mixed with water on fire
Faces move on complexions toned and natural
Skins burnt green with yellow and red parts parade
Some with serious rashes
Kejetia is awake in full light
Although it never sleeps
Night workers seek cover from light
This one little ant walks through
Eyes transfixed everywhere
Hoping not to be crashed
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I wrote this poem last year and I dedicate it with my whole heart to the judges caught and are hot. I dedicate this to all intentional-sinners in darkness who act pious in daylight, someway, somehow, your darkness will be consumed by light some day. Don’t dwell on fallibility then.

Mum C Writes


For those with cover cloth of darkness

Which hides many of your scary weakness

Darkness enclothen

Weaknesses unfolden

I know you feel embolden


Sophisticated sweet sweats

May cause you to dance to your own beats

No matter your many a soothing day

After scaring many to decay

Know one night might turn to day

And you’ll dance to your own beats


Yes, darkness covers all eyes

Yes, darkness paints all with black dyes

But when light comes out cool

It dissipates like a fool

And knows it is a temporary tool


So please rest in darkness

Knowing it’ll cover your weakness

Only to leave it bare

For all to queerly stare

Asking how you could shamefully dare

I have seen many, don’t say it is rare

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

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None by law could touch them
Like Gods with voices in finality
They wore wigs white like wisdom prostitutes
While their minds wore clothes
Which washed itself with blood of innocence
And fed fat on filthy monies from criminals
Darkness of camera shielded their horrid sides
As they paraded like mighties taunting sunshine
While splashing tears of the wronged in mud
For all minds to second guess their innocence
Power of paper does corrupt
Trust of many does disrupt
Vehicles of fake goodness die abrupt
Now you see?
This is the curse of the heavens
And the reward for Anas’ crew
So blood pressure, stroke, resignations, tears and hiding
Have no way of washing those sins glee
Be judged
Be convicted
And admit you were the judges turned criminals
Judges jugded and convicted with treason
Judges who deserve death in dungeons of lions
At least be brave enough to stand trial
For Mother Ghana who you’ve shamed
Shamed into fame
Fame of corruption with no option
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Tears flood
Flood hearts of earth sustainers
Making their breathing herculian
As most men hide behind the curtains of feminism
Shedding clothes of responsibility
Any cry for help
And the curtains’ waves slap
With hot irons of “women can do better”
Feminine mouths in confidence
Are dubbed chants of witchcraft
Like a war of ego
All training burdens
All financial burdens
All caring burdens
Have been dumped like trash on those deemed
“Woe of men”
When all they want is to be
“Warriors for men”
There will come a day
When all they will be
Are sticks cut to scratch itches
And thrown out to be stepped on
Behind their curtains
All we will hear
Are their screams
Their faces masked by their curtains
As the kick their legs
On their dumpsters behind their curtains
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Eyes wake facial beings
Ears look, stand and gape
Mouth opens slightly, smiles and renders tongue naked
Cheeks roll in fists
Nose just smells the happiness
As stars bath naked
In the fenceless sky

Which soap sparkles so?
As to light and show
On kings in a fenceless sky?
Could it be some sparkling water
Doped by God’s miracle gargle?
Or could it be, sky beings bath with fire?

Chai! I am caught
Between illusion and fantasy
And I am hot
Flooded in the pool in the middle of my earth
Every fibre awakened
By the sexy, naked shining stars
Bathing in the Jacuzzis of the untainted sky
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c)  2015


I stand a sinner
Chasing thoughts making me thinner
Racing heart causing me breakage
As unknown tomorrows sing me songs

I don’t know
I don’t know if the heads white leaves
Will showcase me tomorrow
Still two handed instead of three

I don’t know
I don’t know if this mud’s wrinkles
Will showcase me tomorrow
Still two legged instead of four

I don’t know
I don’t know if this half dug hole
Will be forced into a hole
Still half dugged

So I sit thinking
With thoughts
Thoughts chasing thoughts
Chasing thoughts and chasing thoughts
Knowing not the answers to these puzzles
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


When plants are in complexion green
Their colour does make them mean
And like peacocks, their feathered leaves
Raise their shoulders to taunt
Shaping their strong spines to flaunt
Making brownly-attacked sicklers peeve
As they cry at the haunt

They buly the air
And dance with winds
Daring Tsunamis to come like angry waves
As they plan wars on end
They do all things to attract and act
Being quick to hug and embrace
Until fallopians catch arrest juices
To cause a bloating to make them see

Then, the browns lose interest
As their sickness does teach them
That each long leaver will enter the phase
And that no known fate is known for race
It’s sickening
Fighters turning spectators
Watching their former selves play out
Killing themselves peeved
Knowing not what can help curb the curse
Of the energetic thoughts of supremacy
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Sun, you have a day
And your day wears the most pious clothes
In the whole wide world

Sun, your clothes are sinless
And they sparkle like you
As they turn most sinners
Into hypocritical hollies

Sun, may I ask a thing?
You sure aren’t without sin
Are you?
Because you shine
And you light
But you also burn
Enough to hurt
Is that why you hoard all traits?

Sun, many churches’ have belly aches
From so much pounding by legs uncountable
Yes, pregnant churches hoard weeds and few plants
And on your day
When will they deliver?

You are a bride
Who many take for a ride
Like an abandoned car
Which is driven too far
Sun, even still
Your day shines better
Than all the days
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


You were to me the golden goose
That laid my golden happiness
And made sure I sparkled, even in heat
But one knows not what awaits
If the hands are freed to search
No matter how precious something is,
Once left to go
It dissipates into nothing
So I set you to sail
From the seas of my heart
And watched you go far
Until you got lost
But now you show at my dock
On your knees like a tamed horse
Promising to carry my heaviest load
I was the puppy you fooled to hunt your feed
And the little kitty you fooled to cuddle
I was the being with no known eyes
So loved your antics and laughed
Even when cynics showed disgust
Higher realm cured my blindness
As pain severed my puppiness
Wisdom of the world cutting through my cathood
So turn liquid you past!
Turn liquid and flow beneath my gutters
Let me not see your colour
Watch me live or live highest
And in your mind, make me the most regretful
For not forgiving a one like you
Just know my taste changed
And whatever I ate to have your flu
Makes me vomit now
Regrets have no chance in my compound
So get up
Hop like a gallant soldier without a leg
And leave into your fate
Where my eyes rays will shine not
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Like a gentle flower,
He made his way through my highway
In speed
Crying for the usual jubilation
So small, raising questions of his being
And he made all happy
Never knew he was to face hurdles gargantuan
In his easily countable stay
Boxing sicknesses
Wrestling illnesses
Damaging unwelness
And the flower churned
He so attractive
In him, house of medications
I pray and I pray and I pray and pray
Knowing not the end which awaits him
Always having legs of my heart in kneeling
Hoping God will be the captain of his ship
Although almost wrecked
The third year has gone to sleep
The fourth drives him now
And as the farmer of his seed
All I can do is pray
That my prayers reach the heavens
And touch the heart of the all skilful architect of humans
So I bear no grudges
In the arms of my end
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Some men are like cockerels
They praise “Your beauty! Kokrokoo kooo”
Loving the rays which help them shine
But always work for their stomachs only
Still wanting coolers to burn their heats
When their fires spark

Some men are like parrots
Chirping in gossiping
Living with no shame
Kissing and telling and hurting and yelling
Poking their noses in defecation of others
And forcing busy eyes to witness

Some men are goats
They smell skirts  from million miles away
They always want to climb it all
Even mountainous hips feeling no pain of canes
Wanting all their juices to meet eggs in their stubbornness
Although they know the fusion will grow their rivals
They hope for other holes to grow to scratch their sticks
And they always seek holes where there is none
When they have an itch, they can dig holes in stones to scratch

Some men are like peacocks
Always with raised shoulders
Like they have long brightened colours to fly
Wanting lovers to always sing praises
So they can nod their heads like wealthy kings
When they host holes in which foul air travels
To disturb ordinary noses and that of their own

Some men are like baboons
Working for riches to use as nets to catch fishes
And when they catch the fishes
They themselves become their dishes
Feeding the fishes until they finish on their bone plates

Some men are like ostriches
Burying their egos in the sand when in need
Bringing it to full glare when it is comfortable
To haunt and taunt their benefactors to fall
Laughing to themselves that they’ve succeeded

Some men are like Leeches
They look for comfortable places to plant themselves And make sure to never Leave until all blood droughts
And have no eyes to care about their ruineds

Some men are like dogs
Barking in praises
Surrendering in promises
As long as they feed
They become faithful
Willing to die for their masters in pleasure
Always hunting to please
They can go through the most filthy and still be loyal

There are those like Guinea fowls
No matter the home loving
They fly far like hell does chase
Those like chameleons do scare most
But men are men in their dynamism
Only their complexions parcel their lots
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


For women who hurt thinking no man hurts, I thought of you reading this. Even rich dudes go through rejection. Then again, the older, the desperate and more broken in breaking realms. Travel this route, and think like me for a minute. It should be fun analysing. Try now.


french maid

Why on Gods earth would you leave me

All alone, heart broken in two

Leaving no note to explain of your motives

Without even saying adieu

I mean I gave you all that you asked for

The diamonds, the Rolex’s, the yacht

The race horse, the mansion in Surrey

The muscular valet to fan you when hot

Oh yes and that South Sea Island

Where lived the natives of whom you were fond

A most handsome monthly allowance

A casino the other side of the pond

I know I am not that good looking

And suffer so severely with gout

And yes it’s best not to be downwind of me

When I’ve scoffed too much sauerkraut

It surely can’t be the age difference

You just 18 and me 83

For love is blind so say the romantics

And it’s not as if I have hepatitis B

No it must be…

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Spectacular Sunset

Want a cool sense of peace, knowing goodbyes must not always be sad. They can be serene, cool and peaceful to watch. Enjoy.

Connecting Beyond


Bringing along my Samsung Galaxy Camera 2,  I went for a walk on the evening of September 1st after a long day of cleaning.  Literally I walked into Magic and OH was I ever happy with myself that I had brought along my camera! During that entire walk I was completely entranced by the colors, the smells, the feelings all brought about by the heavy humidity and the twilight light.  Bliss came once again with the Gifts of Mother that were offered to me.

September usually for us brings dry, hot and sunny days, but not this year.  The humidity and heat are so thick you could probably cut them with a knife.  We’ve had a weather alerts which say the air quality is not healthy, especially for those with lung issues.

Yet, in those humid conditions I was able to capture a stunning sunset with actual rings of light…

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What’s In A Name

Don’t get it twisted, this is poetry made honest and witty. The only one capable of such, Marissa. Enjoy.

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

Oh hon look at our little lamb
Pictured in the sonogram
She looks so small so sweet and dear
I just can’t wait til she is here
We have her crib, some clothes her wipes her
Toys, layette sets and her diapers
One thing though it’s very plain
Our little one just needs a name

I just can’t guess a name other
Than that one of my nice old mother
Don’t you think that would be special?
Problem solved, we’ll call her Ethel!

How could you be so unwitting
Please tell me that you are kidding
Surely even you can see
That woman always hated me
Hideous backwards compliments
She always doubts my competence
I’ll name my daughter for that ogre
Only once hell freezes over

But I think I have our answer
Candie Nikki Trixie Amber

Oh my God what is your goal?
To drive…

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To Love A Man 

I know not the clear cut theme. Very “multi” but I do know I enjoyed my read.

Restored Ministries Blog

To Love A Man

Would Be To Me

The Ongoing Road

At Sunset

Nothing Facing Me

But Eternity

Shared With A Lover

Who Will Be There

Sunrise, Happily

Someone Warm

To Hold Me

To Smile As

Our Lips Meet

To Love A Man

Is Wonderful

But Above, To Be Loved

This Is The Greatest Thing

These Hands Have Not Yet

Held A Lovers Heart

Nor Gently Brushed

His Hair From Brow

To Kiss That Hard Day Bye

This Spirit Free, Though Alone

Would Spend Forever Searching

For Endless Sleepless Nights

Have Kept Her Bound

With Next To Nothing

Pillows Are Not Flesh

Satin Sheets Cannot Caress

My Side When Rain

Pours On The Outside

Ah, To Love A Man

This Is The Greatest Thing

❤️Krystal Lynne

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