Full yearning for this can

Possess all who run

Caring not about the rain or sun

Being each for the air, a fan


The running run into the running

And I stand my ground

Moving not, the competition blessing me with laughter

And shushing the sound of pain


Indifferent audience watch

Some shrugging

Some appalled that none can touch

Some themselves hugging


I guess all is for the beauty

Of this can

Thinking not of its weight

Neither the possibility of its emptiness


It must be held to be felt

If heavy, I might be dropped

If empty, I’ll be abandoned

So what is the essence of this struggle?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




He wrapped his feelings

Under the clothes of marriage

But it has now outgrown the clothes

And is rebelling

Tearing them apiece


Now he crawls to the one

Who feels squishy about his plight

Yet would never want him back

Sometimes acting pompous

Sometimes acting queer

But all in one feeling miserable


If we knew our future

Certain animals would be our friends

Instead of the slaves who take our beatings

And our insults

And our disdain

Not to talk of complaints

He can only look back now

In regret

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





I see the heart talking

Knowing not where it is going

Wanting to touch but shrieking

Wanting to be seen but hiding


I see the soul weeping

Feeling the heat of wronging

Feeling the sorrow of dejecting

Nursing the feeling of hurting


I hear the humming of the poor

Who goes through many a door

But is shown through an empty door

And looks in shame at the floor


I see you

No matter why you’re hurting


I hear you

It doesn’t matter if you’re far


I feel you

You are in pain but it’ll turn to gain

If you stand tall and win over the fall

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




She creeps to the shelter of the law

From the pain at the shore

Of fishermen who bore

They promised justice and she waited

Only for her fisherman to come in his glory

Painting a sight of her trait so gory

And get the law mellowing under his charms

So creeping in

And creeping out

Of the shelter of the law

She hangs in the middle

Knowing not the going

And the coming

Until a bird sang a song

A song forbidding her to hang in its world

It said:

“You have no feathers

And cannot stand these weathers

Yours is the beauty of struggles

As you wear their hard made shackles

So be there and don’t act queer

Stand in and all those bear

Know ye not it is the world

Of the man

In your side of the world?”

She cried and laughed in tears

Cringed and crawled back to the shore

Embittered but kept nursing the many fishes

Who were itching to come

To either bully or suffer

If only they knew…

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


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It would be a cliché if I say love embodies jealousy and that the nature of provocation determines its severity but I’ll say it anyway. The woman is different from the man physically but emotionally. I know we have most of the same features including jealousy. A man can drown himself in sorrow when he feels his woman is cheating on him, kill himself or harm the woman all because of jealousy. In severe cases, a man can kill his fellow man when he is seen with a woman he considers his own. This is jealousy. Many domestic abuse cases involving women stem from this. This is the same feeling women habour, the anger, the urge to harm or die from the surface of the earth, the urge to turn into a drunk are also signs of jealousy.  Sometimes, I think men do not understand this logic hence their torturing women. If you think about life very well, you realise that the story of evolution has it that one man was equal to one woman, Adam to Hawa or Eve. That we have gotton to a place where men are greedy for more women to satisfy themselves, I know, is the doing of man and not God.

Muslims have their Holy book which concurs their marrying more than one wife. Mostly, I think that quotation of the Quran is misunderstood. This is because; no one person can love two people equally. We give birth to offsprings, we have siblings, yet we have our favourites. In the realm of Christianity, Jesus Christ was the most loved, Prophet Mohammed (Peace be unto his name) led because Allah favoured him, of course there were many men living on earth during his time. This shows that even God cannot love all of us equally. So for the Holy Book to say you have the right to marry up to four PROVIDED YOU CAN CARE FOR THEM EQUALLY, my mind tells me; it means, never try the impossible because even God cannot love all equally.

But Muslims have taken this quotation at its surface meaning and are abusing it. People who can hardly feed themselves marry more than one in their bid to show their manly powers. Now greed has set in. Many men want women who are self-sufficient to make their lives easier but the Book said YOU should take care of them not the other way round.

Traditionalists are polygamous. I like them for one thing, they have no clause attached to their greed for women. Provided you want to, you can marry as many women as you wish but you may pacify your wife if you see the need to do so. Again I say, women and pain! They must always be made to experience what men themselves can’t stand; jealousy and in some cases, are forbidden from showing it.

If you read this, know that women are also human beings with the same feelings as men. Recently, I have come into contact with two Muslim women who are crying their hearts out because their men are going to marry other women. Who says the pain is less because the Quran which they believe in says so?

Men, when you look at another woman apart from your wife, be the spectator in your mind’s eye and see your wife looking at another man with the same intent you have, feel the rage, the heat, the intent to kill, and know that that is just how much she would feel with every step you take. Women are not mere wood, they have as much feelings as men and suffer more than men do. That bit about women being more than men on earth hence the need to marry more is unjustified, it is just greed talking because many men tend to love one women, and if polygamy is active, polygyny is also something that can also be made active if ever there should be another Beijing Conference. Please stop making women shed tears of blood and do unto others as you would want others to do to you, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


On Saturday, 20th September 2014, Portia Dery organised a programme to inculcate reading and writing into the youngsters of today. The programme was dubbed “A Fun Day for Reading and Writing”. It took place at the Northern Regional Library in the Tamale Metropolis and was well patronized.  In Africa, many know the safest place to keep a treasure is in a book because people do not like to read. This is what Portia Dery seeks to curb. A very noble gesture by the young writer and blogger. By 8am, there were already a good number of kids at the library gate although the event was to start at 9 am. The event started exactly at 9 am with 10 kids paired at a table with a mentor. The children were in good hands because; mentors for the day were experienced and passionate writers, bloggers, development workers, teachers, an officer from United Nations, a journalist and ICT specialists among others. Mentors spent an hour and half reading with or to the kids, interacting with them.  Mentors for that day were Mash Cudjoe, Cecilia Sefa Amofowaa, Fatima Mohamed, Yakubu Suweiba, Yaro Ruka, Bruce kwesi, Angelica Gyogluu, Maccarthy Lomotey, Wunpini (from Camfed), Eryram Dzitrie, Nashiru Mohammed Muntasir, Mohamed Jaward Mohamed, Zabsonre Issah. Here are some of the moments in pictures:















Afterwards, there was a lunch break and kids were treated to sobolo and biscuits. Next the kids were introduced to a game of cards (here when a word is mentioned, kids are supposed to spell it by arranging the word on a table) where each table of kids with their mentor had to compete against each other. next was “reading with a swag” each mentor was given a reading tablet (kindle) to read with the kids, kids were excited to just touch the tablets, they had fun scrolling pages and reading out loud, each child had the opportunity to use the tablet. Finally the event came to an end with presentation of reading books to the children.











According to the organiser, Portia Dery, (pictured above) “A  fun day of reading and writing was organized with the sole aim of luring children to read and write. Therefore my team and I wanted to make the event as informal as possible so as to give children a very enabling environment to enjoy the day’s activities”.


Sponsors and partners included; Camfed Ghana – donated English,social and mathematics books, Jet designz lab- provided ICT services, Ghana regional library provided space, Leonard BEVERAGES- supported with sobolo, Indigene Films.
In an interview with Portia, she said “We want every child in African to fall in love with reading, to write with passion the beauty of Africa. In the next five years we see AYWO turning 2 million children across Africa through our incubator grooming program dubbed “the fun reading and writing incubator,” to be literate, to read for leisure and pleasure. By this we would not only be inculcating the habit of reading we would be empowering young people. By far in the next 10-12 years AYWO would have help create a strong reading market where African writers would be glad to market their books too and AYWO would have groomed a strong positive crop of young African writers”.
With such vision, nothing can go wrong. Each child at the event walked home with a book! The day ended with a session of photo taking amidst giggling.
 In all, it was a successful event. Congratulations Portia Dery for following through your good vision.



The tree stands in glamour

Attracting birds

Attracting bees

Attracting monkeys

Attracting snakes

Attracting eyes

And singing hymns


None cares

About the fallen leaves

Which was high above

And has served its time

They step on them, hailing the new

And ignoring their pain

Although their work is not done


Like an unwanted

They live at the mercy of legs

The winds

And the rains

While they rot

On their way home

Home to fertilisation and blessings for the tree


It might not be fair

It might not be good

But that must be known to be crude

I send strength for the fallen

Strength for the fallen leaves

You are the most important part

Of the tree, keep strengthening the land

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Reminisces of the pieces pieced

Reminisces of the pieces smiling

Reminisces of the pieces holding

Reminisces of the pieces leaving their hands

Reminisces of the pieces falling

Reminisces of the pieces shattering

Reminisces of destruction

What was the most beautiful?

Reminisces here, reminisces there

Reminisces like a series of movies

Reminisces, reminisces

Reminisces everywhere into mental depletion

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


His fitting nomenclature for her was Bitch

She felt his pocket

It was to her satisfaction so she accepted

Knowing too well she’ll end in a ditch

Embarrassing garnish on cakes of parties

Was her

All night usage after possession of medicinal potency

And she was the target of unbothered sorries

In minutes of contact

All her friends were made her rivals

He prided in parading his conquests

But she remained the bitch to receive the hurting contact

Anger in contracts

And she was made the punching bag

To release tension and anger

His horrible thoughts were facts

Her womb was his private water closet

He defecated things with hearts in her

And flushed them at will without a second glance

And never thought of any planning set

In short, she was it

His it and she persisted

Until the it couldn’t fit

Into the bin of her seat in the kit

The life was sucked out of her

After a night of high possession of aggression

The master of the bitch saw not

As he forcefully took her precious her

There are signals

There are always signals

Know the signals

And stay on the safest track

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


A hot red dress

Elegant red shoes

With red lipstick

Let it incite good passion

And not brutality

A white clothe

Beautiful white shoes

With white handkerchief

Let it be for the victory of love

Not for the victory of war

Wear a face like a good signboard

Giving all information needed

Then our last encounter will be sealed with smiles

We are sure to smile at our thoughts

Even if we reach our destinations

When our thoughts are cleared of guilt and disdain

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


Your presence

Is of essence

You friend and foe

You can come

And go

Your friend and foe

I know you bless

Whip and caress

You friend and foe

You uplift

And drive success

You friend and foe

So I await

Your daily lessons

You friend and foe

Friends come

Friends go

But I’ll forever cherish your presence

Friend and foe

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


Maa Abena walks in disappointment

After seeing her world of indifference

“The earth is for Mr. Government

Litter it!

The money is for MR. Government

Embezzle it!

This chit is for Mr. Government

Steal it!”

She thinks not and feels not

Until she hears the chorus of the young

“…And make our ration hate and shong

Gold to efend for eeeerver

The force of freedom and of liiiiiight

Feel our rats with struu iiimi, istruuu

Make us cheerless, careless, hooooonesty

And rake us to iiisit olessters boo

With all our stretch and light forever mooooore

And rake us to iiisit olessters boo

With all our stretch and light forever mooooore”

What is this sound?

Maa Abena asks self

The sound of forceful teachings?

The sound of children chanting?

And what were those words?

Words without understanding?

Words coined for fun?

Words like water which has lost its way?

Maa Abena heaves a sigh of grave confusion

This is her Ghana to detest and love

Nothing can go right

Not even the words of the land

And nothing can go wrong

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


Sweet kisses

His heart sadly misses

He has gone with her to blisses

Shunning fears of crying disses

And ignoring snorts of many hisses

And oh, he went round sharing uncountable pisses

Least suspecting she had a talon in her fur

A talon which was itching to hunt him for her

So smooth were her touches

He loved her indulging him in love batches

For her, he played his enemies in perilous matches

She was simply her duchess

He saw no glitches

Her flaws in its extremes caused no hitches

To him, they were perfection guaranteed in riches

He never thought she had a talon in her fur

Her talon rose like an unsuspecting thief

Who has risen to the ranks of a chief

Trying to cause mischief

And make it an innocent one’s beef

And at best plead the fifth

As innocence gets the stamp of the triple sixth

His stars were awake

And baked them for his sake

But he misses

Her kisses

And misses

Her touches

And even misses

Her hisses

Yes, one captured by cupid

Would die for the worst, smile and even thank him or her for it

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


We sang a chorus

A chorus which was porous

A chorus which was not amorous

And none found monotonous

Was a chorus of a chorus

But our Wall of Jericho fell not

Some after yearning for saliva

Fought for a revival

But some said the chorus only worked

In the town of the Bible

So our unrealistic blind copying

Was a waste of time

So what do we do now?

Many watch as others touch

Tails of foxes who devour them instantly

Many barbarically gauge eyes of the innocent

And hide them in the court of law

While carefully leading them to confinement

Their groping in the stand gives back their eyes

But too bad, it ends bounded by darkness

Some fall as some rise with blood as their golden stairs

Some wail in hunger as some enjoy in wealth

The chorus are long forgotten

Now what reigns is the unfair spirit

Which possesses for a fee

Leading those with no fees grounded

Into the earth.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


If only we had many eyes

To look into the mirrors of all beings

We’ll see the flaws in our own

And be infatuated by many

While sympathising with others

And smacking others out of their reveries

If only we could live in the sky of one another

With penetrable eyes through everything,

We’d be happy,



And perhaps contented with ours

What is unknown is mostly wrapped

Like a perfect gift

Or a disgusting time bomb

We are toys

With many blocked thoughts

We live saddened by the unknown

Until we’re overtaken by its wings

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


It is a fair day

Darkness frowns but bows

As light walks in

She gives an infectious smile

The sick heals

The troubled feels relieved

The hungry feels satisfied

The angered feels calm

Her teeth has charm

The curve of her mouth spells hope

Be massaged by her presence

Life conquereth it all,

No matter how poignant

So be affected by the light

And live anticipating the light in contentment

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


Who said life is a race?

Let him this being face

Who said I must run

Like a ram? Let him face the hot sun

Who said the walker does not sweat?

Let him walk for long and fret

Only death can conquer life

Only life can conquer death

Death like a ruthless soldier takes

Life like a fertile determined mother replaces

A thought for your journey

Choose your pace

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


On this vast sea

We travel to see

Each in our time

Dancing to our own rhyme

Like flocks of sheep

Who the unknown keep

We sail

Some fall in, some wail

Some stand tall

Some stall

But none lasts to see

The end of this sea

I am glad at my pace

In this race

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


We wore the clothes

Of the skin

And came as kins

Of the grown

If that is nothing

Then I know not what is!

We took upon the mantle

Of growth

Murdering plants

Killing trees

Seizing air and hardening bones

If that is nothing then I know not what is!

Achievements of replacement

Of furniture in the rooms of our eatery

Achievements of wearing nature

On the rooms of our successors

Achievements of adding heights

To our natural houses, these are things

So we come with something little

And go with something huge

At least each day we achieve

Even if it’s to reward plants

And in-earth eaters,

At least we come with something and leave mostly full.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014



Shivers travel fast in my streams

Quivers hold fast my joints

One leg forced into a hole of fright

The other stands here shivering with hope

Perhaps there will be a leap in miracle

Or there’ll be an end to a suffering

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

Thanks to those who read my posts. If ever loneliness ruled my world, you’re the ones who defeated him, if ever self doubts sat with me, you’re the ones who made me strong, I write as I do because you come here. Thank you again. Due to some problems with my health, I’ll be away for a week or two. I hope you find other posts to read here while I’m away. I’ll particularly miss reading on other blogs but I’ll catch up God willing when I get the strength. I’ll leave by saying:

Stress is there to be de-stressed

Hate is there to be conquered by love

Sorrow is there to be conquered by happiness

War is to be conquered by peace

Pain is transient

Even the mythical death

Shall be dead to us when we die


Blessings and love.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



The rude visitations of the rains

Touch my sanes

What becomes of

Those with unsheltered homes?


What happens to

Those with no mother’s arms?


Who tends to

Those with no towels of comfort,


Who feeds

Those who live from hand to mouth?


I weep watching their plight in my mind

Cooped in corners,

Hugging own legs,

Rain gutting the land on their skins as they shiver

With hunger gunning their stomachs


Do the eyes of the street see them?

Do the ears of the world hear them?

Can the mouth of the earth speak for them?

The nose of the slums sniff them, that I know

And knowing is like a thousand knives

Piercing my mind

Because I was part of their kingdom

Before the hands of years stretched

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





As the many land

With golden spoons

And the many land

With silver spoons

With others landing

With a bronze spoon

How can you sit there watching

While I land with no spoon?


As the many reject

The many clothes in boos

And the many reject

The many shoes

With the many loving

Their precious shoes

How can I be left with nothing

While I came with them in the same cues?


If the land is left with nothing

At least the ant wipes its hands

To pacify the lands

Why do I have nothing

For the one who did my carrying

As she watches my empty hands

As they came to the lands

Remain same as she leaves for eternal touring?


Scrub and I scrub

Clean and I clean

Dig and I dig

Like a pig and its dirt

I live in work

Why am I left with nothing?


God I ask you why?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014








Goose pimples





Fast heartbeats



Time pauses

Everything beautiful


A boarder, then








I realised too late

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014



These winds

Of horror,

Marry none


Marry no thoughts of:






















And sicknesses



Just marry  thoughts

Which will make you you.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014









On this shore

I sit

My tears being

The water source

Reminiscing the pace

Of my steps from the womb


On this shore

I stop

At the time

You crossed my path

And try to meander

Past your gaze to no avail


On this shore

I fight

To resist your gift

And to move on

With no burden of the present pain

To no avail


On this shore

I watch

As I carry the baggage

You called gift

Into my presence


So much hurt

I pee through my eyes

A waterfall of pee

Which consumes my soul

At this rate

It will drown me

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Inhibiting filthy aggressions

Show when our interests tempts

An order came

For a continental meeting

For world peace

All reps were in seat

Battling for their own to rule the world

A voice

A louder voice

The loudest voice

Chaos, no voice was heard

Until a money bone fell in their midst

The trusting pushers

Who waited in anticipation of good news

Were forgotten

All the respectful animals turned into dogs

Fighting their scariest

To win the bone

Even the dove fought for a while

Before regaining thoughts of sanity

In the end, the peace needed turned more chaotic

As reps were seen with wounds

Revenge stood against avengers and blood turned the land into a river

Because the bone of contention

Was kept hidden somewhere under the place of convergence

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Once in the land of the wild

God staged a judgement in the mild

He called king lion

Who sought to sing to enter Zion

But sang the song of the murderous


The crowd cheered in happiness

Their terrorist has been fairly judged by His Holiness

They sang and praised

God’s name was raised

Until he asked for the judgment to continue



He called the beautiful peacock

Who smiled and hissed at the cock

She sexily walked and sexily talked

But ended in the books of the locked

For priding in beauty given


The crowd cheered minus the lion and her

The many boos was difficult for them to bear

Until God called the pious looking cat

Who went to sit on the judgment mat

He stole God’s meat and was immediately caught


Many cheered

Minus Lion, Peacock and cat who had erred

And so it went

Every animal was burnt

Until all was judged


At the end of trial

God became the villain of His own trial

All the animals who tried to his better judgment woo

Became the ones whose voices were heard in the loudest boo

Like the perishables, we all hide our dirt under our cover-cloths

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014



A noise,

I stop,




And rush back into my hole

If that is my trait as an ant,

Would I be a master

Going down the annals

In the school of Christ?


Amidst the fears,

I strive


For the times of the rains

I gather


In the promising sunlight,

I search


And though my store house

Is mostly evaded, I still work

To attain my goals



You have no excuse

You are not like me

Who can be crashed by unintentional feet


So wake

And move.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014







Our seeds are sewn

In love and growth

We land on the hands

Our seeds are sewn

In love and growth

We land on the hands

Of the earth with faith

But mostly attract frowns on faces



A little angelic animal lands in the cradle



Human expectation has been breeched to the core



Inheritors must have huge sticks



Because they need to tend to us cows


So we join the herd

Being trained and flogged

Being used and dumped

Being trained in pain

Being hands of houses

Being eyes with corneas of rivers

Which must always act like the sun in the sky


When humans hold cutlasses and guns

We hold brooms and extend our bellies

Like balloons with an opening being filled

By a never tiring mouth until it burst

Leaving us with a brokenness to be tended



Our eyes have been uncovered


I say,

Let’s say no to being seen as only hands which cook


I say,

Let’s love brains and shine so bright in the books


I say

Let’s turn our hurts into gain and make our gain the earth’s


I say

Let our flowers wow and let the world bow


Leaves and flowers may be on the same plant

But flowers attract relegating leaves to the background


Let’s strive to put smiles

On the faces of human donors

When they see the paths instead of the sticks

They crave,

We are super humans,

We can never be classified

Under less humans

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014



Poor villages.

None to inform

No light for television

No interest in falling currency

The people of Crotoa village

Only think of feeding


They owe no one

They feed themselves

But in trying to feed others

They come at a cost,

A cost the government bears


Ghana, ghana

Gold turning sand

Thieves of the poor

Evils in politics

God sees so he sees you all

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Tears no go save

All face go shame

Choppers go bi chopped

Like Lapeewa


Ghanaians de suffer

Wey you guys dey steal

Abeg ooo, na who talk you say

Make you steal money

Wey no dey reach?


Poor men’s money

Dey have

plenty eyes


If for say we no do

You notin mpo a

I know say your face

No go fit campaign

Yeryer faces, make una dey hoot yourself

You don finish be dat

Tiif tifs una don done

Abeg, make u come down from

Our seats now.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Today is reblog day. Rebloging my favourites.

Peaks and Valleys

Standing before your
creator after you
breathe your last
He will ask…

“What did you do with
all I had given you?”

I was sickly all my life!
From childhood my body
betrayed me, twisting,
burning, paining!

Get up, I did.

I grew up in poverty
knowing the taste of hunger
and ridicule.

Get up, I did.

I am a product of a
broken family.
Divorced parents
embittered by love lost.

Get up, I did.

My innocence was stolen
by those meant to
protect me
from the monsters
that lurk in the night.

Get up, I did.

I was bullied all
throughout school.
I was a “retard” because
I had dyslexia and went
to special Ed. classes.
I was introverted
fat, poor, and from a
broken home.
My tormentors were

Get up, I did.

I was the caretaker for
my disabled mother
for 37 years giving
up my mobile…

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An Untold Story

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Random Musings

Painted Canvasses without blood
The desires dried dripping

Poured on demon like floors
Couldn’t devour the soul

The paints screamed for a wall
When kerosene washed them away

Brushes lie on the stained cotton
Looking at the easel in the corner

Silks stacked away, a story of life
Painted in crimson, clear blue

Incomplete it rested
Complimenting rags shoved in the carton

It only looked like she did not care
Neither did she look back once,

As her life was on a run, yearning
Meaning and fun, in wrong places

Years passed away, not realising
Once best friends were peeping, calling

Attention, care and caresses
Ready to be used up and thrown

So they could get a home
On the incomplete canvasses

Waiting to complete the story untold
A place where they truly belonged

*If my incomplete paintings, and the paints had feelings, they’d be really missing me*

Pooja Alok

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MATE (Kishiya)

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Yas Niger

So she said to I,
“To all women as I,
My mate is better than I,
What did she do to him and I?
Or had I failed him as I,
To make him withdraw from I?
How else do you interpret to I,
It’s envy or it’s all male to I?”

Haka ta che,
“Wa ni da duk mache,
Kishiya ta ta fi ni.
Ko ya ta yi da shi, da ni?
Ko de na kasa,
Har ya sa ya fasa?
Ko ya zaka fasara,
Kishi ne, ko duniya na maza?”

Collection of over 250 poems

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Today is reblog day. Rebloging my favourites.

Dish with Mish

2014-09-11 21.22.27

March On –  http://www.ZEDGE.com – Edited by:  Michelle Molloy


He feels the squeeze

Ready to erupt

The gravity of the world

He takes upon oneself

Too much for him to expose

He did not ask for this

At no time, did he want to lead

His resolve unites them all

In honor, liberty and justice for all

He leads the course

With apprehension

Look after them all

As they Pound the Pavement

Pound the Pavement to Freedom

Copyright 2014 – Michelle Molloy

Wall photo edited by:  Michelle Molloy

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Lonely Is the Night

Today is reblog day. Rebloging my favourites.


                                       The sound of silence

The sound of silence, cold, lonely, covered in a seplecure’s shadow.
Wind howling through a swinging gate sets Night’s mood, as darkness fills the sky.
Time for sinners, Shadowless figures that roam the night, content in suffering’s pain.
Play on, shadow of darkness, for it’s YOUR time to wallow in despair.

The hand of comfort knows no welcome here.
Dance to the music-less tunes, and let the sigh of despair engulf you.
Begone Light of reason, for only the insane are welcomed.
Death welcomes thee, be content in his abode.

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FRIYAY & Animal Print

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I have had an awfully busy afternoon – between catching up with the latest dramas on Made in Chelsea NYC, painting my fingernails florescent-peach (looks better than it sounds, I promise) and organising outfits for this weekends adventures it is safe to say I really do have my hands full (I know, I know, I am so punny*). Friday – more like FRIYAY – am I right people? Okay I am done, I promise.

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FRIYAY & Animal Print

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I have had an awfully busy afternoon – between catching up with the latest dramas on Made in Chelsea NYC, painting my fingernails florescent-peach (looks better than it sounds, I promise) and organising outfits for this weekends adventures it is safe to say I really do have my hands full (I know, I know, I am so punny*). Friday – more like FRIYAY – am I right people? Okay I am done, I promise.

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Never worry no more.

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Normally I wait until after a piece to tell you the inspiration. Not this time. Fibromyalgia is bad. It can hurt so much you feel like you are going insane. Every emotion is magnified to an incredible level. Therefore depression can be bad, very bad. When you read this, it’s a Bluesy thing, slow, pausing at the end of each line. I think you will get  feel for it maybe, or you can just read it like a poem. Depression and a brutal broken heart can feel the same way. I’m there tonight.


My heart’s still poundin’ though you’re gone

It never really mattered what was wrong

I only wanted to be with you  for so long

And that was to be forever ever and ever and ever

But now I sit her all alone

Darkness closes in on me in my fears

Never have I been so filled with…

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