I, protest
Because my heart,  in this detest
But she calls herself old in age
Saying she knows the running of this stage
And I am in rage

I do as she wishes
Because, her, this heart cherishes
But I keep hurt in shame
I hate the chains of her tame
I know I am lame

Oh Agowa Banafoe
You are a mothering friend and not a foe
So why, must we, like cats fight?
We must be sun and moon bright
So we can utilise our light
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I go from hand to hand

A cuff and a band

A sit and a stand

I keep on walking

And running

I keep on flying

And breaking

I keep on singing

And laughing

Crying is like salt dipped in my blood for cleansing

So I cleanse



I cause some headaches

And toothaches

I cause some chest aches

And leg aches

I keep on strutting

And strutting

I keep on keeping

And keeping

I keep on breaking

And fixing

A dance is but an exercise

Good and precise

Giving health and insight

So I dance

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


10600606_10152743138213974_2625403999152056596_n - Copy

When I turn cold

I know you hurt

But I hurt in ten-fold

And I need an outlet


When I turn cold

I know you fret

But to you I am sold

As you cuddle a safe bet


I am bold

I need, to strength, get

I need a hold

Or I will be a destructive jet


So leave me bold

Or leave an outlet

Or hurry and hold

To stop the shutting fret

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



When I said I loved

I was like a caught bird

Under heated water in the saucepan of society

Being cooked for being alone

Now that I see a hole in the pan

I see my true heart and I am sorry


When I said I loved

I was like a lone soul

Deserted on an island

Meeting the only worthy mouth

Among castigators

Feeling the warmth and glow

Now that many worthies spring

I see my true heart and I am sorry


When I said I loved

I was like the fear-struck traveller

Knowing not the risks of the race
Fearing the pangs of danger of one on an unknown road

Now I bridge my fears and I am sorry


When I said I loved

I was like a drowning soul

Seeking some fun before the final goodbye

Caring not about hands which sought to touch

Thinking of living before leaving

I now know I erred and so I am sorry


When I said I loved

I may have loved somewhat

For my heart is naturally too big

And accommodates all

Sometimes like a programmed machine

But you deserve a whole package

So now I am sorry


I am feeble

I am prone to change

I am human

Only the foolish has no mind change

I am naughty

And can be a little haughty

This little package

Is but fire and ice

I say I am sorry

So do forgive

If truth lieth on your tongues of piety

And had called sincerely in songs of honesty

I may have been cuffed

But all things work together for good

And so I am sorry

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Never falter
When you are at the alter
Allah is Lord
And He is on board

Never whine
For you are fine
Allah, with you, does dine
And he will add to your table blessed wine

You are a messenger
Not a stranger
Allah needs your devotion
So don’t be drowned in the hunger ocean
Your soul needs purity
Your stomach needs honesty
Your heart needs loyalty
To please Allah
And make Mohammed (SAW) smile
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Waking to smiles from naughty faces
I see the hidden naughties’ paces
Like the happening of yesterday left no traces
The humurous battle is drawn
“Mrs. Phone, Fufu Mafia, Poetry Eater”
My few nickies
But I smile
Knowing a mile has been reached
I call far away home
Everyone is fine
A few business calls
And I smile to myself
Until Kwesi brings his annoying face

Kwesi says he suffers from coccidiosis
He has turned into a fowl
Because town’s rounds stare him in the face
Dangling long walks in his lazy mind
Maame has to go to class
After taking two balls of banku with okra stew
I wonder where food lives
In her half-onelike body
I watch as she slips her long legs into my slippers
She looks at me and goes for hers
“No need for devilish looks
Mrs. Words, please smile”
I smile
Go for bathroom rituals
And step out only to get an admirable visitor
Happy, but sad I am caught slacking in his assignment
I sit sorry for a bit like a child caught without her homework
But I step out ready
To face life’s puzzles
I am that conqueror who must conquer afterall
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Abena says Kwaku Bonsam is a liar
He feeds on lies
And hoards them in his bloated belly
He needs mere friends as brothers and cousins
He needs his ugly face as handsome
He needs his piggy beddy bounces
As the best ride on a smooth road

Bonsam says Abena feeds fat on lies
Truth brings out the worst in her
So he indulges her
Ugly clothes form beautiful rings from his mouth
Horror hairstyles wear beautiful ribbons from his mouth
Tasteless foods wear delicious words from his mouth
He says he paints white on black
Just to make her smile static
Now mouths have many complaints
I won’t discriminate
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


So life is life
And life needs feeds
Life is life
And life sheds blood
Life is life
And life needs moves
I will use my machine at the palm of my tree
To get what I need
Because it is no tofee to deplete

It’s true, I meet them all;
The ritualists who need to cook
Their flour with my eggs
In order to feed
And oh! I meet them too
The stingy brutes
Who stir and drink soups
From my beautiful heated pot
Without replacing its ingredients
And I meet them too;
The wierd preachers who eat the rotten foods they preach against
I hate the part
Where pleasure involves brutality
And brutes unleash their claws to see me bleed
But it pays
It is risky but what isn’t?

I am a boat
With ready paddles
On a sea calling for muscles
I am a cave with blessed fingers
In a populated realm
Calling the tired
All ye who are burdened
And heavy laddened
And I shall give you rest
Remember,  you must be man enough to man up
In judgement’s box
No name calling except for your devilish pleasure
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I hear sounds
Dancing like dew all around
I feel bounds
Crying like attention seekers, to be found
And I am astonished

I feel fear
Gathering, like seas, much tears
I feel cheer
Taunting, like pain, all the queers
And I am perplexed

I smell conflicts
Ready, like doped soldiers,  to conflict
I see anger’s war fits
Ready to afflict
And chaos rings heart wrenching bells of defeat and triumph

But who cares about these?
A new day cries like a newborn
“Hey! Ho! Stay we pray!
No rhyme is needed here
We need all hands to yoke in praise
We need all eyes to lock whipping mouths to smile
We need weak hearts to hug strong chests
Until darkness puts its cloth on us
In the arms of nightly beds
Smiling like a super god at our warrior deeds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I am sometimes in a semi-circle
But the faces are not familiar
You aren’t there
I turn to the freedom chasers
They see me like a meaty rat
So give me the hot chase
Unfortunately,  all welcoming holes hoard smokes
And heat whose fore-fingers point at me in a warning
So I run on
Crying for you

In an unfamiliar world
With faces my blood deem taboos
I fear you hide within
I fear you search frantically
I fear you call but I hear not
I fear we are both lost geographically
I feel some pelts of stones
I fear the guns with bullets
I fear the bows and arrows
I fear the spiritual hunters
As I run
But I call for you
Like Jesus called for His father in dire times

Even if it takes forever
I will call
Even if my voice runs hoax
I will call
Even if I risk being jailed by loneliness
I will call
Even if societal chains give me tetanus
I will call
Let the toddlers find their parts and render me useless
I will call
Because I know your arrival will be grand
Even if we meet as spirits
Your heart will call for mine
My heart will respond and vice versa
And no hurdles can break our bond
For you will be firm
Powering me to be firmer
So with our fingers yoked
We will fight it all to the end
Yes, the end of the war
And ascend our thrones of happiness
So for now I call
My quiet moments used for attentive listening
Hoping to catch your call
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I am naught
But some call me naughty

I am naught
But I still own my breathing

I am naught
But I mostly feel like your diamond
You are Lord
You are God
So take me through and don’t be bored

I see the tallest hurdles
Like fenced walls
I hear roars of lions, tigers, hyenas
In hungry high pitched voices
While vultures hover my sky
Praying for the hurdles to pave way
For the carnivores to work
So it will get my crumbs
I see your protection
You are Lord
You are God
Don’t be bored
In having me restored
When I am strength thawed
I am following
Because I know your right ways
Are thorny but serves perpetual honey
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I am one
But I can’t believe I am
Because I feel my pulse
I feel my breath
And my skin spits
As pain floods my eyes
So I am one
But I don’t feel one
Cars are racing
And I feel like three
I see
I hear
And I feel
The breezes are blowing
And I feel
I hear
In its naughty fling with sand, I see
So I am one
But not one
I am one but I feel like three
I am one but I feel like four
In this journey through here to beyond
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015
(Picture by Mash Cudjoe)


If you promise to be a horse
You’ve got to have speed
Most importantly, stamina
To carry and ride harder
Like a true knight
Fearless and apt in promises

If you promise to be an eagle
You’ve got to have strength
Most importantly, fierceness
To carry and ride harder
Making sure need fears my territory
And my heart is pleased while dancing to your tempo

You underestimate a feather
Forgetting it can hide a hawk, a hen or a peacock
Even a female eagle
Oh, don’t forget a lioness can try being mischievous
And hide in feathers too

If you are a warrior
I can make you chant songs worthy of intimidating the greatest of warriors
If you are a priest
I can make you pray in tongues only God can decipher
Swerving Satan in his quest of sabotage
If you are a king
I can make your reign the most legendary
Greater kings will come to bow at your name even in zillions of years
Yes, I am that powerful in charms
So be in place
To carry and ride me harder
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Poor Paul has turned pest
Easy to hear “tiaaan, chtian!” around him
Doped in smell of all that sickens and kills
Sickening and killing humans like flies
Is he a walking corpse?

He knows not he is a repellent
So explores all “nosedoms”
I would be a swinging monkey
Around his chasing
Than be a dead fly around him
What at all is he punishing his natural scents for?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


“Give your life to Christ”
He writes boldly
“For even the love of humans
Can’t compete His earthly love”
I ponder on the three paged sheet
And wonder why I feel
I am being coerced, like a little puppy, into a cult
I know God creates
Who needs what he creates when he continuously creates?
He provides for what He creates
So why do I need to give myself to a son?
Isn’t he more like a brother?
I believe the creator lives
Is heaven a fazing kingdom?
Am I that much of a pig
That people need me washed?
All my clouds of problems
Will never rain
If I give my life to Christ
Abena, I really must be a criminal
That like a piece living in unmentionables
I am being written letters of love
Like a manipulatable little girl
Let my clouds rain
I say
My earth will soften to strengthen
He who creates is He who takes
He doesn’t need my permission to
He takes it at His time
And I am ready anytime
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Players play like porters use clay
Forming, watering,  playing and wasting
Eventually messing up everywhere
Like kids in dangerous games
Sometimes harming themselves
Sometimes shaming themselves
Most times incurring the wrath of their carers
All in their initiation of fun

Lovers are like roses
They open wounds and show
Admitting they will take all blows
In any fighting show
Their sincerity being their anchor
Their flaw being their blindness
Why can’t I be the latter?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


They say once one is down
A fall is nothing to fear
But here, lying flat on my back
I feel my pulse racing like a tsunami
Who knew falling from the pain tree
Breaks no bone
But beats your bests
And blasts your breast?
Interesting,  that is where the heart hides
I am all that hurt’s seat
I am all that is cruel’s punching bag
I am all that is burdensome’s head pad
Being squeezed like a rotten apple
All my juices developing gutter legs
As my flesh gives up on my soul
Which cries like a dying cricket

With all that threatens to break my shoulder bone,
Do I need my seed as a pain remote?
A press
And I fall from my climb
A press
And blood oozes from my nose
A press
And I become the footmat of a dancing gigantic pain’s boot
Is God in myth or physical?
Will He listen or scream blasphemy?
Will he repair or further destroy my maimed seed?

It is one
Just one
It is one
Not two
It is one sinless angelic breed
Called in love not in hatred
So what is its crime?
What is my crime?
What is its giver’s crime?
Pretty as a picture?
Innocent and as pure as the blue sky?
Why don’t You take me?
Take me instead please
And leave it sane
Leave it healthy
Leave it strong
I will give my flesh to the worms
I will give my bones to the teeth of the earth
I will give my body to rots and scavengers
Just leave it be
For I can stand all things but its hurts
I can stand all things but its tears
I can stand all things but fear of its loss
You may say I am silly
No, not silly, I am just broken
A tree broken to pieces
Because of its hurting seed
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


They claim we claim gooses are like ganders
And ganders are like gooses
Their goodies, the same
Their bothers, the same
So circumcision is a decision
None fights for a cock
So none must fight for a hen
Abena, I say bullshit!
Leave your danglers if you like
But leave them clits alone

It is cruel
To take away the pleasure
It is mean
To clamour for a treasure
It is savagery
To roast, burn and ground a godly pleasure tool
Making feelings wooden
Making hearts stone
Clouding conception
And making it rain pain within when night bells wake
Stop the bullshit!
Stop the savagery!
Stop the silliness!
Be humans!
Be sane!
Sanity is humanity!!!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Kyei Maame, please stop bragging
Stop bragging about the great goat you keep tamed
I know what it does
And I even know what Osofo Maame’s goat does too
No matter the fur of goodness it preaches

As soon as it clears your bowl
It goes sniffing
Licking any bowl it sees
No matter how filthy
As for Osofo Maame’s goat
It spies before sniffing bowls in dark places
Shunning those in visibility
So stop bragging

If I need a goat
I can have a whole breed
And may have a few which may be sanely dedicated
I don’t need the sneaky ugly ones you brag of
So direct your bragging
Into a secretive hole
One you can seal with stone
When your goats are caught like thieves
Stealing from other bowls
I need not hear these
For I can’t stand your hiding eyeballs
When the scandal breaks
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Some call me a worm
Some call me a poor pet
Others call me an unbaked yam
But I am the bread winner of my home

With opened mouths of 7
Waiting for the manna from my sweat
I am like their goddess of harvest
I am like the air they breathe
I am like their shield and shelter
So compare me not to a rag
I am that flag leading them on in life

The power of lives of robbers and killers
Lie in my little hands
If I fall, they take their swords
So I sell iced water
I crack stones into “kanana” and “abuga”
I wash chop bar bowls
I race with cars to get some coins
While my neck balance my head’s heavy wear
“Fooos, koobi, maize, yam, soft drinks, vegetables,  groundnuts and firewood”
I shout them all
Calling buyers who buy
Angering ones who hate the noise
Getting whips from those who show their wares
And you call me a thing?

I feel the slaps
I see the rapes
I feel the heat
I feel the cold
I feel the hawks wanting my bones
I am a visitor unfortunate
A visitor to a home of naught
Like a chicken, I work fearing the hawks
Fearing the cars
Fearing mostly humans
Whose aim is to taste me in their soups and stews
I fear my shadow
But I work on like a bull
I am helpless in the belly of the street
The street which has carnivorous teeth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Speechless, I stand before your throne
Speechless,  this short tree bows before your throne
It knows it needs no hugeness for greatness
Amidst the foes and the blows
Amidst the hurts and the pains
Beneath the shame in light fame
You knew who and what You needed me to be
You knew what training You needed me to have
You knew a taste of the fall would reveal the sweetness of the highs
You are wondrous
You are wondrous

I remember when my farmers cut my stem
Claiming my siblings needed the shine
You might have laughed when I cursed
And might have seen me
Like a rebellious fierce mighty soul
What in heaven you were thinking
When you sent a wind to break my new in teen age
While you held me back
And allowed others to pass, I knew not
But it is clear You deal with Your time

So I had to be dragged by You in twos
Going straight,  You chose for me the best frame
Which would break my soul
And give me a gift to break my heart
Still feeling broken, I know you have a plan
You are wondrous
You are wondrous
You are wondrous
You are wondrous
And I am done doubting You
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


She says she wants a perm
Then she changes her mind
She wants a jelly
Her friends laughed at her
She wants corn roll
Her face taunts her
She wants rasta

Long rasta is not faster
She wants the short huge ones
After completion she looks into the mirror and screams
What a horror!!!
“Undo undo undo”
She is like an indecisive bird
Being chased by a hungry hunter
Her God given is beautiful
Some even create its likeness
But she eventually chooses a perm
Because it makes her look like a white doll;
One white children play with
And scatter in exploration and destruction
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Sunshine in a frowning sky
Gentle lightening in an angry storm
Ice in an unbearable heat
You, you

The best song on the biggest stage
The best feet in a dancing bout
The moon in a rebellious sky
You, you

Your fingers hold my soothing balm
Your mouth hold my living breath
Your chest is my safest dream nest
You, you, you, you
You are my gift
Your are my smile
You are my life
And like swans on a good sea
We will sail into foreverness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


They stay on trees
Oh vultures
Stay on trees in danger
And care not about their drowning and danger
Yes, vultures are vultures
Thay care not about cultures
And care not about nurtures
So kid vultures learn to litter and break cultures
Hurtful, cultures which could safeguard their lives

Oh vultures!
You are not worthy of compensation
You are a threat to your own lives
Hopping here and there
Eating carcasses
Being untamed
Now you have grown wings
Holding placards and causing commotion
Like naughty dogs hungry and barking
But you are vultures
Vultures who can fly to other trees
Flying so far to eat
Flying back to rest
Caring not about rains nor storms nor suns
Your complaints only heard in your unfavorable weathers
Vulnerability suits you not
Vultures,  please have some dignity and follow some cultures
For other sane animals to live free
For you are poor because you are lazy
Not because you are disadvantaged
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I am a virgin
Although I have mothered a child
I don’t want to compare myself to Mother Mary
But if the woman had other children
With dear daddy Joseph
And still has the title of a virgin
Even after moth and others have finished her temple
Why can’t I be a virgin too?

I am a virgin
You can decide to burn the clouds
If it murders your serenity
I am as pure as doves and their reputations
I am as pretty as the “akuabas” of yester-years
I am a virgin waiting on my Joseph
Who I need to see a flat belly
I am a virgin
“Chan, chan, chan, chan”
Go and burn the seas of Niger
Bomb Mount Everest
Fuel hurricane Catherina
If it doesn’t sit well with you
I am a virgin
A pure pure virgin
Yes, I am a virgin
Speckless like the day I was born
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I am that hen with a chick
He is that cock with a chick
I am like the petite hen burdened by beasts of this world
He is like a gigantic cock who has bridged so much to be here
We both dribble with words
At a snap of the finger “bam”
There is a creation
We are both that swift

A perfect story of coupling?
Hell no!
Because the cock took its time to meet the sun
While I, the rushing hen, played with the moon
Seeing more than twenty moons before he ever saw one
Crowns don’t show how many one has seen
But my conscience pricks like a pin
And the pin pins like a pesting pain
So yes, I turn my back
And yes, he too relaxes having tried
This stage of age is a page in cage
And we are on separate pages
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


(Thanks to Mash Cudjoe for this poem.)

On that fateful day
When the gates of the world
Opened up to receive you
A trumpet was blown
And merry was made
You lit up the sky
And the angels sang
With voices so pure
A queen had been born
A queen whose words
Would marvel the world
When the time was right


It’s been a bittersweet journey
Of cherished accomplishments
And broken dreams
Your heart has handled battles
That even soldiers would surrender to
Yet still you rise ever bright
Like the morning sun
Bringing joy to others
Even if echos of pain
Forever in you reverberate
You thread a perilous path
Littered with confusion


Yet soldier on you must
The universe will have it so
You’re a story yet unfinished
Upcoming chapters will speak of victories
Victories you never contemplated
Hold fast to the dream
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia
Your name will resonate with all
Your words shall forever inspire greatness
In the hearts of all who embrace them
Your future begins now

Mash Codjoe (2015)


I am traveling
I know I have traveled
I am traveling
To an unknown destination
But I know this step today
Takes me nearer

I have seen hurdles
I have seen pain
I have seen lions
Like a hunter,  I have battled their wounds on my skin
I have housed scars which never fail in their duty of reminding
I have known puzzles
And its defeats
I can’t say I have conquered
But I have won many of my matches
I have travelled
And I am still traveling

There is no pain
I am yet to see
There is no pain
Whose surprise gun I will fear
For my stones are many
My shoes, swift in speed
Through the smoke
With these teary eyes
I envisage a clear sky
With hailing sun and clapping clouds
So I have travelled
I travel
I am traveling
Through this earth to an aftermath beyond
I just hope I light smiles on mouths with every step
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


(Happy father’s day to Nana Awere Damoah. You are a very special man. Happy father’s day to all good fathers out there. Mr. Charles Nornoo. Mr. Sam Doku and the rest, you know yourselves. May you continue to shine in your line of duty. Receiving the right blessings.)

There was a time
This poem would have reeked crime
Because no love from a giver chimed
For the ears of this heart
NAD has imprinted
Now the bells ring
So the words will flow

I know how it feels
To feel your love
I say I know how it feels now
To have one like your soldier
Knowing he’ll rule in your favour
Loving your taunts
Knowing he’ll guide your steps
Holding your hand
Knowing he will whip you up
To inspire generation
I know and he knows his blessings

Killer of bitterness
Unseen by eyes
You have freed your gender
From the filthy prison of my words
You have shown a light
In your dooming shed
And I will always remember
The diamond you are
Maybe God did wait
To have me fathered by a one close in age
To have him be with me for a lifetime
You are my God’s chosen god for me
I bless and bless and bless and bless you and your kinds
I will always remember
Yes, I will remember even in transitioning,  that I was loved by a FATHER among fathers
Loved so purely because it took no blood link
Making it beautiful
Making it golden
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Now the night goes to sleep
Day is coming so dawn weeps
Owls and bats yawn in tiredness
Beds start complaining
That they really need to be unburdene
I say “Namaste” to
God who has brought us this far

Give all their delicacies
Grant us all good breathes to live
And like the birds happy to roost,
We will sing songs of praise
And like beggers, ask for protection
To see another day
Now, we struggle,  battling our fears
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


“Bue! Ouch! Agyeiiii!
Meku la! Aaaaah!”
Sounds of today
Like a deathzone
Everything reeks mourning
From shooting of God’s men in church
To thunders lighting the fires of flood to “ghosten” beings
Sounds of today!

“Ei! Eh? Wosh!
Suprising sounds of today
Hidden answers find themselves naked on the market
Prostituting and luring innocent minds currupted by cheap success
Fermented sounds of today!

“Saaah? Really?
Awurade! Krono nie!”
Shocking sounds of today
Securities of state properties are the thieves they seek
Making salaries of their instituted security bonus stealings
Crippling the poor contributor
Like polio on high voltage
Silly sounds of today!

“Hri baba baba baba
Baba baba baba
Blood of…”
Selling God like kola in papers and coins
Preachers turned rich while the preached hung and thirst
Sacrifices to God praying in trusted stomachs
Sacrifices of God melted, polished to brighten on His senders
Ha ha ha ha!
Sounds of today

Sounds of today are like torture tools
They pull our nails like hardened prisoners
They burn bodies like heated irons
They drown our happiness like vast seas
Even sweetened bitterness has drowned its sweet
Sounds of today!
Sounds of today!
Sounds of today!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Magic hand

Give me magic

Magic of thoughts

Give me magic

To salvage all rots


Give me magic

Like a superior angel

To know and touch broken angels

Called and humiliated, abandoned and garbaged


We call those we need

They are called by their own and taunted

Give me a magic thought

And a magic hand to salvage this rot


If I do get the magic

I will sleep not

Always working like a bull on the greenest field

Identifying and touching in healing


Hurtful tears break my heart

“Agyeiiiii! Bue!! Ouch!!! Abound to deafen

Give me the magic, the magic thought and hands, to trash the tragics,

To heal the world

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Like a succulent mango
You bite me deep
After washing me in cool waters
And chew my flesh
Claiming I am fresh
I can only scream by sewing my threads
In your teeth
But you wait after chewing
And curse me
While you enjoyed me with no blessing
I know my juice tasted like heaven
And my body tasted like manna
Oh! My clothes tasted like honey
But you made sure to shave me bald
Who fights an armless beauty like me?
Only the brute but you say I will spoil?
If your flesh lives, sickens and dies
Why must mine be chewed in pain?
Never remorseful you always have to strain
To rid my thread off your rebellious teeth
If you are brave next time try the sours
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I would like to imagine him
Not too short nor tall
Playfully funny in discipline
Handsomely lovely in friendship
Warm and reassuring in hugs
Soldiery and feared in protectiveness
Like God’s shield

I’d like to imagine him there
By her side
Holding hands and occasionally talking to the invisible me
Giving me massages
With smiles of anticipation for my long visit

But no
That was not to be
I feel the fears that shook my being
When bullies stood with their canes so sharp
I feel the hurts of words so sharp
Piercing my heart like unsterilised arrows
Because of his absence
I feel the maltreatment scarring my soul
And the assaulters’ comfortability knowing I had none to protect
I feel the burden
On these little shoulders
Burdens of many who needed many
Keepers keep well
What rightly, they, belong
I belonged to none
So wings never reached to shed
I still imagine, I imagine
How he was even in abandonment
Regretful or relieved?
It hurts that my mind’s eye has no picture
No picture of the man who has tortured and haunted all these years:
My father
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

Portia Dery’s Funky Read-Write Clinic

Portia Dery is a young writer making waves in Ghana. She won the Golden Baobab Award for Children’s Literature and she is the main brain behind this writing clinic which will start on Saturday, 20th June 2015 from 9am to 10:30am at the Children’s Library, Tamale.



11206048_833838730025948_6296996902104631613_n 11251001_833838813359273_8519750537731161681_n


The funky ReadWrite clinic is an intensive incubator grooming clinic that lures children to read and write through play activities/games, AYWO’s curriculum and technology.  The aim of this clinic is to groom children to pick up pleasure reading and creative writing as quality leisure activities hence in the long run making them avid readers and prolific writers.

The Funky ReadWrite Clinic has two key distinctive features;

  • A funky reading clinic where children are exposed to a wide variety of books. Children are taken through an exciting journey of reading via play activities/games and technology.
  • A mentoring creative writing clinic which systematically stimulate the imagination of children. Here, creative writing is used as a therapeutic tool to help children open up, be confident and become more vocal about their emotions. Children are taken through intensive writing courses and also mentored by top African writers around the world via online programs.


11337081_833838496692638_2046812282088840554_o 11407105_833838610025960_3464681463194307318_n

Why the need for this?

Ghana’s educational system has undervalued the importance of pleasure reading and creative writing for children in schools. Over the years emphasis has been on ‘text book’ education and story books have been subtly pushed to the back.

 Children are constantly reminded, “you must read to pass your exams!” as a stern warning making most children view reading and writing as ‘ a dreaded monster.’ Thus, reading and writing is often promoted as a means to an end, which is for exams only. Hence children miss the opportunity to explore and stimulate their creative minds.

The above worsens the already high illiteracy among children. UNESCO clearly says that more children are illiterate in world’s poorest countries than believed.

Although a national problem in Ghana the situation is worse in the northern region of Ghana. For instance, whiles the rate of illiteracy in the Greater Accra Region  is 21% Ashanti  40%, 54% in the Brong Ahafo Region, it rises to an alarming  76% in the three Northern regions(  




11407190_833835066692981_8264613423977045679_n 11427197_833838583359296_8969405636964692302_n


Why are beneficiaries  children from deprived communities?
   Children in deprived communities have no access to good schools with good educational facilities. These children are usually very timid, less vocal, their reading and writing abilities are low and therefore find it extremely difficult to understand their lessons in the classroom.

 Their parents earn below the minimum wage hence would never be able to afford extra reading & writing lessons or buy enhanced reading materials.



 17 school children are selected from 4 schools within 4 deprived communities; they would be groomed in this intensive clinic for 4-5months.   After which the second batch will be enrolled.

These children would become reading ambassadors and change agents for their schools and communities

 There is a local proverb which is best transliterated “he who climbs a good tree deserves to be pushed”. Let’s show our support in sponsorships and show up in our numbers to help train some children to love reading so as to impact positively their peers.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



It is a blessing of emotion
A different feeling
Watching you in sync with her in laughter
Like a well rehearsed choreography

It is as though
Someone switched on my thinking plug
Could this have been a trap?
Did he joke over my sincere messages with her?
Could I be a fun they are having?
It is a different feeling

It is a different feeling
Still my mind grinds on
Could it be that I am a tool?
A tool to fetch out the love of another?
Or a fool?
Playing helper to a love at play?
It is a different feeling

It really shakes my ground
This different feeling
Takes me back to how it started
Could it be a challenge?
A challenge to show my fallen self
And be hailed master of a game?
A different feeling

A sigh is in order
I ask me why bother?
You are one not ready to loiter
One never ready to light same fire
So why bother?
Answer? Nil
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



What will it amount?
I ask what? What at all will it amount?
If we fall only once and get crippled?

If I am a print in book,
When crumpled by the ruthless
I aim to show and embrace minds

When I get burnt,
I pray my shadow moves me from mind to mind
To work more than a book ever will
What will it amount to?
What at all will it amount to
If we fall and never rise?

Victory does not only hold swords or spears
Victory does not only hoard hurts in words
Victory is impact
And impact is like a one way door and window, un-returnable
That is what I need
What at all will it amount to?
If a little fall cripples and rots?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015
(Photo credit; Shika Nornoo)



Cool cloud, come and rain

Into my drain

And clear the stain

Causing this chest pain


Now I refrain


Cain my pain

Gather my gain

As long as you call me no Jane

I will gladly soak, giving you my main

So flow and flow and flow and flow

Until I glow

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I am hoarding a lioness

In the cave of my heart

Yet smiling like the sun

Deceiving the depressed

As if I am cool



It can be raining cats and dogs in blood

Flooding the cave and killing its space

But even in the darkest of times

The moon appears on my face

Deceiving the depressed as if I am cool



I am cool like the breezes

I am cool like the birds being chased by guns

I am cool like the rat being chased into a smoking hole

I am cool so I try to say I am cool

If I say I am cool repeatedly, I will definitely look cool

As if I am cool

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


dog-cat happy

A master sent a cat on a dangerous mission

It went like a wind

And came like a breeze

All breaths for a minute seized


The dog got jealous and barked for the same mission

It went like a wind

But never returned

All hearts, for it, burned


Then all animals decided to follow cat for the same mission

Cat told them to follow its lead

Quiet when it does

Shout when it does


All animals kept mute after the tiring mission

Because dog’s girlfriend happened to follow

They got to know that what the cat blinked away

The dog shouted like an angry thunder, attracting enemies

Hence, its demise

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



We are still on the mission to fence the Yumba Special School to keep the students safe. All donations are welcome. I can’t imagine my child lost in some thorny forest, hungry and afraid. Special kids at Yumba knows no boundaries and so we must create a boundary for them to be safe. We have had some donations so far and are still waiting for more to move on.
Donations so far:
Anonymous: 500 cedis
Williams Nana Kyei: 200 cedis
Nana Awere Damoah: 700 cedis
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia: 200 cedis
Anonymous: 500 cedis
Mr. Charles Nornoo: 200
Ayisha Quagraine: 200
And Mr. Gyan- Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng has pledged 200 cedis.
Let’s go, you can donate even one cedi on the mtn mobile number 0249127326 or into the UT account 0041303252019, Tamale branch, account name: Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia and Abdul Muumin. We are waiting to start, join the responsible team. Please if you are abroad and needs to use international means like Paypal, please contact me; Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia on Facebook or Nana Awere Damoah and make sure your donations are published for accountability and transparency sake. Thank you and God bless you.


Young inks bleed

All digging to plant seeds

Seeds for a great tree

Which will shelter their future


Some will dig shallow holes

Because like the parable of the farmer

Weeds grow with plants

So winds or birds will destroy some plants


Those prepared like Job in the Bible

Will dig and grow well

Water well

And have strong shoots


Somewhere in the future

Many things can happen

Strong winds can push some down

Woodcutters will cut some down

Pests can destroy some

But the strong and fortunate will stand

Always nice watching from a distance

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



Kwaku gave Ama a stone
A white nice stone as a gift of love
She kept the stone like a saint
And worshipped its very grounds

It so happened that a flood came by
Stared at the stone and Ama’s family
And swept all of them into the belly of death
Ama searched and searched until Kwaku came
But found not her family or stone

Kwaku was as fierce as a thunderous bull
He raged and ranted and yelled and cursed
Until Ama left on a mission
A mission to hunt her family and the precious stone

Ama went into the forest
Searched in and around seas
And finally sought to rest in caves
There, she heard a shout from a sack
Opened the sack and saw a small pig
She was startled

The pig thanked her for her kindness
And resolved to help her locate her gem
After telling her her family rested with saints
It ended up taking her to Prince Adjei’s palace
Where she found among many a gold, diamond and ivory
The soft handsome Prince’s heart

Kwaku waited in anger
But doped himself in tears and alcohol
When he saw their wedding pictures
And that ended the tale
Of the unbendable
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015 inspired by Dotty


He had a huge title on his book
But hid words associated not in the same book
Many read the title in jealousy
Knowing not it stood not
For what lies therein
Until Abugri had the urge to open and read
Whereas the title was as dark as ebony
The words hidden were as red as palm oil
Danger hidden in peaceful ebony
Who leaves ebony for roastings?
No wonder they were hidden therein
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Oboi sat ready to earn
From the little the teacher had to teach
Little did he smell the storm
Brewing into his class-made dorm

A beautiful lady sat on his right
Another hot lady sat on his left
Then his stomach contracted
Reminding him of the mixtures of beans and eggs he married
And sent to the gutters of his belly

He looked left
Looked right
All the ladies smiled
In return of the sheepish smile he gave
He held himself with a force that blocked his rear
Taking no notes
Fearing a stand for permission
Might get ugly
And earn him abhored names

After the class,
He sat still as all others left
And left his gates opened
What a relief it was
When a bomby “PUUUUUUUUUU” busted out
Glad, he lifted his eyes
Only to see the two ladies standing in disbelief
One holding her nose
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


There was a war

That seemed to loom

I waited and sought your face

You said nothing and took your pace

But I knew I didn’t need to lift a finger

Because you would decide

And yes, you deliver



I love the fact

That you are my God and father

I love the fact that you redeem to deliver

I love the fact that your wings always shelter

Me from the quandary of deception,

Temptations and all



I am a bird

But you build my nest

I am sometimes a tortoise

So you house my being

I even try the pig life

But you bath me clean

God of lords, I am that special

Because you care


Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015