Thoughts of childhood swim in limited freedom
Thinking money, food love give happiness in this lifedom
As time flirts with growth
And conceives maturity through experiences
We get to know
There is no freedom in breath

Plants dance with the air
But most breathers live on their deaths
Trees bear weight
Their skins pealed to heal
Their roots uprooted in added healing
Even other trees swallow their peers
Doesn’t it dawn on you
That there is no freedom in breath?

Animals make noise
Some happy, others melancholic
But they are future meat in heat
Even between themselves
Raw meat to feed
Those feared hunted for victories
All signs lead
To no freedom in breath

Fishes play hide and seek and leak
Panting in chasings
As some die in odd places
Warm waters boil for the weak
They feed on their neighbours
To live and breathe
While some are removed to be chewed in alien fields
Are you getting the flow?
That there is no breath in freedom?

Clouds cry to softhen the earth
Sun heats to harden the earth
Although these come from the same sky
Do you need more proof
That there is no freedom in breath?

The higher the mind
The harder the fight
So know that there is no freedom in breath
Live the struggle
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


We were like flowing rivers
Worshipping through nature
Matters of guns, bombs and brutal killings were rare
Until our arms embraced
Our minds did lace
Our traditions turned mud
And washed ashore
Alien worshippings

Did we not know
That their teeth will one day seek blood?
Did we not know
That their thoughts would slash throats?
Did we not know
That what was washed
Was what could protect?
Now we cry?
Why cry when we worship?
Why cry when we allow freedom of roaming alien gods?
Why cry when the youth turn cut-throats?
We saw and still see their murderous boats
And we cry still boarded
Enjoy the blood bath
And anticipate your future abattoir on screans
Abattoir with you or your children as the chained meat
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Problems, like raw yams,
Itch tongues
Urging them to roll
Like red carpets
Aiming for knights to come through
Shut the mouth tight
And lock it in
For ears abound
Hovering to make fun forever
With you on your painful problem stage

Problems like chopping onions
Sting the eyes
Forcing them to cry in rivers
Shut eyelids tight
To force reflection
We need no head aches
And no eye colouring to show

Problems like strong hands
Hit and break hearts
Forcing faces to show
Sorrowful eyes
Ground searching heads
Lift your heads
Force smiles
For enemies are waiting to laugh
In those moments

There is nothing like pain forever
Life deals with the double “H’s”
Hurts, Happiness
Make God the communication channel
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


As goats’ fur hide their sweat
And hens’ droppings
Hide their urine
Fishes’ tears drown in rivers and seas
Swimming is attractive
But permanent livers live suffocated
As none sees their distress
None feels their fears
As they drown in their loving waters
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


They deemed me; a little shoot, weak
Too fragile to any good seek
And God did give them a puzzling trick
Storms uprooted
I fell and they laughed
But He kept my roots intact
Throwing loamy soil on them
Giving them fair rains
Fair sunlight
And fair air

Still neglected
I grew with loads that got them interested
They watched
Watched and watched keenly
None rooting
All expecting another storm to uproot
Most expecting hunger to hold hands with thirst
To shoot with a killing bullet
Storms after storms caused me to fall
But like a branch
He made me malleable
Waking me from the painful slumber
With a smear of determination balm

Time opened wide their mouths
Making them houses of filthy houseflies
As bees of lost bets stunk their intestines
What grand walking sticks are known for
Has been done
And is still being done
By a common weed
So they device another plan
“She must have stolen powers,
Powers not meant for this world”
But He protects and protects
This weed will forever be a weed
God has made His point
Will and zeal work
There is nothing like gender in His records
There is nothing like flesh in His records
There is nothing like height in His records
There is nothing like “can’t do” in His record
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I whine and whine
In lines and out-lines
Shouting burning brimes
Shouting bitter limes
Shouting no time
Shouting no dime
As though You are in crime
But You weave my success quietly like You in mime

I am not perfect
Tiredness and fear soil chances of me being perfect
But You show me respect
I am no prefect
But You make me You inspect
After standing still like in defect
You are touching
You are healing
You are fixing
While leading and brightening
You are equipping
You are loving and loving
You are protecting
Harmers are falling,  falling and falling
“Onyame! Oberempong! Ohenepong! Amaniampong! Otweeediampong!”
I have no tongue
I have no mouth
I have not enough breath
To harvest the thankfulness planted in my heart
By Your perfect plan
I can only bow in solemn thankfulness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Minds sleeping
Waste of lives
Arms folded
Bothers to chest or laps or hips
Legs static
Waste in mobility
Rolling stones gather moss
But their hardwork help them to clean
Sayings is salt
Too much of it
Makes edibles not tastable
So I rest thinking you sage
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

Meet Kafui Danku; the Godfearing, Loving, Intelligent, Award Winning Producer and Actress

Kafui Danku on
Kafui Danku on

Our guest post for today is a beautiful woman who lives with the strong will of God. She is a diva, an award winning actress, and is one who demands respect. All these accolades cannot pass without the mention of her intelligence. She is none other than the sweet Kafui Danku.

AMOAFOWAA: You are welcome to Please tell us about you, we need all things essential from when you were born to present.

KAFUI: Born and bread in Ho, Volta Region, Attended Mawuli Primary and J.S.S and then to O.L.A Girls all in Ho. I then attended Cape Coast University where I obtained a Bachelors Degree in English and Classics and this is the future. Lol.

AMOAFOWAA: Lol. We know you to be that beautiful actress. What do you do apart from acting?

KAFUI: That is a nice complement, Thank You. I also produce movies apart from acting.

AMOAFOWAA: At which point in your life did you know you wanted to be an actress?

KAFUI: I believe if you are passionate about something, everything you do leads you that direction.

AMOAFOWAA: Cool. What is your reason for your chosen profession?

KAFUI: Passion. It keeps driving you to the call.

AMOAFOWAA: Any role models?

KAFUI: There are lots of people that I admire and take inspiration from, I don’t think I have a particular role model, not sure.

AMOAFOWAA: What was your first ever role and your breakthrough role?

KAFUI: I would say ‘4play Reloaded’ by Venus Films

AMOAFOWAA: Has formal education contributed in bringing you this far?

KAFUI: Most definitely.  It is very important. I don’t think I would have been here without it. Thanks to my Parents, they were very strict when it comes to educating us formally, It’s a priority.

Kafui Danku
Kafui Danku

AMOAFOWAA: Who did you grow up reading from? In other words, who are your favourite authors?

KAFUI: I remember I read more of African Writers when I was younger. I love Authors like Ama Atta Aidoo, Efua Sutherland , Chinua Achebe and the likes

AMOAFOWAA: I have heard so much praise from you for your husband on media platforms. The question on most minds is ‘how did you meet your husband?’

KAFUI: Lol… Are you trying to find a husband like mine?

AMOAFOWAA: Lol. Maybe. Any children yet or planned for future?

KAFUI:  No kids yet.

AMOAFOWAA: Most successful career women find it difficult to juggle marriage with their careers. How do you manage yours?

KAFUI: By planning. I take planning seriously thus don’t play when it comes to timing. There is time for family and there is time for work.

AMOAFOWAA: Do African women in this 21st century still need empowerment?

KAFUI: absolutely, we do.

AMOAFOWAA: What is your greatest achievement in life?

KAFUI:  It is difficult to say , because I believe the future can only get better but being able to tell stories to touch the people and to be recognized is an achievement, The movies we have produced have made impact, it’s kind of fulfilling. I always remember to thank our fans for the support. Thank you GH , once again . I would also say there is more to come as long as God grants us good health and Long life.

Kafui Danku
Kafui Danku

AMOAFOWAA: If you were a judge, what will be your punishment to a man who defiles a five year old?

KAFUI: Life imprisonment

AMOAFOWAA: Let’s talk about the Ghanaian entertainment platform. What are your great impressions and your disappointing ones?

KAFUI: We’re trying but need to work harder. Our timing is terrible. We don’t take time seriously, it breaks my heart. We need to work on that , I’m sure when we start taking our selves seriously, any other thing will fall in place.

AMOAFOWAA: I always ask all guests this question, who can win Kafui Danku’s respect?

KAFUI: I respect all persons, except you give me a reason not to. Just be a lady or a gentleman and you’ll earn respect.

AMOAFOWAA: How do you deal with bad publicity?

KAFUI:  I believe I’ve been a good girl so far. Lol.

AMOAFOWAA: Yes, you have, I guess. Now many are those who as it were ‘change housing’. What is your stand on bleaching or toning?

KAFUI: Lol… It’s very awful. The most terrible thing one can do to him or herself.

AMOAFOWAA: I have heard a few actresses talk about dark complexioned people finding it difficult to get roles in the industry. What is your stand on this, seeing as you are a producer?

KAFUI: It is a bit difficult to really place that. I am brown skinned. We have the beautiful Jackie, Ama and the likes who are dark skinned.

AMOAFOWAA: How many movies have you produced so far?

KAFUI: We just got done shooting the 5th, #AnyOtherMonday, It’s on post production. The first is “LETTERS TO MY MOTHER”, second, “DEVIL IN A DRESS’, Third, “HAPPY DEATHDAY’, Fourth is “ I DO”. They are all Award Winning Movies. Thanks to our fans/audience for the support.

AMOAFOWAA: What is your dream country, your favourite food and your favourite sports?

KAFUI: Don’t think I have any yet. Las Vegas still remains one of my favourite holiday spots.  anything with hot pepper can move me. Sports? I don’t have a favourite. Each one is unique

Kafui Danku
Kafui Danku

AMOAFOWAA: Let’s get to the political realm. Who, on the whole African continent, will you say is your best politician?

KAFUI:  J.J. Rawlings.

AMOAFOWAA: What is your take on ‘dum so’ or the frequent power outages?

KAFUI: Hmm…  It is very disturbing. Sincerely, I wish Dumsor stopped like yesterday. Much cannot be done. I hope it gets solved as soon as possible.

AMOAFOWAA: What in your opinion can make Africans gain the respect they desire?

KAFUI: when we believe in ourselves and be original.  Originality is Key

AMOAFOWAA: has many foreign followers. I need to ask for their benefit, your perspective on racism.

KAFUI: I believe in LOVE, HUMANITY.  Skin colour should not really matter. Racism deserves to be stamped out, it is the enemy of freedom. Let us all respect each other regardless of skin Colour. I am no racist.  

AMOAFOWAA: What is your take on gay marriages? I ask this because it is the wave maker of the day.

KAFUI: I believe In Man/ Woman Relationship, I don’t think I would have been in existence if my mum or dad had the same sex relationship/Marriage.  

I do not support gay marriages, it’s absurd.

AMOAFOWAA: Do you think Africans can ever endorse gay marriages in the near future?

KAFUI: I pray not.

AMOAFOWAA: If you were the president of Ghana at the moment, what will be the three things you will prioritize in your line of duty?

KAFUI: Currency, Health and  Educational System

AMOAFOWAA: From history and living, who will you choose as your favourite president from the days of Nkrumah?

KAFUI: It’s difficult to choose, they all played a role in our present state.

AMOAFOWAA: Now to social, who is your favourite singer worldwide and why?

KAFUI: Any Musician whose Music inspires, will win me. There are lots of those I like, I have a long list of them.

AMOAFOWAA: Who is your favourite singer in Ghana and why?

KAFUI: I have a list, Stonebwoy, Edem, Efya. Their music inspire and they are also hardworking with humble souls.

AMOAFOWAA: Being a successful woman in Ghana and Africa at large is not an easy feat. For those reading and wishing to be in your shoes, what will be your advice?

KAFUI: I believe we have to work hard in any chosen field if we want to make a mark , thus hard work cannot be avoided. So, believe in your dreams, work hard and believe in God.

AMOAFOWAA: What will be your advice to those battling life threatening diseases?

KAFUI:  I believe in God and all that his church teaches so I will comfort them and use psalm 91 to pray with them, and I believe God will answer.

Kafui Danku
Kafui Danku

AMOAFOWAA: Wow! To those who are out there, feeling out of place in this world and contemplating suicide, what are your words?

KAFUI: Suicide is definitely not the answer, Let us talk more of Life than death, I believe their time to be or feel in place may just be a few days of positivity away.

AMOAFOWAA: To your fans?

KAFUI: Many thanks to them, all I feel is immense gratitude any time I think of them. Please keep supporting us and keep watching Ghanaian Movies.

AMOAFOWAA: Now to the world, what will be your inspirational words?

KAFUI: Let us be united, Let Love and peace rule .

AMOAFOWAA: Thank you for your time on

KAFUI: Welcome, and thank you too.



Sages say none has it all

Most wins deserve a fall

But she stands to conquer

Her shield, the Lord in honour

A virtuous woman is like gold refined

Its shoes fits a one called Kafui Danku

An African daughter

Who hates complexion slaughter

Beauty with brains

She impacts and waves

Throwing more light for younsters to follow

Such a heart deserves the recognition she has

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015

(Credit to Saadatu Abdul-Rahaman)


A branch falls from the sky
And hearts rush into the mouth
Rats roam for food
And hearts rush onto fear horses
And gallop like hell gates call for entry
Songs of nightingales have turned aborminants
For they are deemed allies
Of faceless hands
Who hurt and seize
Or murder to own
Even shadows of trees
Now haunt to taunt
A travelling cloud gets to be cursed
When it is crossing the path of a moon
When moons go to rest
Men become chickens and roost
As paths dance for lack of weight
What crimes have we commited?
What at all is worth a life?
Isn’t it humans who work to gain?
Now skies weep
And even the earth refuse the tears
So drowning takes place mid air
Sleeping gods wake
Sleeping protectors shake
Sleeping crime prosecutors put up the stakes
And put minds at ease
And keep hearts in place
For this fear race
Is not for hardworking faces
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



A folded wonder

In a living wonder

Like a beautiful seed

In a beautiful flower

Breathes and coils

Kicks and stretches

Bloating up to help touch down


It is a wonder

With many future wonders

Blocking or fulfilling dreams with its dreams

Causing a discomfort, generating anxiety

Creating anticipation

A space for a new visitor is a dire need

Switches of days

Flipping of nights

Stripping of nine moons

And a cry seals deal

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Stores of feeds

Destroyer of seeds

Sweats of beads

Gluttonic deeds

Like a pregnant fish out on the lands


Bloating of tummy

They tell of signs of riches. Pain of an army!

Oh! What? Blimey!

Sure looks so ‘harmy’

Like a pregnant whale out on the lands


A beer  washing fufu and potatoes

Stew shunning veggies like tomatoes

Heavy, too heavy, a step on your toes

And you call you’re in your lows

For it’s like a pregnant whale stepping on your wound

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


That path He made
Has saved the day
He used a spade
But is still a way
All thought it fade
But it still did stay
A thorn here and there
But that is fair

That path neglected
Did work to save
Its line reflected
And led to a safe cave
Like the stone rejected
Which turned into the building’s Dave
The path has conquered
Though it was never pampered

Makes me want to cry
Like a mountain with gratitude
As to why I didn’t try
Like a Moses with attitude
I can’t help but sigh
Like the Israelites in multitude
So I worship the maker
Who acted like the dawn waker
And made the way like a good shaker
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Alaha lives like a bush cowboy
But dopes a suit like a banker “boi”
To go after one who can employ
All because he needs a sweetened girl,  “boi”
But that is so coy
He knows no taste of a milk called soy
All he needs is a good cow’s milk “boi”

Alaha says he wants a girl so sweet
He hates those girls so tanned like wheat
He could do with one who could make him drunk
But a sweet girl will give him tooth decay
And a girl on the drinks will spoil his lungs
“Boi boi boi, boi yie boi”

If all cowboys could milk their cows
And look at girls who love the hays
They sure would find horses who gallop
And make sweet love on hays in laughing suns
Scaring storms
Breaking horses
Singing their songs
Inviting birds in a chorus
And keep their hearts where they belong
Instead of wandering and stepping on thorns
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I knew no metaphors
But hated the animals
Those that George Orwell farmed in fabled Africa
When Grandpa told me
The animals were Africans
I was like an angry lioness
None of his explanations made me calm
I hated the mind that made that up
Like I hated hell and its ruling king
I hated beings that made the story great
Like I hated vegetables I forcefully ate
Then I settled that snow is not African
So Snowball can never be a citizen
I settled that Napoleon is not African
So wouldn’t kill myself with hate
Until age pulled childhood,
Like a heavy dark cloth
Little by little from eyes
I read from books the death of our Snowball
Who many deemed dictator
And many hailed great
After he was stabbed in the back in the sky
And made alien in a foreign land
The Boxers and Benjamins were and are hardly seen
But the Napoleons keep winning year after year
As their squealers work on mind chains
To keep rebellers at bay
What Orwell should have added
Was the fact that one Snowball is to each African
The light to forwardness switches
And now the urge to fight
To overthrow the pigs
Has been drowned in fears of traitors’ hell
I want to get strength and carve a huge stone
In the name of a prophet who saw before playout
One who was tagged a racial fool
To beg him for my child-like thoughts and paranoia
He was right
He is right
Africans were the farmed who rebelled to farm
But lack the skills of farming and are disarmed
So dance to tunes of ridicule
In stoogedom
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015
(Inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm)



Efo says smart women are like hells

Because most sound like bomby shells

So he flees from their learned mouths

Seeking informal smartness

Who will worship with wisdom

Here and there is poison

I dare dare say

What he knows not is his role

As the caretaker of electrical gadgets

As the one who oversees medications of kids

As the sole home teacher

And when she gets acquainted with the highs

Her mouth can be heard from an empowered source

Drumming on his poor poor head

Drinking sweet alcohol from his poor palms

His “hey, ho ah”

Getting lost in high tuned songs

Abena, I will help when his wounds are visible

But when he hits hard aiming to kill

His prison food, should be enough

For his egoistic stomach 

Which yearned to be worshipped

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Mama Africa’s curves for her beautiful carvings

 Is also part of her starvings

I can’t believe the multitudes

Of capable minds, which have been smoked like fishes

Slapped like idiots Raped like animals and

Burnt like firewoods in hot kitchens


 Minds which could have stopped her looting

Minds which could have clothed her nakedness

Minds which could have fought for her stance

To keep her own and grant others loans

 Minds which could have attracted congregants

 Minds which could have urged on the best

Minds which could have loved her ways

Refined her dismays And cast her rays

 On the best of her days

All these minds burnt and buried

 Like abominables meant for the ground


I wish they were like spilt waters

 Would have wanted to mine them

Yes, mine minds who saw it all

To tell tales of the formulas for her fall

So work can start on its refurbishment

To cut the disgrace ornaments

Wrapped around her neck

And replace them with reverence

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Take the breaths of toil

Please take the breaths of dead toil

You can give it a hot boil

 To stop it from decomposition,

Fertilisation and growing to cause commotion


Ama Akyaa’s dead grandmother’s hatred

For Akosua Doku’s dead grandfather

Has no reason to live to this moment

Causing pain, havoc and fear

And generating hurts which never recoil

Please take the breaths of toil


Alhassan’s father’s death

 Which was blamed spiritually on Dokurugu’ grandfather

 Should still not wield machetes of murder

 Creating orphans and weaving widows

Who look for arrows to seek hearts of tomorrow

To drown in sorrow

Please All- Seeing-God take the breath of toil


Take the breath of toil

Breath of the toil of ethnic diversity

Take the breath of toil

Breath of the toil of racial controversies

Take the breath of toil

Breath of the toil of abject poverty

 Please take the breath of toil

 Breath of the toil of recurring sicknesses

 Take the breath of toil

Breath of the toil of destructive jealousy

Please take the breath

Breath of all causes of negativity and death

To aid peace and promote creativity

 In living for all livers

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I am awed at the fraud
Which sings tunes of stardom
On the world front making us odd
Like beings whose brains are pounded and eaten in a kingdom
Seeking hidden masters for their golden throne
All the beauties hidden within, imprisoned by strong deceitful stones
In what is hidden lies hospitality
Smiling like the sun greeting early eyes
Servicing brutes who need no ties
In the hidden lie beautiful waterfalls
Giggling in freedom and hugging all who matter
Having no mouths to kick the lies to halt calls
When it travels beyond where many cater
In what is hidden sits freedom
Freedom whose worth is immeasurable
Which smells of a king deserving stardom
In the hidden lies fertility of the earth
The gentility of its breath
The rich kingdoms of the seas
The open truth, it holds no bees
In the hidden lie beautiful buildings
Ones which compete with the moderns
Smooth highways are lost in there
While dusty roads represent, not fair
The beautifully dressed are in the hidden
As the world mocks only its tattered forbidden
Let the umbrellas be strong
And the elephants belong
And hold hands to show the love,
The love which is like the biblical dove
Let the sun shine on the hidden
The hidden Ghana locked and forgotten
What do we gain by taking our rottens to the market?
Exchangeable papers with rules of disadvantaged worship?
Let us consider our pride? Please open the gates of the hidden
To cut the tags making us stagger To show the world the true us
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



A kingdom with many a generations,

A kingdom sitting on too much wealth,

A kingdom worth adoration,

Is crumbling due to ill health

And its doctors keep poison-injecting

It’s now time to act


I spit on ignorance


I need assurance

I pee on greed

Justice, gun down and let us be freed

I ease on corruption

Common sense, do give instruction

That one is all
One’s fall, defeat for all


Nature’s blessing like sunrise

Is dimming like angry clouds

“Gboom gagagagagaga”

Its thunders yell

Its rains mostly cry like a starving child

Why on earth can’t hired drivers be mild?


I spit on ignorance


I need assurance

I pee on greed Justice gun down and let us be freed

I ease on corruption

Common sense, do give instruction

That one is all
One’s fall, defeat for all


“Cocoa-ase Krachi” sit under your growings

Use your machetes to cut through the hard ignorance

And find your power

Fishermen, cast your nets for answers

Answers to the biting pain of poverty

And show the strength that reside in your thumbs

Let all workers know their parts

To smoke out rats who steal national cakes

In the dark


I spit on ignorance


I need assurance

I pee on greed Justice gun down and let us be freed

I ease on corruption

Common sense, do give instruction

That one is all
One’s fall, defeat for all

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Boring lecture

Boring lecture drags 

Like a pained hungry cripple

Singing lullabies 

For eyes weary and so wild

Using snores as instruments


Industrious students

Work in listening pretence

Careful in quietude

Ignoramuses text, play

Some necks risking breakages


Why boring beings teach

Beats my imagination

Trashes learning zeal.

Blankets of gagging, come here!

Gag this mouth fanning in class

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Spicy nice gossips

Simmering from biased mouths

Serving on radios


Many smacking tongues

Wash with chewing sticks and wait

To take hot huge bites


At a taste, they show

Ignorance, wits, freedom of

Expression defy


Like taste of pepper

It starts strong and wanes with time

Buried in clichés

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015 


Trippings are signs
Of test of strength
Of test of determination
Of test of endurance
Of test of need
So like the eagle with broken wings
Know that walking and flying low with fowls
Is not supposed to be permanent
When they lie in roosting
Go to the mountain top and practice
Defy the odds
Fall and rise
Hurt and heal
Watch mates and learn
To rise, rise in style
Colours are made through efforts
And flying with visible colours take time
A fool may make societal grades that wise ones fail
Minds differ
A failure today prepares space for tomorrow
So rise instead of swimming in sorrow
And keep your eyes on the goal
Until you hold it in your hand
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



‘Why is everyone going mad?

Is it something we’re eating?

Is it the heating sun?

No. Could it be the gods are angry?

Oh look at Ofosua asking me why


Last month when I went to give food to my sister

I saw Ofosu

Looking left, right, back and rushed

Like the elephant she is into that office

That office of the mad doctor

I was so shocked I stood for hours

But she didn’t come out

Thirst bit my throat and I had to leave

But I saw her later talking to herself


Three weeks ago I saw Mansah

I don’t know why I always see them

She looked around like a traffic instructor

And rushed into that office

When her mind said green

I was sitting in a tainted car

My heart running a marathon

My mind asked me “Is she also mad?”

I slapped its mouth shut


Then I had a toothache

And went to the doctor

Only to see Akua Mansa and her husband

Entering with impunity

Without a care

Have all of them gone mad?

My subconscious capped its jaw


The mad doctor is now in business

Whatever the cause, I do not know

Maybe the gods decided to smile on them

“Nyame Mpangu” that I will be their visitor’

Ignoramus, someone needs to help her

Not only mad people visit the mad doctor

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Sometimes I want to look into blue eyes

And think of a daydream on a kind blue seas

But they seem like the skies

So I fear their clouds

I fear their thunders

I fear their rains

So I concede

Their relatives are grey and I cannot reach


Then I think of green eyes
I can’t help the fear

I feel inside Like looking into eyes of black cats in the dark

When I think of finally looking through

Like waking wild cats

Who need a meal;

A meal like me


I think of black eyes

Darkness, undecipherable

No traces of murderous intents

I shudder

Could it be like hell

With black fire

Roasting sins untraceable?

Hey, wishes develop fast legs

And run in fear


Red is doom

Vampires and witches call even in daydream

No red I don’t want to bleed

Nor see beaks tearing cool skins


Brown is earth

Brown is life

Brown is approachable

Brown looks safe

I settle on brown eyes

But what do I know?

Colours are naught

But paintings of the gates

Think like me

And risk deception

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Some skies need no clouds
Need no thunders
Need not rain
Let alone have thunders
But they get so wired
And are mostly fired
Priests with erections
Need fast corrections
God any suggestions?
For you are their wives
Oh no, the husband in their lives

Voices of attractions
Do go for confessions
God do you down inspections
Of your wives of perfection?
As they hide in boxes upholding your sessions?
Priests with erections
Need fast corrections
God any suggestions?
For you are their wives
Oh no, the husband in their lives

Hormonal infections
Can have adverse reactions
Wives must do their portions
As husbands clear some concoctions
Priests with erections
Need fast corrections
God any suggestions?
For you are their wives
Oh no, the husband in their lives
What do they do
With their “wakers” who must have no “takers”?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Wow! Insanely gorgeous
With a mouth like St. Georges
You are that wow!
That I need to ah!

Totally crushing
Actually blushing
You are that wow!
That I need to ah!

A body like a rock
I am awe-struck
You are that wow!
That I need to ah!

A floor to dance
You have the chance
You are that wow!
That I need to ah!

Come on weave my hair
And calm the air
You are that wow!
That I need to ah!

Now the coast clears
Take me upstairs
You are that wow!
That I need to ah!

You are the sun of brightness
And I the darkness
You that wow!
That I need to ah!

I need to hide in you
To find us two
You are that wow!
That I need to ah!

Let us pound rhythmic fufu
After that taste your tofu
You are that wow!
That I need to ah!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Mirror of mine
What is this you show?
I see eyes guarding a nose
I see lips hugging and pushing
I see ears, standing erect
Cheeks show support
Chin and forehead holding their own
Is this me or what you want me to see?
I did ask clear water
It shook its head
And made me blur

Surely, I cannot look this serene
When many thoughts are at war
Holding spears and guns
Wielding machetes and spewing murder
Swearing like hell lives in their armour
In where all these parts you show
Live so calmly
When winds blow
Trees at least shake to tell
Of the intruding visitor

You remain quiet
Showing me something I know not
Something corruptible by age
Something whose tunnel hoards hurts and uncertainty
Yet you remain mute

I need no mute goddess
Who shows with no ready answers
When will this thing you show collapse?
How long will it last?
What awaits it in future?
Who will be a thorn or an aid?
Mirror of mine
For once, speak in devine

You know before you show
So give evidence and give me confidence
I am like fire in cold clothes
If what you show
Is what I am
I am like meat
Housing lions
If what you show is what I am
I am like hay
Housing fire
If what you show is what I am
I am like a journey
Waiting for an unknown vehicle
Mirror of mine
Please show what is
What will be
When it will last
To aid preparation
A nation like me needs a plan
To prepare for what life has planned
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

Press Release for Sebitically Speaking by Nana Awere Damoah


An Irresistible Literary Tiger Nut …Sebitically Speaking is released ACCRA, 14 AUGUST, 2015 Sebitically Speaking, described by Daily Graphic’s Samuel Obour as ‘an irresistible literary tiger nut every lover of Ghana must chew’ has been released in paperback, written by the Ghanaian writer and engineer, Nana Awere Damoah. The fifth book released by the writer in eight years, Sebitically Speaking is a collection of Sebiticals, no-holds-back articles infused equally with humour and satire, a commentary on socio-political happenings in Ghana and Africa. “Inspired by Damoah’s late uncle, nicknamed Wofa Kapokyikyi, who was known for speaking his mind like nobody’s business, Sebitically Speaking is set around responsible citizenship and nation building. The 26-chapter read, which focuses mainly on Ghana with references to neighbouring Nigeria and Africa as a whole, exposes the country’s vulnerabilities and highlights her prospects. With the economy, energy, health care, education, political process; even family, faith and morals forming the bulk of the contents, the subjects in this book aren’t what strike you as unique. It is how Damoah drums them home in a manner that transcends mere commentary to provoke action,” writes Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey, a freelance journalist based in New Jersey, USA and a columnist for The Africa report. Sebitically Speaking is available for purchase on Amazon sites globally and in outlets in Ghana from September 2015. It is also offered as eBook on Kindle, iTunes/iBooks, Azaliabooks (in Ghana, where payment can be done with mobile money) and other eBook platforms. About Nana Awere Damoah: Nana Awere Damoah is the author of three non-fiction books: I Speak of Ghana (2013), Through the Gates of Thought (2010) and Excursions in my Mind (2008) and one fiction book (a collection of short stories), Tales from Different Tails (2011). He has also contributed to two anthologies. He keeps a personal blog at and is a columnist on, writing under the column Sebitically Speaking, where the Sebiticals in this book were first published.


Mud has been freed from the prisons of rains,
Tasted the sun to dry
And has gained the hands of winds
To turn dust
So terrorises eyes
Because it now has wings to fly

Just look at the human
Fed to grow on cassava
Through poor calloused palms
Now saying “ewwww”
Upon seeing fufu
Because she sat in the belly
Of metal birds
And crossed over to other realms
And has tasted some disgusting weeds
“Agya nsem piili aduru akyere”

Now look keenly at that bread in suit
Baking and sweating like its life depends on it
Calling me a “villager”
For wearing “kaba and slit”
I need a mouth to tell him
About the rotten teeth that awaits his chewing
“Agya nsemfo ye ahi”

When dust beings call dust names
While their souls will rest in dust
I, for one, can’t laugh or cry
He laughs at that poor old farmer
Who feeds his pregnant stomach
Because he lives in a cool house
And has flying papers as wings
Forgetting his village has seen
Nothing like tarred road before
Just look at him
Bahaving like he just stepped in a
Mad man’s toilet
Because he tried to touch him
In greetings
“Anokwa Awurade aniwa abr3”

Local language is “kolo”?
Ei! “Abena magyigya”
He who lives without his culture
Is a cursed walking dummy
Didn’t his bloated books teach him that?
What at all does he live on?
And he is trying to paint his tongue foreign
When his tongue is swallowing the paint
Showing its true colour
And embarassing him
Ha! I have no place to hide my face
Laughing Sorrows!
The gods are free to cry

Please come and slap them all
Knock those who need more
Kick those who crave more
Bite those with no ears
And if all your whipping fail,
Kill those minds demented by foreign envy
We would rather live with heads with nothing
Than have heads with filth
Look down on naturals like their footmats
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



The trouble maker

Found its trouble shooter

And like a skilled hunter

Who feels haunted by powers stronger

He burst like smoke

And vanished into thin air

No matter how long bells of troubles sound

Their shooter will get them mute and on their knees

So let’s wake in wait

For the trouble shooter to get to the trouble maker

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (2015) Inspired by Dr. Laric Awingura Alagbela


We must be a soul
In two bodies working for same goals
If the goals’ tolls
Demand one’s role
None must seek control
And kill the role
No voice of a mole
Must play a role
We must fall, and stand tall
We must talk as we walk
We must hold when it gets cold
We must fan when sun exceeds tan
We must run from pride as we ride
We must grope when dark falls on slopes
To find our fingers so our soul lingers
For the soul is a puzzle which dazzles
Growing wings when earth destruction sings
And in our concentrating ring, we will hear our ring
The key to see is we in sync
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


In a land like ours

Betray bands are tired

Their drums are bursting

Several hands are busily beating

But fem-pom chaosing

Is man-dom feeling

Pan pan please,

We need release




Akua Attaa is a charming goddess

One many war-worship

But she uses her prowess

To penetrate Abena Abankwa’s mari-ship

Knowing not that fem-pom chaosing

Is man-dom feeling

Pan pan please,

We need release



We need release

By washing the tease

We need we-love

Even if we starve

If a fem-ship is sailing

Do run to helping

If man-dom pierces

Make them some hearses

Hearses of lonesomeness

Because fem-pom helping

Is earthly peace

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




 Dead sins resurrect

When their children call collect

They have a perpetual connect

Their catalyst, one who sternly inspect


Marrying your sins

And procreating in sealed tins

Make them grow fins

Like live fishes with strong resting wings


As cool rains on heated days

A sin child covers shame decays

But does dug deep and cooks betrays

While stocking and drying more fire hays


All they need is a call to feed

They break tins to succeed

By killing prestige, honour and trust seed

With the bitings of their breed


As you think of keeping them

You are strengthening their stem

You think you are still firm

They thicken the shame to make you squirm


When their hays catch fire

Their fins get wire

To whip in the fire

Burning their creator to extinct in their desire

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




He says I am a devil

A devil because I’m evil

But I still remain civil

Sensing his taunting peril


Then he starts explaining

“Your voice is made by Satan

Sucking all breaths like harmattan

Your body is in bloom like the seductive flower

Your mind has too much power

Making me feel so lower”

I choke on my chuckle and soar his complaining


“You laugh at a me

Who know powers that be?

I am a tower

A tower you seek to cower

And you can’t see?

I can break you like dry stick

Make you fall and sand lick

And oh my threats deepen your laugh?

Oh this sends shivers down my path

But come, I want to give you a ride home”

Giggles and laughter


Don’t search my mind

I don’t his candidness mind

But for once in my life

I see myself as an oppressor

Looking mercifully at her oppressed

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


images (1)

This me is an illusion

A sub of its real allusion

Causing commotion and creating confusion

Reality and dreams are in fusion

There is no solution

To clear this confusion

It is a timed illusion

Which needs to mature in tuition

Until it completes its mission

And pinches its allusion

To wake to stop the grave intrusion

Until then, I strive in my illusion

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

Shaibu has it!

You don’t want to transition without reading from all this mind produces. Get his latest; Sebitically Speaking.

Nana A Damoah


Shaibu Abu-Adama achieves a double record! The first person to order Sebiticals in the UK and the very first person in the world to lay hands on a copy of the brand-new book!

PS: Even the author doesn’t have a copy yet, hehehe.

Congrats, Shaibu! You have won a copy of the yet-to-be released re-designed 2nd edition of Through the Gates of Thought.

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No heart lacks insensitivity

Seeing loved ones strapped


Fed many pills

As screams rush through their mouths

With fear masking their pain as agonies

Sizzle sadly their heads and hearts,

Sends shivers down the spine of hope


Hearts which react

Cursing and rebelling

Are hearts most affected


Watching the ruins

Is like watching one’s self in a human blender

Nothing so hurts than being the onlooker

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015




On this  peak

Seeing another peak

Jumping I seek

But fear makes bleak

Thoughts are weak

Many wet blankets leak

Making me meek

I sometimes squeak

But I know I will defeat the parasite “weak”

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


One who creates many

Risks being surrounded by many a litany

There are those who think a writer’s curse

Is the lack of characters in the brain purse

But no

There is much more to know

Many characters scream their voices

Making their choices

Expecting a creating ear

To sit and listen and make meaning clear

Even the flattest of character

Deems itself better

Antagonists seek justification for their actions

While looking for antidotes for their reactions

Weaker characters seek sympathy

Their whips flogging the creator’s mind shouting apathy

Every single happening passes through a channel

A channel of one mind like a funnel

A mind which is its own panel

Even in the darkest of thought tunnel

A writer’s curse

Is a mind whose chaos has no reverse

A mind which takes responsibilities

For its creations’ abilities and inabilities

A mind which must love all it creates

Like the heavenly father loves all He creates

A writer’s curse is accommodating it all

The rising and the fall

Sunshine and rain

Insanity and sane

The gutters and royal chambers

Until life puts out its embers

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015




He who matters
Is he who shared my travelling womb
And came on same day of the week as me
Onto the shores of this earth

He who matters
Is he who sailed
On stormy seas
Anchored by my weak hands
Knowing and holding his own
To climb the ladder of success

He who matters
Is he who I love to death
One who never embarrases
One who strives to be better
Bringing sanity where chaos reigns

He who matters is blooming in youth
Paddling his own boat
Anchoring motivation on his youngers’ screens
Leaving traces of laughter while
Running in hunger to me

He who matters is sunshine
In my cloudy sky
Nice breeze in unbearable heat
And is among other people
Samuel Owusu Sefa
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

Happy birthday baby bro. I am so so proud of the man you have grown to be. May you live long to achieve all that is great in happiness. Blessings to you.


We wallow
Wallow in dirt like pigs
Jumping, laughing, pleasuring
Falling, crying, cursing
Then we see His hands extended
Calling like the good father He is
For our attention to rise
By the aid of His weight
He cleanses
Gives us His trust
Will us to go onto our grounds to play
Only to see us in the dirty mud
Again and again and again
But He is ever patient
He is what he is
One who touches to cleanse
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Like a pillar of freedom
Wings are let down
As she climbs onto wings of a dominant
For care to bite into ecstasy
As the cake of pleasure melt into her body
Burning fatigue
Shapening her soul
And completing her spirit

By giving out all power
Freedom of responsibility flees, she thinks
Bearing chariots
Whipping pain with pleasure
A bend can soar like a suspension
Kneeling can wrap like bondage
Toys and a human,
Whips and desire,
Cuffs of discipline fly like kites
By submitting,  she sheds all bearings

If she sheds it all
And lets thoughts take a fall
As she is kicked like a ball
While she bounces pleasure in call
She doesn’t mind being a doll
Or being kept on the shelve of a stall
Owned by a Paul
She knows she will fly in the skies
Dine on the heavens
Dance on the seas
And do as she pleases
For the earth to obey
And she will proudly bear the bruises
Temporary they will always be
Even their scars will forever bring back memories
Memories of pleasure in all leisures
“Come, take it all
Cuff me like a dangerous bull
And lead the ride”
She calls, societal walls shout “shame”
Good for her, the walls bear no mouths
All they can do is roll their eyes
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Fire and ice
Sun and rain
Bubbly meets gentility
And we are midway

We have a life for fire
A life for ice
A life for the sun
And a life for the rain
Combined, we live in fairness

Too much is poison
Too little is none
Enough is godly
You and I are enough

In the darkness, we will make our light
And in too much a brightness
We can make our dim
Yes none other can comprehend
But you and I
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



God’s hands fold
Fighting with innocent lives
Knowing they have a hold
Blackmailing into cancellation of their oath in the archives
They show their wolfish side
And care not about their sheepy presentation
Lives they swore to protect to maturity
Now rush through the colander of death
But their hands are still folded

They are like the mats suddenly grown thorns
Gunning for the blood of the tired farmer
The tired farmer who works for their good
They are like hunters hunting their children
Under silly illusions to please their wives
They are like masons pulling down their buildings
While they live in them
Forgetting they are no stones

Yes, the great seat shows cheating
Yes, the great seat may be sinking monies
On the boats they are shaping
But which wood needs metals
To clash and endlessly chime and dig
On grounds of unbalanced creation needed to term?
Who craves money
By washing hands with blood?
Who craves attention by pouring what can never be retrieved?
Who craves money using God’s hands?
Whatever we promise to do
However we do it
Whenever we fail to do
An automatic register records
As a Judge awaits defaulters
Who are held accountable for their crimes

So go on and sieve beings
Sieve beings for your selfish needs
Sieve beings knowing you are no stones
Sieve beings for papers of exchange
Sieve beings by acting “Gods”
Because He lent you minds and hands
Know all idealists claim there is only one God
There is a sound which will call
Call for accountability
So drain blood like hungry vampires
Be sure to save them
For you will need them to swim in hell
When the heat becomes unbearable
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Pressed in

Tightly pressed in are the desires of life

Into the heart that is tied and prevented from growing

There are ambitions begging to be chased

Freedom begging to be worn

As heat lives in a body of clothes

There are bodies begging for sunlight

Bodies begging for air

Voice begging for a song

But some words living in an archaic book

Hold more power

And challenges me to love kneeling

To cherish human worshipping

To live for another when I have a heart

So fingers are filed for the kitchen and pleasure

All that fills the thoughts are troubles of a human god

Who needs to be worshipped

As he chooses to worship Him or another her

I know my time is limited

Three productions and I am thrown like a rag

Onto a ground left for another with a future like mine

Who gives womanhood and manhood?

These shoes are too heated

Air it a bit, for submissives lack not

But I lack and I am no dog on four feet

Time holds my hands in ticks

Dragging me to a grave

Yes, a grave with all that begs to be seen and known

As society looks on, unmoved

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



A house devoured all homes

As the skies sat to watch

The only saviour was an anthill

Which stood still filing its nails,

Caring not about the chaos


A mouse chased a lion

As all cats hid behind trees, watching

The only saviour was a housefly

Who sang and sang and cared not

About the shrilled cries of the lion


The sun swallowed the earth

And a mosquito seemed to be the only saviour

But it clapped and laughed and heeded not

To the wails of the swallowed


All humans turned mud in the mouth of the sun

But hearts were beating

“Kum, kim, kain, kan, kim, kum, ka”

Pain reigned in high places

As teeth gnashed against teeth

Claws melted in defeat

Hairs stood in with fearful faces

Sweat became floods and just when the heart could stand no more

The eyes flickered, curtains came in sight

The bed creaked, it dawns

It was a dream

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I wish today were tomorrow

At least I could have slept till six

I wish today were tomorrow

For the strain in my drains the rains could drain


I wish today were tomorrow

When responsibility could sleep and wake at another dawn

I wish today were tomorrow

Tired sorrows could be killed by restful arrows


I wish today were tomorrow

No known looking eyes could judge my cause

I wish today were tomorrow

Time’s claws could chase but its threat could faze


I wish today were tomorrow

Because the “fri” in Friday is frying to sway

I wish today were tomorrow

Where the “sat” in Saturday could give a seat

Why at all is today not tomorrow?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


There are times as these

Times when the mind’s gig seems full

Heating beyond the highest temperature

And calling to a stop all body parts but more knowledge begs for place


There are times as these

When sleep dresses in a sexy apparel

And sits on a heaven far from human

Singing lullabies like a Satanic breed to taunt eyes begging for it


There are times as these

When time wears mute sneakers in the dust

And runs at its highest speed to a tiled place unknown

And wears heels to call for urgent attention in dire situations


There are times as these

When nothing makes sense

And all thoughts fight for is the goal

When heart rebels in tiredness


There are times as these

Yes times as these

When nothing rhymes

And everything chimes

The only hope is in transiency 

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015