Marry my mind

Please marry the thoughts of my mind

Before you think of the pleasures of this bottle

That done, even a hush, dash, or flush

Can cause a blush

I am the golden fish upstream

Hiding from the rest of my being

So marry my mind

Be like the mathematician

Get the formula

And you’ll solve the future mentality

If you rush, you’ll crash

And break down like a hopeless accident truck

If you run out of luck

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


When the domestic fowl

calls for a fight with the guinea fowl

in the full glare of all eyes,

none must interfere 

because fairness count’s in win


We live, love, work in all view

we each have mouths, to talk

hands to wave

legs to walk

what else is there?

coverings in clothes don’t matter

when freedom fights begin


Let us not be ostriches

always adjusting

when the cockrel is favoured

a time will come

when the guinea fowls will be lost

and cock huntresses would be tasked

with searching for them 

in the scary forest

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



We can’t surely say

That the tons of blood on Alata land

Were by knives of the known devil


We can’t surely say

That the new shoot of hope on Alata land

Is  free of all knowledge of the slaying knives


Alata is at the crossroad

With eyes watching from all angels

To see if the flower of hope is not a hidden lion


A flower like hope

A flower like a lion

A flower with happy fears for laughter or tears


Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



The West African Senior High School Examinations for 2015 started on March 30 with integrated science as the opening subject for sitting. I must say WAEC is really on top of exam malpractices. As I advised my students to learn and forget about cheating; “ap)” as it is popularly called, I couldn’t help but notice others hiding many things when they saw me.

They being uncomfortable told me of their mischiefs but they soon learnt their lessons when they got to the examination hall and realised whatever they were fed with were no ingredient in the pots of their papers.

Today, I heard from a junior brother that some questions were circulating on social media and they were believed to be authentic. I laughed wondering if some of the students have not learnt their lessons at the same time wondering if yesterday’s victory was a sham but WAEC again delivered to perfection. None of the questions in anticipation surfaced.

I would like to commend the exam council on the measures they are putting in place to ensure authenticity in the grading of students on the West African Continent. I hope this continues to help realise the true results of candidates who pass through the system.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Thanks to all you beautiful and handsome souls, I have been nominated in the Best Blogger Category 2015. The voting is out and Blogging Ghana sent me this message yesterday:

“Dear Nominees,

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Please vote for Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia so I can win in this category. Remember to also vote Nana Awere Damoah for Best Facebook Profile. Thank you very much. And if you can, please share this information and encourage others to vote. God bless you.



Done drowning due to defeat?

Dirt dressing in down deceit?

Deafened drowsiness

Damaged daft dagger

Debts on dancing demons

Daredevils dressing in daisies

Dote on danger and distress

Don’t drown to dust your dreams

Dump dormancy, dare and dream

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



What would we do

If God’s number were public

Some will train their voices

As many try work in phoning

His network would need no advert

But its owners will always ask for favours

Other networks would send many juicy packages

Would that even make sense?

Giving all lines, they will all jam


If God’s phone number were to be public

Makola women will shout rudely

If they don’t get through

Stone crackers would join forces with hackers

Who will also bring in trackers

In cahoot with reliable detectives to track God down

And no one would want to be a driver

Who will drive for who to call?


On this African Continent

Jujumen are the only men who would never lack

Every sane person would draft his favour

Hoping for a chance to present

Politicians will try bribing for heavenly glories

Only when they start campaigning

Plotting a coup on God when they succeed and start aiming

Many preachers would have huge bribes

Who wouldn’t want favours as His receptionist

Efo, Abena, Nuerki, Muntaka

All will call his number with no pause for eating

But before a single line will go through

Boko and Haram will blast all

So chaos will wear chaos

If God’s number were public

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



When I look into your eyes

I see all the walking lies

And feel the kicks of my mind’s whys?

As my good waters are gathered for cries


Are you that powerful?

What on you is so colourful

For you to make me feel this awful?

Oh “Onyame!” How pitiful!


Angry storms of emotions

Are looming like tsunamis

Cradling revenge in future’s pot

Oh! This heart is hot


Your lies will lie

When your hurts say bye

After Karma brings your hi

And your tears give a sigh

Sticks of backstabbing have double edges

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



What have I not seen?

“Abro-dua” for t. roll?

Acheampong for plasters?

Ginger suppository to cure candidaisis?

What haven’t I seen?


What haven’t I seen?

Slapping of mouth challenging elders?

Whippings for tribal marks never intended?

Knocks of elders never seen?


What haven’t I tasted?

Hunger’s sweet bowl full of axes?

Thirst’s huge barrel full of needles

Needs’ sarcastic belts with wicked intentions?


Sometimes I cry abuse

Other times I am grateful for the training

Like human complains to God

Every happening, no matter how crude, has a golden lightening

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c)2015


No matter how sweet
The voice of a bird sounds
It has to read times
For it to grace ears of the earth

Who knows? The melodious sounds
Can walk into ears connected to taste buds
Which crave for bones with melody
And whose bones will those ears go after?

We are in times sticks and stones are antiquated
Slingshots are old fashioned
Guns rule and so do bombs
Who needs talents to bring him or her risks?

So “pii coo coo, qua qua koo kooo”
Some ears do appreciate
Others listen to hunt
Pretty bird, take note
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



When we do something for a good cause, our consciences bless us even before God does. On April 2, 2015, there is going to be an Autism Awareness Walk from the Autism Awareness Care and Training Centre at Kokomlemle to the Children’s Park at 8am. This initiative is by the Autism Awareness Care and Training Centre. Knowing that April is Autism Awareness Month, the A. A. Opoku Doe Autism Help Foundation entreats all those who can make it, to make it a point to be there. I won’t say God will bless you but you know He will.

    DO IT

Do it

For the angels

Do it

For smooth earthly teachings of angels

Do it

To show love in encouragement

Do it

For life is a wheel

And none knows future visitation statuses

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Water, don’t quarter

Water, nil is manslaughter

Water! It is not bitter

A good flow serves as a sickness quitter

Water, don’t litter

Water, help the heart smoother

Water, and let skin shed all sweaters

Water! Hydration is safer

Water! Please water!

Water and save your body workers

Water can give a nice figure

Water keeps healthier kidneys

So water! Just water!

To be in shape

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I sit in my seat waiting for exam

My friends shake heads and call me awam

Unfathomable, they think of learning, bam!

But I know all their backbones are pitiful shams


Learning is sweating

Timing and painings

But with determination and dedication

All things get together for good education


I’d rather slim in body learning than fret

In a glaring hall where many do sweat

Facing the battle and flying in jets

Of success to beat cheating bets

(This is dedicated to all high schoolers sitting for their examinations. Blessings.)



As night hurries in packing darkness

To bolt seeing as day tosses to turn in minutes

What thoughts are wearing heels

Disturbing your head chambers?


As day prepares to take off its blanket

And sun’s door is being opened by the moon

What  fears are taking over the strength of your legs

Forcing you to still give weight to your poor bed?


None is without weight of thoughts

None is without noisy heels in head

None is like a happy stream undisturbed

So grab your strength coat and catch your day boat

Putting on a cologne of can do spirit

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



If I were your woman

I would borrow the brightness of the sun

To throw more light on you

And plead for heavenly lenses

To zoom all your righteousness



If I were your woman

Your meals would be indigenously prepared

Mostly by my hands and ours

And served hot

After my tongues of fire lick your burning flames dry



If I were your woman

I would never forget Saturday night powder

I would make it the smell of expectation

And always package your toffees right

Like selleable mortal gate which flames desires



If I were your woman

As darkness stretches to wake

I would bath with passion’s lusty fountain waters

Wearing seduction’s power secrets

To dance to your satisfaction’s pole



If I were your woman

Cuddling would mostly be my fort

As I prepare these petit shoulders into a queen size bed

To lullaby you to sleep in heavenly dreams

For your soul to bathe in peaceful streams



If I were your woman

Your boys boys will always have their place

Because it would give me time to write my thoughtly say

And give you the life of catching up

So your perspective of association will not be monotonous



If I were your woman

All your grumblings will be songs to my ears

Your rap would be my tap

Your sports my cheerleading spot

As your lot would be my lot



If I were your woman

I would earn your respect by working for us

Making you love your few flirtings with kitchen tools

As I grant you quickies to reward your efforts

Sometimes on kitchen cabinets to be spontaneous



If I were your woman

Friction would be erased with good diction

Followed by loving tendering

Like new coupling swans

In a very beautiful stream



If I were your woman

If only I were your woman and you were my man

Threats of separation would only be in death’s mouth

For I would be yours and yours completely

As your eyes would be my earthly mirrors

If mine would be yours too for the left baths the right and vice versa

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015

(This post was inspired by a fellow blogger called Mz Akweley)



After the ticktocking into days of seven

Bodies so comfy in sinful clothes think of heaven

And wear clothes of purity which is a burden

To crying God’s houses whose mouths are deaden


As if white masks are cold and heavy

They act like sheep when their wools are wavy

And after the heavens’ meeting, like a gnashing guy done pleasing a lady

They come back tearing those clothes, so shaddy


If eyes of the sky is up in high

And the all seeing story is not a lie

Then the heavenly tongues always shout fie!

You know you’ll never taste a heavenly pie


So tigers in domestic wools

Get your fake heavenly cools

As you lie like ducks in your dirty pools

A day will show you mirrors which will show your fools

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



During the SADA rebranding, SADA Business and Investment Forum (SABIF) was born. Stakeholders and representatives from all regions converged at the Tamale Sports Stadium from the March 24 to March 28, 2015. The first day saw many youth mentors together to mentor many youths who came in their numbers. Many of the mentors came from the Barcamp Organisers in Tamale. Issues discussed were from education to challenges of the youth to opportunities for exploration in the Savannah among others.

Hon. Koh, a global development expert from Singapore, addressing the audience on the March 25, 2015 said, Singapore will buy anything Ghanaians have to sell provided it is of good quality, because they cannot afford to grow or make many things in Singapore, making them even import sand and will be glad to import from Ghana. He also mentioned that heavy duty cars tear up roads no matter how well constructed. He called on SADA to construct rails to help the goods get on the market cheaply. He also said skills need to be trained in order to help the system. Mr. Koh emphasized that SADA needs to identify their market before they start working. He added that there should be a look at integration; so the government should send some experts to places to study fishes which can adapt to the Ghanaian weather. He added that from grains, one can produce animal feeds, milk, powder etc. so Ghanaians should explore.

The Deputy Upper East Regional Minister said his area is the best place in the savannah because they have a lot of untapped resources. Even those who say they are broke have rocks and are in zones where shea nut picking abounds. He said the SADA project failed at first because young people were pushed there and getting money, driving huge cars and attending conferences were their main motives. He said they could revive the Burkina Tomato Factory but for the challenges they face. He also mentioned that they only have only one motorable road which is from Tamale to Paga. He mentioned that the bad roads affect business because all the cattle, onions, groundnuts etc. come from the Bawku road but it is so bad that it impedes on the growth of businesses. There is no free zone enclave so no one would bother to come and do business there because it would be more costly and there are no incentives but there are lots of tourists’ attractions

The representative of the Upper West Region said the Upper West Region was the last region created in 1983 and has a population of 700,000 people with 70% engaging in agriculture. Nine out of ten people in the upper west region, he noted,  are poor. It also has health and educational challenges. They engage in millet, maize, sorghum etc. production, irrigation is their main problem because only four months out of the whole year give them rains. The representative also stated that, the Upper West Region has an advantage in international trade because they share a border with Burkina Faso. He also reiterated the fact that they need good roads because they are the least in terms of tarred roads in the country. He also said that there is the potential of producing a lot of cotton but there are challenges that need to be addressed. He mentioned the challenges of education and health; there are no doctors present so he appealed for help. He mentioned the need to promote environmental protection because most people are burning charcoal by cutting trees. He also added that there are many tourists attractions that need to be worked on to attract the tourists.

The representative of the Volta region said they have three take off points where paragliding is concerned whereas the Eastern region has only one but nothing is being done to generate income. She said that the Voltarians are vulnerable because the lands are fertile but water is a problem because the pipe borne projects have been abandoned. She also mentioned that Krachi is surrounded by water and so they should be able to have irrigation but because of poverty, they cannot do this adding Krachi is a fishing zone so they can also help in aqua culture. She mentioned that the new SADA is asking regions to tell them what needs to be done, this involvement she thanked the new SADA for. She appealed to SADA to get to the Volta Region to establish a stone quarry adding they are hardworking but they lack the basic resources.

Justice Agyei, representing the Brong Ahafo Region, said they are described as the food basket of the country, their lands are fertile and they produce about 30% of the foods in the country. He explained that they produce yam, cocoyam, cocoa etc. They have a lot of tourists sites, the only challenge is that they have not been able to develop them. The people, he noted,  are very poor and they have not been able to raise resources to finance those projects. He stressed that many regions are able to produce a lot of cashew nuts but the people cannot afford to process them because of finances. He said he believes they can produced more than the 30% if they are given the needed boost. He appealed to investors to come in and help with instrumentations and help to process what need to be processed. He also mentioned the challenge of roads and that many are not able to transport their yams, cassava, etc. If they are able to beat the challenge of getting the machinery of processing etc., they can move forward in the right direction.


The northern regional minister said the northern region is the largest region in the country with 70 kilometres of the landmarks of this country. He mentioned that the congregants should have moved round to see the things for themselves instead of meeting to talk about them. He stated that his portion is to facilitate whatever it is anyone wants to do in the Savannah. He stressed on internal tourism and said many people in Ghana have not set foot in the Mole National Park. He added that the role of the engineer is very important and so are looking for engineers who would come in and help in building good and affordable houses to support the housing scheme here and it would cost 20, 000 cedis to put up a two bedroom apartment. Institute of engineers should whip up the engineering zone to help recruit many engineers to help grow the regions. He went on to state that some farmers do not have monies to buy tractors but others even have the monies and can’t get the tractors to buy. He appealed to Ghanaians to not let the white man’s view that if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book, be the case.

The Deputy minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Honourable Abla Dzifa Gomashie corrected that the ministry is not only about tourism but also about creative arts and culture  . She said that shea butter on the market lacks the ingredients to improve upon it and the packaging is not the best. She said that every opportunity we get is an opportunity to sell what we have. She mentioned that even the music of the north was not incorporated into the programme and that is bad in its own right. She said the ministry under the leadership of Elizabeth Ofosu Agyare is ready to support in any way possible, perhaps not in monetary terms because government has been decentralized but in any other way possible.

Deputy Minister for Science, Environment, Science and Innovation, Honourable Bernice Adiku Heloo, was disappointed in the fact that the ways the baskets were woven twenty years ago have not seen any improved changes. She stressed that there is the need for us to innovate to attract investors emphasizing if we destroy the environment, we cannot get it back so we should make sure that the lands used are sustainable. She ended her speech by saying “Preserve the environment”.

Mr. Saani, a lecturer at UDS said that it saddens him that 60years down the line of independence, Ghanaians still need foreigners in order to develop. When the Koreans wanted to build trains, they sent their delegates to other countries to learn and when they came back, they built 36 trains, he said sadly. He noted that the basis of our development is to rely on technology, advising Ghanaians shouldn’t be looking at economic development in isolation. He suspected that the scientific community could be challenged to produce sustainable energy but we still have problems with energy. There was an exhibition of assorted products to crown the occasion.


Authorial note: Some entrepreneurs got sponsorship from the investors who were there at the end of the day. The decoration was simple beside the fact that too much food that even the stakeholders could not consume went waste leaving one wondering why rebrandings should come at high cost, all the drink ups and cocktails in evenings at fanciful places with kelewele and other chewables were unnecessary. If things continue the way they have started, maybe, just maybe, the birds who consumed our feed in huge monies and flew to Burkina Faso, might reconsider to come back and roost on Ghanaian trees until they produce our moneys with interest.




She left her smiling alter

Knowing not she was going in for a slaughter

Oh why is she being pounded in a mortar?

Somebody’s precious daughter!


I hear she had the greatest court

Knowing not those days were for her to be bought

Now she sits in thorns smiling but hot

Can’t say what problems lie in her cot


She was revered for the pampering

Loved particularly the attentive tenderings

Spoke of all great the great embracings

And how her heart’s wheels were always racing


She got all her needs

And needed not any feeds

All that was great were his deeds

And all her instructions she said he heeds


After the alter, she fed his cot

He told her his “winning her heart deeds” all left his pot

He said the pot had no hope in dot

And that they must live in each one’s lot


Pampering turned to shouting

Buying turned to complaining

Listening turned to nagging

His pleasantness turned to hurting


Oh a precious daughter!

Why are you in a pounding mortar

Hurting and earning many a suffer?

Living like a starved-in-ove pauper

It isn’t proper, oh somebody’s daughter!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


Stretching and stretching

But neck is no ladder

Failure branding eyes failures in halls

Halls where hands are itchy to write

But heads have nothing but shame of naught


Sweats are rains falling in pants

Breaths cannot take the horror of pants

Time is modelling so thoughts scream “please take of its heels”

A cane in walking up and down the shame

Oh Charley see o, this is so lame


Pen heads are crying of the chewings alive

Paper pots are crying of the trashes within

Urinatings are coming but a block at urinals

Who will trade an information for all

To save the hearts which hate all falls?


Like giraffes without neck space

Many necks pace

Like caged tigers

Many mouths rant

If only preparations could give second chances!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


As monkeys dress in suits

And pigs dress in cloths

And monkeys eat with cutlery

As pigs feed with fingers

All mouths shut

As tummies receive

Forgetting all standing beefs



Talks of climbing and sky defecation

Talks of dirt and defecation feeding

Talks of the best as compared to the rest

All rest, well, well, well, tummies rule

Brains sleep

Hands work as mouths are senders

Basking in taste

For the machination of stomach

Who sieves, distributes and shed

Funny, the human race

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


Music And Me.


I decided to take a break from my laptop to see what my proud country’s  television stations had for me.

I tuned in to METRO TV to catch a glimpse of the great match between our own Accra lads,Olympics, which now has ‘Olele’ (our forgotten goalkeeper) in goal post against the herdsmen from the North who are striving for a place in the league. It was an eyesore.

I’ve glued myself to foreign soccer that just watching them play I remembered those days when I used to play football behind that old woman’s house who used to chase after my friends and I. They played the same way just like us, no professionalism. I wondered if it was really future National team players who were at play.

Getting frustrated, I tuned to Adom TV to watch a local movie which will take the pains and sorrows away. After all, rumor has it that our local movies keep the dead alive through laughter. But to my surprise,after  ten minutes of watching, my sorrows got to another higher level. Everything about the movie was disgusting.

TvAfrica had this preacher on and I am not a fan of media preaching so I skipped. Tv3, my favourite station had the  repeat of the audition of Ghana’s Strongest which took place in Tamale. I wasn’t interested so i skipped for my muscles cant even lift a half filled gallon of water.

Gtv,the station of the nation had one of it’s irregular programs on display.

For the three Crystals, their programmes are always predictable even without the programme lineups, local movies on one, preaching, more like for money on another, and talk shows on the other.

KTV and TopTv which I don’t get clearly got me angrier and wondered what is happening in my country.

UTV the station of the people, the station almost everyone likes didn’t have anything better to offer. Just another documentary which wasn’t interesting one bit.

Indeed,frustration built inside gradually. I thought my country could be my line sort of happiness but i was wrong. It worsened the woes and I don’t think I’ll forget it.

Just then I remembered I had a phone with a whole different genre of music. I took that option and to my uttermost surprise music was doing me good.

I had betrayed the friend which had been with me all these years. I also remembered for sometime now,”music has been my only escape from all the bullshit in life.” What a bad friend I had been.

Aside everything, music helped me to be where I am now. The bond between music and me is stronger than the covalent bond. If you feel neglected and all is lost I’ll be up counting my demons,I’ll be singing out loud to keep myself alive.
Music has been my only friend through my rise and fall. Music, I thank you for being there for me.

Gerald Adjei  ©2015

I Don’t Love You


The look on your face
That anxious look
Waiting for me to tell you
Those creepy words

I have no words for you
I’m as dead as a firewood.
I see nothing beyond
What we have built all these years.

I know you want
Those words from my mouth.
What do you want to hear?
And lemme tell you.

That I love you?
I’ll place you before all other things?
Well, I don’t love you.
I can’t force myself to lie.

Stop waiting for me
I’ve got plans for myself.
I don’t love you!
Depart from me.

Gerald Adjei ©2015

I May Be Gone

I wore no clothes
But came to be worn by air
Every visiting day asked me to shed
And wear thoughts of the older
And these thoughts keep getting colder
Mamaa! I only need a smooth sail
Why must I wear a whipping tail?
Papaa! Like one you knew existed,
Couldn’t you have kept me in your waist wallet
And helped me shine like a starlet
While being my blanket?
I am now a socket
Although sometimes I turn plug
And other times I turn power
This whining conscience cracks its house
And I’m mostly left like a scared little mouse
Why does the canoe mostly survive while arms drown?
Isn’t arms the carver of canoes?
Plunging plagues pun prying brains
Answers may dance as my spirit hovers over my expired bottle
Sad, I might be gone
    Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

Photo Credit: Gerald Adjei ©2015


easter defaulters


We are all there

Arrival of spirits before bodies

Hark! Glory to the dead

Umbrellaring our sins


Even in sadness is happiness

Although He died

Servants must drink

Thankfuls must sin

Empresses must dance

Revolting the favour


Core of celebrations are pushed in ovens

Over happy thoughts rushed to the fore

Ringing breasts call for many rounds

Eateries of folly, the body of salvation


Raising of hands for sniffing and buying

Entertaining undies as they skimpily clad

Armouring covery organs in teasy kills

Serve and be served, the bacchanalian orgy

Onward in centuries after precious blood washed all

None can remember that one took the fall


Fie on the jumpers

Ooh you adulterers

Run you defilers of decorum

Get some reasoning

Overlook the happiness

Tear your hearts from the tattered reign of sins

Totally submit to what you’re celebrating

Empires await in the narrow or broad

Never think worldly celebrators made this celebration

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


Candid Candy curbs and corrects

Caring, cleaning, cozying to contest

Like a combatant cruising in quest

Candy came from charity’s crest



Candy is a caring goddess un-bored

Giving and hoarding good to be stored

Candy blows storms poo poo poo Lord

Until freeze-ice is thoroughly thawed



When Candy lies in the arms of sick

Burning in fever in weakness’ wick

She becomes the hateful dead hen’s chick

Pity and blame tongues do hurtfully lick



Candy cries calling comfort

Comfort comes and canes sick’s fort

She wakes and thanks God for her lot

And continues her care without a vengeful dot

Light can never hide until it completely dies

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015

I’m not in Love

I read love stories
I sing love songs
I talk about love
But I’m not in love.

We’ve been friends for long
I know you want more than that
You have shown me to your parents
But I’m still not in love.

Everyone thinks we are a perfect match
They all say we should get married
And you know very well
That I’m not in love.

You’ve been there for me
You’ve been my earthly Jesus
I call to you every time and you respond
But I’m still not in love
And I hope you’ll understand.

Gerald Adjei

The Will.

I smell the spices on my body
I see darkness all around
I see myself in an enclosed place
That I cant turn my body here and there.

I see myself in front of two transparent doors
And all I can see is
Joy from one door
And wailings from the other

My child,
Come around.
I’ve to give you what I earned on earth
Just listen attentively.

You know this wooden structure
We live in is not mine
All I saved for you was the iPad
I spent all my life savings on.
I hope you do something better.

Gerald Adjei


Broken bones bow to breathe

Burning in bothers but built in braveness

Blessed are you who peep

Your beautiful and best selves I thank in leaps

Have the same love and meet another

Who will keep your thoughts

While these bones fix fine

. Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia.


(I ask for permission to rest for a while following the launch of my book. I will be back soon but to keep you entertained in my absence, Gerald will help by giving you his thoughts on this platform. So please welcome Gerald and his thoughts as you did welcome me. Again thank you for your visits on amoafowaa. Blessings.)


In all sparks like sharks

Emotions calling in harks

I think to myself what it’ll be like

To make love to God



It’s the new worldly exchange

And He moulded its organs

Money for passions

Materials for passions

Smart telecoms for passions

Mischiefs for passions

And all are left after breath flees


If I could make love to God

And He boards my ship

What would I need in exchange?

Immortality? Salvation?

Protection from the beautiful Satan?

And if I worked so hard

Could I be like Oliver Twist

To dare ask for more?

Perhaps perfection-and-smile-only earthly zone?


I’m that crazy gal

Who needs foreverness.

To trade for earthers

Can never be me

If only I could do this with my maker

And be his tiny little shaker

Then I’ll trade in shades

Am I too ambitious?

And if my thoughts do offend

I have no defence

But apologies

As I still think these thoughts

Of what it’ll be like

To make love not to prophets,

Love not to spirits,

Love not to angels,

But love to God

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Great walls of churches

Throw shadows on the unsaved

Why is sin reigning?


Great mouths of prophets

Use energies to nourish

Souls, so why the filth?


The many dirt soils

Sit on the few righteous deeds

Strainers fail to see


A small world consumed

By a bigger realm, pity,

End times cry comings

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


In all my trauma

You promise me my manna

You preach to me of Karma

And fan forgiveness’ aroma

Please listen Elohima


To you I look

Hoping to be in your book

I know a great life you took

To this hardened heart of mine cook


My heart runs high

Like a fish in the sky

My soul cries your hi

But my body cries fie

Hoping my problems say bye


I still know, to you I look

Hoping to be in your book

I know a great life you took

To this hardened heart of mine cook


It gets so hard

When I need worldlies bad

Foes hit my sad

To try to force me to faith discard

And I mostly go mad


But I still remember, to you I look

Hoping to be in your book

I know a great life you took

To this hardened heart of mine cook


To you I look

Hoping to be in your book

I know a great life you took

To this hardened heart of mine cook

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Oral or written

Empirically moral or entertaining

Through sagely or silly thoughts

Read or listened to to touch or tease

You, I or us as a world

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(Happy World Poetry day! Hope all poets found the day creative and all poetry lovers who visited were fulfilled. My way of saying I am drawing my curtains for the day from my side of the world. Thank you for visiting, I hope you come more often)



Compressed words sit in my ink

When I sow, thinkers think

As giant trees take, shake or make


Compressed words sit like great queens

Their pairings are dense, even the means

Causing all martyrs to surrender


A word to the wise,

They say live in north

The mouthy language of the gods heal or construct


A state of being needing an escape route?

What is there to fear

When poetry’s embrace lies bare?


It’s a power packed bullet

A medication packed injection

A freer of intentions

A sucker of emotions

A narrator of situations

And a bomb of corretion

This smallish framed world of telling

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


As palm-wine ferments

When time fans 

So does passion ferment to booze in time

Its booze gives madness

Each dose intensifying fierceness

So heat in a heat

Let’s dance to the  beat

Even if all we have are our feet

And a seat


When we meet

In the face of the rising night,

Even tears are rains

Fertilising our hearts

Laughter; our heaven

Belling bubbling happiness 

So let’s dance to the beat

Even if all we  have are our feet

And an un-stylish seat

At least our dance will be a feat

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Hate helms hearts like ships

Hoarding in humans horrid flips

Hurting horrendously by hitting grips

A heart for hatred; a heart like chips


Serpent seething under a carpet like foam

Sharpening  its teeth with every on-step

When its fangs are seen

By naked eyes

Hate loses its potency

When hearts knock heads

And heads knock senses

For senses to wake

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




Konkonsa served hot

Come, it is not to be bought

Bring your huge plates and fetch as you wish!


Kwame, watch the gate

Now listen!

Okay, guess what?


Let me open the news for it to cool

I hear Kwabena-Bena went for a party

Instead of greeting with his mouth

His armpit did the rude talking

Greeting noses and pinching heads

Until legs rushed out of the room for noses’ relief




And I ask, how much does lime

Sell itself?

What is the price of dressed armpit soldiers?

Why must he enter that well of shame

When bodies now talk instead of mouths?


Even common charcoal ash

Can bath his secretary well and good

That man is sure a primitive baboon

I won’t say I heard

I know this tale did happen

I was the first to flee

His clothes spoke class

While his armpit spoke trash


Aaaaba! Smeller!

Must you always be the witness?

And Gatherer, what is this?

Like a cat, you sniff it all

Rolling news like a huge ball

Playing from North to West


Leave him be and let me say

When time has travelled to this urban

Who sits for smelly greased armpit

To act as his secretary?

Say we are chirpers

But think of the toes we make to stand

See him, I know Distributor will do the whispering

And Kwabena-Bena will shut his secretary up

Won’t that be an achievement for him?

News served, now disperse!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Do not hide me

Let me, your real heart, see

Then what must be must be

I won’t mind making you a “Dee”


Please do not passions hide

Let the rules of love we abide

Then hatred will never we chide

Then Cupid will in us confide


Let no third tongue hear our scratches

Let no third eye see our lashes

It’s unlucky to have in love many bashes

As all the blessings will flea our catches


If we conquer these basics

Fireflies can hold their lights

For us to dance under the singing trees

Upon the permission of the frowning sky


What blessings we will hold

If we be bold

And all quarrels to Satan sold

As we hold tight in many folds

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Bean in a pod

Use no swords upon liberation

Rebel against no pod

They camp you for no suppression

Whether rain or shine

They clothe you to safety


Until you soften in heat

You won’t uncover this moral

But try in thinking

There’s no turning back in heat

Unless of course, you are lucky

To be buried to give more

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Who are the flowers

Wearing their thorns

Calling for fairness

Hitting and biting admirers hard?


Who are the roses

Burning opposite noses

Claiming they’re bosses

And hitting hard in doses?


Listen to a fellow say;

Every rudeness has a pay

You’re not superior in any way

You fight for fairness

Then be fair

You fight to be a pair

Act perfect pair

Your pride goes with an ego

An ego needing stroking

So for your needs to be met

You need to be a proper set


Even roses with thorns

Can never fight boots

A little trampling turns them to goods

Goods which only coffins hoard

So be on the respectful board

And attract fairness

Roses are nothing without its audience

We aim for freedom,

So do all other hearts

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(This poem is for all those women who think themselves superior to men. Be yourself, love yourself, fight for respect with hard work and good deeds but never think of disrespecting men, they too are humans, humans we deliver and so must cherish)



Nanaa! If you answer in sexy

You get gifted in richness



Nana! Don’t be rude

Nana needs new blood to help his system


Now let’s drop the play;

Many say their pairs reject them

Many say their beds are tired;

Tired of praying Hail Marys

Many say their pairs shift their love

And send them to their productions

Many are those who veil their raging libidos

With many rags of excuses

No union is perfect

We climb, descend

We fall and rise

We bait and hate

We talk, embrace


Why must exuberant waists

Cry foul and create scenes

In order to go hammering new shoots in need?


Why must shameful beings

Be given voices to clear their throats

And shame broken spirits


Blooming flowers

Overthrowing the wilts

Know your time is on slime

And a sour lime awaits your dead prime

Time takes no sides

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Nose of Prekese

Saying dawadawa beings

Smell foul is horror


Huge bowls of Etiw

Claiming bowls of Akple are

Unworthy, is laughable


What happened to fruits?

What happened to same corn foods

What happened to groups?


Let us not pretend

We’re under huge umbrellas

And so we are one

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Do we need ancestral heads to understand

The lyrics in this patriotic song of ours?

“Yɛn ara asaase ni

ɛyɛ abuↄ dendene ma yɛn

Mogya na nananom hwiee gu nya de too hↄ ma yɛn

Aduru me ne wo nso so

Sɛ yɛbɛ yɛ bi atua so

If blood, precious, were poured to attain this for us

And our time is now  to show but no show

And we put on clothes of selfishness

Clothes of “over knowings”

Clothes of corruption,

Then what do we do with the weeping red blood

From the hot old graves?

What do we do with the hovering short lived

Spirits without bodies to live?

Have we lost shame and consciences for guilt?

How many of us do not shout

When kitchen knives help us

See three drops of our blood?


“⊃man bɛyɛ yie a

Na efiri me ne wo

⊃man bɛyɛ yie a

Na efiri yɛn ara”

I, like a patriotic nightingale, sing

But the moral in the song whips me mercilessly

How can I help?

How can you help?

How can we help?

Since a carpenter cannot build words

And a driver cannot drive nations

I guess we need us and us in what we do

And we need capitalized discipline to drive our cause

As servants serve selflessly,

Let the bosses boss wisely

To help the lyrics in this song close their mouths

Gulp some cool water and rest in satisfaction

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


(Today is World Poetry Day. Let me start my day with a walk with my president. I love and respect the headship because he represents Ghana, my motherland. When things go wrong, writers have the pens. And this is how I choose to use mine today)

Nothing is by mistake

I would’ve said by mistake,

You were chosen to follow,

Then by death’s mistake,

You were chosen, after being pursued, to lead

A young shoot leading a mountain

A star leading suns and moons

A small star ruling the sky

Interesting and all eyes were keen in watching

Many thought your small light

Will make it easier for you to zoom in on the sky

And I can’t say you have not tried!

But then you took on corruptive fireflies

Fireflies hungry to feed

And many see you as one yourself

As for me, I have no voice in the matter

Whether you gathered and others stole

Or gathered and stole with them,

I am no witch to know, so I won’t judge

But all blame heads if legs and hands rebel

Stars can’t shine brighter than the moon

Or sun, that I understand,

But must that be taken literal?

If promises developed long running legs

From your abled-mouth,

Must “dum” accompany your eyes to see?

Upon our walk, we stumbled on a SADA stealing

Upon our walk, we stumbled on a GYEEDA stealing

Upon our walk, many mouths have been shut by failure;

With dum, how many enterprises can stand on weak kwashiorkor legs?

That rumours walk in whispers

Of your familiar richness

Is one of the scary hushnesses

A walk with you has seen many striking deaf and dumps

If even they heard or saw enough to strike

Then which good annals will have your name in ink?

That will be bad business!

But even you claim you are dead and a goat!

Show some respect Amoafowaa!

No one voted for a dead goat

Could it be we struggled for a goat

And killed it before a great occasion?

If this walk will yield any results

It will start from you and end with you

How about getting more passionate Gomashies

How about nailing all the helpless Woyos?

How about cleaning the filth in your cabinet?

This neatness is not literal

Let it start from above

And we below will follow your sync

Ghana is greater than all our hurdles

But a floating ship, no matter how strong,

Will sink on any river or sea

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Ah urban!

What have you done?

Now many people own cars

And everybody needs a car

See how pregnant the roads are

See how tired the traffic lights look

Cars rebel and cast choked spell

As legs cramp up under small seats

We are now like clipped birds

Flying on kites

A deflated tyre and we are stuck

Nature unwants

Artificial wants!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



When you buy a cub

Be sure to know

It has no trait

Of a lion


When you hoard some eggs

Be sure to know

It houses no python

With thought thorns


Pained is he who homes

A thing which turns

To hunt himself

So just monitor

Before you turn litter

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015