Drained of thoughts

Its mouth suckling the best out

Like a hungry wicked baby lioness

Rendering me headacheful

It pulled what was there

Pulled what was not there

Perturbed what dodged 

And rendered me exhausted


Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c)2015



They fall
Fall at the feminine feet
Which has more than a masculine mind
Shouting blessings
Blessings which show pain on their faces
Pain they try to mask with humour with no success
What is it about ego?
Did God create this soul
To make men feel inadequate?
Like cornered rats, they look
Sometimes with adoration
Sometimes with yearnings to have and flaunt
Sometimes wearing bold faces of hatred
Sometimes with curses upon their meagre minds
Sometimes in lust of the words pounded by her teeth and tongue
Sometimes with intents of casting a spell of chains
Chains to have this soul deranged;
Obviously a wish of revenge
For casting doubts on their competence
Maybe in their shoes, I will wish same
Because losing a mental battle to an elephant
Is prestigious than losing to a mosquito
And yes, this soul is like the noisy mosquito
Whose noise drums on all the right points
It’s a sour world to them
But a very sweet melting ice cream dipped with a little guilty bitterness
Dripping into the mouth of this soul
Why can’t I be mischievous?
Interesting how a kitchen mind trashes minds of societal gods
Let them for once in their untamed godship
Worship a goddess whose head deserves their crown
For God willed it so
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



No matter the defect

No grave shaming is correct

Imagine a human feeling like an insect

Calm solving gives effect

Shaming like a bouncy ball can deflect

 So please perfectionist, do reflect

And carve a suitable dialect

For a newbie with defect

Your affection will grow that reflect

And reflection will avoid future neglect

And like a smiling sun, you will find all to be perfect

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



The moon has its shine

And trains the stars to also shine

It needs no light from the sun,

Although it shares the same sky,

In order to guide its fans

So darkness fears her time

Although it chooses her time to reign

Oh yeah, darkness loses itself in her

If the sun is man

And the moon, woman

Work it out ye those hurdles to men

And try your shine instead of hiding them in shadows

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Hot figure

Smiles are not meagre

Brains deliver

Lord brings a ladder on many a river

Strength soars in hopeless a quiver

So I am winning

Yeah, winning the war of living


A pretty woman

Is a power bomb

Wrapped to kill the highest hurdles in mandom

All one needs is the know-how to reign

To make her subjects kowtow

So I am winning

Yeah as a woman, winning

Winning the war of life

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Left like a dirty rag

The fruit had no tag

It rolled abandoned like a stray cat

All fled its way like an ebola bat

Until it was pronounced forbidden


It began calling like angelic tuned

Stirring those all thought most immuned

Developing sexy alluring legs

Appealing to eyes to stay glued like clothes on lines with pegs

All interest piqued because it tagged forbidden


Forbidden! Oh owls with sexy lights

Forbidden! Oh witchdoms in beautiful flights

Calls and calls and calls upon calls

Future falls and falls and falls promising falls

Oh forbidden!! You are in name forbidden

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (2015) 


I know the heavens were busy
They were busy preparing for the feast of loving
For the heavens and earth
Even Satan might have been invited
To grace the occasion and see for himself
The arms to soothe all;
All his pain inflictions in hearts of children
Children in Dzifa’s zone
So all unborns clapped
Thanking God for their zone leader
I know
Because I was part
Your words touched deeply my core
Your loving, blesses profoundly my heart
Your living, simple and apt,
Curse to fleeing all pain
Why won’t I jubilate for such a remembrance?
The God who blessed
Will continue blessing
Until blessing beds you
On its highest throne
For angelic voices to whisk you
To wherever fairness in congratulations reign
Happy birthday Auntie Dzifa
Blessings always
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Thirst’s tantrums tend to taint

Trailing torture in its passion’s tent

Soiling its living flowing scents

Earth is the healer

The purifier of its taints

But thirst is insatiable until breathe leaves

Why it gets to arrest its quencher

And does the same things

As tainting its structure again and again

I won’t know

But it blames its roots

And needs to save its boss

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



They say being nude is crude

And being crude is rude

But stories of creation

Speak boldly of a nude nation

Then, maybe enticings got us here

Yes, enticings of yesteryears got us here

But no matter how hungry a person is

Will he make another’s food his?

Like snakes, we aim to point fingers

When the sound of the bells of our sins lingers

As Kwakuvi eats forcefully from another’s bowl

He forgets he sells his soul

But society gives him an alibi

“He was tempted to eat by the scent which passed him by

Or the lack of cover”

Please society! Do sit and your senses recover!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



As the clouds hang to rain

And the body sits in stain

When the soul sits in pain

I remember the story of Cain


What’ll eyes do when they see disdain?

Sets look doomy so tears it gain

What is painful is it is set on refrain,



Is there a thought bin?

Which knows no recycling of sin?

And can dispose it all with their many a pin?

Because this is a terrible sin of a kin


Change din dongs to dong dins

I need all sins scaled like fish and fins

This sour bitter taste of conscience and dins

Need to leave for the soul to claim all wins

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I am a lost lioness

Lost for losing her young

Lost for not watching her sail along

In my un-cleverness

My punishment?

Mercy, conscience, have mercy!

Whip me not like a wayward child

Whip me not like a stubborn one

Whip me not

I know I have erred

Erred because I live in a wrong world

Where right has been shelved for long

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


falling -leaves

I have seen many waters

Pass under this bridge

I have lived through emotional hurdles

And have stood as these eyes flood

Why does it always sting before they pass?


Gone are those who were taken in classrooms

Gone are those who were caged for monies

Gone are those who thought like fools;

Wanting to claim their obsession for love

Now here stands one with no memory for her keep

Soft green hearts falling in awe


When the bright futures fall into the dark

While their winds sail into the heavens

I have no mouth

And I have no hands

I would have cursed for time to backfire


Little girls forming little beings

Little girls preparing to be little mamas

I cry for you

For now I cry for you

And I pray for forgiveness for not being enough inspiration

As you fall like rain under the dirty bridge

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Here I am in a studying mood

While memorizing and understanding brood

My name walks into my ears

There I watched and a hot colleague stood


I brave a smile

And he goes a mile

Sat and peeked like a love struck bull

‘Not today’ I muse to me, rising to my throat some bile


So I had joked he was my man

Seeing clearly he was a fan

But I never knew he’s thought of sheets

With my legs in the four working for a clan


Then he says the uncanny thing

‘A mallam told me that you are the thing

He did say what I have is naught

But a tool meant for a fling’


‘Mallam said you will love me like hell

And will shoot my name so high to sell

He did say I am damn lucky

And his jealousy even I could tell’


I sat still

Like a woman with a chill

Surely you know I abhor being one of many

He sat still like he was considering a bill


‘That is fine

If you are mine

I never think, I will think of another

For you are no one channel but many in line’


Ha ha ha

Oh ha ha ha

Wiping my tears I give another ha!

What a taunt

And what an audience to flaunt


But before I talk he moves to talk

‘You are one I know can kill

Because many men crave to have your will

When I think so I feel so ill

But try I will to trust your will’


Chai Abena I am really mad

Having lived to hear a thing this bad

I want to throw up but I let it go

Making it a story to laugh out loud

So ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha

These queer minds!

They think me daft and blind

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



She was bright

When she said she was right

“You need no fright

Because coupling makes life light”

And my mind went quiet because I needed no fight

It was her time and I needed her bright

But now she sings like an owl, after three stone throws, her pained songs to me

After her forever after never turned to be


Please Ceci don’t be a fool

Choose no one who’ll use you as a tool

After using you like a bull

He will sit on you like a stool

Get a donor and create a whole

So you don’t end up in a smoking hole


My heart breaks in pieces

Seeing the breakage of her peaces

How happy she was telling me and her nieces

How only the jealous does the hisses

Now she hisses

Cursing the kisses

Saying it was blinding

When she turns to me, my heart is grinding


Please Ceci don’t be a fool

Choose no one who’ll use you as a tool

After using you like a bull

He will sit on you like a stool

Get a donor and create a whole

So you don’t end up in a smoking hole


What sours great coupling?

What cripples their soaring?

What are the ingredients so damaging

As to taint their experiencing?

I hate her singing

I hate to see her heart hanging

I hate her whining

When she sings in advising



Please Ceci don’t be a fool

Choose no one who’ll use you as a tool

After using you like a bull

He will sit on you like a stool

Get a donor and create a whole

So you don’t end up in a smoking hole


I know now it is true

Flyers know the speed of the air

They are the taken who have faced them square

So sent in brute directions, they tend to be brute

Turned to right directions, they tend to be cool

So I am listening and lip-biting

Knowing it might cool off when another pleasure storm sets in

For now I will listen to her cruel song


Please Ceci don’t be a fool

Choose no one who’ll use you as a tool

After using you like a bull

He will sit on you like a stool

Get a donor and create a whole

So you don’t end up in a smoking hole

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



The Creator is a creator

For His worldly creation

Talk about the earth;

Its dancing air

The flowery vegetation for feeding and healing

The varying livers,

The flowing streams and rivers

Into the biggest seas,

The complex and brilliant thoughts;

Creating after being created

Talk about the sky

And its alternating lights and clouds

Talk about the rains which conceives with the earth

The Creator is a CREATOR

That much I know

And His creation is like a living wonder

Of recycling for betters

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015 Inspired by Prince Fosu



Measured breaths

Measured steps

Measured seeings

And measured intakes

There are supreme beings at post


Measured sayings

Measured thoughts

Measured laughter

And measured life

There are supreme beings at post

Lost and lost we say we pray

but we are puppets who must be together and fight

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Modern gods are to blame
African modern gods are to blame
They are to blame for our shame;
Our in-robbery oh so lame shame
Those who previously had fame
For sins they did tame
Now know no shame
Because they live on stolen fowls
And watch not for devilish owls
Fanning wars which stem from brawls
Being lawyers of thieves
As against their ownings
Like Frankenstein Monsters who destroy themselves
The gods are killing their very selves
Biting their skins to spill their blood
Forgetting infusion is alien
And washes traces of own living
Holding canes of dos and don’ts
To brainwash the birth right that God did weave
Shame oh ye gods!
Shame on your dirty appetites!!
Shame on your stolen disciplines!!!
Shame on your shameless selves!!!!
I shame you
Praying to the Highest God to make you die
Slow and painful deaths
Yes, slow and very painful
Cock your ears
Glare your eyes
You must bow rather than threaten
For you are the gods
The very protectors of the land
Who have turned hawks babysitting chicks
You are the known protectors
Who feed on stolen fowls
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (2015) inspired by Mr. Charles Atia


God watched the heat
Battle the breezes
As he watched the winds
Marry the sands
He did watch the trees
Yawn in thirst
As he watched the sun
Defecate its boiling from the sky
Oh the birds travelled to quench thirst
As many gallons sometimes lined to be filled

All the yearnings of Tamale lay on earth’s belly
And He chooses to make all wet
Caging all in rain and moisture
Softening all grounds
Earth for texture
To call for conception
Feelings for bubbling
To call for pleasure
Wombs for planting
To replace earth feeds
Dust for togetherness
To merge in puree

As heat dies
Evaporation assures it of new faces
When it returns
Faces in skins or on backs
Whatever it is
Tamale is wet
So more sleep room to let
As farmers dance wild
Looking for sees to marry in sands
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


He keeps saying he loves her
When he knows so well he lies
But I let him
Because I believe if he thinks I believe that he loves her
He will feel good in his skin

He caught my bug
So bad I know he hurts
Like a cross, I let him carry me
While I reclaim my sanity
Who was he thinking he was talking to?
A teenager?
I don’t care if he loves her
All I need is he is clear
Because I can’t stand all the mess
From his scattered thoughts
And I want him to believe he is great
Because, then, I will be free of his chains
And could care less about his walking chariot

It breaks my heart a little though
How he knows very well he lies
But I can give him more space
To continiously tell me he loves her
Maybe, just maybe,
He can reclaim his lost candle
And will not hurt
Saying he loves her
And let me be
In my chosen path
So I can stay with the peace which sits
On top of my tired head
And shed the guilt I feel
For his pain gains
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Here I lay
Like a tired lonely child
Inwardly crying for the safety of my seed
While praying for the safety of family
As I ask for strength to see all through
To such a time as fishers and farmers will abound
Leaving my food and fishes safe
But some demi-gods are on display
Throwing tantrums to throw me off balance

One thinks I am his
And that no matter who is in my heart
That person is usurping
The other thinks he likes me only as a pleasure tool
The other thinks he has a lover but needs me as a decoration
What of the many others
Bugging to fit me like a doll
Into their second slots?
And oh! I dislike dealing with the toy boys
Who believe I am a gift from heaven
What is it at all about the other
Who thinks he can break it off and come any time he pleases?
It is a confusing state
As I only have eyes for one
One who keeps considering
Doing all he can to help me through
The qualms of life
So I feel the rest are rubrics

Rubrics but they keep evading
Evading some space in my thoughts
Defiling some strands
Just because I have shown them some care
Some motherly; that went wrong
Some sisterly; that went bad
Some passionate; that went misintepreted
I have seen it all now
I now know I am a sexual tool
My voice attracts than Satan’s
My stature lights passions of most
My intelligence a fuel for possession
But did I create me?
Why must I hear, see and deal with these?

I feel my thoughts defiled
When school waits to graze most of it
I have my thoughts defiled
When there are many hungry mouths to feed
I have my thoughts defiled
When work calls
And the world calls for my voice
Grazed,  abused, harmed
When all I want is a lovely one
One who knows himself and stays farther apart
I call all these rubrics
Waiting for the content to claim his space
And help delete all the unnecessary information
To make room for airy space
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Finally,  I get to my mountain top
And I view the trash from here
The stains of footsteps
The sweat which the rocks did taste
I hold a stone
And pour on it more sweat
And I roll to clear trash and mud

So tiring the climb did seem
Now relieving
The cleansing of the hurts
Getting the great view
Is the best of the best
All the troubles like hallucinations disappear
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c)


She said she wanted a man so holy
So she changed her nice African name to Molly
Caring not about the meaning
Only thankful for the rhyming

Kwame Attah was a farm god
He did go to church on Sunday basis
He lived just right
With no known sins
But Molly said he was unholy

Kwame cried but did leave Molly
And told her to wait for her angelic holy
So she prayed night and day
Telling God to hurry with her man
Begging Him to make him fall
And so it was
That Brother Paul came

He came like a dream
From the university of Oklahoma
Claiming his roots so firm in Christ
His role as the district’s head in development
Won him eldership in the Highest Pentecostal
And so he prayed and prayed in tongues
“Sacramento aziz kiren biz
Hele baba hele baba
Baba kiri zim”

Let a mosquito cry
And Brother Paul will shout
“Sacramento aziz
Hele baba baba baba baba”
Let the wind blow in surprise
Brother Paul will wail like the Satan has descended
“Sacramento aziz
Hele baba baba baba”
And so it was that all the ladies chased
But he saw none other than Molly

A happy Molly got her holy
But that never ended her lonely story
Her man read her in the palm of Christ
So when passions rose
Brother Paul called “Jesus”
Sister Molly’s name was never on his lips
But it was she who gave the pleasure
Her foods were always to be sanctified
With all evil cast out hours on end
Her dressings were to be modeled like maids from 1529
She was to fast for half all months
To make sure the spirit lived with them

One sad day when she fasted in tears
She decided to go to the store house and weep
What met her eyes
Shot her like a bullet
There eating like a glutton
Was her holy husband
She looked at him
And packed her bags
And that ended her faith and the tale
Of the holies in Sacramento aziz
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



You heeded the call
To fast and pray
To feel the pain
Of the hungry and frail
And like good lambs
You have crossed the sea
Happy Eid
Barka de Salah

You are a warrior
For battling hunger
And reigning supreme
For battling thirst
And sailing its sails
For working for honour
And bridging the bridge
Like a fire fighter
You are the conquerors
Happy Eid
Barka de Salah

Barka de Salah
Happy Eid
You show you’re worthy
You need a cheer
Trust your instincts
To have all fair
Allah is the blessing
Which we all hold dear
So barka de Salah
Happy Eid
May time vehicle us to another year
In piety until we embrace another very tight
And mark the crossings of the Holy Month
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I found a lovely lonely bird
On a cold hairless tree
No, it might have found me
In a humanless home
And flew in comfort
To set me free
From the cages of lonesomeness
Which tied with glee
But my catapult struck
And scattered its tree
Before its intentions were known to me

Now I,
Feel like Judas
After it sourly flew with my strong cut ropes
Now I,
Have no pleading words
Because I wounded its beautiful great soft wings
Now I,
Can’t deny it
My thoughtlessness;
Its hard hard lessons
I found the gold
But let it go
Chasing after fears
Which never existed
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Buses of sainthood

Toot their horns

Waiting impatiently for the visiting Holy Month

Horrid hearts which were shelved

Stretch and open eyes

Waiting for the right time to descend and blend

By tomorrow, a frown will cause a dirty slap

All goats must heed their owners’ calls

Or risk ending up in strange pots

Hot mouths must mark their surroundings

Or risk setting fires In many a humble huts

The Holy Month is a pious soldier

Who subdues all Like an all seeing law

So its departure breaks the cages

Of chained burdened sins which hid

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Deep within a burdened heart
Is a heat of fear that heartily lights
Firing up when love is close
Burning deep into fetching tears

Care sits still into defection
Future pain rings its deafening bell
Burning possibilities in an antagonising hurting pot
Leaving the heart to curse its lot

Even angels fail to get in
And like a half and half lover of love and loneliness
The poor poor heart does live in screams
Hoping for gods who can get to the scars
And put out the fire
Or fan it to burst
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



We bask in the masses’ dirty clay

And taint out royal thrones of grace

Fearing whisperings which eye our ways

We taint and taint until fate does faint


We drink from the masses dirty well

And help in their sachet dirty sells

Fearing hurts of eyes which look in strangeness

We drink and drink until we shrink


Ring and ring until you sing

Sing and sing until you fling

Do your know or take your blow

Build the nation or break it down

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Birds are singing

Like they’ve won their lives

Winds are dancing

Like they’ve won their lives

Trees are praising

Like they’ve won their lives

What can I do to show you’re worthy?

Like a good machine

Breath grinds my being

Mobility is fine

My joints, in sync

What can I do to show you’re worthy?



You are worthy

To be praised and adored

You are worthy

To be knelt for and worshipped

You are worthy as the Great I Am

You are worthy

You are worthy

You are worthy

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



Hey mosquito

Please do quit o

I love my land

And you are an unwelcomed guest



Hey mosquito

Please do quit o

Who are you to fetch and infest

On a land which is not thine?



Hey mosquito

I have a plan o

I will get my palm wet

And wait for your bite

Your music is horrid

Your flies so weird

Why do you so worry

When you are just a dot?



Hey mosquito

I will have your head o

I will be here when you expire

Why do you want me to join you?

You are all noise

And your girlfriend, all poison

So quit my grounds

Or stand firing squad

For you are guilty as hell

Since you have taken more souls



Hey mosquito, please do quit o

My territory is mine

You are no stake holder

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



He says her nomination lies in her bra

Her competence in her skirt

 Her ascension is only a step

So she has to flirt


 He says she is like a flower

So pretty and fragile

 So she has to be in a vase

 So she can long life embrace


 I see her like a toffee

 That he needs to lick

 She is a teddy

That he needs to cuddle

And to cuddle, he needs her dull in all

 Oh God! Oh God!


Crush his nest

Sink his boat

If he means to gloat

 Tie his thoughts

And let them backfire

Until he finds himself locked in his vase

 Pimped by his conscience

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




When I am down

I think of a clown

Who gets a crown

For wiping many a frown

In a sad sad town



Described by children as foolish

And by the critiqued as brutish

Described by the stressed as funny

And by a lover as a bunny

What reigns supreme is he gets his money



Who creates fun

For the clown who lacks fun?

Who creates fun

For the clown who is fun?

Who creates fun

When the clown needs fun?

I clear my head and look ahead

For even in sadness, the clown is seen to be a clown

And professionalism ask of his clowny side

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



Flowers-Crushed-Main_article_imageExcited, I felt the pangs of passions

Anxious, I yearned for thoughts of favour

Loving, I waited for the angelic verdict

But in he came with a plan to have

And hold firm another flower in bloom

Oh God!

And I felt dirty in gentle thoughts


How odd

I could have shrugged it off

How odd

I could have guttered the thoughts

But being dirty in gentle thoughts

Smelt suffocation

Smelt pain

Smelt hell

And I sought clearly to be well


Why are they mostly like that?

Like dirty water in slippery gutter

They sail dragging piety in their dirt

They pass caring not about wails in derail

Women are Woes Of Menace and End-Stars

Sad, so sad

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Colour is choice

Of the artist turned creator

Colour is naught

But a paint to grace


Colour is naught

But misinterpretation hails some

And like the idiots who fight for paints

And leave the house for ants and rats

We hail it so, living in hate


Black is deep

White is pale

A blend; so beautiful

Like God’s sweet tale

So why the rush

To maim and crush?

Life is beautiful but none sees naught

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Deeds abound

Calling all around

To pick their choices

In the wake of their voices

Choices of good

Will be the soul’s food

Choices of bad

Will beat the soul hard

So through the torture and the pain

Through the suns and through the rain

Through the Shame and all the fame

Through the smart and through the lame

Like the precious who obey the rules

And who knows that God does rule

Live a moment at a time

Until rest calls

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(To all my followers, I say a big thank you for following, liking, commenting and most importantly reading. You are those who make this blog and I am grateful. Due to some private matters, I cannot blog as much as I used to for two months, I will post as and when I can. Thanks for your understanding)




God, I hate to ask this of You

But I have to ask anyway

I need an erection

Give me an erection

An erection as hard as the Kwahu Mountains

To gain the attention of all domineering

To call them to order



I need to replace this flat land

With a gargantuan erection

I need the change like a he-goat on heat needs ‘you know what…’

So give me an erection

An erection to deeply thrust all forms of suppressions

And cause their deaths on minds of demi-gods and goddesses


A voice like mine in flat is boring

A gigantic erection will suit me well

I don’t want to be an ‘aboduaba’ or ‘akuaba’ any more

Give me that huge erection

To gain the mandate;

And flog disrespect

Jail irresponsibility

Cage abusers

Castrate he-goats who defile hymens

Ooooh Father! Give me that erection

To gain the right to ensure harmonious equality

And to marry Justice and conceive all that development entails

For beautiful blackness



God! Give me that erection!

That erection which can command the crude and give them directions

And scare off piercing little erections which thrust African rear

And make her bow like a slave licking boots of undeserving fuckers

Yes, not one which causes moans like ‘ahs and oohs’

One which can ring cries like ‘ei! Please I surrender’ from corrupt  warriors



You can decide the size of the erection

But make it bigger than the world’s biggest

You can choose one like Afadjato

Or one like Mount Kilmanjaro

All I need is a commanding but fair erection

To bring sanity in this chaotic realm of erroneous soldering

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



‘Wↄi wↄi, wↄi, wↄi wↄi!’

Islamic rules wear traditional smocks

Sweating under oblivion in locks

Powering croaky voices and attracting flocks

Who open fem-stalls and put in stocks

Hammering submission like traveling seconds of clocks

They proudly say they are the cocks



‘Wↄi wↄi, wↄi, wↄi wↄi!’

I am sure when Islam reached the docks

Needing to attract wearing alien frocks

As brutish men took off their frocks

Smock wearers peeled their undies like Australian jocks

But when they were beaten and taunted with mocks

They developed some tendencies to give some knocks

So they got their fems in misinterpreted locks

And sealed them with fake Allah’s rocks


A slap and a kick and the tick tocks

Pushed in shadows and pain and the tick tocks

Dances in hot smocks for pleasure and the tick tocks

Now urbanization boils and talks as the tick tocks

The suppressed veils must be unveiled before the tick talks

And when they are unveiled, ‘wↄi wↄi, wↄi, wↄi wↄi!’

I will dance to the rhythms of the tick tocks

And lie flat in praise for the breaking of the locks

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



Part stone, part metal, covered in mud

She is carved

Even sharpened venomous teeth seep not

They only scratch her mud coverings which you easily rebuild

Your mood while carving,

I am curious

Packing so much strength in that small a frame

Carving so many angels to watch over her

This soul stands afar and watches her vehicle awed



‘Obuↄ fa, dadeɛ fa! Nhwia nkatasoↄ

Owura Omintimirim!

Agya mmo!

Obuↄ fa, dadeɛ fa! Nhwia nkatasoↄ

Owura Abↄdeɛ nyinaa asomdwoe nkatasoↄ!

Agya mmo, mmo!!!’



Little dolls with machinations

Take longer to carve

You must have taken your time

Like Job had time to pass Your test

Knowing her ride cannot be smooth

You made her vehicle durable

And made her engine huge, fierce and fearless

Painting her with enemy repellant

Knowing You will fight most of her battles



‘Obuↄ fa, dadeɛ fa! Nhwia nkatasoↄ

Owura Omintimirim!

Agya mmo!

Obuↄ fa, dadeɛ fa! Nhwia nkatasoↄ

Owura Abↄdeɛ nyinaa asomdwoe nkatasoↄ!

Agya mmo, mmo, mmo!!!’

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015

(For the benefit of my foreign followers, the chorus reads:

“Half stone, half metal! Soil coverings

Lord of Lords

Well done God!

Half stone, half metal! Soil coverings

Creator and shelter of all things

Well done Lord of Lords”



In these times

I humbly enter into the shelter of the veiled

And call on Allah for a brief chat

On how to free heads in veils

From oppression in the savannah wombs turned tombs



In these times

I humbly ask Allah, why voices of the veiled are evil

And why the veiled must hide to keep men civil

Like an ignoramus, I need Allah to tutor

And seep understanding in my mind’s pores



In these times

When tempers hide under the guise of holiness

I am the veiled asking for sanity

Why must my people be brutalized in His name

On grounds which embraced His sent alien hearts?



Don’t we make them?

Why did Allah give us that right?

To be suffocated by our veils when our blooms wilt?

I will suggest there be a new testament

One liberating veils from hands of the misunderstood

One making men taste bitter potions of jealousy

So as to wipe their misunderstandings of your puzzles

So thorns in veils will flee

And take with them fake smiles and scars on hearts

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015




Birds sing tunes in happy dew

Dozing leaves are far from few

Winds stir pots with unknown brew

Another test of life is simply due


I know that God does keenly peek

From clear spectacles He does right seek

Many of His homes do corruption leak

Sneak peek at its peak, a stenchful reek


Oh lovely pipes of breath in life

Hold your guns well as you shoot at strife

In these times when abominables are rife

Before polygamous pain makes you its wife

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



When dawns rise

And hide stages of surprise

Unleashing the suns

On those in filthy cans

They feel the pressure

Like an unskilled hunter looking for a treasure

They feel the many eyes burn

And the many heads turn

To their directions

Pointing at all omissions

What is man to do?

When the stage is for each one not two?

Fears of disappointments

Tears of commitments

Only tongues which lack the experience wag

Creating for the pressured many an unnecessary tag

If only they knew of fears of the standing-talls

When they dream of nasty falls

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Mouths open their gates

Eyes seek a look into fates

Hands extend

Thoughts stay back to defend

Beautiful new beginnings


Arms do many an embrace

Nervousnesses fret and pace

Some stand back in care

Listening to voices of beware

Beautiful new beginnings


Instances do abound

Good and evil all around

Quickened friends turn bitter enemies

While the hated are zoned into comfy colonies

Beautiful, unknowing new beginnings!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




When hurdles pile dirty in a long long while

And visions get blurry like a mirror in steam

Then you are almost getting to the end of the cliff


When passions get confusing like illusion so sore

As hearts battle heads at the crossroad of sanity and madness

Know you are almost getting to the end of the cliff


The end of the cliff is the end of a pain’s trip

It is where blessings flag to let success salute

Like a Commander- in-Chief of your life’s own boat

You will inspect shame’s parade as they salute in honour

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I wan say am

But ibi like say I can’t


Last time, when person opened im mouth

And said those people be fools, dem cut im head like chicken

Another person too go say that them be like dogs

And cats and lions

He too, im body turn meat wey was shared for dogs on road

One woman said them be vampires

Na soso blood dem want suck

No eye saw that woman again

All of them said she be witch who vanished

Soso fight dem fight but dem no want mouths to yap

Dem dey want mouths talk say nyash be face

See as dem dey kill each other sake of meat?

Tomorrow, dem go fight over where air blow to

Because me I know say sake of woman, many men don die

Them lose thema lives like fowls in Christmas

Many say hush hush dat them no dey understand nothing

But me, I fear o

I no want trouble so I no go say am

Na thinking I wan think about me o

Shebi each one for himself?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Mother Ghana wake!

Wake from thy slumber!

Wake too late and you shall curse your fate!!


Mother Ghana wake!

Suns are roasting heads of your savannah children

Meat has sanity beaten, causing peace to flee


For meat, your children turn meat

Slashing ears and slashing heads

Piercing eyes and pulling hearts like dogs. Sad!


I can point the geographical tremor

But I fear the angers of errors

I am but a dot with an ink who fears the wrath of insanity


Wake and stop the sun from its bake

For your sake, I hope you talk to the rains

Sun-burns are to blame, I know, they need some floods

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



She is drawn to a one

One who has a one

That one who has a one

Eyes looking at a back

Which is looking at a back

Which is looking at a back

Chained like three trees’ thorns clawing each other

Complicated is the word

Hurts, its prophetic ends

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Bubbling in veins

Are the unwise soldiery claimers

Who use no brains

So call for their needs

But head, claim your throne!


I need your head to lead

To stop your piety from degradation

And keep your friends close

And keep your conscience clean

So head claim your throne

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




“I am going to kill myself

Yes, kill myself

Society says an old man is my portion

Because his white hairs shine wisdom and care

I can’t live like a defiant fighting death off him

So I will kill myself”



“Kill yourself?

Wait let me join you to kill ourselves

Society says I am the temple of the devil

Because my competence flies like an eagle

Fingers draped in wickedness seek my heart pulled from its enclave

I can’t live like an evil bird running through the evil forest

So I will kill myself”



“You want to kill yourselves?

Stop your train and get me on board

Society says I am a pot which can’t hold water

So must leave for the better or turn rag

As my carrier needs no soaking in any cold weather

To be plain, porters need to hear cries from my pot

So they taunt and hunt me like an animal

I want to end it all by killing myself”



“Stop the train and let me on board

I also want to kill myself

Poverty has washed me like a torn rag

And so I succumbed to lustful tongues to save my creation

But society’s eyes saw me through the dark

And has belled through the whole nation

Even hairs stand seeing my shadow

I can’t live like this, I, too, want to kill myself”



“Hey stop your train of suicide and let me join

My temple has been desecrated by an unsterilised knife

They say my genital needs some trimmings

That aside, a hopeless man entered my temple

And stole all my goodies in shame

Leaving his stains in here but society says I am to blame

I also want to kill myself”


Kill yourselves wise ones!

Do kill yourselves!!

Kill yourselves intelligent ones

And leave your younger ones to the same fate

Instead of holding hands like soldiers

And battling for safety, you are here planning your deaths

Kill yourselves brave ones!

For your senses are sharper than any double edged sword

The society will keep on pointing

The society will keep on hunting

So please do kill yourselves

And leave the world a heaven for fools to use your likes as tools

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015